What I consider to be one of the worst forms of mockery as detailed by Jesus

What I consider to be one of the worst forms of mockery as detailed by Jesus

Jesus talks about the hypocrites who build the tombs of the prophets when it was their fathers that killed them. The way I see that verse is, he is condemning those who practice virtual signalling at the expense of the victim, by offering false tokens of sympathy they don’t actually feel in order to draw attention to themselves.

I remember when I was 18, a guy from school would lie and tell everybody who had been praying for me like crazy but he would slander me at every turn, about 96% of all the things he said about me to others were lies, and when I was attracted to his friend, he told me I was so ugly that even if I was morally perfect, only 2% of guys would date me. His two best friends were both romantically attracted to me at one point, so I wasn’t ugly, the reason, he thought I was ugly was that he hated me so much that everything about my body and heart seemed ugly to him.

I also think you could extend that principle further and say that those who blame victims for their problems by siding with their abusers and bullies, will get the same punishment as the abuser and bully that terrorizes them. Like the many people I knew who blamed me for not loving my abusive parents and gossiping about what a bad person I was for not caring about them, when they know that if they had bern raised the way I was, they would have turned out 50x worse than me and become serial killers, arsonists or suicide bombers because I resisted the teachings of hate and abuse my parents tried to pass on to me:

Blaming victims by judging them - is what gets God angry. God wants you to offer a helping hand, and not mock them for their suffering. Like the wicked people who make fun of homeless people, God will punish them in the same way he punished the people who abused the homeless man until he became homeless. Or the people who mock the rape victims that end up selling their bodies on the streets for drug money after a family member gets them addicted. God will punish the mocker with the same punishment he gives the person who raped them.

What I consider to be one of the worst forms of mockery as detailed by Jesus
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  • loves2learn
    You will find slanderers at every turn in life. The key is separating yourself from them and taking the high road (easier said than done). Live your best, honest, pious life and good things will come your way.
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