The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party


Even more so than the Neo-Nazis.

But incredibly, They love comparing others they disagree with (Or who disagrees with them) as modern nazis.

The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is More Similiar To The National Socialist (Nazi) Party Than Anyone Else In The Modern Age

5. Both of their Political beliefs and goals are scarily alike.

All the core beliefs of the modern liberal agenda like Nationalization of business, forced profit sharing, price caps and control, abolishing all income not earned directly from work, free College educating that focuses on 'civic affairs', censorship against media that doesn't promote their specific point of view, And the common interest before the individual interest were all originally core beliefs of the Nazi political agenda.

The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party
The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party
They also both push for a strong centralized government to enforce their will and make all their goals come true. Mainly through economic coercion, social manipulation, and force if need be.

Very evident in the left's attempts to create biased laws that govern and police people's thoughts and preferences(But only a select group of people).

And just like the Nazis, The left support extreme infringements on personal liberties, massive taxation and regulations, and even complete government takeovers of entire industries.

Their ultimate goal is to create a class of dependent people totally subservient to the almighty state, Make no mistake about it.

4. They both gained all their support through relentless propaganda/lies and social engineering on the weak and easily influenced.

The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party

Literally the most popular argument (and pretty much only one) the far left have.

3. The Nazis were totally fanatical and uncompromising in their beliefs..............

The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party
Just like the social justice warriors.

In fact, The Nazi party was willing to condone a lot of atrocities, total loss of individualism and personal freedom, Even the total collapse of the economy and society. All in the name of 'social' justice................Just like the modern SJW.

2. They believe in creating an ultimate utopia and see themselves as the most enlightened and superior beings that are unfortunately surrounded by ignorant inferiors that keep holding them back from attaining their true destiny.

The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party
..................Just like those damn Nazis.

And while the Nazi's deemed Jewes, Homosexuals, and gypsies inferior and unfit for their new world order..............The extreme left deem white people so.

The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party
Especially straight white guys.........
The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party
Which is very ironic is a sad and pathetic sorta way, Since the vast majority of these nutjobs are white themselves.

In fact, The only reason these left wing zealots haven't tried to round up all the white people they consider inferior and detrimental to the new 'perfect' society they are trying to create is because they would get their asses kicked from one coast to the other if they tried.

1. Hitler was a very weak, dorky looking f*ck with a messiah complex and an uncanny ability to get his loyal herd of followers/sheep to buy into anything he said......

The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party
........Just like
The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party
The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party

And before you start thinking modern socialism is better because it's Liberal socialism, Adolf Hitler was a Socialist Liberal too.

The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party

The Far Left Liberal/Socialist Movement Is Shockingly Close to the Nazi Party
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  • musicbrain5
    Fascism (including Nazism) falls on the far, far right wing of the political spectrum. It's a far right totalitarian system of government, whereas communism and socialism are far left totalitarian ideologies. But yeah, the propoganda tactics are much the same.
    Is this still revelant?
    • It's all the same ffs.

    • cth96190

      Fascism and National Socialism are quite different ideologies. Aside from being nationalistic and authoritarian, they have little in common.

    • @Homebakedcookies @cth96190

      Well I'm certainly not claiming to be any kind of expert on political ideologies here. Next time just tell me you think I'm stupid.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    Once again bullshit.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Waffles731

      "1. Hitler was a very weak, dorky looking f*ck with a messiah complex and an uncanny ability to get his loyal herd of followers/sheep to buy into anything he said..."
      That sounds a hell of a lot more like trump if you ask me

    • gotc147

      Nobody asked you.

    • Waffles731

      Well gee, this mytake writer used a political scale thats incorrect.
      And yeah, that does sound like donald trump

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  • somebodysaycheese
    Actually my Oma was talking about Bernie supoorters and Bernie speeches and the first thing she said is " its like Hitler". Lol.. i dont support any of the candidates and ya Bernie does sound a lot like hitler and his supporters are just like Hitlers going to rallies and causing trouble, damage and hurting people.
    • 'Pacifist' thugs LOL

    • jacquesvol

      But your granny never heard or saw Hitler.
      Her hearsay thus.

    • @jacquesvol she never heard or saw hitler? Have you meet her?

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  • bubbletrouble
    The left are the first people to call the government which is proof they are identical to nazis. They want big government when it benefits them. And FYI the nazis were far left. Liberals have rewritten history.
    • I never believe anyone who has to use so much propaganda and shame tactic, The far left has or supports an evil agenda (even if they don't know it)

    • I think the older ones have many agendas like Obama. But the younger ones are dumb as fuck and just follow the leader.

    • Yeah, They are some weak minded fuckers.

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  • MaiNameIsSunshine
    I think we can all agree that both the far left and the far right share striking similarities to the Nazi party. Any extreme movement will share the same tactics and whatnot and any extreme movement is full of total and utter idiots. Just don't compare people to Hitler, that weakens your point. Other than that, I agree with this take.
  • SüßeJäger
    That political spectrum is the correct and non-confusing way to make people understand the definitions. I've used it for years, it more accurate too. NAZIS ARE ULTRA LEFT, JUST TO THE RIGHT OF COMMIES! Lol sorry. People are so dumb when it comes to this. They don't look at definitions of words and call bull shit when the media or a historian calls nazis "far right." there's NOTHING right wing about them in any way!
    • The lies they tell themselves and others are crazy.

    • The thing that gets me is the absolute apathy for knowing the truth. I used to be like that but I was that on the right wing. They could do no harm and I was naïve and gullible. I'm still mostly conservative but I'm for real liberty now, not the phoney neo-con freedom which isn't freedom. They are so swallowed up in their ideas, they will not even check them out just to make sure they're right. All that's necessary is to define what left and right is and you can easily place any govt in one box or the other. Nazis are in the left box with commies. If a person can read, they can figure it out but first they have to be willing to ask questions and think for themselves. Not regurgitate the latest buzz word their favorite lib talking head tells their minions to. The same goes for the right, they regurgitate Rush Limbaughs latest buzz word and don't have a single brain cell activated for independent, critical thinking.

    • Couldn't really tag your name lol but just wanted to say I agreed with your comment on my post.

  • cth96190
    Speaking as one who has made a study of National Socialism and the Third Reich, both out of personal interest and professionally as a history teacher, I can say that the author does not understand National Socialism.
    For example, the Third Reich did not nationalise businesses in the manner of the Marxists.
    Indeed, the National Socialist German Workers' Party was funded in large part by prominent German industrialists, who wanted to restore Germany's prosperity and saw the NSDAP as a way to do it. They would hardly fund a party that intended to confiscate their businesses.
    There was a faction within the NSDAP that did tend in that direction. It was led by two brothers, Otto and Gregor Strasser. This faction became known as the Strasserites. They had more in common with the Stalinists in the USSR than they did with their fellow National Socialists, which should not be entirely a surprise, because a large number of the members of the NDSAP (especially the SA) were former communists. The Strasserites were purged. Many were killed.
    National Socialism retains private ownership of businesses and property. The banks are nationalised. The usury money system is abolished.
    That was the real reason behind World War Two. The Rothschilds wanted to reassert their financial control over Germany and, perhaps of greater importance, the Rothschilds could not allow the world to see an economic model that delivered greater prosperity, once their usury money system was no longer part of the picture.
    National Socialism is one of only two forms of socialism that have been shown to be viable economic models. For example, in 1933 Germany was a basket case in which millions were starving. By 1939, the Germans had zero unemployment, the highest standard of living in Europe and Germany was a world power. That was an impressive achievement for an economic programme that had been in place for only six years.
    • cth96190

      PS: Hitler was not "weak and dorky" as stated by the OP. He was a decorated war hero who volunteered for the job of messenger, which was one of the most dangerous roles in the army at the time.

    • gotc147

      I part with the author on the subject of what exactly constitutes Naziism from communism or Stalinism, though the author and I are on the same page about where the leftward direction leads.

      You're basically just splitting hairs, the main point of the take is that leftist policies ultimately lead to Naziism, Marxism and communism, none of which are good.

    • jacquesvol

      the word 'socialism' refers to socializing all means of production (disowning them in favor of society). That has never been part of any nazi theory. Goebbels abused the word for nazi propaganda to suggest they were 'feeling social'. That's all there is to it.

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    You are not too far off base. I read in "The Lucifer Effect" by Dr. Philip Zimbardo that a study found that given the right external forces, college students (read: liberals) could be radicalized to the extent of rounding up scapegoats like a Nazi witch hunt. I imagine it would occur through radical leftist groups coercing the school into punishing students for holding conservative values.
    • I would also add that the great irony is that Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist groups are actually very far off from true Nazi ideology which was totalitarian and about a state controlled economy. Essentially they are just radical American nationalists with a racial flare. Liberals with their insistence on nationalization and a regulated economy are more similar to Nazis.

    • You have a great point.

  • Phoenix98
    Well that's what you get for letting goverment controlled education aka common core find its way into our schools that's what you get for letting socialist professors brainwash college students, that's what you get for letting groups like feminism get out of control and that's what you get for letting people like Obama and Hillary hold positions of power, and that's what you get for raising a generation of pussies and whiners who would rather work at McDonald's and demand a higher pay even though it's not meant to be a permanent job, instead of getting and education and actually trying in life and so, so, so much more.

  • AleDeEurope
    You're correct. The silencing of opinions is the best example. The Nazis would kill anyone opposing their views in order to silence them. Nowadays you can't kill for that, but you can arrest, physically attack, harass... those who disagree, and that's what's happening.
    The best example is what happens in Trump's rallies. Who are the ones starting the violence? Yeah, the liberals... and who's blamed? Yeah, Trump... xD
    That's clearly fascism, and same thing the Nazis did.

    The fact that these people are blindly following lies, proves even more how similar to Hitler they are.
    The worst part is that we're allowing these people to get away with what they do.
  • violettasanchez
    Did you just compare Hitler to Bernie Sanders and Obama tho...
    • Not really.

    • "just like" sounds like comparison to me

    • I compared them to Hitler as much as it was possible to do.

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  • AhGojira
    You put fascists and communists on the same side of the political spectrum and they are polar opposites. Go back to introduction to politics and don't open your mouth again until you get at least a C-... It works more like this bud with two scale. One is representative of economic freedoms. The other would be representative of political freedoms.

    The economic freedom spectrum from left to right would be something like this:

    Your political freedom spectrum which runs up and down not left and right is where you have your anarchists polar opposite of your totalitarian dictatorships. Sardly in the USA both Democrats and Republicans consistently push towards totalitarian dictatorships pressing issues of rule of law, policing, security, etc. all which is authoritarian... They both bicker about differences in the economic spectrum as a way to divide and conquer populous and keep them passive...
    • They are not polar opposites. Communism at its heart prevents the potential to grow wealth. No matter your drive or talent, you get forced to live just like everyone else, which is fascist. Likewise a system that allows for personal growth can also lead to fascism, as certain people end up with too much power and wealth preventing the growth of others. The only way to avoid fascism is to stay near the center, and avoid either extreme.

  • randomhobo
    How on earth are the nazis left? They were a dictatorship.
    • WombRaider

      They were fascist... they were extreme left wing.

    • Stalin was a dictator, does that not make him a communist?

    • A dictatorship is not right nor left, so that aspect doesn't really matter. You can have extremists on either side. In this case Hitler was an extremist on the left. Hitler actually had many of the same values as the modern day progressives. Socialism, expanding women's rights, being against smoking, gun control. Hitler was actually very progressive for his time in many of his policies.

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  • Ruff2muffs
    You lost me when you compared hitler to Bernie sanders and Obama.

    Hitler and Anita sarkeesian? Fuck yes I see the resemblance between those crazies and nazis, but Bernie and Obama are NOTHING like those people. Bernie sanders is not a "socialist" he just advocates for social programs that you and all of America enjoy like road departments, social security/retirement, minimum living wages, and public schools. You want an America with no social structures in place? You'll get the anarchy of total freedom.
    • Bernie sanders is not a "socialist"
      "In Vermont, Bernie Sanders to become the country’s first self-described socialist"
      (https://www. democracynow. org/2006/11/8/vermonts_bernie_sanders_becomes_first_socialist)

    • I like all the good things social programs do but fear all the things in can lead to with several safeguards in place to keep it in check.
      I in no way oppose helping the poor, I'm all for it. But the left has some evil intentions and shady agendas going on. Just look how many thumbs up and support that crazy ass anonymous chick got when she typed out her SJW hate speech.
      And she's not the only one :/

    • *Socialism can lead to without several safeguards.

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  • vishna
    The moment someone compares normal people to Hitler, is the moment you realize they don't have a good argument.
    • The moment someone makes a comment that doesn't make sense at all, is the moment you realize they don't have a good argument.

    • vishna

      @Homebakedcookies what type of cookie are?

    • Cookies of hard truth.

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  • QuestionMan
    You beat me to it, I was planing on writing a myTake on the topic.
    Well written :)
  • John_Doesnt
    This was a poorly informed rant. You didn't do any actual research and just started saying what you believe to be true.
    Fascism is the far right not Libertarianism. And the Nazis were fascists. Look up the definition of fascism and you'll see that every definition refers to it as being far right or ultra conservative.

    And libertarians are against God in school, pro-pot and pro-choice. None of the things you conservatives support.
    • You just did everything you tried to accuse me of doing.
      The bitter irony :/

    • No I didn't. I researched the definition of fascism and what libertarians stand for.

    • jacquesvol

      @John_Doesnt I'm still ondering if @Supersonic_Sex_Ninja (what a nick!) is poorly informed or just copied some hater who deliberately told a bunch of lies.

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  • gotc147
    Mostly correct, I've been saying this for years.

    Just remember something when you try to tell people this: the indoctrinated are not aware that they are indoctrinated, fascism always portrays itself as anti-fascism and evil will always portray the righteous as the evil ones.

    From the looks of the comments here, we have many victims of the machine's evils present.
  • shinyunicorn
    "hitler looked dorky, so do obama and bernie sanders!! liberals are neonazis confirmed!!!"
    • Liberal ass mongers!

    • jacquesvol

      "Hitler had two legs, Hitler was a Nazi your neighbor has two legs. Thus your neighbor is a nazi."
      That's the logic used by @Supersonic_Sex_Ninja and C°
      Classic fallacy.

    • @jacquesvol there are also people who claim vegans are neonazis because hitler was vegan. hitler also had a mustache, that must mean all men with mustaches are neonazis!!!

      seriously y'all need to get a life

  • TheFlak38
    Only the fact that you compare SJW liberal retards with National Socialists (thats what you call "Nazi") puts you beyond the boundaries of an intelligent discussion. Comparing Adolf Hitler with Obama and Sanders for fucks sake I can't believe it!
    • gotc147

      Aside from the lack of genocide, what differences are there between Hitler's ideaology and Obama's?

    • TheFlak38

      @gotc147 I can't believe you really ask this.
      Read the National Socialist ideology and tell me if you see anything "Obama" in there. A man with no ideology at all.

    • gotc147

      Answer the question please.

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  • jwhit
    I think we can both agree that both extremes are fucked up, yeah? Lol just skimming through all these comments made me laugh. You got people saying Communism is this and Fascism is that, only for someone to come in and say that it's something totally different. Like who tf is actually right? This is why I don't really fuck with politics because it's all endless bullshit arguing over who thinks they're right.
    • Some of the worst groups in history started out with the best intentions, They just could'nt stop the corruption. The extreme fringes are always gonna end badlt if they get the power.

  • Spermdumster666
    I believe college education should be free but only based on academic ability, you shouldn't be able to have your parents buy your education if your not worthy. Also only free for worthwhile degrees degree that are essentially worthless in the real world ie gender studies.
  • MusicLover8098
    Well, except for the "massacring millions of jews" bit. I don't think Obamer is going to be the next hitler. Now if things do, er, develop that way in the next few months, I'll definitely be the first fleeing to Japan. Maybe some day the world will finally learn to love...
  • PT1911
    Considering that Nazi is an abbreviation for "National Socialist" I'm not sure why this is such a revelation.
    • Going by the comments, I'm not sure.

    • PT1911

      It's disgusting

    • gotc147

      It's because liberals are the modern day nazi... the NAZI's in the 30s and 40s didn't think they were evil either.

  • Eugene
    Although I don't like the guy, he was actually quite correct:
  • CosmicallyCombined
    This post is extremely dramatic and you kind of sound like you have a world of pseudo reality going on in your head.
    • Nope, You probably just described yourself and are projecting/deflecting.

    • No, dear, it is possible for someone to genuinely disagree with your thoughts without being one of the dramatic (imaginary) individuals you referred to.

      Sorry, but you sound like an absolute drama queen lol A bunch of people who firmly have a set of political beliefs yet do not aim to physically harm those who don’t share them don’t even compare to a MELITIA organized to systematically rob, kidnap, murder, and rape. Nazis trained dogs to rape humans and rip the flesh off of a woman’s breasts. Liberals made some stupid posts on social media. Protesting with signs is beyond different from marching in the streets with guns and breaking into people’s homes. Lol, there’s no comparison.

      No offense, but you sound like you are too hyper-sensitive to handle the internet.

    • Sure, sure...

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  • cjmtherfcker
    What a huge load if bullshit. You fuckin right wingers always try and take socialism and morph it to Nazism. Like socialism has never existed in any other form. But I guess you can't acknowledge that without it ruining your argument. Canada, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark all say high. I don't see any Hitlers over there. And per capita income put some of these countries higher than the us.
    It was the American capitalist that made all the secret backroom deals with the nazis.
    More racists in the right wing, and they believe in allowing rich people to exploit the less fortunate. They led the charge against unions, consumer protection, raising minimum wages, healthcare. Nazis killed off the old and sick. At least they did it quickly.
    The right wingers would just prefer you disappear and starve to death as long as you don't complain about.
    George Bush's family all prominent Nazi supporter. So it's def the right that are the nazis. And keep up this fantasy about how great capitalism is when its failing us.
    • jacquesvol

      Henry Ford too supported Nazism.

    • gotc147

      Wow... You're nuts.

    • @gotc147 Naw your nuts Prescott Bush was charged with Treason for helping the Nazis laundering there blood money with Union bank. Now Bank of America
      There are Democratic socialist countries doing Just Fine some would argue better than the U. S. And No Nazis or Hitler or anything of the such.
      Capitalism is a sevice to self model. Which more often than not leads to exploitation
      Reagan Killed the Unions
      I don't know a single prominent republican on board with raising the minimum wage
      Republicans are always arguing in favor of destroying any entity designed at protecting regular people from large corporations. Unions, EPA, Financial Reg, etc.

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  • kelvinmed
    Mijo someone clearly baked your brain and left the leftovers 😂. White people are always gonna feel threatened and butt hurt over progress for equality. Go take a political science class and read over your dumb shit
    • Seeing how much crying blacks and their cuck allies did over a Chinese detergent commercial, You have my room at all to try and call others butt-hurt.
      But keep fighting for that 'equality'

    • **************no

    • kelvinmed

      Seeing how much crying and cock sucking you yourself is doing I'm surprised you're hardly even making a point or a comeback so spit your nonsense to someone who cares

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  • Homebakedcookies
    I pointed this out in class one time. My former leftist journalist teacher freaked out. Pretty much like Hitler. I'm just glad she didn't have any Gestapo to call for. She would have.
    • Yeah, These fuckers are so indoctrinated and fanatical they get unhinged when someone points out their blatantly obvious flaws. They are the very definition of being able to dish it out but not take it.

  • FatherJack
    Excellent & intelligent , good to see a " Sheep Free Zone " All this was brought to you by the House of Rothschild , they are heads of the world banking Cartel. THEY give the orders to & finance Big Biz , Big Gov & the Military Industrial Complex !! Look up Agenda 21 !!
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Generally I'm in agreeance, but my only issue is the limitations of that political spectrum. At this point we should be moving past just left/right. There should be at least one more axis, if not more. This biz is complicated and giving people an overly simplistic system is promoting ignorance.
  • mrrapperguy
    Truth be told history does and always will repeat itself, we can't stagnate in the middle of the political spectrum forever, anarchy will just bring us back to a form of pseudo feudalism, while going left brings us to communism, welcome to the human condition. population: all of us
  • lv4lv
    I can't tell if trolling... or really this ignorant...

    Either way, everything you said can much more easily be applied to the opposite side of the "scale".
    • gotc147

      No, no it cannot... Unless you're hopelessly drunk on left-wing koolaid.

    • lv4lv

      As someone that's not American - I drink juice.

  • slimstiffy
    Yeah i always knew these liberals are pathetic.
    Thankfully they aren't violent and strong like the nazis. Instead they are mostly made up of pussy-whipped "men", sloots, amd idiots. Just dont give them the POWER.
    lol :-D
  • fenixx0083
    Uhhhhh... are they, do they want to slaughter whole racial groups? Because *that's* mostly what was wrong with the Nazi party... And doesn't prettymuch everyone compare the other side to Nazi's? Hasn't that been the standard "I don't like that other political party, so you shouldn't either" slur for over seventy years?
    • gotc147

      Really? Threatening the parents of children who have been indoctrinated by the Hitler regime wasn't a big deal? These weren't Jews or blacks or dissenters or anything like that, these were aryan whites, the ones who supposedly made up Hitler's entire base of support.

      It's utterly disgusting how little people know of history.

    • fenixx0083

      @gotc147 are the socialists doing *that* either?

    • gotc147

      Give it a couple more years, Hitler didn't start off by throwing people into gas chambers right off the bat.

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  • AdamThomas

    Why is it that whenever anybody dislikes somebody they always compare them to Hitler?
    • Why is it that none of you have this problem when they compare trump to Hitler lol

    • AdamThomas

      I do, I hate these people as much as you do, I just don't understand why people always compare the ones they don't like to Hitler every single time. These people are everything Hitler was against.

  • adrianalima0
    I can't stand SJWs
  • echoaj
    Did you really compare bernie to hitler. Please tell me you're joking. by the way that picture of the spectrum of liberalism and conservatism is completely faulty
  • ChocoLada
    I disagree 100%.
    • gotc147

      Then you are a fool.

    • ChocoLada

      @gotc147 The only fool I see here is you.

    • gotc147

      Says a fool.

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  • Jackblue
    The nazis were allies of the Soviet Union and tried to stir up Arabs and East Asians with anti-colonial rhetoric. I think you are being a little hard of Anita Sarkeesian though. I don't agree with her on everything, but she isn't a nazi.
    • jacquesvol

      The Nazis were financed by Prescott Bush, granddad of G-W Bush. They had no oil and invaded Europe using oil bought in the US from Standard Oil of New Jersey, lated named Esso, now Exon. They paid with gold looted from their victims.

    • Jackblue

      @jacquesvol Are you kidding me? There were plenty of oil fields in Germany which allowed Hitler to start off. I am sure some American companies did business with Nazi Germany, but some American companies do business with Iran too. Not every country that capitalists do business with is necesarily in ideological sympathy with them.

    • jacquesvol

      No oilfields in Germany then , only coal and planes don't fly on coal. The Mittelplate oil field was only was discovered in 1981
      The Germans tried to make synthetic oil but it never went off the ground.

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  • RedThread
    Modern liberals are pacifists and against nationalism. Those communist dictatorships were heavily nationalistic and racist. Germany for Germans while using Jews as a scapegoat. Sounds an awful lot like the shit Trump spews about Muslims and violating religious rights.

    If you were being intellectually honest and without bias you would find that both the modern right and left wing have similarities to fascist governments of the past in their extreme forms. When you're on one side of the aisle you get accustomed to criticisms from the other side so it's easier to see abuses of the other side.
  • anonman32
    the picture you posted of the political spectrum is wrong you know that right? it matters not, SJW's are fanatic.
  • lericah
    We could just as easily say Trump is a Nazi or Conservatives, clowns, cats or those pimples we all get in awkward places.
  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    News flash? Haha.

    The ammount of political ignorance i am seeing in the comments are making me impressed though.
  • PineappleBreath
    Just so you know communism is extreme left wing and nazism is far right wing. That's why they hated each other in ww2. Tells me you just pulled this shit out of your ass.
  • gapminder
  • ColinHarvey
    The nazis were statists, pacifists and conservationalists.

    Neo-cons far more resemble the Nazi party, but the nouveau socialists are certainly revolutionaries of similarity to NSDAP.
  • Maxemeister
    That's why I'm in the middle. Not far right or far left
  • Rissyanne
    Great take...
    • Thank you.

    • jacquesvol

      No, hate and lies. That's all there's to it. But trumpos like that.

    • Rissyanne

      @jacquesvol it is my opinion. But you liberals love to take someone's freedom of speech away... When you don't agree with it.

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  • JoeCensored
    You nailed it
  • Pat8707
    As a conservative, I am against accusations of being "Nazis". Godwin's Law, anyone?
    • People need to quit pulling Godwin's Law out their assholes...
      1. I never made a direct comparison to Hitler about anyone.
      2. Godwin's Law is just a lame shut down tactic only remotely applicable if someone makes a baseless comparison to Hitler.

  • Tarvold
    You do realize that the word Nazi is just short for "national socialist german workers party" right?