How I understanding taking up the cross

How I understanding taking up the cross

Jesus said that if you want to follow him, you have to be willing to take up your cross.

To me, that means three things

1 - Not giving up just because it’s hard

2 - Doing the right thing even if it’s not fun

3 - Giving up vanities and indulgences when it’s necessary for your character

I will write about the 2nd one: Doing the right thing when it’s not fun.

I think this involves doing the correct behaviour even if it’s uncomfortable.

For a mother, it might mean feeding her baby when she is tired and just wants to sleep.

For a senior, it might mean volunteering to wash your dishes when you have back pain.

For a man, it might mean, helping strangers lift heavy items at a store after being tired from a day of gardening work.

For a child, it might mean walking in cold weather to school instead of skipping class

For me, it involved working 7 days a week when my feet hurt from standing up at work all day

Right now, my cross is different: It involves being friendly and courteous to people I do not like because it’s what the bible commands.

How I understanding taking up the cross
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