What SMART goals taught me about God

What SMART goals taught me about God

One of the things I learned from the SMART goals is “don’t be a hero by setting yourself to unrealistic goals or targets.” I tried to prove to myself that I was a person of my word and I forced myself to read all these boring books and one day I decided to just give up on that goal.

The bible says a man of too many friends comes to ruin which means your time and energy is limited and you can’t make promises to everyone who crosses your path, and also that you should acknowledge priority requests but not necessarily all requests.

The book of Ecclesiastes says if you try to be overly wise or overly good, you might destroy yourself or die before your time. So don’t date a drug addict because you want to help them change, don’t work 2 jobs to support a husband or wife who is too lazy to work, don’t drive your kids to piano lessons if your running on 3 hours of sleep and don’t donate to charity if your barely able to support yourself, you must be realistic and not try to play the hero.

I can think of multiple examples in my own life, where I tried to play the hero and ended up ruining things for myself, luckily, the setbacks were always temporary.

What SMART goals taught me about God
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  • Andres77
    These are good.
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  • Marhaban-1
    God taught me to love myself more. When i was 11 i burnt kill myself onto my arm. I whent to church recently and and preyed to god promising to love myself more and the scar had disappeared
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    • I’m glad you are feeling better. 11 year old you must have been in a lot of pain.

  • mayoral
    Hello I'm working on creating a business and I'm full of ideas on how to do it or even other kind of great opportunities. I maybe a little confused or just overthinking.
    Can you DM me to talk about it?
  • OddBeMe
    Didn’t know the Bible liked introverts so much.