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In the Name of Equality, Women Should Be Compensated for Their Suffering

In the Name of Equality, Women Should Be Compensated for Their Suffering

There is talk about including women in the draft. The thing is, that is one of the few benefits of being female that help balance the many other negative aspects.

Some negative aspects are obvious. Bleeding from our genitals & cramping for 25% of our reproductive-life, being at constant risk of pregnancy, having to endure pregnancy and birth in order for access to biological children. The risk of being raped, & potentially being forced to carry a child to term & give birth against our will, by anti-abortion laws.

But there are also others.

Consistent studies show that women:

Experience more intense & more frequent pain than men (x) (x)

Experience more intense, more numerous, and more frequent bodily symptoms than men (x)

Are overrepresented in several chronic pain conditions, such as migraine and tension-type

headaches, temporomandibular disorders, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome, with female to male ratios ranging from 2:1 to 9:1 (x)

Exhibit greater sensitivity to noxious stimuli (x)

Experience much more stress than men, and are much more likely than men to report physical and emotional symptoms of stress (x)

Experience many less orgasms than men (x)

Show less brain activity to positive visual stimuli & greater sensitivity to negative visual stimuli (x)

Experience more frequent sadness, anxiety, anger, malaise, and aches (x)

Experience PTSD at more than twice the frequency of men (x)

Experience more frequent depression (x)

Experience 30% more distress than men (x)

In the Name of Equality, Women Should Be Compensated for Their Suffering

Including women in the draft will only tip this suffering gap further, thereby producing even further inequality in suffering.

I will agree with including women in any occurring draft if the following happens: Women are compensated in other ways for all the suffering that they go through.

Both genders should have equal quantity of advantages.

So. What do you all think?

How can we compensate women for all the suffering they go through?

(By the way, don't bring up things like "men get murdered much more often than women." That's only relevant for 1% of men, 99% of men don't get murdered.)


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  • And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the essence of feminism. Men are somehow to blame for the facts of nature. And men need to compensate women by being slaves of the most abject kind.


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  • I honestly kind of agree but I love this: "men get murdered much more often than women." That's only relevant for 1% of men, 99% of men don't get murdered.'

    I never thought about ti that way before! Excellent point.

    • Thanks for expressing your agreement! This post got 4 likes, 2 from girls and 2 from guys, but no one is speaking up!

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    • @Anpu23 source please

    • I was quoting Karen Straghn (honey badgers), who is meticulous with her sources. I would have to research where she got that, but I have no doubt that men are the victims of violent crime more than women. Sources for that would include the FBI crime statistics.

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  • so we want to compensate based on biology? i've never heard of that being a platform of feminism and it actually doesn't do anything to show equality but rather promotes the idea of inequalities

    i'm a feminist but this would be counter-intuitive to any feminist notion of equality

    • We want men and women to have equal opportunities to feel good about being their gender

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    • You hit it on the spot. Why compensate women for the biological outcome of evolution.
      That's just how men and women developed through natural evolutionary processes.

      It's a pretty stupid argument to compensate women for having cramps and periods, as if men or society were the ones to make them have periods. Guess what? Men live shorter lives than women. I'd love to be compensated for that. Now pay up!

    • or just stupid

  • This is why feminism is hated more and more.

    And your approval is not necessary for women to be drafted, that already happened, you don't have a choice anymore.

    Suck it up buttercup.

    • In Israel everyone gets drafted. Now that's equality.

    • Women need to be compensated in other ways

    • No they don't, and they will not be.

      Deal with it.

    Women by far get life handed to them already and have endless amounts of support for all the stuff you listed. Women do not need to be compensated any further for being female.
    They generally live longer than men, work easier jobs, have more time off, are given support for rape, abuse, homelessness, parental rights, health, school, etc.

    You say don't bring up stuff like men get murdered more than women...
    Males were more likely to be murder victims 76.8% of the time.

    Male suicide is at epidemic numbers. www.bcmj.org/articles/silent-epidemic-male-suicide

    Males have
    - little to NO parental rights.
    - little to no support for abuse (which is equal female to male as it is male to female)
    - Have no scholarships, grants, programs, etc that are male only while women have hundreds.
    - Are generally ignored when raped by a woman, even as children.
    - Are 98% of the homeless, mainly because women have shelters while men don't.
    - much less funding for male only issues that surpass female only issues that get the majority of funding.
    - Have a school system which is biased towards girls and is easier on them generally.
    - live in a society in which their side of a story is generally invalid against any female claim.

    (*I typically expect to be blocked because I am pointing out facts, I hope you do not stoop to such childishness)

    • Although i agree that both genders have their own problems and women don't need special treatment (just equality), some of the points you've made are invalid. even though men get murdered more often, the murderers are usually men! same with rape. even when men get raped, the majority of the time it is by other men. the reason why women usually get parental rights is because they are the ones who gave birth. they are the ones carrying the baby in their stomach for 9 months. unless the mother is abusive and/or a drug addict, she deserves to keep her child. and yes rape is a very serious problem, but it is MUCH more common for a woman to be raped. and it isn't taken seriously half the time (if not more then half) either. and i've actually learned in a college psychology class that the way teachers make it easier for girls and harder for guys only benefits guys in the long run. guys learn how to figure things out and actually use their brain, while girls get the answers handed to them

    • from early ages and then have a harder time later when they have to actually figure things out with no help.

    • @KRIEL55 Women in the west already get more than equality to men. Western women are the most privilege group of human beings to ever exist.

      You are incorrect about more men killing men and more man raping men, it's just that when women do these crimes are usually excused or ignored so therefore it's easy to say only men do it or More men do it.

      In regards to parental rights mentor half of the DNA and just because women incubate the creation doesn't mean that in regards to parental rights mentor half of the DNA and just because women incubate the creation doesn't mean that they should have 100% ownership.

      Men are raped by women almost as equally as women are raped by men, and both are not as common as it is made out to be. But once again male rape by females is ignored or excused. Female rape is taken very seriously.

      The excuse about males in scholl is completely wrong if it were true males would not be dropping out at an alarming rate.

  • So are we going to compensate men for being 80% of the homeless 75% of suicides, 98% of all workplace accidents and deaths, the sentencing gap (women get a third of the sentencing as men for the same crime) compensated for having no reproductive rights, for having shorter life spans, higher rate of cancer and most every other disease thats life ending,(and lets not forget the 9x greater probability of getting killed by sharks, seems equally ludacris as your statements) compensated for not even being acknowledged as victims of rape despite studies showing women are as likely to rape a man as a man is to rape a woman, being 80% of all violent crimes, the majority of domestic violence victims, compensated for not being acknowledged as the majority of domestic violence victims, compensated for being portrayed as teh victimizer in all things despite statisticly them more likely to be the victim especially when it comes to domestic violence and violence against children, etc etc etc. Their is so much wrong with this, I know your just trolling and trying to provoke people but their are people who actualy think like this thats the sad part.

    • This so much. So so much this.

      My first thought was the women are so much like a lame race horse. But instead of being put down we get treated better than the horses that are doing the actual work.
      Not what I actually think but that's the image that came to mind after reading this take.

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    • @BaileyisDarcy Thats actually why its important for other women to call these women out in order to reestabilish a balance so we don't end up with a world filled with spoiled brats (same goes for men, it just seems that we would never let them get away with it to begin with) if only women of the past could see this, they would probably be more then happy to slap some sense into these women.

    • @hazoplmeught Well thats because of many things, both social and biological (women have more neotenous traits which are basicly "child like"(traits that are held onto from child hood, neural plasticity is one of them (the thing that allows us to keep learning into adult hood)) traits that instill an impulsive urge to protect which is why people both men and women view bad things happening to women as worse then when they happen to men and why women can get away with bad things because they are viewed as less threatening then men for the same reason)

  • Women are more likely to suffer from PTSD in the civilian population, because they are MORE likely to report it. Once you look at the military population this discrepancy disappears, because the military is looking for it, oppose to making the people report it on their own volition. Men are less likely to REPORT emotional distress, and symptoms of PTSD than women.

    • Even studies which adjust for reporting bias show that women experience more than men do

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    • Men are also far more likely to develop mental health disorders due to being hemizygous, and are more likely to suffer from substance abuse disorders (we make up a vast majority of the drug addicted population).

    • Thanks for the info :)

  • wow... the irony though. Am I supposed to say the same about women, like with migraine "Thats only relevant to 1% of women, 99% of women dont get migraine". As an excuse to completely disregard something that involves men, cause overall men get subjected to more violents assaults too. And suffering aren't determined by gender, but the individuals situation. I have migraine myself, my sister and mother and most females I know have never or maybe once or twice (possibily had it). While I have it quite frequently. I also experienced a shit ton of sadness and struggled with deperession since I was 10, but I dont deserve any help then basically cause Im a guy. And you somehow think that is fair?

    We even have a long way to go before men get equal quantity of advantages to women in the modern society, tipping the scale further to favor women simply cause they are women.. Man, just nuts in my opinion. If people are supposed to be compensated for their suffering, it sure as hell should be decided on the individual, not their stupid gender.

  • "Experience much more stress than men, and are much more likely than men to report physical and emotional symptoms of stress."

    I read your source. The problem is this:

    "Experience much more stress than men." is not backed up, but "are much more likely than men to report physical and emotional symptoms of stress." this is. It even says in your source:

    "Though they report similar average stress levels, women are more likely than men to report that their stress levels are on the rise. They are also much more likely than men to report physical and emotional symptoms of stress. When comparing women with each other, there also appears to be differences in the ways that married and single women experience stress."

    Specifically [Though they report similar average stress levels, women are more likely than men to report that their stress levels are on the rise.] which tells me that at least according to this source when reporting similar stress levels female stress has been markedly lower, not higher, since "rising" to average is (ironically) a sign of equality.

    I don't have time to go through all of it but it is a good topic. I wish it had been taken more seriously.

  • You know your trolling is bad, when just reading the title you know it's a troll.

  • Are you seriously demanding compensation because you were born a woman? In time when women are being treated better than ever in recorded history? Dear God, you deserve to be the major of Crybaby-town.

  • We have equal happiness and well-being! Guys can not, should not, and WILL NOT compensate for biological disadvantages. It's immoral for a girl to think that she deserves special treatment just for being a girl. All your theory will do is make guys feel less happy since they have to compensate for something they had absolutely no choice in or control of... Thus destroying your equal happiness and well-being theory!!

  • If women can't handle equal responsibility, we need to revoke women's right to vote. With rights comes responsibility.

    • I would assume you'd agree, then, that men shouldn't be guaranteed equal parental rights because they didn't have equal responsibility of pregnancy and birth?

    • Men don't have equal parental rights, or anything close to it. A woman can abort the child on a whim, or impregnate herself from oral sex and get child support. So, you're good, you got the wish.

    • Well do you think that's justified?

  • Men get murdered, stabbed and assaulted much more. often than women do.
    Men have much higher rates of suicide ( i guess they must have a lot less suffering right)
    At least womens issues are taken seriously, we are just told to man the f up. Nah our issues are apparently not as important.
    I think you are comoensated for more than enough.
    Real tired of your problems..
    Woman up and deal with it.
    Stop asking for help

    • @slimstiffy Agreed! Sadly these cry baby feminist will only bitch at you for not agreeing or being brainwashed in their cult.

    • @ClassyMe
      I know they will. I dont really care anymore. I can't support feminism as long as they have their always male culprit-female victim mentality.
      Actually im glad that women, like you are realizing their bs and walking away from it.

  • So you want women to have compensation for not being men? Does that mean that women are inferior to men to begin with?

    • No. They simply suffer more, which may be due to social factors

  • Total bull sh*t.
    This nonsense take made me laugh and wonder how narcissistic the writer is.
    by the way most of the facts above has no scientific proof and dose NOT make ANY sense.

    • I provided tons of sources

  • "30 percent more distress than men" LOL are you kidding me? Why then, are suicide rates are HIGHER among men? Give me a break...

    • Because men have more access to guns and men are more impulsive in general

  • Yet another way to lengthen the spending gap. Much of what you state is absolutely false. Men have a higher suicide rate, die earlier, and suffer more work place injuries. Are MUCH, MUCH more likely to be a victim of a violent crime, and are just as likely to be victim's of domestic violence and rape.

  • The only advantage? Your kidding right?
    Divorce: A woman can get half of something she never earned. This isn't the 1800's where women are helpess. A womean can do this forever and rack up $$$.
    Modeling: Women make way more. Gisele Bündchen
    Alimony: Even if the girl cheats most states make the guy pay it.
    Kids: Women are always taking extra days off work for the "kids"
    Dating: Most women still let the guy pay?
    Sex: Womans choice due to mens demand.
    Work: Women dont lift heavy stuff. See it all the time and get away with more.
    Police: Women always try to cry wolf cause women are suppose to be the "weaker" sex. Casey Anthony? Jodi Ann Arias tried to make that claim too.

    • After divorce, women get *poorer*, it is men who get richer: www.theguardian.com/.../divorce-women-research

      "Kids: Women are always taking extra days off work for the "kids""
      Why are you putting that in quotes?

    • Sure will. Especially in the military. I do not say unless I have seen it. If women get poorer its their own fault. Men keep on working while women try to blame somebody else. Regardless if you are married or not you as an individual should be ensuring your survival in the economy. Oh and please tell me how cause they take the kids. I bet you support $50,000 a month child support payments too huh? Even millionaires can become poor again. Correlation is not causation.

    • I wish I have saved up a FB post from a successful woman to other women commenting. It read something to the tune of " you women keep on bitching bout these inequalities while I rack up degrees and a start up my businesses" That woman is my hero.

  • This made for a hell of a laugh

    The entitlement is monumental. Narcissism at its finest


  • Oh my god, a bunch of random ass studies were made. You know what that means, right? Time to waste everyone's money on something that is going to make genders EVEN MORE NON EQUAL AND BIASED. Why? Ah, i don't know, because some random biased studies were made.

    Seriously, you SJWs are the cancer of humanity. I hope this stupid trend dies soon.

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What Girls Said 33

  • "People should pay me money because I exist."


  • Although women suffer, men do too. Then EVERYONE will be compensated for their suffering, right?
    I'm a feminist and I believe in equal rights for men and women, even if it doesn't benefit the women etc. So yes, draft women.
    We're people. We're gonna suffer.

  • This is probably one of the most bullshit myTakes I have ever read.

    Women want equality? Then we NEED to be included in the draft, no ifs, ands, or buts. It's not equal if men can join the military and need to sign up for the draft, but women don't have to sign up. That is unequal. And women should NOT be compensated simply because of biological things outside of anyone's control! This is absolutely ridiculous. It's people like this author who give logical, sensible women a bad name.

    • Treating women & men exactly the same is *inequality* because inevitably women will be the ones who have it worse (for the reasons I discussed in the OP).

      You're advocating that men and women have unequal happiness. You're advocating inequality.

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    • @Jeeevan what if the school years over by then?

    • Then he can go into school within the holidays and do a catch-up exam.

  • We can actually fight for equality instead of special treatment.
    I disagree with your post completely.
    I don't believe that men suffer less I do believe that women report it more.
    Men get raped as well.
    If you chose to join the military you take the same compensation as men.
    Maybe we should just think of better compensation for everyone

    • Most of those studies adjusted for reporting bias

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    • There's that wonderful sense of entitlement that's destroying everything

    • Nope people who suffer more do not have the right to have special entitled, should I receive special entitlment because I gave dry skin? Maybe I should because I have a eczema? Wait wait maybe I should because I have flat feet?

  • I wrote a take myself, not too long ago and in it I said how it seems and feels like women contemplate the fact that they are a women. Thinking about what's unfair and what they should be entitled to, this take proves my point exactly. Am I one of few women that has more important things to worry about in my life, then my periods all this other so-called injustices and struggles women endure all the time? I mean, honestly making changes in myself and my life, achieve my dreams and accomplishing my goals and making sure I'm not in the same place I am now in my life, when I'm 40. Well, that's more important to me then the things I can't control. This is life, guess what? LIFE SUCKS FOR EVERYONE, for some more than others but it sucks for everyone and everyone has a cross to bare in this life. That's just how it is. So, it's pointless to act like women have more life suffering than men, that's just asinine.

    Also, whether this be a joke or a legit take. I just want to say, this is like the 90th take that talks about how horrible periods are and they certain can be a drag but I once had a kidney stone and that was gazillion times more painful then my period. So, I'll take the period any day of the week, over that.

    I digress though, what I wanted to say was all the women that complain about your periods, you think that's bad? Wait until you're done with it and menopause hits you. From what I understand that's even more of a drag, then periods. You think you're in hell now, wait until then. At least you'll have new material for a mytake and why women should be compensated for menopause, right?

  • This is stupid. No offense OP but it's not a well thought out idea.

    Good intentions. Just not exactly the smartest thing to put out there.

    How would this be achieved?
    I don't want to be on pills for my whole life just because nature decided I must be fertile, nor do I wish to have my fertility ripped away from me just to save myself a little bit of trouble.

    My mum gets migraines. She takes medicine for them.
    Mum gets really bad cramping, so she had that cancer removed (doctors couldn't actually figure out what it was but it would have turned cancerous if left any longer)
    Mum's a little fucked in the head, but she keeps going becuse she's fine and she said so.

    I get bad anxiety, I can burst into tears at the drop of a hat due to the levels of stress my body is going through.
    My hips go off at me now and then and keep me from being able to bend over.

    But I don't want to be stuffed full of pills to fix it.

    Because that's how they'll attempt to fix it.

    With pills.

    Yeah women deal with stupid shit that we can't change.
    But that's just the way it is and you cannot change it, so you have to just live with it and quit complaining.

    Otherwise you'll be full of medication by days end.

  • I find it extremely unfair that my brothers can have their lives turned completely upside down in a heartbeat, but I and our sisters are exempt simply because of our lack of a y chromosome. What makes us so much better than them that we are spared from a draft? Yet we (as a whole) demand to be treated as equals. You want equality, sweetie? The bad comes along with the good.

    • Then kick men in the balls once a month

      In some cultures, when a mother is in labor, she ties a rope around the fathers testicles and yanks on it whenever she feels a contraction.

      Should we start advocating that now because Equality and Fairness?

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    • Please. That's not an argument. That's a humble quote by an incredible man, but it's not meant to be taken literally.

    • men are better than women, and that is why you have been spared the draft for so long, but now when you want to be treated equal you will get drafted, which will only make the superiority of men more noticeable.

  • Men go through suffering as well. Guess what? Life is difficult. This is, I'm sorry to say the worst argument I've heard for not wanting to include women in the draft.
    I want the draft abolished altogether. No one should be forced into going to a war that politicians create.

  • i like this take for one reason only:

    i suffer every month with horrible cramps and tylenol with codeine is the only thing that makes the pain stop. i lose so much blood that i am now anemic and can easily go through half a pack of girl corks in a day.

    -birth control and pads/tampons are two expenses that men don't have. therefore, i'd love it if those were tax-deductible, or tax-free.

    -"period days" (in addition to sick days); when i'm in so much pain that i can't move and i'm practically crying because it feels like i'm being stabbed in the gut with a rusty pitchfork , the last thing i want to do is be anywhere near people.

    not asking for free shit, or a war on men... i just something to compensate for the shit-show i endure every month because i don't want kids.


  • This doesn't any sense. What you're basically saying is that women should be compensated by society for basic biology? Nonsense. While I agree with you about rape, that's why women should be taught basic self defense skills. If you know how to protect yourself, you stand a better chance of fighting off a potential rape and ultimately the unwanted pregnancy. Oh, and I'm a military woman and I think women should be included in the draft. Military service might be good for some of these spoiled little princesses in my opinion.

    • Thank you for your service
      They got rid of the draft over 40 years ago, but men 18 to mid 20's still have to sign up by law.

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    • @Jeeevan no I'm talking about if they're captured by the enemy

    • Ffs they won't get captured unless someone is killing them.

  • OK I don't think men has to pay for our problems. We have to find a solution. One way is more women should feel that getting counseling for your stress or whatever should be highly recommended instead of looked down upon. I also think that women should be nicer to women in general because we u understand each other more since we obviously have the same body hormonal thing going on. Those are my answers for now.

  • OMG XD I think this is stupid as it gets XD hahahahahahaaaaa!!! XD OMG!
    I hope this is a joke... like reaaaaaly hoping!

    People are dying in war, from hunger, slavery, human traffic, poverty and You bring up "this" ? Like really?

    Really praying this is just a sick joke ! XD

  • So, what you are saying is that I should have special treatment because I am a female?

  • I don't want compensation. We go through things daily that would drive a guy crazy, but that's just how it is and you can't change it. I would settle for some respect though during those bad times, and not be dismissed as an inferior female when I'm just trying to cope.

  • And I wonder why MyTakes like these fet promoted

    Clearly an attempt to generate polemics, on the part of our GAG admins

    But then, other more sensible and useful topics/points of view never ever get promoted


  • Fucking first world problems.

    • Women are more miserable than men everywhere

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    • I'm so happy I reread that. I read that 3rd world countries problems are cause they won't leave lol. That's exactly what she is.

    • Yep, i feel sorry for her tbh.

  • You don't think men have it rough?

    Is the government supposed to go door to door and ask everyone "can you please tell me all of your problems so we can give each one of you different rights so you are happy?"

  • Life stinks sometimes... for everyone. So suck it up.

  • I think youare trying genuinely to the sort out problem that is ongoing. I don't think that's stupid and people write stupid takes about stupid things all the time. I dont tink I necessarily saw Emily agree with the take but I think you have an I interest in his to deal with inequality as appeased to just saying deal with it or it's done. So I can respect that

    Honestly this crowd is unhinged like Lord of the flies. Pure Isanity. I mean they can disarlgree but most sound psychotic.

    I'm. going to think this over and write back to you later :-)

  • Yeah no to all of that, why not instead of all that we go back to being more traditional then no one has to worry about all this crap

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