Men Have Problems Too, Or Are We Not Allowed to Talk About Them...?



**Before I get into this myTake I want you to read this with an open mind and read everything before you comment please. I know some of you won't like what I'm going to say because you think that I'm saying something which isn't true or that I'm trying to act like a victim, but I'm not so again please comment and read this with an open mind.**

Video explaining the basis of this myTake.

I would appreciate it if you took some time to watch this video above as it's essentially all the problems in a video which expresses them in a good way.

I made a post before using the same video and I received some good feedback from both men and women who watched the video and understood the problems we face too! I understand both male and females have different problems which all need to be fixed and made right however men hardly ever have their problems dealt with at all whereas women are having their problems tackled with. I don't think it's right that this happens, we should be fixing and correcting all the problems with both genders without leaving one gender out.

**If you don't have time to watch the video I'll list down the main points below for you**

1. Parental Custody- In sooo many scenarios the system favours the woman which leaves a father with little to no rights over the baby.

2. Rape- by law apparently a man can never be a victim of rape which isn't true and men hardly have any help or centres which can help them if they are raped. The rape crisis charity in the UK recognises that lots of men get raped too yet they provide NO shelters for them. There are 4,000 places for a woman to go in England and Wales if they are raped whereas there are 16 dedicated to men. The male rape services got their budgets cut even though there was a 120% rise in sexual violence towards men.

3. Incarceration- the justice system favours a woman over a man in almost all circumstances. A woman who commits the same crime as a man is more likely to be let off or given a much lighter punishment. Women are almost twice as likely to avoid incarceration than a man. On average a man receives 63% longer sentences than a woman who are arrested for the same crime.

4. Violent crime-Violent crime affects men much more than women than anyone thinks, if you watch the video from 3:40 onwards you will see Sharon Osbourne stating that a man having his penis cut off was "fabulous" and then she goes on to saying that a boob being cut off is so much worse. She is literally so disgusting and I've lost all respect for her, young women look up to that lady and she says things like that.

5. Internet Harassment- A young man is more likely to be harassed online, that's not saying that a woman doesn't get harassed because i know they do but just of a less frequency than a man does.

6. Lack of cancer research- Prostate cancer is the 2nd most common type of cancer on the planet yet is received a significantly less amount of funding than Breast cancer which is 3rd. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime whereas 1 in 6 men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. A total of 572.6 million dollars is funded into breast cancer which is the 3rd most common type of cancer whereas 285 million dollars is funded into prostate cancer which is the 2nd most common cancer in the world. How is that right?

7. Employee health risks- Now this is a tough one because some people have the argument of "Why do that if there is a chance you could die" but someone has to do it, every single job out there happens for a reason and keeps the world going. The jobs which are harsher and result in death happen to be jobs which usually do not appeal to women so it ends up that men work in that field for the most part. Men are 20x most likely to die in those jobs than a woman. 92% of people who die during work are men whereas 8% are female.

8. Global Mockery of male issues- Feminists around the world hate that we have an international men's day like woman have an international woman's day. The days are there to raise issues and make people more aware of that sex yet some of these feminists don't like that men get these issues raised. Why? I thought they were for equality but that certainly doesn't show it.

9.Education- again people argue about this issue but it is a fact that the education system favours women in many ways. For the first time in history your sons, our sons will have a less of an education than a is that moving forward? something needs to change.

10. Suicide- Men's suicide rates are over the roof. Suicide kills 12 men every single day in the UK.In the USA, 89 men PER DAY. 49% of men in the UK thought that they couldn't talk about their feelings which could be the reason why suicide is much higher is men than woman.

All of these issues need to be brought to attention by men, by women by anybody. We address female problems all the time yet men problems get left out. This needs to change.

**I know females have problems too but they are being addressed and people are trying to help them while we get little to zero help, that's why i made this**

Men Have Problems Too, Or Are We Not Allowed to Talk About Them...?
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  • BuchitaBuchys
    1. I agree. But this is the fault of a sexist society that believes women are nurturers and thus it's "the woman's job" to care for kids.

    2. I'd like to see this law, or from where. Rape is definitely unfair to the victims and all, men women children, have it really bad.
    All these issues should be addressed and I do think there should be more men's centers.

    3. I agree and that needs to be addressed. Again, dangerous mindset that men are angry savages and that women are weak China dolls.

    4. I don't know who Sharon Osborne is but that's fucked up. And is that violence coming from other men? Just like black on black violence needs to be addressed, men on men needs to be fixed too.

    5. I'm not saying it's right, but probably because more men spend more time online. And again, is this men harassing other men? See #4.

    6. I fucking HATE the "save the boobies" campaign. Sure, it brought money for breast cancer, but it's just sexualizing a fucking disease. Like really? How about save the woman? I'm sure her boobs aren't more important than her.
    What does this have to do with prostate cancer? Because prostates aren't as sexualized and desired as boobs are. There is no "save the prostate!" campaign because men's bodies aren't as sexualized as women's. People didn't give a fuck about it, not all, but definitely not such awareness, until they realized boobs had to get removed.
    It's not right, but sexist society tells us to save what we consider most precious, and people sure do value boobs.

    7. I mean yes, we should definitely improve those conditions. But as many users love to point out here, the reason why men get paid more is because they do more dangerous jobs and get into more lucrative fields. Yes, improve the conditions for construction workers, and other dangerous jobs. But as women complain about low pay, take a job that pays more or that you're not going to die doing.

    8. I'm all for awareness of issues. I see no problem with that.

    9. So you're ok with women receiving less education than men? Lol how is that right?
    And is this worldwide figures? Because many places you can still get shot in the face for merely being a girl trying to get an education.

    10. That does need to get addressed, but again. It's the sexist mindset that boys can only have anger and horny as their emotions.
    I've seen even on here men mock other men "such a pussy, bro", "that's so beta/weak/gay" etc. Like damn, this guy needs sympathy not "get over it fag".
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      Nope, it was a man's wife who cut the man's penis off and then threw it in the bin. I never said i was okay with women having less of a education i said the education system favours women whereas it should favour both men and women. Thank you for agreeing with me mostly though. I would like to point something out about point 10 that you wrote, why do men feel the need to say those sort of things? because both men and women keep telling their children that and the cycle goes on.

    • Damn, that's crazy.

      But is that worldwide? Because many places women are trained to be housewives and not learners.
      Malala Yousafzai was literally shot in the face at the age of 15 for encouraging girls to get an education. That definitely doesn't sound like a system that favors women.

      Yes, we tell them "stop being a little girl" to discourage emotional or crying. And "man up" to encourage them to encourage bravery and courage.
      Girl emotions/traits=bad.
      Boy emotions/traits=good.

      You see the problem here? We actively discourage anything even remotely considered feminine (that's ridiculous though because everyone feels emotions and sadness. Everyone. It's a human thing, not female thing). And actively encourage male traits (again, ridiculous considering we all feel this), especially towards men.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah the middle eastern countries are backwards in a lot of things but that will change over time hopefully to give everyone an equal chance. I agree though about everything else, thank you for understanding :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Something else: "women and children first". Men are viewed as extremely disposable. "53 people were killed in the attack, including women and children" — I get the part about children, but women?
    Is this still revelant?
    • ManOnFire

      So true! I hate when the media does that.

    • Jxpxtxr

      I think it's just to do with basic biology and the necessity of a higher number of women in terms of keeping a population alive. One man alone can theoretically make 100 children in a very short period of time but 100 woman can only make 100 children in that same time frame.
      Children are obviously more important because they have they have longer to live and hence the most potential for the future.
      Sure, it's totally unfair because it basically puts one human life above another but that's just the awareness of priorities, I guess..

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  • Luminifera
    You are not allowed to talk about your "problems"! Men don't have any problems, ever, because they have a penis and that means their lives are automatically perfect. I am a feminist and I HAAAAAAATE men!!! Hate hate hate! So much! They're all rapists! Now shut up and go make me a sandwich
    • Anonymous

      Lol good luck in life, your gonna need it.

    • Luminifera

      Yeah, because YOU, like all other males in the world, have taken all my luck! And all my opportunities away! I suffer everlasting misery because of this.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, shut up. Everyone has problems including men if your close minded head couldn't work that out. I hate "women" like you that take your anger out on men.

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  • phil2
    I asked a question recently about the fact that men are not received really well when they express their emotions, would the world be better if they were? It was a 50-50 but a little towards the yes, the world would be better and possibly less male suicides if men were not judged so bad when they express themselves emotionally. I like your article and I am really sad my bil killed himself.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you and I'm sorry to hear that.

    • Your bil? What do you mean by that? And I agree about many people being assholes towards men that are depressed.

    • phil2

      @steven7890789 brother in law

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  • Tdieseler
    Nice Take
    Don't forget that in damn near every violent situation, men are more likely to be killed than women.
    Also, women are more likely to be hired at many jobs due to either gender specificity (in home care, babysitting, daycare), looks, horny male managers or empathetic female manager even though a male applicant is way appropriate with better qualifications.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks :)

    • ManOnFire

      @Tdieseler I've been in that SAME situation with employment.

    • Tdieseler

      @ManOnFire thats just the worst. I applied to be front desk one at a company one time and the requirements fit me pretty much. After my interview, i was told that someone else had better qualifications.. just over a month after i went with a friend of mine to the same company because he had some appointment or something scheduled there and the front desk person who greeted me was this slim short blonde chick with a painted face and left everyone choking on her shitty perfume. she barely knew what she was doing while she was looking up the appointment, she was two-finger typing and had to look up the correct extension after... while i waited for my friend i literally saw this "qualified" woman banging on the printer because it "would not print"... eventually she asked on of the workers if they could get IT to come fix it..(there was no IT) but the guy fixed it for her... problem? the printer was out of paper and she didn't know where the tray was.

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  • lyannamormont
    Good take, yes I agree with all that men problems. But I have some comments:

    1) Parental custody: I came to realization on this website that it is an American problem that women have almost all the rights. It is not the same in Europe. In my country, men have equal rights as long as they prove they are qualified to look after the kid, same goes for women. Certain stuff do not allow men or women to get custody, such as cheating, inappropriate life style (drugs etc.), not enough earning, job conditions.
    2) Rape or not voicing rape and violence on men simply come from societal issues. Man needs to "man up" because being man is associated with strength and women with weakness. So I think men reporting these problems are far less than women reporting them. Also, for example in Turkey they have Mor Cati for battered women and men, and also they support rape victims. Same in Belgium and some other European countries. Again an American issue.
    3) Not always true again in other countries there are reverse cases. Not on top of my mind, I will be checking it out later.
    4) Do not even listen to what was said there. Mutilation of body is equally disgusting and shocking. There is no man or woman in that issue, it is simply not fabulous. When did mutilation become fabolous? Such a jerk.
    5) You need to check the internet access rate and percentage of frequent internet users across genders. I am sure young women are more likely to be harassed. Even on this website, I haven't seen a girl posting a guy's IG photos without his permission, while most guys post photos of their crushes without the girls' consent. This is a real harassment and privacy violation. I dont even talk about messages i get on Telegram, facebook, ig (when i were using them)
    6) Because you guys do not found charities like women for awareness like women. Plus what you say is wrong according to cancer research UK website.
    Mortality rate in breast cancer is higher and it is leading in the cases after Lung cancer while Prostate is the fourth. Thou I agree more funds should be given in cancer research.
    • 7) There are life-threatening jobs, such as construction, military etc. where women are biased to be "weak" to work in those areas. There is a sexist approach in some dangerous job areas, the mortality rate should be again given by gender of the working population in those areas. Also, by nature women are less strong for certain jobs. But that does not mean these dangerous jobs should not be paid attention. In opposite, I agree more attention should be given, maybe unions should work on it.
      8) Most mockery I had seen come from men friends honestly. I myself define myself as feminist. I am not American and my definition is not American feminism to state females should get more rights less responsibility. I recognize both genders to get equal rights and responsibilities. So i do not mock, and any woman who calls herself feminist and mock males is simply a feminazi, not equalist feminist.

    • Anonymous

      Your welcome :D i do have to say though about your last point- It's true that prostate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer of all time. Breast cancer is third and lung cancer is 1st. The thing is though breast cancer treatment is always being made better and less risk so the chances are if you find out you have breast cancer in its early stages it's very easy to get rid of it now with everything we have. `As prostate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer and a cancer which a lot of men will get at some point in their life time i would of thought they would of got a large sum in research too.

    • 9) You again talk about American issue. More females are still suffering from access to education across the world, significantly in patriarchal societies. However, any education related problem should be solved. Maybe it should be started by "eliminating the college loan market in USA"?
      10) Not talking about their problems.. you said. Again societal, which dictates men are stronger, and putting a lot of burden on men. Suicide centers should be increased for both genders.

      So most are not male problems. Some are global for both genders, some are for only Western/American society. I hope a true equality can be achieved. But it is hard while females perceive all males to be discriminating against them and while males think all females exaggerate their problems, hate men and try to get more rights with less work.

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  • shortandsweet24
    I think that male issues should be discussed more thoroughly and that men should be encouraged to open up about their frustrations. All humans are equal. There is no superior sex. Everyone is different and unique. And, I would like to bring that mindset into a therspy office as I get closer to my degree as a psychology major. :)
    • Anonymous

      Yep, i totally agree :)

    • Good to know. I believe in being an equal opportunity, humanistic therapist that focuses on healing instead if just a diagnosis. The whole point in my studies is to help people. And, men should feel just as comfortable as women, when it comes to opening up about their unhappiness!

      So, your post is awesome! 💚

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. that's really good! I'm thinking of doing Psychology too, it looks really interesting! Thank you :)

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  • helloitsmethere
    Please still talk about them. The only way we get to know about men's problems is about you guys standing up to talk about them and how you ACTUALLY feel about certain things. Also, everyone should be able to express their emotions freely, no matter the gender.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you and i will do :) I'll make one for females too when i am free.

    • ManOnFire

      @helloitsmethere There are many times when men do try to talk about them, but people just think they're "whining."

    • kaylaS91

      @ManOnFire damn you're set on complaining largely for the sake of enjoying bickering versus actually attempting to come to some kind of conclusion.

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  • Azara
    i do not not sympathize with your feelings i just dont relate,. men in my life talk about their problems all the time. non stop. talk talk talk talk. maybe stop talking and start organizing. thats what people do when they feel their needs are not getting met.
    • Anonymous

      Well your a shitty person then, i sympathise with men, women, transgenders, gays, pretty much everyone. Whenever a man speaks up he gets so much shit and people don't take our problems seriously.

  • Tanuron
    I just meant to reply to @kaylaS91

    But can't for some reason so just leaving this here then.

    "Since he failed to mention it, I believe in the UK a man can't actually be raped by a woman nor is it considered a crime cause its "impossible". You have to have a penis in order to rape someone, is their defintion anyway, short said."
    • ManOnFire

      @Tanuron She probably blocked you. She did the same thing to me awhile back when she got backed into a corner. Chicks here do that.

    • kaylaS91

      @ManOnFire It's hard not to when a huge portion of men on here love to do exactly what you just did on a regular basis (make generalizations against the other sex with no legitimate proof aside from incredibly vague statements that could be applied to anyone, regardless of gender/orientation/race, etc..

      I'm sorry that you're so miserable with your life, especially your lack of success with women, that you choose to deal with it like a grade-schooler. i. e. name-calling.

    • ManOnFire

      @kaylaS91 You're calling the kettle black.

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  • Jxpxtxr
    I just love how this turned yet into another "(fill in gender) is worse off"-take...
    Thank you for gender war contribution no. 19381283213892302139 on this site.
    • Anonymous

      This wasn't a take to get one up on woman, if we truly want equality these issues need to be raised and dealt with.

    • Jxpxtxr

      Well if it wasn't a take to "get one up on woman" why did you feel the need to mention how women are oh so preferred and better off in nearly every point? You could have easily made all those points clear without bringing women into this at all if you would have wanted to.

    • Anonymous

      It was the only thing i could compare the statistics by men to. It also showed big differences that men face compared to women under certain situations. I think it was justified to do that.

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  • kaylaS91
    Regarding rape... can you name a country that actually fails to realize rape of a man as an actual crime? As far as I've heard, this in the legal system thus far applies only to women. That many countries/societies, namely in the middle east/northern Africa, view a woman's body as man's property. He can do as he pleases with it and law enforcement won't do shit.

    Employee health risks- are you serious? Yes, most jobs that are more dangerous are largely filled by men. For one, though, are you forced to go into them? You do realize that you can get a job in finance/medicine, and don't have to be an excavator or something like that. Not too many women fill the more dangerous jobs not because of any 'rights' they hold, but because not many would take a female mechanic/engineer, or anything in the STEM field, as seriously as they'd view a man in the same position.
    • Anonymous

      You don't understand. If you read what i said properly i said that it is recognised but then what? it isn't classified as rape if its on a man. There are little to no shelters if you are a man. You don't get support if you are a man.

      Again you didn't read what i said. Someone has to do the jobs. Every job there is has its purpose in this world and keeps the whole thing going. Lots of jobs rely on each other. Your viewing all of these issues with a closed mind.

    • kaylaS91

      ... lol you clearly didn't read my reply and are unwilling to consider other's opinions and consider their logic, instead choosing to stick by your own extremely biased beliefs.
      Whatever floats your boat.👌

    • Anonymous

      How am i biased. All of the other women that replied agreed with me as well as most of the men. If anything you are biased. I must be so biased for wanting men and women to be equal, im so sorry.

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  • astrOnaut01
    The rape of men is considered rape (in the eyes of the law) as long as it is a male rapist or if a female rapist forces an object into one of the victim's orifices. It would be fairer for you to say "women can't be convicted of rape but men can't".
    • Anonymous

      That is true but it's still the case male rape isn't taken seriously as female rape.

    • "... but men can"*

      And I kind of agree with you there.

  • Anpu23
    I commented on the other take, but I will add this. Male problems are also human problems, we can't just leave half of the population out of the equation and expect a balanced society.

    There are groups that have an alternative answer to these issues, that the problem is simply men, and that we can solve this problem by either castrating, or killing all men. There are some people (yes radical feminists) who just advocate a female utopia, and feel that these problems can be solved by simply eliminating men all together.

    Yes this is a radical mindset, but if you want to know how Hitler made his morally repugnant beliefs reality he did the following:

    Stated that Jews had unearned privileges (male Privilege)
    That Jews were dangerous (Toxic Masculinity)
    That Jews were the reason that Germans couldn't get ahead (Glass Ceiling)
    Etc. etc.

    We use the language of genocide towards men, and you wonder why guys have said ENOUGH!

    As an example. This is the nature of propaganda, and as it becomes normalized It is harder and harder to speak against it. Recently the act of MANspreading has become a crime in certain places. This crime is gender specific even using the word "man" inside of it. There was a mytake here where a young woman diagnosed ALL men with a mental disorder, why so they can be "helped"? This is language of hate and fear. If we don't put an end to it, then who knows what might happen...
  • sp33d
    I find the suicide shaming despicable.

    Right, to business:
    9 - Education - inaccurate conclusions. Preference is not based on gender, but academic success. It so happens that women are, en masse, academically more succesful.

    7 - Neither the video nor this article has been specific enough on what exactly the problem is.

    6 - Premature conclusions, deserves more thorough analysis.

    5 - Yes, problem acknowledged, but cause not specified. Quantitatively the claim might hold, but what is the relevance?

    4 - Idiots commenting on the matter in a TV show is hardly compelling.. well maybe to idiots it is, in that instance the point becomes moot. Furthermore, on the actual issue of men and women falling victim to violent crimes: similarly to number 5, what is the relevance to this alleged discrimination?

    2 - Now this one, I do agree with completely and more resources should be dedicated to aid of rape victims. Well known fact in many statistical researches on this matter.

    The points I haven't commented on are either inconsequential or I haven't looked into in depth.

    The sad background music and cherry picked data: sobbing fathers, specific nations with suitable statistics and references to TEDxTalks with suitable exerpts to support claim to name some, certainly help with making the viewer sympathetic. This is known as statistical fallacy. Easy to overlook due to apparent gravity of topic discussed. More on that under "Use and misuse of statistics".

    For purposes of objectivity, which both this take and referred YT video sadly fail at, I would say the point has been made, but little to no credible evidence presented. Recall that the purpose of both the video and article is to direct attention to discrimination of men.

  • BubbleBoy69
    Can't show kindness/affection to children (that's not yours) without someone thinking your a pedophile.

  • ThePetSquirrel
    We can all thank the feminazi's for this male oppression.
    • BarbaraP

      This has actually -almost- nothing to do with feminism or feminazis. Most of these problems come from the idea that men should not show their emotions or weakness, should be powerful, should always accept sex when "offered", etc... in other words, everything that gender roles require men (and women) to be

    • Anonymous

      @BarbaraP Some of them are to do with feminazis\feminists though.

    • BarbaraP

      With feminazis, sure. #1 is a great example. It's still delusional to think that male oppression was generally caused by feminism. It existed long before. Feminism was meant to uproot this type of mindset, feminazis aren't even worth mentioning

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  • ADFSDF1996
    Thank you for writing this this mytake. It's well written.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you, your welcome :)

  • Ratiocinative
    Because women vote emotionally, thus political parties cater to them emotionally with "women's issues".

    While the things you mentioned may be true, men vote logically and are more concerned about other issues such as the economy and foreign policy. I don't commit crimes so I honestly don't care that men get worse punishments. I also don't commit suicide because I'm not a weak ass bitch, nor am I interested in men who choose risky jobs of their own free will, that's their choice.
    • Anonymous

      Dude men like you are the reason nothing changes because people just ignore the problem because it doesn't happen to them. It needs to change so no one is favoured in the system so its fair. It is there choice but if they don't do it who will? All jobs have a purpose and jobs rely on each other and thats how the world works.

  • WhatIfTheStormEnds
    The issue, as we see again in the comments section, is that feminists have done a good job at convincing the public that women were oppressed in the past in comparison to men. Obviously, if someone believes this they will take women's issues more seriously in order to prevent a reoccurence.

    Personally I disagree with this worldview. In short, I believe there were positive/negatives of being both genders in the past. I don't want to rewrite another long essay explaining my points of view, but I will leave a few links if anybody wants to read about a non-mainstream opinion. I would encourage everybody to read them with an open mind, as ultimately I don't think the 'women's oppression' worldview is healthy for anyone.

    First a nice couple of lectures from Karen Straughan, probably a gentle introduction to the topics at hand:

    A few AVFM articles (for the brave, since they are often angry rants which have some good points scattered in them):

    I think in general, lots of Karen's videos (look for the ones more than 10 mins long) are filled with nice arguments. I'd encourage anyone to browse through them and pick one with an interesting title.
  • ToruMatsuda
    This is true, issues like you have described have been around since dawn of man, yet we shouldn't complain because"woman have it worse" that's one reason why things won't get better, because it's a trend to be a victim these days, things won't change for a loooooong time
  • JessicaWin
    The problem isn't the discussion but how these seem always to be framed in competitive terms - this applies to both "sides".
    • Anonymous

      It's a problem

  • mystintri
    This is one of those things, imho, that is better off getting over IF you don't plan on starting a global movement towards fixing them.

    Start a blog, raise awareness, start a charity, meet with the board in your town/city.

    Create or move on :)
  • DaddyRollingStone
    Men go to jail more... because they commit more crime.
    • Anonymous

      That isn't the point, if they commit the same crimes as women they get harsher punishments whereas women get nothing compared to us.

    • I don't really feel bad for criminals. Sucks to suck.

    • Anonymous

      I dont either but if a man or women goes to prison one shouldn't have an easier sentence for the exact same crime. They should both face the same charges and pay for their actions.

  • Rissyanne
    I have a son... I agree with you.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you :)

  • Unit1
    Yup! I have put thought into it and that made me think being male is unfortunate today.
    We constantly get told to suck it up and man up and to not be a weak ass pussy. As a result people wonder why we have no feelings and no emotions.

    Remember, that kids are always the future of humanity and that soon everything will be reaped as it was sowed.

    Sucks to be us.

    That's also why men are increasingly starting going their own way, me been one of them and then went MY own way (not MGTOW way).

    Brace yourselves!
  • ManOnFire
    I can always agree with this issue. The problem isn't so much that men don't have problems and that people don't know it, it's that society has the attitude that men are supposed to apologize to women for "thousands of years of oppression" and all the bad men who've wronged women, before men's problems are allowed to be taken seriously. It's an unfair situation, and won't change until women humble themselves and stop hiding behind men-do-this and men-do-that. The change needs to start with them I think.
    • danLUNNUX

      cos there is the church, society, kings, queens, emperors, like long ago who say women are inferior? little wonder people have sympathy with women's rights more so than men's rights.

    • ManOnFire

      @danLUNNUX And yet you've had many women throughout history who haven't done women any favors.

    • danLUNNUX

      not the point... women have come from a lower place, men haven't.

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  • posted
    " Global Mockery of male issues- Feminists around the world hate that we have an international men's day like woman have an international woman's day."
    And feminism is for 'equality' interesting.

    9. Education- again people argue about this issue but it is a fact that the education system favours women in many ways. For the first time in history your sons, our sons will have a less of an education than a woman... how is that moving forward? something needs to change.
    This one I don't understand unless women get more scholarship funding?
  • confusedapplepie
    i agree with everything except the education bit: becauuse i read an articke on why and they said its because girls are more eager to learn, read more often and have a more positive attitude towards school whereas boys tend to have a rebellious attitude which of course ends up in bad grades.
    and its mostly the men who set up this image of boys being rebellious. "sons having less education than their dads". yep. is a problem. "sons having less education than daughters" that one sounds sexist because over centuries its been the girls who were systemitecally disadvantaged in education.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you for agreeing with me but that isn't a sexist it was simply stating that their sons would be getting leas of a education and not equal.

    • im sorry this is slightly late but guys are not the ones who get excluded from education because of what they fucking wear (us dress codes will never get in my mind)

    • Anonymous

      If there wasn't a dress code both men and females who are young would come in ridiculous clothes to gain attention from the opposite sex. Boys get excluded a lot too for the wrong clothes.

  • gizmo4me2
    The problem here is men have been told to be men and forget they feelings. I don't believe in Suicide by anybody it only solve that persons problem and live a bigger problem for those that are left behind.
    Education favors Women because they are problem solvers, men on the other hand are better to work with they hands.
    Men been mocked by feminist, you are overstepping your bounty guys don't talk about your feelings it has not been don before.
    Internet users, anybody forcing you to bee on line?
    Violent Crime. done by any person deserve the same sentence.
    Raping is like taken somebody's life and should be dealt whit in the same manor for men and women.
    Parental Custody, should be the same for women and men, but in most cases men work and women stay home what was normal for many years ago, that again have chanced over the last few years.

  • LogicBomber
    @kaylaS91 ALL countries fail to recognize male victims of rape by women. You can not use the middle east as a scapegoat for your reasoning, it is fucked up all around for most of it's laws. Any civilized society protects women in almost every way.
    Trying to excuse the 99% male death toll in the work place as their own fault because they choose it, is no different than victim blaming that you feminist like to spew so often. And the audacity to then say women only don't choose those fields because they feel bias is asinine. Women don't choose those fields because they are hard. Period.
    Yes you play the victim well and you block everyone who disagrees with you to silence truth over your bullshit. But EVER single thing you spew can be debunked with 5 seconds of research outside your feminist echo chamber.

    How about instead of silencing, shaming tactics, and personal attacks you have a conversation which includes you listening as well as regurgitating and playing victim?
  • Bobby2003
    As a boy from a family with an older sister and a younger sister i agree boys get treated differently than girls do. My mother listens to everything my sisters say not to me. My sisters get new clothes all the time not me. My mother always says you can dress up a girl cute but a boy just put a t shirt and jeans on him and it's fine. Doesn't matter ifor he looks good or not. I see a lot of things that are not fair with me and my sisters and girls at school. Why can a girl hit a boy but not the boy hit the girl? I was told that girls are better than boys.
  • anonman32
    i agree with this mytake.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you :)

  • WhaChaChaKing
    I talk about male problems a lot.
    • Anonymous

      That's good, thanks. I just made the myTake to make more people aware :)

    • Yeah I understand. It's not focused on enough.

  • danLUNNUX
    men's rights is bullshit.
    • Anonymous

      Explain why you think this.

    • danLUNNUX

      don't need to explain, i just believe it is. men don't lack any rights and still dominate society in many ways. i don't even know you, i don't owe you an explanation.

    • Anonymous

      That's not a valid argument, i want everybody to be equal and in doing so these issues should be addressed too.

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  • Letmedo
    Them of the article is true.
  • Anonymous
    Women are pulling the strings that control Western society.

    Society has deemed that it is inappropriate and not cool for men to complain about anything.

    So don't complain. Seriously, quit playing the victim, grow some balls, subjugate your thoughts and hide your true feelings feelings like a REAL man. You want to be a real man, don't you?
  • Anonymous
    This Take has been done already, only a few days ago, and people gave their opinions then
    Most people agreed with the my take owner. You weren't happy with those answers?
    • Anonymous

      I didn't see the myTake

    • Anonymous

      Plus who cares? it's about making more and more people aware.

    • Anonymous

      " I didn't see the my take" Two users of the same age wrote the same Take within days of each other? Right.

      It is, but you're talking to the same people you wrote to last time. The opinions will still be the same.

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  • Anonymous
    I agree with a lot of these issues - but disagree with both sexes who see everything as a competition or worse, a combat.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you :) and I agree but these issues aren't about getting one over the other sex, it's about equality.

    • Anonymous

      Oh totally. Too many people on GAG (not you) seem to think so.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it's a shame but gag is a minority so that's good haha