Why I like Jewish music when I’m not Jewish

Why I like Jewish music when I’m not Jewish

There are a few reasons I avoid a lot of Christian worship songs

1 - A lot of extraneous and non semantic vocal sounds are interjected into the lyrical dialogue of the music that have nothing to do with the moral message of the lyrics

2 - The music is cultural and not biblical, they talk about their race, or their lifestyle, or their problems and not about God’s teachings

3 - A lot of the song accentuates tangential experiences or temporal and unique life experiences rather than baseline religious experiences or spiritual experiences

4 - The music is not created in any sonorous or traditional musical chord set up, but mimics the connotations of any pop culture typical to time and social demographic it was made in, and might involve woman wearing lipstick, skateboarders with pink hair, woman wearing braids and multiple bracelets and showing off their beautiful bodies

I like Jewish music because they are singing scripture or sacred traditions, and are not singing about their own godly character, godly practices, godly sacrifices, godly communities, godly actions, godly blessings or godly phonetic associations, the music is strictly ideological and the ideology is focused on God and not the man who serves God or the man who experiences God

The music serves didactic functions because it involves an embodied ideology with multiple levels of apprehension and comes from an unquantifiable and non encapsulated traditional of mental inferencing and not a self-critical event bound one, the way Christian music is, the tale line is open in Jewish music and not fixed or approximated by singular characters in a non negotiable and circumstantially contingent matrix.

Why I like Jewish music when I’m not Jewish
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  • WonderBell99

    My first name is Jewish, but I’m not. Anyone can enjoy any music, just like anyone can have any name. A religious person can have a biblical name, just like a non religious person could. You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy Jewish music.

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  • Whatever2929292


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  • ManOnFire

    I can agree. There is some Christian music I've liked and some good songs from Christian artists I like, but I never really listen to it anymore. It often feels empty and not really inspiring me. Plus I don't like the way so many churches these days use these dark, theatrical type stages. That really repels me even more.

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  • tartaarsaus

    I don’t mean to be rude, but this is a very, very limited interpretation of Jewish music.

    Even in religious Jewish music, it draws upon culture and the history of the Jewish people. And more secular Jewish music (especially from the Sephardim) draws upon typica subjects such as romance. Moreover, melodies, styles, wording, and topics are often also inspired by the trends on-going at the time in their area. This is why Sephardic, Ashkenazi and Beta Israeli Jewish music differ a lot from one another

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    • I’m not speaking of all Jewish music, just the type I like to listen to - Mostly all my comments are presumed to be contextual and not universally standardized blanket statements.

    • Jamie05rhs

      Jennifer, did you delete my comment? I'm not going to follow you anymore if you're going to be like that.

  • anylolone

    It's music, and quite good music.

    Let's be honest, you don't like jewish music, you like what you think is good jewish music, and basically anyone likes it because it's quite good music.

    And what makes it good music is probably a lot of time, effort and chance.

  • Part2603

    It's because you're a bugman.