What God taught me about goal setting this week

What God taught me about goal setting this week

At the end of 2020, I purchased Jordan Peterson’s future authoring program because it was half price that week. The future authoring program is basically a conversation you have with yourself where you answer a series of questions the Harvard psychologists post in the program about your life, and the research shows your declaration of personal intent and written process of self-discovery, increases your chances of success in life.

I wrote 39 goals that I wanted to achieve for the 2021 year and now in December I realized I’ve achieved 36 out of 39 goals. The ones I failed to achieve were, file my own income taxes, learn to drive a car, and a third one that I don’t remember. I don’t drive because I have poor hand eye coordination and I’m partially colour blind in dim lighting so I think I would be a danger to both myself and others if I drove a car.

Anyway, the responses I wrote to the future authoring questions was between 14-27 pages single spaced, and as I reviewed my responses, I realized something: All the goals and dreams and interests and passions that involved me and me alone, began to bear fruit, while all the dreams and goals and interests and passions I wrote that involved other people were less likely to bear fruit and did not bear fruit at all unless it was related to a biblical promise in the bible.

For example, one of my goals was to study psychotherapy so I can help people solve their problems, and I realized that even though I never became a psychotherapist, my self-help books and friendly social counsel can help people solve their problems too, so I still achieved my goal of helping people solve their problems, just not by being a psychotherapist.

Another one of my relational goals that involved a biblical promise is that I wanted to avoid conflicts and grievances with others, while I still get attacked and slandered and opposed, there are many verses in the bible about how God protects you from social entanglements and moral defeat in the face of adversary and I found God honoured that request because it was written in his word.

Another one of my social goals was to date and get into a relationship with a man I considered my dream partner and that goal did not materialize and I think there are three reasons for that: moral disobedience on my part, God’s Will not yet being achieved and also the free will and free choice of the man who might not want to be with me, or want to be with me but does not trust me, or wants to be with me but does not trust the circumstances, or even his own abilities as a husband and father.

What I learned is only three things can be certain in life:

1. What God wants for your life

2. What God promises you in His word

3. What you choose to do in God

People and relationships are always random variables and cannot be relied on as a basis for planning your life.

What God taught me about goal setting this week
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