How I view the contradictory bible verses on money

How I view the contradictory bible verses on money

Jesus said you cannot serve both money and God and gave a story about the rich man who lived comfortably and beautifully and than died while the wounded victim at his gate died and received everlasting peace.

But Abraham was wealth and David was powerful and Solomon was respected and Esther was beautiful and Deborah was obeyed and Moses was miraculously empowered, so why is money bad?

I think it relates to the money brain. You can have either month or poverty or neither riches nor poverty, but you cannot be bound emotionally or mentally to your financial situation: You must be bound to the notion of goodness, and virtue, and seriousness, and service, and kindness, and humility and respect.

Think of it as two guys standing on a dirt road, one guy is wearing the shoes of love and faith and his soul remains unharmed, while the other is barefoot and his soul is scraped and bruised and wounded and his ligaments are distorted and malnourished, this is why it’s okay to have money when your soul is not bound to the money because money should serve your God and your family, your God and your family should not serve your money.

How I view the contradictory bible verses on money
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  • DaMack999
    I think what Jesus meant was don't make money your god. As the Jews did when he told them to resist the urge ofuse of usury. So it's why they began a war on him. Money is tool used to do evil or good. Like that of a gun. It's how you use it you shall be judged on. For example you became rich, but did you feed the poor or pay your fair share of taxes? Or did you hide in off shore accounts and claim you're not to pay any tax as Facebook n google does. While making billions a year.
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  • megzs16
    The Bible isn't black or white. I think it's ok to have money but what isn't ok is when money becomes so important that you worship it. Also if you aren't humble about it. If you don't give to others when they are in need. Because money can corrupt a heart and that is what God does not like.
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    That is how I always took it, it isn't having things that is the problem, its exhalting them and making them the only thing that matters in life that is the problem. I mean that is what the seven deadly sins are, its not that these things are bad in and of themselves but rather allowing them to go unchecked and consume you is the issue (I mean sex isn't evil, its how we procreate and create life, but sex in order to self medicate and/or without caring for the consequences is highly destructive).
  • Jackblue
    The story of the rich fool is actually a moral lesson about envy, namely the assumption that having more money will automatically make your life better. When Jesus talked about Mammon he may have been actually using it as a metaphor for the religious demands the Pharisees made on others, such as soliciting money for their synagogues. He mentions mammon right after the parable of the shrewd manager and other parables about being lenient with sinners.
  • Pterodon
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Don’t let money be your god. Don’t put money or anything before God
  • Andres77
    I don't disagree with anything you stated and your MHO's are pretty good too but your initial statement referred to contradictory verses in the Bible about money, yet you reference no verse.
    I'm looking for the verses you say are contradictory.
  • DJB72
    The Bible isn't contradictory about money. Money isn't evil. Love of money is.
  • purplepoppy
    Church: money is evil.
    Church: give us all your money
    • meetbadboy

      Wise Words.
      Poppy - 2021

    • yofuknutz

      2021 not going to happen so many skeletons in her closet we could do an episode on The Walking Dead of her

    • yofuknutz

      But she has a point I went to one Church I was so pissed off at them I called them up on the telephone and I was asking for a refund No Lie I actually went there as you can already tell I'm that kind of person.

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  • Jjpayne
    I totally agree your thoughts should be on healthy things!
  • LeeannaDD
    Don't forget the church expects you to tithe lol. So kinda hypocrite. I guess it's at best outdated advice from a different economic scenario
    • Islam does too if you can afford it

    • LeeannaDD

      I believe Christianity has the same caveat

  • Leavesbound
    Jesus said not to serve money. I don't recall him banning money from serving man.
  • kkirk4442
    There is no contradiction here. The rich man and Lazarus is a parable. It's not mean to be taken as actually happening. In fact, the purpose of the texts are about letting us know, that once we die, our fate is sealed, and goes according to our choices during life. There is no second chance once we die. Regarding, wealth. The bible is not against wealth, but the bible if against wealthy being misused. And is against wealth being used to make one prideful. The biblical view of wealth, is that wealth is to be used to help others, not to gratify our lusts or pride.
  • dreamstar72
    So your money becomes his/their money
  • Archerer
    Ok, now do the other 10 thousand contradictions
  • Anonymous
    there is non lol
  • Anonymous
    The LOVE of money is the root of all evil... money is not evil at all and being rich is a blessing