How the first commandment relates to television

How the first commandment relates to television

The bible says no other Gods and the way I understand that verse is, that you have to mute out your desire and interest in gods of power and money and praise so that you can devote all that higher energy to the worship of God.

Just like when you are trying to have a conversation with a tv show in the background: shutting the tv off makes carrying on the conversation easier, and muting out the idols of the world by deferring your interest to spiritual things makes having a mental conversation with God less challenging.

You could try to do both but it would leave you unhappy and unsatisfied, which is why the bible has a muting out policy for other interests.

How the first commandment relates to television
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  • purplepoppy
    But there wasn't any T. V. back on biblical times. I think biblical passages referring to "other gods" such as above or "Psalms 86:8 RSV) “There is none like thee among the GODS, O Lord" simply reflects it was a time when the romans had countless gods. While the romans were generally happy to let other nations keep their gods, Christians have always tried to destroy them using the first commandment as justifications
  • sean1234
    It's not the tv so much as it is the people on it that are idols. The tv is a tool, use it for preaching, for weather forecasting or for programs that actually help you in some way as if you are in a classroom with a fun subject.

    To many, I think ironically their preacher is their idol. It would be nice for people forget everything they have ever learned, then and read and understand the Bible in their own eyes. Most seem not to, hopefully they will before it's too late.
  • hannny
    Other Gods means other priorities. If you dad is the most important thing for you than you have another God, if being rich is the most important for you than you have another God, if you have an idol and you are a fan of Ariana Grande for example and you do everything for it than you have another God. In other words all you’re efforts need to be directly to God and if you put effort in other things they can easily become other Gods it is much more complex than what you think.
  • Anonymous
    It means nothing should be more important than God. Anything which takes the place of God in your life becomes your God. If telvision is more important to you than God himself then telivision becomes your God.