How I understand the Honour your father and mother rule

How I understand the Honour your father and mother rule

The bible says to honour your father and mother

The way I understand this verse is, you should honour your parents when they act like your parents and rebuke them like devils when they act like devils

Also you should guard them when they honour God and withhold your love when they disrespect God

You should praise them when their behaviour is good and criticize them and gossip about them when they unjustly criticize and gossip about you, or when they threaten or vilify your connection with God or when they threaten the God you worship and serve

I do not believe you should honour a parent that does not act like a parent because doing so could harm your relationship with God and your moral boundaries

How I understand the Honour your father and mother rule
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  • DJB72
    Scripture is clear. We are to honour our parents. Not "if" anything.

    Just like it says we have to respect the earthly leaders and accept judgement by earthly law. That doesn't mean blind obedience, it means do what God says but accept the consequence it may bring here. In 1939 in Germany it was illegal to give safe harbour to Jews. That is clearly opposed to God's Will, so we were to break that law but accept the consequence thereof. That meant some Christian families went to the gas chambers themselves for hiding Jews.

    Honouring your parents doesn't mean blindly doing what they tell you. It means respecting them. It means loving enough to rebuke if their instructions are opposed to the known Will of God, and accepting their decision when you do.
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  • Anonymous
    I agree with everything you said. :)
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  • Bluemax
    "... and withhold your love when they disrespect God." So if a parent converts to another religion, a non Abrahamic religion for instance, then one should withhold honor and love to that parent? Please clarify.
  • Bratsondanielle
    What if your parents are lgbtqiss2k+ thus technical you have two "fathers " or two "mothers " (at least biological)
  • legalboxers
    Its a bunch of bullshit. Everyone should be respected. Once you disrespect me - the gloves are on. My father (died 20 years ago this October) was a drunk, and a prick. He also was a diabetic - which I never felt sorry for and will carry a grudge for him until I go to my grave myself. He disrespected me even up until I was an adult. He always thought he was smarter than me. And when I proved him wrong - he still wasn't humble. HE never had an ounce of being humble.. Same with my mother - but thats a story for another day (Beating me with a heel of a shoe to memorize multiplication tables) Fucking Indian Culture
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  • Clyde_123
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  • baserunner611
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  • Anonymous
    I agree with you and these are exactly my thoughts too but people may see it as a sign of disrespect if we follow these rules. But I am not letting their opinions change my morals