One of many reasons Jesus said not to judge

One of many reasons Jesus said not to judge

Jesus said not to judge others and those who did will be punished. I can think of instances why it happened he said this:

I once judged a co worker for leaving a mess on the ground and expecting me to clean up after him until I learned he had a mental disorder where he has difficulty focusing or noticing details when he is distracted or overwhelmed and anxious.

I had people judge me for not talking to my roommates in first year university, not knowing I never talked to my parents or grandparents at home because the only time my family would talk to me was when they were yelling at me or criticizing me or judging me and mocking me or humiliating and that I did not know how a normal live in relationship with roommates was supposed to function.

I had a pastor kick me out of his bible study because I told him I could not stop judging people and wanted advice about how to stop doing it, he did not know my parents would judge me 200 - 900 times a day and told me I was a worthless piece of trash over a million times before my 35th birthday and that I never had a friend or associate who didn’t judge me and criticize me, and this is why I did not know how to form relationships with people that were free of judgment and criticism.

I also know woman who were hated by church goers for having relations with the men who went there, not knowing the woman were molested as children by their male guardians and that they slept with men out of self hatred believing the only thing they had to offer was physical expressions of interest and desire and that their bodily expression was their natural default condition and could not be escaped or avoided.

So do not victimize a victimize, or you will be punished. Stop judging people, your not God, you may make errors when your judging people because your knowledge and insight is limited.

One of many reasons Jesus said not to judge
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  • Jjpayne

    Judging has got to be one of the hardest things to cure because it is so natural for us to do. I've never seen a person that does not have a problem with it but I think the best we can do is awareness because the more we are aware of it, hopefully the less we judge or the more we judge in a way that is helpful and supportive of people rather than condemning them

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  • ByNature1986

    You are either judgmental or ignorant..
    Laws regardless if current of from Jesus are meant to control humans into predictable way. Pretty much to avoid natural chaos that human species likes to create. We are bunch of drama queens on this planet comparing to other living species.
    Not being correct during judgment or speaking negative about others comes simply from not having enough time to allow understanding the whole story.

  • Horny-ashell

    It sounds as though you didn't have a good childhood and for that I feel for you. I myself have heard things like this growing up. I hope that you have been able to overcome this because everyone deserves to love and be loved.

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  • Dragonpurple

    I'm pretty easy going, I generally don't care what others do or judge others... but I can't say I never do it. If someone is a really really bad driver and almost kills me, I tend to judge them as an example.

    I do however try really hard to avoid judging people based on their past choices. We are all the sum of our past choices and cannot change that, we can only move forward.

  • legalboxers

    Why do we judge people? on their looks? and mostly their political opinion? Really? As they say God made you in his eyes. But. You have a brain to think on your own. You want people to think like you, act like you and drink like you. You may like cheap beer.. I like wine.. You may like Rocky Road.. I like Vanilla.. I am me, and I won't change for you.

  • Hyouma

    Saying you will be punished if you judge someone is pretty judgmental isn't it?

  • Rickinct7

    so true!

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