The Christian law of attraction that gives you everything good in life

The Christian law of attraction that gives you everything good in life

The successful Christians I know who worship God and attend bible study have at least one of two traits:

They are either extremely humble or they are compassionate.

Humility is enough to advance your career prospects in life.

Compassion is enough to build your relationships in life and bless you with unusually good luck.

And when you are both humble and compassionate, your potential in life is even greater.

And Jesus said there were many mansions in his house, which means, you are not in competition with others. The happiness of others is not a threat to your happiness and your happiness is not a threat to their happiness. God is powerful enough to bring happiness and success to everyone who follows him, either on earth, or after death.

The Christian law of attraction that gives you everything good in life
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  • kina003
    This is so powerful , thanks ☺️
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  • alance99
    Totally agree with it
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  • Shortman70
    Two things that are hard to do one at a time, let alone both at the same time. I spent a lot of years wrapped up in an addiction, that I wished every day would take my life. I've been working on my humility, some days it's easier than others. As time goes on I'm getting it back, as I try to help other people knowing that I'm just a cog in the wheel that makes the world go around. And hoping that my part is enough to helpbkeep the ball rollin.
    Compassion is a little easier. When the bottom of life has kick you and then when you think things couldn't be worse, wow, total implosion. So compassion comes easier, you understand how someone feels and what their goin through. You need to show it with all things and empathize with the things you don't. But always be supportive. What mite be something that you could shrug off, could devastate someone else with different circumstances in their life. Be positive, supportive and compassionate and things could just work out, not guaranteed because nothing in life is guaranteed. You can't rewrite the beginning but you sure can write an ending that your future self will be proud of. Tomorrow is a new day to start out fresh, if you don't make the same mistakes you made yesterday it will be a success.
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  • slatyb
    And yet most of the happy successful people I know are not religious, while many of the highly devout struggle and suffer their entire lives. Except the TV preachers. They live in luxury while many of their followers suffer in poverty.
    • Yeah, look at the current "elites" like those who influence and entertain, the ones who own the big corporations, etc.

  • Curmudgeon
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  • CamembertAnus
    I'm not religious, but thank you. I think this is wise, and it resonates with intuitions I developed about life growing up. Alas, I have fallen far since then. And hurt many people.
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  • KlinkyCoder
    If this is true, then how come when as I was a Christian before, I have been lonely without marriage, let alone something casual (I know that is taboo in Christianity), I have wanted it since high school and now I'm 30 and only made little progress?
  • kqueen
    I'd like to know what kinda christians you're hanging out with lol
  • collie22
    Proverbs 4:23, “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.
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  • MJtheCoach
    Yah! Look at all the countries everyone wants to move too.

    Is not Pakistan!
  • Julious0202
    this to me looks more like paganism dressed up as christianity
  • zagor
    Sounds suspiciously like prosperity gospel.