The happy way to be happy - bible talk

The happy way to be happy - bible talk

Matthew 6:33 in the bible says,

”Seek first the personal service of God
And His boundaries
And all else will be added unto you.”

So how do you serve God?

Do you have to wear a special hat?
Do you have to bring milk to a temple for ritual offerings?
Do you need an arranged marriage instead of making your own choices?

I believe you can do that if you feel it is a part of your identity or interest

But my idea of serving God is a lot more basic:

It involves doing things to benefit others.

If you have extra spinach in your yard, do you share that with neighbours or homeless people?

Do you smile at widows when you walk down the street to make them feel less lonely?

Do you donate blood to hospitals if your healthy and have no contagious disease history?

Do you say good things about people after they die, even if they were mean to you?

Do you consider others when you vote and not just your own financial profit interest?

Do you help old ladies by grabbing things off the shelf for them if they can’t reach it?

I believe you serve God by serving human beings because God is a spirit with no biological or physical needs but His creation needs many things.

The happy way to be happy - bible talk
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