The Religion of Terrorism!

Attacks in Paris on 13th November. 9/11. We all know about terrorism.

But what religion is to blame for it all??

Follwoing the recent attacks on France from ISIS, many would say "Islam!". But let's get to the bottom of this. Time for a little history lesson of terrorism. *This section relates to the UK's history of terrorism only.

  • 1971-1979: The IRA plants several bombs during these years, with the total number of deaths and injuries in the undreds, if not thousands. Religion? Loosely Catholic- although not really associated. (IRA attacks continue into the early 2000s)
  • 1980 30 April: The Iranian Embassy siege where a six-man terrorist team held the building for six days until the hostages were rescued by a raid by the SAS. Religion? None. There was no religious motivation for this attack.
  • 1985: Police found 10 grenades, seven petrol bombs and two detonators at the home of former Group Development Director for the British National Party Tony Lecomber after he was injured by a nailbomb that he was carrying to the offices of the Workers' Revolutionary Party. Religion? Unclear. Editor of racist and antisemitic magazine.
  • 1988 21 December: Pan Am Flight 103 (Lockerbie) was blown up by a suitcase bomb while in flight over Scotland. 270 people were killed. Religion? None. research suggests there was no religious reasons for this attack.

  • 1994 July: A car-bomb outside the Israeli embassy in London injured fourteen. Religion? Not related. Pro-iranian forces to blame.

As you can see, there have been many terrorist attacks that have no links to Islam. They've been committed for a number of reasons by a number of people. Noticeably, many of these attacks do not have purely religious movtivations.

Now let's fast forward to present day. Thousands of people have been moving into countries where ISIS is and are being radicalised. They're apparently Muslim.

Here's some interesting facts for you about these "Muslim" terrorists.

  1. ISIS members have killed many many Muslims and actually target them. You don't kill members of your own religion.
  2. ISIS has blown up copies of the Qu'ran. You don't blow up your own Holy Book.
  3. Many people who migrated to be radicalised actually had to purchase "Islam For Dummies" before leaving. That's because they're not religious.

Also, the genuine Muslim community has absolutely shunned ISIS. Because Islam does not equal terrorism and not all terrorist are Muslim.

So just stop saying all Muslims are terrorists- because you're lying.

As said before:

“If you think Muslims aren’t condemning ISIS, it’s not because Muslims aren’t condemning ISIS. It’s because you’re not listening to Muslims.”

The Religion of Terrorism.

The Religion of Terrorism!
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  • RowanGunn
    I do not think religion is to blame. Religion may be the cause of a debate or conflict that may lead to attacks but the attacks are not part of that religion.
    I wish people were not so ignorant as to blame people groups and religion for these events, they need to focus on the real problem behind it.
    As for Muslims it is such a shame they are getting blamed, I am not Muslim but know that they preach peace. Even in war they are not to kill women, children, the sick, the elderly, and the list goes on.
    The fact of the matter is, as you said, religion is not terrorism they are in reality practically opposite.
    (Btw: thanks for sharing, I found what you wrote very interesting :) )
    • Thank you! I'm glad you understand that we can't just push the blame onto one person, or one group.

    • RowanGunn

      I think the terrorist are the only ones we should blame. What they do to innocent people really pisses me off

    • Exactly!

  • jaydogs1990
    Bloody Sunday – sometimes called the Bogside Massacre[1] – was an incident on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland. British soldiers shot 26 unarmed civilians during a protest march against internment. Fourteen people died: thirteen were killed outright, while the death of another man four-and-a-half months later was attributed to his injuries. Many of the victims were shot while fleeing from the soldiers and some were shot while trying to help the wounded. Two protesters were also injured when they were run down by army vehicles.[2][3] The march had been organised by the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association and the Northern Resistance Movement.[4] The soldiers involved were members of the 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment, also known as "1 Para"
    Just a quick correction there was no major IRA organisation until bloody Sunday and they planted more than seven bombs, they were blowing the Europa hotel up nearly every week.
    • Well, I never knew that! It just goes to show though, not all terrorists are Muslim! (Also, have you copied and pasted most of that off Wikipedia? Because it looks like it...)

    • Exactly bloody Sunday demonstrates how some terrorists are actual employees of the state in this case the British government.

    • Ps I copied it all off wiki as its a factual quote.

  • Ninathelovely
    Im so sad about the world now really :(
    lots of hate and blood every where
    we are all human beings ‪#‎prayforworld‬.. Not only for France.