What the Bible Says About Discretion

What the Bible Says About Discretion

I have known a woman for years and in the last two have seen her in zoom groups almost every week and one day she said to me “I’ve known you for two years but I still feel like I don’t really know you.”

I thought her statement was odd because in my mind, I had gone out of my way many times to show people who I am and what I believe. I knew there were small parts of me that I chose to hide from the world but I thought they were so minor, they could not detract for who I was overall.

But what parts do I hide? I hide the things I don’t like. How I thought the show off was frustrating cause they would prevent me from speaking by dominating the conversation. How I thought the pessimist was hateful cause they were never grateful or happy about anything. How I thought the lazy person was so corrupt because she could never do things in the proper way. How I thought the glutton was disgusting for eating like a pig and than jealously attacking woman who look better than her by spreading lies about them.

The fact is, discretion involves knowing when to keep your mouth shut. Even Jesus said, he reveals God’s demands to us in incremental phases because we could not handle being exposed to his Righteousness all at once, so even Jesus kept His mouth shut, when He has never told a lie to anybody. Being silent is not the same as being fake, sometimes it pays to be quiet.

What the Bible Says About Discretion
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  • Titanic1912
    I’ve learned the difference between aggressive talk and assertive talk. When I told others about passive talk and how that’s what Jesus told us to be like, they got angry with me, not just because of the passive talk, but just because I mentioned Jesus. I always use Jesus when I believe He’s really necessary to be included in the conversation.
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  • emperor90
    That it pays to be loyal and not cheat
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