One Reason God Sometimes Adds Resistance To Your Goals

One Reason God Sometimes Adds Resistance To Your Goals

One of the reasons God sometimes resists is and makes us fight for what we want is that He is trying to mould our character

While I’ve attempted to make money writing books and failed to achieve anything amazing or majestic, I realized the process of writing has changed me

Gos resists us to deflate our pride so that we can learn graciousness and acceptance and forgiveness

The more pride and bitterness we have, the more work we have to do to overcome our own resistance to God’s kindness and gentleness

This is why God sometimes opposes our goals and why you do yourself a huge favour when you chose to be gracious, because, by being gracious, you reduce the work load that God gives you to achieve your goals.

One Reason God Sometimes Adds Resistance To Your Goals
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  • Hopelessromantic182

    I can definitely relate to this post. A lot if things didn’t work out for me but with every failure, somehow I become a better human being. I am less prideful and have grown to become more compassionate towards other.

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  • Jjpayne

    I think that makes sense... God helps us to help ourselves and gives us a drive and motivation to live our lives

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  • kingofthellamas

    Why do you oppose full stops? Perhaps that's what is holding back your book writings

  • zinox07

    God resists the proud and gives more grace to the humble

  • DJ1991


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  • Anonymous

    I'm a Muslim and God bless your wise words.