How to get what you want when your a Christian

How to get what you want when your a Christian

The bible says that the Lord fulfills the desires of those who fear Him

It also says if you delight in the Lord, that He will give you the desires of your heart

It also says if you ask for something in His name you will get it

It says if you believe your prayer has been answered it will be acknowledged

It says where two or three are gathered in His name, there is God with them

And Luke says God takes care of you when you seek His Kingdom

While Matthew adds seek His Righteousness and His Kingdom

I find in my own life, God gives me what I want if I fulfill five conditions

1 - I’m ready to receive it

2 - I’m seeking Him or obedient to His Will or Command or Instruction

3 - What I want is something I’ve worked for or am willing to work for or is something I deserve and am entitled to it something that God believes will make me a better person

4 - What I want does not interferes with God’s Will or purpose for my life

5 - God does not have a special reason to withhold it from me in the immediate future because there is no test or lesson or penal reason or obstruction of others that would be caused if he did not withhold it

It puzzled me at first, cause I thought, God gives me the small things I want when I seek Him, like my favourite healthy Chinese dessert, or some cheap sea food or a favourite social activity such as a walk in the park or a game of chess

But if I want something big, like my own house and a husband, I rarely get even opportunities to pursue what I want.

So I did some analyzing and this is what I concluded.

How to get what you want when your a Christian
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  • emperor90
    Just obey the lord
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  • Latse-Hillary
    Religion and spirituality doesn't merge.
    You cannot be spiritual and religious at the same time.
    Religion is like a fish stuck in pond with limited space to explore.
    Spirituality is like a fish put in the ocean with unlimited space to explore..

    I was just mediating on this same stuff yesterday night about praying to get the small things you want and not getting the Big things you want..

    God lives in us and first we must understand that God is within us and not outside of us..

    There are many realms in the spiritual world and God is in every realms, same is devil. Sometimes the better and sweet life we pray for are in a higher realm but because you are asking from lower realm those things won't come to you except you upgrade your level of spirituality to the same realms to things are.
    This is the reason why you have to seek knowledge so that you won't perish.

    So if you want a good house, a good husband, wealth etc upgrade your knowledge to the realms those things exist, only then will you have those things..

    But because you are asking from a lower realm, you will only get little things..

    God lives in you and you have to know yourself and the power that you have and how to access it, only then will you understand understand the mystery of life..
  • FunkyMonkee
    Pray to god! DUUUH!