How I understand the Love of God and the Punishment of Evildoers

How I understand the Love of God and the Punishment of Evildoers

The way I see it is that God does not punish most of the people who go to hell, instead the hell bound person destroys himself when karma catches up to him for his evil deed and the victim is rewarded not when he earns his reward but when God compensates him for the loss he experienced at the hands of the perpetrator.

Just think of spiritual leaders like Beth Moore or Joyce Meyers who encountered terrible abuse as infants or teenagers and how today they are more spiritually advanced than the average person who grow up with loving and supportive family, our deeds punish and reward us and it isn’t God who does most of the punishing, God only punished if the victim is an innocent person or the punishment is necessary to protect the community.

The highest gift God gives us is not money but love, not just His love, but also the beautiful communities Love has created where we can mutually support and care for each other and experience the goodness of God. Nothing must be exalted above God’s love and God’s love is not to be confused with imperfect human love, which still has value even if it is limited in its capacity and duration. But God’s love is higher and more pure than human love.

How I understand the Love of God and the Punishment of Evildoers
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  • Jjpayne
    Love is one of the greatest powers there is
    Is this still revelant?
    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

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  • Massageman
    The person really makes the choice to spend eternity away from God. Humans all have a sin nature. They can have eternity with God if they accept they are sinners, ask to be forgiven, repent, and follow Him. Think of hell (eternity without God) as the default option, unless you decide to "opt into" Heaven (eternity WITH God).
  • Chris_u006
    My believe of a God is not all about love and forgiveness, It's for better and for worse.
    My choice of religion is way older than christianity and the only religion I know about who mention every single one till Jesus is Northern Mythology.
    Oldest God there is Odin.
    The only reason why Ragnarrok happened and ended was for human life and the world we live in today to be made.
    The real problems only comes when you start to question and test your belief.
  • bannacookies
    Why would a loving God or a God who created humans to enjoy life even put people in such a place as hell? It sounds like a scare tactic, and I can't see how God would really do that unless of God is really mean.
  • Thedivinechic
    Trust me I don't think god really cares about petty stuff and going to church to listen to liars. Lol You're right. Karma does catch up to people.
  • Anonymous
    how do you understand?
  • Anonymous