What this Jewish woman taught me about songs of Solomon

What this Jewish woman taught me about songs of Solomon

The woman’s initials are R.V. And she wrote a book called “Finding the woman of valour,” which is the Jewish translation of a word that in English is substituted with the term, “Godly.” In this book she talks about how this reference in songs of Solomon refers to following your predecessors when lost and uninformed.

”If you do not know oh most beautiful of woman, follow the tracks of the herds.”

I think it means that when you follow correct procedures and established social or literary or intellectual conventions, you can simplify your life and more readily amalgamate your concerns with those the pious social circles.

Today a friend I’ve known for over ten years and wanted to protect said he was hosting a book launching event online, I waited, but he was purposely late for his own event by over 17 minutes because he wanted to build up anticipation and acclimated respect for his book signing, I however felt I was oppressed by somebody who did not respect my time and busy schedule and left the book launching event before it even started. Since we used to be friends for nearly a decade, I would have bought his book no matter how bad it was or how much it cost but he lost my support by disrespecting me through lying about his launch time.

It’s true: You have to follow expected patterns of conduct and social consideration if you want to be successful. Relating to others as equals and migrating their habits and interests into your mind so that you view yourself as a joint unit is how you can transfigured the monotony of life into an existence that is productive and seasonal and changed.

What this Jewish woman taught me about songs of Solomon
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