What Humility is and what it is not

What Humility is and what it is not

A lot of people think humility is self hatred or self-rejection but that is not humility. Jesus was rejected by the religious leaders, he was not rejected by his people.

Humility is the civil acceptance and favourable perception of God, of others, and of your life. Like little children, we were born not to be critics or haters but to be vessels of appreciation. We must appreciate life in all its forms and this includes appreciating our own identities and goals and dreams and livelihoods. We are not the shadow, we are the light of self understanding, a compassionate self care that reflects and spreads into all our other social relationships on earth and this side of heaven.

Most people are aware that humility involves characterizing yourself with positive and moralizing biblical stipulations and obligations and blessings.

But, humility involves not only characterizing yourself favourably but also characterizing others favourably and this requires an elongated patience towards those that test you like racist co-workers who spread lies about you and try to get you fired, or heathen who tell you your faith in God is stupid.

In the same way that God lengthened Hezekiah’s shadow in reverse order, so God can lengthen your patience and reverse the sequence of victimization that was unwittingly placed on you by those who had what appeared to be a monopoly of power over your life.

You cannot maintain both success and harmony unless you want for others what you want for yourself and accept for others what you also accept for yourself. To create contradiction between how you address yourself and how you address others will lead to collapsing self defeat at a karmic level because your dreams will seem as if they are futile and blocked. If you want hope for yourself, you must give hope to the hopeless around you.

The spiritual value you plant in others is the circumstantial value that will be planted in you. If you want to be viewed as beautiful by God, you must view others as beautiful to harmonize your spirit with the identity of beauty so that it does not become a theme of cognitive dissonance for you. The reason many businesses fail is that they actively plot the failure of others.

What Humility is and what it is not
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