How I understand the song Que Sera, Sera

How I understand the song Que Sera, Sera

The bible says a living dog is better than a dead lion.

One way to interpret that verse is that a small deed performed is better than a great deed only imagined and planned.

A weak heart that acts out is creed is better than a great heart that fails to act on its morals and values.

The song “Que Sera Sera” means, whatever will be, will be.

Because it is better to be lacking and poor than to not be anything at all.

I realized something today that was probably blatantly obvious to all my contacts before it became obvious to me, which was that my desire to be great was interfering with my greatness by forcing me into long periods of stationary waiting and planning, while others were moving and progressing and building change in their lives.

I wrote over 200 book outlines but did not write a single book because I kept worrying that my outline was not perfect enough and that it could be improved.

It reminds me of what a priest said in an interview, that he began his authorship career by writing five rubbish pages a day and than editing and trouble shooting later: Because a cheap idea had more impact than no idea at all.

So my goal from this day forward is to write a book, and not self punish or self delete if the content is not as perfect as desired. I owe it to myself to do this, after deleting 200 book outlines.

How I understand the song Que Sera, Sera
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  • HayleyMarie

    I’m glad that you’ve experienced this epiphany in your life! I hope that it leads to a very successful and bright future. After all the work you’ve done you deserve to take a chance and see if you can get a great book out of it.
    All the best of luck to you!

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    • Also I think that sing lyric is a great one to live by. I’ve reminded myself of that whenever things haven’t worked in my favour in terms of my love life. Que sera sera 💕

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  • Horny-ashell

    What I got from this is you have spent your time trying to write the best of what you believe is your best. And your wanting it to be perfect. Maybe what you have written is but you don't see it that way. Maybe you should just write it and when you get to the point where you don't believe that you're doing it the way you think is perfect in your eyes. You should stop and read it maybe a couple of times a see where it is that you don't like what you're reading and then make your changes. I'm sure that it's much better than you believe.

  • zagor

    Until the living dog rolls in the dead lion...