The Law of Attraction is Real-- Do Not Underestimate It.

The Law of Attraction is Real-- Do Not Underestimate It.

Do you know that old phrase: "Opposites attract"? Yeah.. it's real. It's something I hadn't realized until now, but it's better late than never. Knowledge is power, after all.

What I'm going to discuss pertains specifically to attracting significant others, based off of a combination of experience and observation.

Something I've learned is that if you have a nurturing personality and a healing aura, you will attract a lot of damaged people. Sometimes these damaged people don't want to be fixed, and the trials and tribulations you go through with them will end up with you becoming broken yourself. Sometimes. It really depends on how you interpret what you've found during this journey. I have this type of personality, and having relationships with broken people caused me to learn how to grow a thicker skin. So hey, every cloud has a silver lining.

Although I will admit something. I've seen a post on Facebook, where this one woman uploaded screenshots of a text conversation between her and her (now) ex-boyfriend. What basically happened was that her ex was a college student, and was paired with a female student for a project. She got angry with him when he told her about this, and accused him of cheating. Her ex, however, tried to calm her down by offering to take her on a date so that they could talk about this. She wasn't having it though, and kept throwing insults at him and saying that she was done with him. That was when he decided that he had enough. He called her abusive and controlling, and said that he didn't think their relationship was going to work anymore. The woman got upset about this, and uploaded this post asking who was in the wrong in that scenario.

Personally.. I think it's her. I became a little annoyed when reading that post, because I would have loved to have a boyfriend who was as chill and rational as that guy was. I felt a little bitter that someone as crazy as her managed to attract such a good guy, but I guess I have no place to judge, since I don't know them personally. Plus this goes back to what I've said, about the Law of Attraction. I believe that often times, crazy women attract decent guys, and crazy men attract decent women. Maybe altering the frequency I give off will allow me to find a significant other who is level-headed and a good person.

Does anyone else have an experience where the Law of Attraction is in effect?

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The Law of Attraction is Real-- Do Not Underestimate It.
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  • OliviaDenny2000
    This might be true for most people, but not me personally. I'm fat, and I prefer fat guys. I also like guys who match my personality. I hate guys who drink/smoke/party, and act stupid. I get straight A's, and I prefer smart guys.
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    • McJones

      Party friends don't stay , real friends do in my opinion. Never really understood the "let's get drunk and hangover" kinda thing. Also like the style you are rocking!

Most Helpful Guy

  • 1nittol3arn
    I totally agree with you. They never seem broken or damaged in the beginning. Only after quite some time together you finally realize, just what you got yourself into.
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    • Yeah, and sometimes they don't even want to be fixed. They just want to have themselves a constant pity party and wallow in their misery.

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  • SirRexington
    First of all, opposites do not attract. In fact "birds of a feather stick together" is a more accurate description of human behavior.

    And I've looked a lot into the law of attraction, and I tend to think it's a load of crap.
  • MrMAC777
    I think opposites attract does apply to personality. But I find people really bond when one person has a personality trait that fills a void for someone else. Like someone is good with money, but doesn't have much fun they will have a happy relationship with someone who isn't good with money but has lots of fun.
    I did not underestimate it. I dated literally my polar opposite. There was nothing to talk about. I did it for 2 years. There wasn't any attraction at the beginning. she was attracted to me because I'm surrounded by darkness.

    ok, she was attracted to my extroversion. But now I'm very introvert and cut deep into total darkness.

    Thank you
    • ENTP_EMO

      unrequited love for the introvert and some extroverts ;)

  • D_Bone_Steak
    Affirmation. Some book I read all the way back when I was a teenager. Basically hold a unwavering thought in your mind for a minute or two and eventually... you'll start doing whatever you really need to do or attract what you need to attract to achieve it, even if it's just an attitude.

    The book went on to point out it's what Wiccans do with spells, religious people do with prayer, and what any strong will... basically 'wills' into existence. "Ich Will" from Rammstein comes to mind (I want).

    Then about 10 years after reading that book and this law of attraction stuff shows up on youtube. I, myself, simply recognize it as affirmation, thanks to the book I read years before. It's exactly the same concept, but only with expanded methods to hold your focus on these things you desire.
  • Anon-ymous1
    That chick sounds like a moron and a toddler. Keep your personal shit personal. Don't just post it all online. I would have broken up with her too.
  • brocklee
    Attraction is a powerful force. In reality, it is the "make or break" component that determines whether person is seen as a romantic candidate or platonic.

    I am not so sure opposite attract as a rule. I think it is a case where people tend to be attracted to things in another person similar to how they are, or they seek someone better than them in certain areas. As an example, it is quite common for those with low self esteem to be attracted to someone that displays confidence. That is an opposite. But under scrutiny, the two people are probably more alike than different outside of that one trait.
  • Aynsof
    Some things are only real when you believe them to be...
  • CubsterShura
    I had that experience.
  • Revolver_
    I underestimate it
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Yes. I believe that ot is real too.
  • Anonymous