What does SIN mean?


I don't do prepared MyTakes I just do this to talk... So it will be short.

Sin is simply when you are not working in harmony with Gods laws.
There is a basic law of life that states, create or diSINtegrate.
The only way you can evolve and move ahead is to work in harmony with Gods laws.
Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death"

You may do this unconsciously and you may work heavily against them unconsciously.
It is why you see some young people go from perfect health to suddenly on their death bed.

What does SIN mean?
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  • sunshineglow
    God can do destruction and "disintegration" too... But when He does it, that's not a sin. Jesus killed a fig tree just because it didn't grow and act according to his expectations (wishing a fig fruit at that particular moment). I think there's more to that and it has something to do with each case, each life, being an individual case, judged separately and individually by spiritual sphere and God himself. And in such approach lies ultimate justice. Ultimate "laws obeying" is rather earthly logic. I suppose it's because of this that civil courts' lawsuits victories often don't bring any peace or satisfaction. Jesus himself many times said some "rule" is worthless because despite following the rule, person might be shallow or ill-hearted or without great understanding, and so, it doesn't help her to be closer to God. Many so called believers live like this, and it is a tragedy. Only God is capable of knowing everything about us. Therefore only He can judge. And He makes exceptions from rules. So...
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    • Anonymous

      Disintegration used here means to not go ahead. As in your try to lose weight but it doesn't last. Sin is just a doubtful or negative attitude really. It doesn't mean death death. You either go ahead or are going backward. Nothing stays the same. You work in harmony with the laws and move ahead. I don't believe the historical Jesus is God. And I know God doesn't make exceptions. God doesn't disintegrate. Unadulterated spirit is perfect. It may appear that way but God doesn't make mistakes. That is the point of law. God is amoral. the Bible is written so humans can make sense of it. In fact, I honestly believe the only Christ is the imagination faculty. It is only through that all things are possible to those who believe. It is only through that the world of the unseen is unlocked. But these aren't even my ideas. Much wiser people who you know have said these things. If you pray and don't follow the law nothing will happen. You don't pray by saying strings of words. And when I say law I don't mean the commandments. I mean the real laws of the universe. I do not mean the laws of man. I mean even in the Bible it tells of the law of spirit. Though it's all very confusing you will catch verses that are very clear like 11:24. Jesus is tell them to work in harmony with the laws. Specifically 4 laws in that verse.

  • supercutebutt
    Lies are sins and Trump is still alive despite lying about everything, 24/7. When will he diSINtegrate?
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    • Anonymous

      Disintegrate doesn't mean death. It means you won't go ahead in your goal.

    • Yeah but Trump is VERY popular within the mentally challenged community. And the cognitively challenged appear to be winning. That's why many of us are planning our exit from this fucked up country. :(

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    The word 'sin' comes from the Greek meaning error or to make an error. In archery it means you are off the target, hence if you missed the bull's eye, they will say you have sinned. In the religious context, it means you are not perfect. It's like in electrical engineering, there are chips called operational amplifiers (op amps). Anyway, there are models that show op amps as being all perfect and manufactured and designed op amps are compared to that model to see how close or off they are from the ideal model. In a religious context, using the Christian god as a model, how is god portrayed?

    All knowing
    All seeing
    All being

    Now ask yourself, do you know everything? Can you see everything before it happens? Can you be in all places at all times? But you can excel in some of those areas. You can become knowledgeable at some topics at the expense of others. You can work on your foresight.

    Anyway, atheistically yours.
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    • Anonymous

      Yeah you got it.

  • slatyb
    Gid’s Laws? You mean like the laws of thermodynamics and Maxwell’s Equations? Or are you talking about laws people made up, then claimed they came from God?

    Blaming illness on sin is rather cruel to people who are seriously ill. Do you really believe that everyone afflicted with Multiple sclerosis or cancer or ALS is being punished for some wrongdoing?
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    • Anonymous

      Laws of the universe. Sin means what @tddms said. Read is comment and that may give you a better understanding on what I meant. They aren't being punished. I believe God is amoral. If you are ignorant to the laws then you will not move ahead. It's that simple. These aren't even my ideas. Much much smarter people have said these things. Sin just means you need a change in attitude or to repent. Attitude makes up your thoughts, feelings, and actions. I also say these aren't even my ideas much much smarter people than I have said these things. You cannot argue against law. You cannot prove the law of gravity doesn't pull you to the earth. We don't die we kill yourselves with stress.

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  • Tyme1313
    Well, technically, the literal translation of both the Hebrew and Greek words that are translated into the English term "Sin" means, "for an arrow to miss the mark." In a modern translation, that saying essentially means, "to err is human." The word technically means "to be imperfect," or "to fail." So a better literal translation to put in the bible would actually to replace the word "sinner" with "failure," or "imperfect person." The ancients actually understand that this word doesn't mean bad, or evil, or wrong doer. That is why modern Jewish people still don't put as much emphasis on "sin." The concept of "sin" being a wrong doing, is purely a Christian invention, and one from the middle ages, as even ancient Christians didn't see "sin" in the same way that modern Christians do.

    I can easily counter your claims about "sinning" causing people to be punished. I'm a bisexual man whore, I have cheated on boyfriends and girlfriends, I have lied, I have cheated, I have stolen, I have committed adultery by getting another man's wife pregnant, I have said "the bible is bullshit" countless times. However, I recovered from being homeless after spending all my money taking care of a sick family member, I am now doing better than ever, and have more blessings than most Christians ever get. So, by most Christians standards, I should not be blessed as I am. Yet, I am, thus my belief that the bible is bullshit, and the God of Creation, isn't the same god that Christians worship. (Also, that after studying it I learned it is outright wrong the overwhelming majority of the time.) Because, my God protects and blesses me just fine, and I ignore pretty much everything in the bible.
    • Anonymous

      Then you don't understand the Laws. The Laws have nothing to do with religion. Religion speaks of them but the laws are real with or without religion. It's like your sitting here saying I don't believe in the law of gravity. And yes that is when you miss the mark you disintegrate aka you don't move ahead. Fail. Probably should have used another word.

  • Tamera952
    SIN describes my approach to life in general! -- The more SIN involved, the more interested & thrilled I am to try it. So far, it has served me well.
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    • Anonymous

      That isn't sin. If something gives you positive emotions that certainly isn't sin. Not my definition of sin anyway.

  • OfDeath
    Sin isn't a real thing. It isn't part of rational ethics. Sin is just religious jargon for something the creators or major contributors of the religion imagined an imaginary being doesn't like.
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    • Anonymous

      You're wrong. It means to miss the mark. To Fail. To fail at your objective. Your saying the word isn't real but it is. If you aren't in harmony with the laws you will live a horrible life. To the degree in which you are in harmony in the attain of your goals controls your success. You cannot sit here and say the law of gravity isn't real.

    • OfDeath

      Nope. Read it and weep: "Sin: an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law."

      Divine law = just religious jargon for something the creators or major contributors of the religion imagined an imaginary being ruled as law.

      By the way, you can't defend an imaginary concept by pointing out the fact gravity is real. That would be a false equivalence fallacy.

    • Anonymous

      Get over it man. You're wrong. I'm not speaking of the sin that is two gay people. I'm speaking of the sin that is if you trying to fly without being harmony with the laws you will not be able to fly... It's common sense. @ofdeath You keep trying to relate everything back to religion. Sin is still sin without religion. You need to go read @tyme1313 comment cause he is like 1 of 2 people that commented that seem to understand what I meant.

      Gravity is still real, vibration is still real, the law of conversation of energies is still real, the law of gender is still real and so on.

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  • Cnlngler
    I don't believe in god But I do practice common sense.
    Just don't do to other what you don't want done to yourself and you will live a prosperous life.

    I live in peace with myself, I do not hate, discrimination, steal, cheat, envy, look down upon, always treat people with respect and move along with my life.
    You don't need god to do the right thing, just use common sense.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah but that is literally one of the Laws. The Law of cause and effect. You are obeying that law or working in harmony with it to avoid the things you don't want. Forget religion. Gods modus operandi is the Laws and it ends there. God is amoral and function completely on law. Like the law of gravity.

  • najekim
    Sins is a man-made construct used in a supposedly religious premise made up by a bunch of people looking for a way to control the lives and thoughts of others for the controller's benefit. Sin is just a fallacy gullible and weak minded people think is real because their religious masters said so.
    • Anonymous

      No sin is too fail. That is what it means. Has nothing to do with looking down on people or controlling people. I'm not talking about that kind of sin. Sin occurs do to not being in harmony with the laws. Not some religions laws but the actual laws proven.

  • Hanmakevi
    God doesn’t know what he is doing he is an idiotic bore
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    • Anonymous

      Well maybe but if you don't get in harmony with the law your life will suck. How good your life is is in direct ratio to you being in harmony with the laws of the universe in the reaching of your goals. Has nothing to do with religion. This is how it works. Law of gravity for instance has nothing to do with religion although religion may call the laws the law of spirit. Science calls them the laws of the universe. Or the laws of energy.

  • jshm2
    Newsflash, deary.

    All wages are death as humans are born to die. Romans is talking about a sinful person having no investment in the Afterlife.
    • Anonymous

      That is not the death I'm talking about. And humans don't die we kill yourselves with stress.

  • lightbulb27
    good definition, it creates negative "energy" which leads to... problems.
  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    Sin is transgression of the law (God's law). In other words whatever God says and you disobey you have sinned.

    Another is violating your own conscience.
    • Anonymous

      Sure but I mean the laws of the universe. Gods modus operandi. I don't believe being Gay or lesbo is a sin. Nor do I think God cares. I think God is amoral. I think the Bible is written so humans can understand the secrets of the ages. Which is the laws. Mark 11:24 is a perfect example of that.

  • MrJMM
    Sin mostly known as a transgression of the divine law. It's about how someone disrespects or goes against the divine law. But I don't give a flying fuck about those things since I gave up my religion.
    • Anonymous

      You may have given up religion but the law has nothing to do with religion. The law of gravity still works for you buddy and all the other laws.

    • MrJMM

      Ok and? I have nothing against gravity and I understand the law. I described the word sin and I described my relation to the topic.

  • Asianguy123
    in Hebrew or Green it's called Hamartia àµaρtίawhich means "missing the mark" or "off the mark."
    • Anonymous

      Yeah that is what I meant. To fail. To fail at the goal or objective which occurs due to not working in harmony with the laws to obtain the goal

  • convo_king89
    S. I. N= ship in North America.. aka nafta
  • jimmy2
    Very true
    • jimmy2

      Sin cost more than you want to pay and takes you farther than you want to go

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