What I believe a healthy Christian looks like

What I believe a healthy Christian looks like

1. They judge people by their character and not by their religion or theology

2. They see value in all faiths and learn just as much from deeply flawed people as they do from deeply virtuous ones

3. They are equally balanced and are not excessive or unnecessarily extreme either in their pity and protectiveness or in their anger and hostility

4. They do not identify with any ethical system built on hatred or exclusion such as racism or body shaming or classicism or hostility towards meek people

5. They view service to needy people as an obligation and not as a superfluous hobby

6. They view the reality of heaven and hell as good news and not bad views

7. They care more about celebrating life than they do about pining itโ€™s discomforts and imperfections

8. They excuse those who are incompetent or flawed thinking they may not know the full story

9. They choose common sense and context dependent deductive logic over social rules that do not apply to every situation

10. They are able to overlook minor failures in judgment when the overall intention of the person is good because they understand that density is more important than detail

11. They care more about justice and fairness than they do about popularity or wealth

12. They are resistant to requesting favours from people and only do it in extreme situations where it would endanger life not to ask for help

What I believe a healthy Christian looks like
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  • Jjpayne

    I completely agree with all these points! I think it's good to see the person, not their sin. To meet them where they are and come to them with love and gentle guidance

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  • MysteriousDarkness

    This can be a pplied to anyone who is Christian or not that us trying to live a better life.

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    • This goes off the idea that people share the same morality and ideas as you. Which is most certainly not the case.

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  • oddwaffle

    So.. they are like... not religious? Those things don't look like anything religious. You can't accommodate everyone without accepting everyone. And that means everyone

    Unless you're like a Daoist. Or Laozi. Those guys don't care about anything.

    "Life is like writing a poem with water on the floor. Beautiful, inspirational but all evaporates in just a moment." - some Daoist.

  • AlexanderAnttila

    I still don't know where you get the notion of point 2. from. It's not Biblical to "see value" in hollow and false teachings.

    • Ah okay so this comes from the fact that you can learn from people or their mistakes or people who are flawed on the inside despite not looking flawed on the outside. This comes from the from the Bible where the Jewish rabbis would clean the outside of their cups however when people looked inside they were blackened and dirty.

    • @Blindguyplaying Not really. That verse speaks on hypocrisy and vanity, that those who clean only the outside are rotten inside. There is nothing however, that suggests we are to learn from other religions which is what Jennifer seem to hint at.

      Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. *No one* comes to the Father except through Him. The Bible makes it abundantly clear that all we could ever need to learn we can learn from Him. So why on earth would we need to look at Muslims or Buddhists, when we have the key to eternal life itself and the spoken word of God? Beware false teachings and those who'd rather please the world than God.

    • Other faiths have learned as well we could learn well from them much more than if were to renounce them

  • genericname85

    i don't see ho any of those things relate to "health" xD

  • Pete671

    I hope I meet one some day!, but perhaps the true Christians never reveal themselves,

  • LemiaOfTheCodes

    Nice Mytake thank you for sharing.

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  • collie22

    Live in the word not the ways of the world

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