Religious people out there, can you please help me with this problem?

I started hanging out with this religious 91 year old lady. I have fun with her. She lives with her family. I come over her house once a week and talk about God with her and her many life stories/hardships. Her family is very nice and good people.

The problem is my dad is extremely protective and paranoid. Maybe you might consider his actions strange and controlling. I live with my parents (I don't leave until I get married, we are old school).

The old lady I hangout with is black and my dad is extremely extremely racist. Obviously you know... It's a sin to be racist. My dad doesn't care.

So when my dad heard I started hanging out with this lady, he interrogated me needing to know everything about it. He also doesn't want people setting me up with their grandsons... Even though its like almost 30 and I've only had one boyfriend... Eventually I should date again and get married... He says he wants me to get married but I don't know where he expects me to find a boyfriend if I dont make friends with people and be a normal human.

Anyway I lied about her race to my dad. Told him she's white but everything else about her I didn't lie about. I'm not looking to date her family, I just like her and she's nice to hangout with.

Should I come clean? It's the right thing to do. But if I do that he'll fight with me often about beating friends with a black person. He'll say derogatory things to me (call me a n***** lover). He'll think I'm trying to ruin their reputation/ make the family look bad at the church even though he doesn't even go to church. Then he won't trust me for lying to him and he'll hate me for that too.

What should I do? When I lied it was to save my sanity. But lying is a sin and like that commandment says "Honor thy mother and father." I'm breaking that commandment by lying to him, aren't I?

Religious people out there, can you please help me with this problem?
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