Four Spiritual Skills that Improve your Connection to God

Four Spiritual Skills that Improve your Connection to God

There are four Spiritual Skills that will fast track your relationship to God.

They Are:

1. The Skill of Humility

Understanding how to be modest and secretive about your successes and virtues and to learn from others and acknowledge value in them will bring you closer to heaven.

2. The Skill of Surrender

Being able to tolerate monotony and accept imperfection or simplicity or social poverty in others and being able to connect with people who lack coherency or intelligence or charm helps you understand God’s love.

3. The Skill of Compassion

Being able to imagine and understand and notice and respect the emotions and feelings and thoughts and believes of others and knowing how to navigate social situations in a faultless and beneficial way brings you closes to heaven.

4. The Skill of Organization

Being able to discriminate between good and evil, to analysis priority and sequence and context and to thoroughly investigate through reflection and introspection beings you closer to the insight which helps you gain heaven.

These are the 4 Skills of Heaven.

Four Spiritual Skills that Improve your Connection to God
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  • Jjpayne

    I agree with these! They all make a lot of sense!

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  • Anonymous

    I communicate with god by praying. 🕌🕋☪️

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  • Horny-ashell

    I do like the take that you have on this and other aspects on God. I do have my beliefs they may vary with yours but I believe that for the most part they do follow one another.

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  • zehrri11

    Someone who feels and believes in spirituality can easily connect!

  • zagor

    You should compile a book of your takes.

  • Shananonononon

    God is a joke

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