What I believe a healthy Christian looks like

What I believe a healthy Christian looks like

1. They judge people by their character and not by their religion or theology

2. They see value in all faiths and learn just as much from deeply flawed people as they do from deeply virtuous ones

3. They are equally balanced and are not excessive or unnecessarily extreme either in their pity and protectiveness or in their anger and hostility

4. They do not identify with any ethical system built on hatred or exclusion such as racism or body shaming or classicism or hostility towards meek people

5. They view service to needy people as an obligation and not as a superfluous hobby

6. They view the reality of heaven and hell as good news and not bad views

7. They care more about celebrating life than they do about pining itโ€™s discomforts and imperfections

8. They excuse those who are incompetent or flawed thinking they may not know the full story

9. They choose common sense and context dependent deductive logic over social rules that do not apply to every situation

10. They are able to overlook minor failures in judgment when the overall intention of the person is good because they understand that density is more important than detail

11. They care more about justice and fairness than they do about popularity or wealth

12. They are resistant to requesting favours from people and only do it in extreme situations where it would endanger life not to ask for help

What I believe a healthy Christian looks like
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