The origin of truth and how to find it

The origin of truth and how to find it

When I was 20 years old, a stalker hacked into my email account and impersonated me online to over 600 people on my contact list, and when the stalker Ed learned I had discovered his identity, he tried to protect themselves by spreading the lie that I was stalking him and out of the 200+ people that witnessed our confrontation or heard about it from others, only one person believed me when I said I was being stalked. The others believed the lies of my hacker, that I was in fact stalking him.

I know many people, some of them pastors or ministers or bible study leaders who operate by principles they consider to be true but are actually anti-Christian, one bible study leader I used to know would not admit anybody into his prayer circle unless they had done something or said something to win his respect first but the bible clearly says to sacrifice and worship and serve in secret, meaning he banned all the modesty and humble people from joining his prayer group.

So what differentiated this guy I told you about, who out of around 600 people or so, was the only one who believed me and cared when I said I was being stalked?

The answer is, he was the only one out of around 600 who was genuinely interested in obeying God’s requirements and committing himself to that standard. The others intentionally and voluntarily did things they knew were wrong thinking God would excuse their behaviour, so they lived in self-deception.

If you want to be the person who knows and believes the truth and not the person who ignores the facts and is deceived, you must attempt to obey the parts of God that you understand and are able to, without a sincere attempt at partial obedience, you will never know the truth.

The origin of truth and how to find it
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