How I understand the Ten Commandments as a Gentile, or Non Jew

How I understand the Ten Commandments as a Gentile, or Non Jew

How I understand the 10 Commandments as a Gentile

1 - No other Gods

To worship justice and not sensation. Spending money on shelter and food and not wine and vacations and disco jams.

2 - No idols

To delight in spiritual gifts and not in physical beauty and to respect people who lack confidence and intelligence.

3 - Do not take the name in vain

To express your faith in a way that attracts and helps and encourages and heals others and not in a way that establishes your superiority and competitive advantage over others.

4 - Keep the sabbath holy

To use your privilege and superior position to help and bless others and do good for those equal to you or lower to you in status, instead of mocking and humiliating those with less status than yourself.

5 - Honour your father and mother

To repay your parents for the service the provide you with and take care of those that were abused by their families instead of mocking them for their suffering or making their lives more difficult after their parents abuse them.

6 - Do not murder

To refuse to destroy another emotionally through forced social isolation, or morally through false teachings, or spiritually through offensive and alienating statements about God, or professionally, by giving them humiliating reviews at work or a bad reputation at social networking events.

7 - Do not commit adultery

To show and have no interest in beautiful or wealthy women until moral and social and spiritual compatibility is confirmed and agreed on.

8 - Do not steal

To refuse to exclude or refuse a good person access to your church or job due to ethnic or cultural or social biases.

9 - Do not bear false witness

To refuse to hate a person without cause, due to the shape of their nose, their poor taste in clothes, or their foreign accent or lack of familiarity with your religion.

10 - Do not covet

To desire and seek for yourself only what you need, or no more than 15% of what you need for survival, and not having an endless longing for grand gestures and remarkable benefits in life.

How I understand the Ten Commandments as a Gentile, or Non Jew
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