Why the bible says to seek good and not evil

Why the bible says to seek good and not evil

The bible says those who diligently pursue God’s help and goodness find social and cosmic benefits but those who pursue evil will discover betrayal and abuses from others.
I can think of an example of the second one.

My aunt is rich with a very successful husband and daughter and a happy marriage and she has always been highly suspicious of me because unlike her other connections, I criticize her daughter for having corrupted morals while the other family members esteem and honour her because she is skinny and rich.

She screamed at her husband one day because he opened his email in front of me to download a funny video he wanted me to see and she told him in front of me that I might hack his email because he made the mistake of opening his mail in front of me and today she called my mom to report to us that somebody was impersonating her to her contacts on wii chat.

First she accused me of wanting to hack her account and impersonate her online, and years later, a stranger to us, hacks her account and impersonates her online.

The bible says evil comes to he who searches for it.

Why the bible says to seek good and not evil
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  • emperor90
    Because we need to be seeking for goodness and punish the bad ones
  • Agape93
    So what constitutes evil
    • Counter productivity and counter health and extreme neglect of your duties

    • Agape93

      That's good to know, I guess I'm good, inspite of my many issues

    • I don’t equate being flawed with being malicious - to me, the bible condemns malicious people and not imperfect people who try to improve or act well

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