Why Evil Is Actually Good


1. Racism

We all like to think that we are non-racist and perfectly tolerant of each other. But the reality is, we are all evil racists. In a society that condemns racism, we hide our racism through layers and layers of artificiality and affected behavior. If we are not valuing and protecting our families at the expense of other families, then we may be valuing and protecting our nation. If we are not valuing and protecting the nation at the expense of other nations, then we may be valuing and protecting the human population at the expense of other species. We are always doing something for ourselves or for the sake of others who we perceive as worthy to be saved (at the expense of other living things). We make up justifications to support sentient life, even though the reality is, sentience is an immeasurable philosophical concept. Like it or not, I believe that racism is necessary, because racism makes us care about the ones we love at the expense of the ones we don't love.

Figure 1. Racism.
Figure 1. Racism.

2. Sexism

Men and women are not created exactly the same. Nature has made men and women unique and different. Actually, nature has made all human beings unique and different. Some human beings just don't fit in their environment. When this happens, they may seek help from others to adjust better and fit in a different environment. When people don't fit in the environment, and receive no assistance from others, they will lead a very unhappy life and may even die out sooner than the happier and more well-adjusted ones. Some women really do want what men already enjoy, and if they can't get it, then they will call that sexism. Some men really do want what women already enjoy, and if they can't get it, then they will call that sexism. Like it or not, I believe that sexism is necessary, because sexism makes us care about our own sex and gender at the expense of other sexes and genders.

3. Homophobia

Homosexuality is the sexual preference of people of the same sex. Homophobia is the aversion of homosexuality. In the past, death was all too common. Men were needed to defend the territory and protect women and children. Women were needed to make more men. It was absolutely necessary to control the female population. Females might whine and complain why they had to marry an ugly old guy instead of the hot young guy down the street, but then again, they should be happy that the ugly old guy could feed her and clothe her and shelter her while forcing her to make his offspring. Nowadays, humans do not die from predation anymore. Now, humans die from war, diseases of poverty and affluence, and famine. Humans in rich nations have reduced a lot of the selective pressures on them, and this can be a problem. Human population grows at an exponential rate, and all these humans want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Maybe it's a good thing that humans are promoting same-sex marriage and homosexuality. Same-sex couples can't reproduce their own offspring biologically, so they do society a great favor by adopting children produced by opposite-sex couples. It's also a good thing that homophobia exists. Homophobia adds negative stress to these gay peoples' lives, and if gay people feel distress, then they do something about their situation and promote change.

4. Murder

Humans are evil. They will murder each other for whatever reason. Some people murder other humans for revenge, for honor, for glory, etc. Whatever the case may be, murder is necessary, because murderers fill up the prison cells and give prison guards a job. So, murder should be tolerated to a small degree, but should also be condemned to a large degree.

5. Theft

Humans steal. Mom says she loves all her children. Then, she gives a cookie to her youngest. The older one feels jealous and says, "It's not fair!" When Mom isn't looking, the older one tricks the younger one into giving away the cookie. The younger one loses out. The older one wins. The winner will always think that life is fair and equal. The loser will always think that the winner is corrupt and evil.

6. Abortion & Infanticide

We may think that abortion/infanticide is evil and should be condemned. But, do we really want pedophiles in the world to commit child molestation, murderers in the world to commit murder, thieves in the world to commit theft? There is a genetic basis for pedophilia, actually, but pedophiles can control these sexual urges and become "virtuous pedophiles". They do not marry people of the opposite sex, because marrying people of the opposite sex results in children, and they do not want to harm children, especially their own. To prevent pedophilia and sociopathy from occurring in the first place, maybe it's a good thing that abortion is supported.

7. Euthanasia

Some people feel overwhelming suffering and pain in their lives. Others feel that they have outlived their usefulness. They want to die, because death is a relief to suffering. Maybe we should allow these people to die. If one person dies, then that is not a problem. The world will still continue. If one society dies, then that is still not a problem. The world will still continue. If all humans in the world disappear, then that is still not a problem. The world will still continue. If humans are eradicated from the planet, then the Earth may just rejuvenate itself. Even if the Sun dies, then that is still not a problem. The entire universe will expand and expand, and then the Big Freeze will be the ultimate fate of the universe. May the universe forever rest in peace!

8. Meat

Meat is mostly made of protein and fats. The amino acids can be utilized by the body. Undigested components are left out in dung. Some people like the flavor of meat. They think meat tastes delicious. They want the deliciousness and nutritional value. Many evil people like to eat meat. They don't care about animal rights. They just care about their own rights. These people may be evil and selfish, but at the very least, they are alive and healthy until they die one day. Don't worry, vegans. These evil, selfish meat-eaters will eventually die one day.

Figure 2. Good vs. Evil.
Figure 2. Good vs. Evil.

All humans are afraid of death. Physical pain is detected by nociceptors, and suffering is the result of some kind of neural network in the brain. The human body tries to avoid negative stimuli, because negative stimuli may cause harm or death to the individual. But eventually, something in the body breaks down, and the body ages and dies. This is part of the natural cycle of life. Instead of seeing pain, suffering, and death as absolutely evil, we may want to see those things as part of nature. We are part of nature. We live. We are conscious. Then, we die.

Let us welcome death!

Why Evil Is Actually Good
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Sensmind
    The way I view debates like this - Is you have two intelligently structured extremes and you meet somewhere in the middle for what we hope the most optimum outcome.
    I am assuming it was presented as a starting point or an extreme , which you have given an intelligent synopsis. I am also assuming you got some "extreme" response to your "extreme" hopefully some where intelligently structured. My point of view is to watch the progress without trying to get sucked down any rabbit holes of my bias to reach an educated belief that there is a possibility of a optimum outcome somewhere in the middle. I always think of the quote not sure who by, it goes something like this "Compromise is like a good umpire, they piss off both sides but not enough to ruin the game"
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    • Sensmind

      Thanks for MHO

    • Anonymous

      Because you actually seem to read the whole article and understand it.

      The other people either didn't read the whole article or didn't understand it. I wasn't supporting any position in the OP adamantly. I did give some suggestions. But most of all, I was wording everything in a way that made everything seem "evil".

      I am sick and tired of people who are promoting "good". So, guess what? I promote "evil", whatever "evil" actually means.

      My definition of "good" is simply thus: anything the promotes an individual or a civilization's survival.
      My definition of "bad" is simply thus: anything that hinders an individual or a civilization's survival.

      Homophobia - the aversion to homosexuality - is good, because it forces all people into heterosexual relationships and discourages homosexual ones. For a damn long time, sexual attraction didn't matter that much in reproduction. You had to reproduce. If you didn't promote reproduction, then your species would die out.

      Nowadays, we as a species are so good and successful at reproducing that we are actually growing at an exponential rate. Promoting homosexuality/same-sex marriage may benefit society in the long run, because same-sex couples can take care of other people's offspring. Even if we do discourage homosexuality and encourage heterosexuality, our numbers will continue to grow exponentially. Scarcity of food would just turn people into war machines. Societies would go into war. Political instability and chaos would ruin civilization, and then humanity has to start all over again. Genetically, humans would have to go through another genetic bottleneck. LOL.

      So, in the end, morality doesn't really matter. We are fucked either way.

    • Shamalien

      silly nihilist, you don't understand. All the scarcity we experience is artificial, and species naturally start producing less offspring as their numbers increase, it can be observed in the most successful races, it's why whites and japanese have so few kids

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Bingo! Finally someone sees the big picture, the bare truth. Although it may seem unpleasant and undesirable, it's still there, and it needs to be acknowledged, to be looked at non-judgementally.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      Good or evil, all of the things you said exist, whether we deny them or not.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/7fMnQAvz0ekReminds me of this old comedy routine.
  • The_Sword
    I don't have the time to meticulously refute your general sentiment, so instead I will make broad arguments against your line of thinking with it some examples provided. You try to provide utilitarian perspectives that see the glass as half-full, a lot of this rationalising is hardly reasoned with an ethical position in mind, cynicism can actually be consistent with ethical frameworks, but you have actually concocted rather weak cynical perspectives that are conjoined to a nihilistic morality that is based on identity-tribalism and identity-competition in a zero-sum scarcity scenario which is not even cynically pragmatic. For instance, dividing politics into racialist and sexist factional tribalism, means that Democratic secular society with classical Liberal values will erode and collapse into bulkanised politics that will destabilise itself until more authoritarian and orthodox political units are forged that enforce homogenous chauvinism of those who get to broadcast the narrative about each identity, while destroying the peaceful alternative, of simply creating common-identities which are universally open to all, and which offer equal moral consideration. National governments should not be considered racist for not providing for other countries populations, as governance is by definition, an internal process: there are so many contradictions in social justice, so called, anti-rscism, which demands a new form of enlightened imperialists of their convoluted values of historical projection onto the present which sabotage universal values and common-sense. Value is derived from meaning, and the only way you can anchor your value-system, is to concoct a fake narrative about identity-premised conflicts which threaten each others interests, there are many examples of how there is nothing intrinsic about race which would support your narrative, apart from this current wave of identity politics and its obsession with a racialist worldview... which means that its the political culture which either makes or doesn't make your position on race valid, and further I would argue its only valid in the cases in which people of different races and the sexes are involved, who believe in the identity politics ideology and are invested into that unworkable version of equality. Equality does not mean having the same experience, it means having the same standards expectations and judgements put upon you, and being judged as an individual, which gets treated by the same procedures that are applied to any other individual... sometimes advertisers want to take photos of a particular model doing something that won't work if they are forced into interviewing anyone who chooses to identity as the intended script.. there is no art in a world that does not understand the true meaning of equality.

    the treatment of
    Sentience requires a proper ethical framework, if you believe on your ethics, and truly accept your own definitions, there is nothing inconsistent about treating
    • The_Sword

      continued: creatures differently based on their different ethical features... my definition of sentience can be defined in a few ways, which might be hard to understand if you aren't familiar with Jungian pyschology and cognitive functions.. but to simplify, Sentience is defined... the capacity to change how you feel about something. this capacity requires understanding of your own feelings, into a form a belief that you are capable of deliberating over and deciding to alter: you don't need to alter your feelings in order to possess the capacity to do so, but having volitional capacity furnishes a being with sentience: animals who are not sentient cannot choose how they feel about things, they are simply imprinted upon and conditioned by their instincts connecting with their influences.. humans are sentient because reason is capable of being elected as the highest influence on our mental states, thus the mental states of sentient beings are accorded with intrinsic respect and sanctity.

    • Anonymous

      1. You say you don't have the time to meticulously refute the above statements. Yet, you go on and on and on, creating two lengthy posts to the article. At the very least, you are thinking.

      2. Blah, blah, blah. Go on with your philosophical talk. At the end of the day, we all have our routine schedules. We all have to eat and drink. We all have to find ways to defecate and urinate. We all have to find work and do our work in society, or if we don't want to partake in society, we can always live in the wild. Though, if we do choose a lifestyle of living in the wild, then someone (the police, residents, parents, etc.) will probably get upset about wild people in the neighborhood. Then, the civilized people would capture the uncivilized, wild people and lock the people up in prison or something, maybe putting the people on trial for property trespassing. We all have to sleep. We all need to socialize. There have been studies done on prisoners in solitary confinement, and it basically shows that humans need to socialize in order to stimulate neural functions.

      What is philosophy, really? Stuff that happens in your head. In an apocalyptic event, no one fuckin' cares about philosophical thinking. They all want food, water, shelter, clothing, society, etc. Philosophy ain't gonna help you, when you're hungry.

    • The_Sword

      I already refuted your abject storytelling, your thinking is only correct if your version of reality is relevant and applicable.. just because it might be applicable, doesn't mean that it is a pertinent description of reality. You have not substantiated why the narrative you describe is how human societies operate.. its just puerile table thumping and fear mongering, as that is the only reason why you could compel people to endorse identity consciousness, instead of 'philosophical' consciousness and reasoning. Well done on using identity politics as the gateway drug to fascistic politics and fascistic values and worldview... its a worldview which you can only rationalise by falsely reducing human society into a cult of mutual-slavery that supposedly guarantees survival by scapegoating a common enemy, which is in fact only necessary in order to explain the very weak and specious form of solidarity that is premised in perpetual propaganda of reactive-fear.. fear that is so brittle that it's own political and cultural structure will devolve into senseless acts of ritual togetherness, burning totems of the enemy, addicted to propaganda that will empower a plutocratic elite to conceal their corruptions and mismanagement within the rhetoric of morality codes that are more group-think than reasoned, because security justifies itself, as reason is sacrificed to rationalise the fear-driven centralization of all political decision-making: you land up with a run-away culture that will create a big fire, burn hot, and implode under the weight of its poisoned citizenry that have become stupid and infantile because of dependency on the narrative-storytelling elite that must eventually outlaw dissent to the mythological identity which becomes a toxic false religion.

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  • wynn-ing
    1. What¹⁰⁰?

    2. Nothing makes any sense. Nothing at all. You end a sentence and start another one without sense and almost every single word doesn't make sense in this.

    3. Your reasoning is more or less "humans are x so therefore nothing can be done about y and y will exist." *cracks knuckles* This gonna be a hard one to debate!

    4. It was was a good idea to do this a anonymously. I don't think anyone would want to admit to thinking on this level of stupidity.
    • Gsm24diecast

      Liberals don’t use logic.

    • Jyjae

      You think this is a liberal? I would classify myself as one and I agree that the original poster is fucking insane.

  • jessloudmouth
    I am not sure what I just read but I'm reasonably certain it killed off some brain cells.

    How could someone take so much time to write this many nonsensical sentences? Congratulations and thank you for wasting our time, please continue being so obnoxiously opinionated, you are changing the world.
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    You sound like a really confused student from some third rate school of naturalist philosophy. Try to understand this: that it is not always easy to identify or separate black from white doesn't mean black is 'actually' white. Objects in reality having both black and white shades doesn't mean they can't be dominantly black or dominantly white.

    Going your way, words just lose their definite meaning and you're heading towards cavemen era vocabulary
  • Jesse0
    1. "racism makes us care about the ones we love at the expense of the ones we don't love."
    - So you're saying you only love those who look like you? How is it any harder to love everyone else?

    2. This isn't sexism, we are all different and that's a fact. Sexism is prejudice and stereotyping on the basis of sex.

    3. So homophobia is good because of population growth?

    4. "murder is necessary, because murderers fill up the prison cells and give prison guards a job."
    - No, murder is not necessary, humans do it anyway and have been since the beginning. Those jobs have always been occupied, there is no need to approve of murder.

    5. Your justification to theft is so that the loser can win and the winner can lose? How is that good?

    6. You believe abortion should be supported so that paedophiles who were born with those tendencies should die? You realize that nearly all of those virtuous pedophiles have been molested? They refrain from committing those crimes because those individuals know it's wrong.

    7. Death is terrible and a curse to mankind. It isn't a relief to suffering, those who are sick may breathe even through a machine, it's breathing nevertheless. Death is the opposite of life and there is no good where there is no life.

    8. Eating meat isn't evil.
    • Jesse0

      This myTake is full of pseudoscience and lies to lighten a nihilistic worldview. I am saddened in what you believe, this is a really disgusting way to think.

  • razelove
    Wow, just wow, so hopelessness and laying down to die, or starting a genocide is your answer to differing opinions? You seriously need help. I don't say that as a joke, call a hotline, talk to a friend or a shrink, get off that ledge.
    This was interesting to read. They thing about racism and everyone being racist I agree because it is probably in the subconscious mind to some degree which is not our faults. But there is another thing called the conscious mind honey. I get what you're saying but you sound like a psychopath. A person with emotion would never come to the conclusion you came too. It's way to logical. Individualism is the issue. If everyone is connected and feels apart of one another then you cure that.
    After racism you just started to sound not very smart to me love. You were all over the place. I mean 4 and 6 are like the opposite of each other. You want murder cause it brings jobs but you don't want a sociopath to occur. I mean the job thing is what I mean. That is so logical, no emotion. It seem like you barely thought about it. We can invent or innovate something else that can bring more jobs...7 is about the only thing we agree on and that's probably because I understand it from the suicidal perspective. I'm vegan and if people eat meat I don't really care. Live your best life. I love animals but I also love humans. But you made it sound like meat eaters are all healthy. You were trying to fit it in with the, hey it is evil but it is good too. It's not black and white though love. Honestly I just feel that you have no passion for most of what you said above. You sound like a computer. Something with no emotion. I oddly feel connected to you although I don't agree with the way you see things.
  • Optymistyk
    1. That's not how racism works
    2. That's not how sexism works
    3. That's not how homophobia works
    4. Why Evil Is Actually Good
  • newblinds
    1. Racism isn't about people you love, it's about treatment of someone based on their race. You haven't described racism, the definition is in the picture ffs. Maybe you misunderstood what a race is.

    2. Your example: If "X" gender wants what "y" gender has but doesn't get it, sexism isn't what you described. If a man wants to give birth but can't, that doesn't equal sexism.

    3. Dude, humans pretty much always mainly died of war, diseases and famine, not just nowadays. Also, by your own logic heterophobia should be enacted since it stresses hetero lives and they promote change, hopefully we will have closeted straight people who are killed for their orientation in your grand vision of the future.

    4. you forgot that if enough people get murdered then it might be a growth sector of our economy, since people might do it as a part-time job. Moonlight as a murderer.

    5. this is just... I can't, the winner is capable of seeing that their own behaviour is corrupt and obviously not fair. I think you've had some kind of series of bad experiences, like since forever.

    6. i think I get this one, like a super Saiyan pedophile killing everyone's babies so they don't get molested. We should probably abort ourselves as well.

    7. another pedophile one eh... press f in chat for the youth 'n asia.

    I think you somehow thought these ideas would come out better than they did, but it didn't work, you still went along with this because you amused yourself. But it wasn't that amusing and you'll still not have been able to make a genuine connection.

    8. vegans kill plants and are plant life supremacist fascists over meat life they see as inferior so they refuse to even murder a living creature to eat it - haughty high horses.

    Always remember everyone, Jesus is still a virgin and being the ultimate Chad will land you the ruler of the underworld, aka hot with eternal torturing 😈.

    Yes, humans are afraid of debt because of the freaking velociraptors (spelling?).

    I'm wearing a death suit because your post gave me emotional labor and I stopped my birth to give us the heat death of the university as we know it
  • lightbulb27
    Jesus ate fish.. broke it in half. That was good for him, evil for the fish.
    Jesus turned perfectly good water into wine, for a bunch of already drunk people. Thus alcohol is good for those who party, but not good for those who are already dehydrated.
    Mahatma Ghandi walked a lot, that was good for him. But it was evil for his feet... and millions of ants.

    Ones evil is anothers good and visa vis? I don't know that evil is good though... it just is. but what do I know...
  • RolandCuthbert
    The funny thing is this pink anon got at least four people here to approve of this nonsense.

  • ImagineSketchy
    I know for a fact that I am not racist, I am not sexist, not homophobic, I am actually quite blood thirsty, I have stolen and was quite skilled at pickpocketing people, certainly don't care about abortion or infanticide. Euthanasia is completely understandable and I don't think it's evil. Death is a natural part of the life cycle and gives the energy back to the cosmos and our beautiful rock called Earth. Meat... I know you actually must be joking about that part of the article. If you aren't joking... You might be unaware of a lot of the animal kingdom and fail to realise that you are an animal just like the birds that fly above and the fish that swim below. They all eat meat. Eating meat isn't evil. How it may be mass produced to keep up with the excess that some places seem to live by... That's different.

    I certainly don't fear death. Often times, I welcome it, however, if someone were to try to kill me, I'm more than likely going to want to take them with me.

    Your article is silly, for lack of better words... Then again, humans as a whole are silly creatures.
  • Games_
    This is one crazy article. So apparently murder and racism are a good thing for our society according to you.

    I hope your parents or someone near to you gets murdered, then come back and bring up this article if this ever happens.

    No wonder you went anon lol
  • Shezadi
    This is very interesting. That's something a lot of people about subconsciously but they just can't find the right words or the courage to speak their minds. Personally, racism is overrated for me. People just need to grow a thicker skin instead of being cry babies, and I say this as a Pakistani. I don't mind if someone calls me Paki because it's not that deep.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Pure garbage through and through. From the get-go

    "We all like to think that we are non-racist and perfectly tolerant of each other."
    So Klansmen and other race groups think they are not racist?
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    The problem is that you don't know which future potential people will be evil or which will be good. Maybe you didn't procreate with somebody that would yield a son or daughter that would be the person that helped the world the most.

    Also, why are you making this anonymous. Can't take the heat in case people rage?
  • esotericstory
    I agree with the general premises of this mytake. Its good to see someone rejects utopic thinking. The perfect society is not possible. Denial of evil and pain won't help us either. Its good to see someone can be confrontational and accept the whole existence, instead of only 'the good things'.
  • TotallyAverageMale
    Some of your points make no sense whatsoever:
    "Whatever the case may be, murder is necessary, because murderers fill up the prison cells and give prison guards a job."
    No, wrong. Prison guards can get another job, but parents whose child has be murdered cannot get the child back. There is no logical reason for murder, at all. There is a logical reason for killing murderers, to limit the harm they can commit, but this is not murder, it's a lawful form of killing called execution.

    "Humans steal."
    Some of them do, but many of them don't. So some people make mistakes; that doesn't justify the mistake. The "winner" (who is really the loser) doesn't truly believe stealing is just and fair, they just try to ignore the part of themselves that tells them it's wrong for as long as they can.

    "Instead of seeing pain, suffering, and death as absolutely evil, we may want to see those things as part of nature."
    OK, but why must it be good because it's natural? There is no connection there. We are humans, and we have the unique capacity to act in contradiction to our own nature for our own good and the good of others. We can strive constantly for a better world with less suffering.

    " If one person dies, then that is not a problem. The world will still continue. If one society dies, then that is still not a problem. The world will still continue. If all humans in the world disappear, then that is still not a problem. The world will still continue. If humans are eradicated from the planet, then the Earth may just rejuvenate itself. "
    This is a short-sighted view and is based on a fundamentally flawed view of the universe. Humanity was not made for the universe; the universe was made for humanity. That gives you an indicator of just how important every human life is.

    "There is a genetic basis for pedophilia, actually"
    No, there isn't. What there is is plenty of evidence that suggests that those people molested as children go on to become pedophiles themselves. The problem with abortion is that you're killing someone who has not done anything at all yet, whether right or wrong. Besides which, this is not the correct way to stop murder, or pedophilia. We stop those things not by killing the innocent but by teaching children and adults how to avoid attitudes that lead to evil actions.

    "Men and women are not created exactly the same."
    Correct. So why is recognizing that men and women differ conflated into sexism, which then is automatically assumed to be evil?

    "the reality is, we are all evil racists. In a society that condemns racism, we hide our racism through layers and layers of artificiality and affected behavior."
    Wrong. You may be speaking for yourself but you don't speak for me and many others. And you might be mixing up too many ideas into one again. Having a sense of wanting to support the nation does not make you racist, because the nation may well be made of many different races! And most developed nations will allow people from other races to join, if they prove they're serious about wanting to live there and improve the country.

    The idea that valuing and protecting our families must always be detrimental to other families is simply incorrect, and based on a false and highly simplistic notion of resource scarcity that simply doesn't reflect how the real world works. If I love my family and work hard to provide for them, the people for whom I'm doing the work as well as the people from whom I'm buying things for my family from all benefit. If I love my family and build them up as people, they build up and strengthen the people around them.
    • There is no logical reason for murderers except murdering murderers. Yeah, that makes sense...

  • I disagree with the parts about murder, theft, and abortion. The examples given are bad, frivolous reasons to do these things. It's especially not okay for people to be murdered, just to give prison guards a job.
  • cuzodusto
    It's a valid argument but even you see the flaws. It's easy to have obscure opinions when your anonymous. What was that one anonymous organization? The klu klux Klan or today known as the IKA. So until you want to remove your hood before you spew your verbal diarrhea your opinions are not valid. You failed to mention organized religion as well.
  • Kaneki05
    You made some good points after the racism thing which was just dumb not gonna waste time explaining why..

    ethier way evil to me can never be good. And evil and good are subjective so you can see it as what you want.
    And in most part i do find death evil it's the kinda thing would you rather live and expericen pain or never lived in the first place. I pick never lived.

    And death is even more evil if god exists who could stop it.
  • MissDawn7961
    evil is not good ! those who do it will go to hell and live there for their eternity instead of doing good and going to heaven to live with God ! Thanks
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    1. You're just talking about conservatives not racism.
    2. You're just talking about patriarchy or matriarchy not sexism.
    3. You're just talking about really people not homophones. Because if that's the case, LGT (no B) people are heterophopes for just not attracted to their opposite sex.
    4 and 5. You're talking about justice
    6,7 and 8. They're not exactly evil if you just know how to think.
    • Aiko_E_Lara

      *really straight people

    • Aiko_E_Lara

      And you're an example of a liberal making straw man fallacies of everything.

    • Thotkiana

      Boy if ur don’t shut the hell up

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  • I'll read this all later, but the title reminded me of this song:https://www.youtube.com/embed/Jo4XXm8OUP4
  • Dargil
    Astoundingly deranged. Or it's an elaborate troll. Methinks the latter.
    • Why because the author rejects utopic thinking?

    • Dargil

      @esotericstory No It is just so self-evidently deranged that no explanation is necessary.

    • Dargil

      To me it is and that's all that matters.

  • JayLiche
    I’m gonna back away slowly & hope you aren’t in any position of power in the real world
  • pigoat
    I didn't read your MyTake and i never will

    But thank you for showing me that cool arm wrestling picture

    I haven't seen it in ages
  • I stopped reading after the "sexism" portion. I have a very strong suspicion you're not actually female
    • Why? Because all females should hate men?

    • mistixs

      @edwilliams580 not being sexist towards women DOES NOT EQUAL hating men.
      She said the purpose of women is just to make more men. I've only heard men saying that

  • adidas0169
    Can you have good without evil or evil without good no. they is balance to everything in the world. a good deed can't be done without someone around someone saying something or doing something to try to undo it or you can't do something bad without trying to fix it all in all there's balance no matter what there is.
  • Joker_
    "Homophobia adds negative stress to these gay peoples' lives, and if gay people feel distress, then they do something about their situation and promote change." But the thing is they wouldn't need to strain themselves with promoting change if homophobia wasn't prevalent. If we go by your logic, doctrinal heterophobia would be good too.

    I would agree that evil is actually good sometimes, but most of this is non-sensical.
  • Johnson12
    I Can't Tell You Why God uses evil with the Christians cuz you know you can't have good without the bad or bad without the good but it's all part of the refining process it say Jesus said do not be dismayed because I have overcome the world and we have trials and tribulations no pain no gain it has a way of making you into a stronger person
  • Marriedwith2
    Don't project your flaws as a human on the rest of us.

    Sounds like a Trumptard's logicWhy Evil Is Actually Good
  • Gedaria
    Why point the finger. Look at your self. Try and show a good example people may follow. You cannot bully people into doing the correct thing...
  • Shamalien
    the first 3 aren't evil at all, just honest, they are not morally relevant. Reading onwards, I don't even know what to say... like looking at your justification for murder, I swear, you must be trolling... please tell me it's a troll
  • luvsemthic
    Please put the pipe down and take five steps backwards! You should seek help!
  • Titanic1912
    Jesus will always win against the Devil! None of this does any good! You belong in a mental hospital along with being a crybaby!
  • standardguy
    Well. The higher the number in your essay the more errornous was your reasoning. If you literally break one of the Ten Commandments you are opposing God and that is never good and blessed behavior.
  • NotoriousMuffin
    "There is no such thing as -isms!" - Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
  • Robertcw
    Why Evil Is Actually Goodwut.
  • Djaay
    So you're sick and tired of those who promote good. So instead you promoted evil.
    You're twisted...,
  • edwilliams580
    It's the element of irreducible rascality. There is no perfect system. There will always be evil and unjust things that happen. But that is what is necessary for function. This is a great post! I like it! 😎
  • Ellie-V
    I think when you ignore the nuances in all these controversial topics, you end up coming off as a little ignorant—no offense.
    The bigger picture is not that it happens and it will always happen therefore who cares...
    The bigger picture is that as long as we are here why not elevate ourselves to higher, healthier places so that we won’t have to bathe in our toxicity because simply acknowledging an issue isn’t going to actually solve anything.

    I enjoyed the read ☺️ Hope you make more takes!
    • @Ellie-V these issues that she mentioned in my opinion are mostly issues that cannot realistically be solved. So i think, once we accept that of which we cannot change, it frees our minds up to focus our energy on as you say elevating ourselves to higher levels of consciousness

    • Just realised i might be sounding abit preachy 🙈

  • MackToday
    Pretty much every Storm Front argument ever, pure law of the jungle philosophy. You'd do good over there.
  • Snakeyes7
    I wouldn’t say evil is GOOD but it is necessary to be able to distinguish it from the good.
  • winterfox10
    I think you and I could dispute your use of the word good for quite a long time
  • Fromdusktilldawn
    I can't really share this opinion on some points. Evil to me means being safisfied and enjoying the pain, anguish and death of others
  • Manuel2
    Once again some one has done a question I did before.
    So if you are not following me and here is my and your point too-

    Does the freedom of speech more important than the people it hurts. Or the people feelings more important than your right to say it.
    Like all websites are policed. Also President Donald Trump say it is ok to touch any woman's pussy. And he won and beat a woman.
    Did he touch her pussy? That is another question.
    That is why this site is popular, The freedom of speech is more important than the feelings of the people. Or person.
    • Manuel2

      Also it is mainly women who complain about other women clothing.
      Like men going topless ok! But a woman goes topless, no matter how flat she is.
      Or going braless and making her tits bounch while walking the streets, mainly women complain about women.
      Then blame it on cokuur class and so on.

  • Chris_93
    Wow... just wow... You've gone down the rabbit hole big time.
  • DJZest
    As written by a child, or someone who chose to remain in that mindset out of blissful ignorance.

    Scraping the surface on deep topics to form a, rather incoherent and bluntly written, essay which mostly conveys bitterness and does less than nothing to detract the reader from noticing the author's gaping lack of knowledge in their areas of attack, is a form of Take the G@G user encounter at ever greater frequency these days.

    Anyway, the work might improve if the author tries again when in a super-good mood. I pronounce a dare to talk about how evil (and this time take the face of abysmal evil) and make it look good.