What I notice in every Happy and Successful God Believer

What I notice in every Happy and Successful God Believer

I’m not here to talk about people who have only the image of success: those with millions but are being abused or cheated on, or suffering drug addictions and suicidal thoughts, or having serious mental issues that make them sick.

This post is about truly successful people: Those who not only have money, but also good health, good character, self-respect, friends, lovers, kindness in their inner circle and real happiness in life.

The ones who believe in God have two qualities that make them successful:

The first quality is hard work and the second quality is respect. Without possessing both, your prosperity and happiness will turn sour, and you will have difficulties in life that make you miserable after your initial success. I find the Christians I know who grow in prosperity, also grow in respect.

I’ve met people whip stopped respecting others after becoming rich, and they lost their careers and their wealth and some of them lost their husbands too. I’ve met people who respected others, that ended up overcoming terrible situations people thought they could never climb out of. And I’ve met ordinary people who achieved tremendous things, after showing respect for others.

Hard work is useless without respect. If you don’t believe me, try working hard and not showing respect, and see where that gets you in life.

What I notice in every Happy and Successful God Believer
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  • Tabasco25
    That's definitely a great and well needed brick in a sturdy foundation to build a life. Not the whole foundation or ethics but a really excellent spot to start. Turning the other cheek and not be bulldozed over while still showing respect for those who did the bulldozing. in my opinion
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  • Vinc2017
    Money and Success is nothing bad. Money is just a repeater of your personality, if you are good you will be even better and kindful if you are bad you will be evil. If you want to become successful you will have to leave some people behind cause they are bad for you. The people you surrender are the key. If they are broke, you probably be broke as well. If they are successful you can't be not.
  • LinaDaGoddess
    I've seen that a lot, but what I’ll say is what works for some won’t work for all… 😂 those people you described all have one thing in common.
  • Anonymous
    You've come a long way Jennifer. I still think you should study, Thomas Troward. You use the logo the secret. In that movie there is a student of Troward and he went from 34k to 1.5 million in a year after learning. Up to 8+ million within 5 years. His health got better too. He still is a millionaire to this day and is very happy and healthy despite old age. I remember watching a lecture by one guy, not on the film, saying he doesn't get colds. Hasn't had one in like 15 years. He said when he tells people this, they don't believe him. I find it easy to believe considering without trying I am the same way; but he didn't start that way. In fact, he had cancer when he finally found this information. The promises of the Bible are very real, the issue is the lack of understanding of the Bible and action after comprehension. Anyway, yes Golden Rule and the Law of cause and effect. A good attitude is very important but a good attitude is more than just treating people well and being positive. Hard work and respect ALONE will not bring riches in any of the areas of your life. Success, in all things, is an exact science. The Bible reveals that science. 2+2= 4 Every time. What works, works every time and for everyone. That is the nature of God. Perfect Order. What I notice in every Happy and Successful God Believer