This is my goal setting guide for Christians and other believers

This is my goal setting guide for Christians and other believers

So half of this idea is original and half of it was copied by a YouTube I found online

Each day or week or month write down 7 key areas you are going to set goals in

These Categories are

Health / Social / Spiritual / Mindset / Career / Money / Legacy

For each category plug in a keyword beginning with your top priority of interest and moving on to your immediate maximum impact secondary goal and your most important future governing third goal and the four remaining categories

Pursue your top category go until you’ve streamlined an attack plan, than plug in a keyword for each goal to guide you to your ultimate pursuit in each category

So for me

1. My top category is religion and my keyword is

Religion: Wisdom is my keyword

I want to better understand the hidden logic and ideas of the scriptures so I will do this by trying to improve my wisdom acquisition skill sets

Social: Helping is my keyword

I want to frame my discourse with others in a way that protects boundaries but also blesses the people I’m in conversation with

Mindset: Blessing is my keyword

I want to get into the habit of celebrating and delighting in people and not viewing them as a nuisance or burden or inconsequential object I pass over

Career: Expansion is my keyword

I want to improve my intellectual and emotional and physical capacity so I need to make sure I’m challenged in a way that upgrades all three areas

Legacy: Prepare is my keyword

Reason: I have a lot of data and it is important for time management that it be organized and perfected and stored in a place where it can be used for future use.

Money: Conserving is my keyword

Reason: I’ve bought more than I need so it’s time to use what I need before I buy more

Health: Detox is my keyword

Reason: My body has been removing harmful chemicals lately that interferes with sleep and longevity and weight loss

And that is it!

Every week or month or day // Write down your 7 Categories in priority sequence and than write down your keyword for each category as a singular sign to refer you to your goal

If you think you might forget it’s meaning to you - add a one or two word sign post next to your keyword

I personally do not set time frames for my goals - I only list accomplishments and how they benefit me because setting time frames could discourage you or rush you leading to shoddy work if your goal takes too long to accomplish

This is my goal setting guide for Christians and other believers
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