How to show God Gratitude for your blessings

How to show God Gratitude for your blessings

A grateful person, does not abuse the gifts he is entrusted to, and the scriptures teach, that those who abuse their gifts and blessings will be shamed and humiliated, for some it happens while they are alive, and for others, it happens while they are dead.

Like I learned in my 30s that I’m extremely funny and can convince anybody that I’m an innocent little angel, but God told me not to manipulate men by telling jokes and making funny faces, and to be modest and authentic with people. When a waiter offered me a free meal at a restaurant after I told a bunch of jokes, I never ate at that restaurant again. That is me, not abusing my gift.

I don’t usually watch videos on dating cause I find most of these guys are clueless and are just pretending to be experts cause they want money or status but there is one guy who gives incredible advice, I watch his videos even though he litters every introduction with advertisements for his products.

The problem with this guy though, is he is not religious, and uses his gift of understanding human psychology for evil and not for good by endorsing dark behaviours into his otherwise useful discussions on dating. You can be shrewd, calculating, dominant, and effective, without being evil or cruel. it’s why Jesus said to be as shrewd as a liar and as innocent as a dove.

How to show God Gratitude for your blessings
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  • Anonymous
    Making jokes laughing and having fun is called: humor. It's apart of life. I wouldn't dare make people think, you have to be serious all the time and not be playful or joyful. Learn to let people live and enjoy their lives. You only get one.
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  • loves2learn
    Yes showing gratitude can be highly complicated. You are doing good.
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