How To Question Christianity In An Educated Manner


This myTake makes a flippant, uneducated comment about Christianity. If you want to make a flippant comment about Christianity, then you should do so in an educated manner. Educated critiques of Christianity actually exist; use them instead of making stupid, needless comments that do nothing but make you look stupid.

How To Insult Christians In An Educated Manner

1. Christian mythology is really a technical term and does not mean what you think it means.

Mythology is a collection of traditional narratives. Christian mythology refers to the collection of traditional narratives associated with Christianity. Unfortunately, the popular sense of the word is a bastardization of what the word really means. In popular culture, the word means "a collection of false stories". The truth judgment is added negatively. If you read the other myTake, then you'd see that the author views the quote as "mythology" and makes a point that even though he believes the quote to be "mythology", the quote does have some truth in itself, and he considers the quote valid enough to make his point about politics.

There are some things wrong in this picture. First of all, the author is neither using the popular nor the technical definition. What he calls "mythology" is really "theology", but he believes that "theology" is foolish or false, so he uses the term "mythology" to inject his truth judgment. Second of all, the author seems to be reluctant to accept that Christianity can offer truth.

This is what he said:

While this refers to Christian mythology, this is something that applies to many things beyond morality, voting included.

The contrast in that remark highlights that the author does not want to find truth in Christianity, probably because he presumes that Christianity is false and therefore it cannot be true in any way, but nevertheless he finds that what C.S. Lewis says about Christianity has some grain of truth and can be applied to different topics.

Perhaps, the author's prejudice of Christianity stems from the fact that anything supernatural is false, and therefore the theology based on the supernatural must be false as well. However, I believe this belief grossly misunderstands what theology is really about. I interpret theology as not about deities or the supernatural, but about human interpretation and perception of the supernatural world, regardless of whether the supernatural actually exists. Even if the supernatural world is not distinctively different from the natural world, that still does not change how humans feel or behave. After all, Christianity and other religions are part of the humanities, and many subjects in the humanities study the various aspects of human nature.

2. Be aware that anybody can be a Christian.

Too many people assume that Christianity has one set of rules that you have to follow or one set of beliefs. In reality, there are many Christianities, and each Christianity has a unique history and theology. Christianity is a very evangelistic religion and has been adapted by many different societies. Each society takes Christianity and adapts it to fit the needs of the people. For example, Lutheranism, a branch of Christianity developed by Martin Luther, was not only a theological movement, but also a political one. Martin Luther was German, and so he found support among the German princes who wanted to break free from Rome's political power over the Germanic states.

How To Question Christianity In An Educated Manner

I contend that one reason why people still believe in Christianity is that they do find truth in the religion, and that truth is entirely relevant to their experiences. To say that theology is just about the supernatural without any humanistic experience tells me that some people just don't give in the effort to understand why Christians make a confession of faith. Instead, they make their own biased assumptions about Christians rather than forming an educated opinion based on what they observe in Christian thought and behavior. I don't know about you, but I find that making biased assumptions about a group of people is counter-productive, harmful, and unempirical.

3. Study Christian theologies.

If you want to criticize something, then you have to know the subject and look for weaknesses. Believe me, there are plenty of weaknesses in each theological tradition of Christianity. Sometimes, a particular theological tradition just does not jibe with one's own experiences or educated interpretation of the Bible.

How To Question Christianity In An Educated Manner

Although many Christians believe that the Bible ultimately comes from God in some way (key word is Biblical inspiration), the secular approach in finding the authorship of the written words or ideas is an ongoing research field. Scholarly questions about authorship of the Bible do not necessarily undermine the theological standpoints of Biblical inspiration. If a section of the Bible is written by Person X, then that still does not say anything about whether Person X is directly controlled by God to write it word for word (dictation) or inspired to write it using his/her own words (limited inspiration).

4. Study the history of Christianity.
How To Question Christianity In An Educated Manner

Christianity is a very old religion. I believe that if more people were to study the history of Christianity, then they would appreciate how the religion impacts the world positively and negatively and why people believe. A long-lived religion must be able to adapt to the times. If the religion is irrelevant, then why does it matter anymore?

If you do all that, then you would take criticism to a whole new level. Stop being a troll; be a critic. And use proper, standard vocabulary. If you want to be a skillful communicator, then you should know how to avoid words that only you understand. Words that mislead or inject undue personal judgments into a neutral concept help no one.

How To Question Christianity In An Educated Manner
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  • Anonymous
    Why do you feel the need, I understand militant atheists like to combat religion and are in the mindset that religious people are complete sheltered dumbasses who need to be reformed to the ways of the world. Why is this necessary, why not just live your life and let christians live theirs. I know as a STRONG christian that ANYTHING you would say to me would mean absolutely NOTHING to me, so its super pointless
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Telekinetic-Potato
    Not sure if I agree with the intentions behind this post but I'm so glad someone is explaining the stuff that's being explained on here. I'm getting tired of people telling me what I believe and they don't even know that there is a difference between being catholic and just plain christian.
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  • dragonfly6516
    Who cares? This take is a nice idea, but religion will never be without war. Not until it ceases to be opinion, and becomes concrete fact.

    That's the entire problem. Religion, all religions, every single one, are nothing more than OPINIONS. Any thought or belief that cannot be confirmed with physical evidence is nothing more than an opinion. And that is a fact.
    • Anonymous

      There are different kinds of evidence. Holding physical evidence as more believable than other types of evidence is empiricism. Anecdotal evidence is a narrative that is presumptively true based on a person's personal history. Adages about life are full of wisdom based on a collection of anecdotal evidence.

    • @myTake Owner
      I disagree physical evidence is stronger ie you can see my tree is taller than my house vs I don't have a photo to show you but kenny hear will back me up in telling you that my tree is taller than my house.

      And for anecdotal evidence for that you need unbiased un cherry picked accounts ie if you asked a randomly picked neighbor is my tree taller than my house it would be more reliable than asking me if say the tree was between me and the window of an opposing house and I wanted planing permission to add a window in the loft or something.

    • Anonymous

      @sedrftvgyhujik That's a bad example. In some situations, like the situation you mentioned, it's best to directly measure the house and the tree, or eyeball it. However, when you want to know your grandma's childhood, then you have to take her word for it. Personal feelings and recollections may be subjective, but they are meaningful and possibly even useful for future generations.

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  • TheSpartan
    Atheists are usually just dumbasses who think they know shit. Lol they're like edgy hipster teenagers. It's hilarious to watch them make their cliche, laughable points.
    • Anonymous

      I disagree. However, I will upvote you, because you have given me an idea for a future myTake. My next myTake will be about the strong points of atheism.

    • TheSpartan

      Lol thanks 😅

    • I have to disagree with you on that.
      Atheists tend to know more about religion than religious people.
      I've yet to see a point from the religious side that proves the existence of a higher power.
      Without proof God is no different from Santa Claus.

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  • Dimmu
    Christianity is a very evangelistic religion and has been adapted by many different societies. Each society takes Christianity and adapts it to fit the needs of the people.

    What do you think about this?
    Word of God doesn't change to fit needs of people
    • Anonymous

      I never said that "word of God" would change. I said that the religion changes. Religion encompasses religious culture.

    • Dimmu

      religion represent the word of god
      many Christians told me they left Christianity cause of this, they change Christianity according to their desires

    • Anonymous

      Now, you are discussing finding truth and Christian living.

      That changes nothing about what I said of religious culture of a religious tradition.

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  • PT1911
    Pretty sure if I wrote a my take saying "how to insult muslins" it would be pulled down.

    Tired of this double standard
    • Rissyanne

      I just reported this take requesting it to be taken down. You are correct.

    • Anonymous

      @Rissyanne I think the title is offensive and misleading of what the topic is really about.

    • Rissyanne

      I take offense to it. Would you do the same thing on Islam? I think not. I hope they take this down.

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  • hellionthesage
    This holds true for everything not just criticism of christianity (which would be more accurate to call it such as an insult is meant to offend, a criticism is meant to point out flawes). Same can be applied to all ideologies too to be honest (even atheism).
    • Anonymous

      Some people find pointing out flaws in an ideology offensive, because it's considered blasphemy. However, I think a healthy dose of criticism should be encouraged, not hidden.

    • But its not. I am specificly reffering to actual definition not perception. I would absolutely agree that criticism is healthy in fact its absolutely necessary if any one is to evolve or get better then what they currently are.

  • somebodysaycheese
    I think even you aren't truly educated on Christianity. Christianity existed 300to 500 years before constantinople and the European adoption. So the church existed before then it was just under raps since it was illegal and punishable by death to be a christian in the roman empire. different secots of christianity come from the European adoption the only true to pre european influence is evangelism which means to spread the world of christ,
    • Anonymous


      I never made the claim that I was educated on Christianity. The purpose of the myTake is to persuade people to criticize Christianity in an educated manner.

  • vishna
    Knowing about your 'enemy' is key. That being said, I would really avoid religious 'debates' because it's usually just annoying people who like to 'debate' allll the time... argue. :/
  • SlightlyCrazy
    Why write a take on how to offend others
    The worlds needs to understand not insult
    • Anonymous

      I thought the title is catchy.

    • Nah it's click bait

    • Anonymous

      Getting views generates income for the site. For me, I get 200 Xper points. :D

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  • ladsin
    I don't really see this myTake as necessary is it? I mean obviously if you're going to criticize something you need to understand it right? For example I couldn't criticize a BLT without knowing what a BLT is...
  • YourFutureEx
  • DiegoO
    How to question atheism: you can't. In fact you can't question no one who thinks that they have all the prove to say God doesn't exist, is like talking to a wall. We will never know the entire truth of our existence. What's clear for me is that someone created all life on earth and that Jesus was send by him to gives us an important message.
  • Emberremembers
    Don't they call it philosophy? You take the supernatural God out of theology and then you have philosophy. I'm a Christian and I go to church but I don't believe the supernatural stuff like Noah's ark and all that other bullshit. That stuff never happened they're just "mythology" that got passed down but I do believe Jesus was a real guy who said a lot of smart and good things that we should follow.

    The problem with most other churches is that they are what we call "literalist" and they actually believe all the folk tales in the bible as "literally" true, the world being made in 6 days, parting the Red Sea, etc. Those people are just ignorant because they read the book but they don't get the message.

    As far as christianities history? Yeah I wouldn't go there cause those Catholics were batshit crazy😄 I'm just glad they don't do that shit anymore.
    • Anonymous

      Philosophy is a component of religion.

      Separating "the supernatural stuff" from the "natural stuff" is a philosophical belief in the nature of God. The separation between supernatural and natural is both believed by Christians and atheists.

      There are people who do not believe that there is a distinct separation.

    • Anonymous

      I should specify Western Christians and Western atheists.

    • MicDarlins

      You think all those supernatural stuffs are mythologies 3 Let me ask do you believe in miracles? Have you seen supernatural things like healing and miracle happen right before your very eyes? Answer me and let's continue.

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  • Benk111
    So essentially your telling me to study Christianity?
    • Anonymous

      Well, if you want to know how to criticize X, then you must understand X, find weaknesses in X, and then make an educated criticism.

  • TakeMaker
    I find it rather funny that you think GaG is the place for educated criticism... it's like the opposite of that!
  • Rissyanne
    If this take was about Muslins... you would be called racists.
  • N192K001
    4. b. Make sure to include in the history of non-Western denominations of Christianity.
    Did you know that Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria were once major centers of Middle Eastern Christianity? Have Christian history classes in the West ever discussed the Sabbath-keeping, Kosher-eating Christians of Ethiopia or the Aramaic-reading, marital arts-studying Christians of India pre-dating the British missionaries? When was the last time topics like China's Christian emperor (or the heretical "Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace" that nearly toppled the final dynasty, the Great Qing Empire) and their implications that still reverberate today were mentioned in discussions?

    5. Study the languages of the Holy Writ. In time, you'll be able to read & assess the verses right out of the text and catch translations issues that would usually be glossed-over by the translation-dependent.
  • MicDarlins
    Christianity is not about some strict laws and codes anymoreanymore. Christianity is different from Judaism. Things have changed after the death of Jesus. You need not know the Torah and the other laws before you can become a Christian.
  • loveisbeautiful
    An insult is an insult and it's never okay to insult someone simply because you disagree. Taking cheap shots at someone is what an immature person would do, a mature person would just change the topic or simply walk away. So, whether it be a straight forward insult or a insult dressed up with the word "educated", it's an insult. Honestly, how educated can one be if they think the only way to a solve a disagreement is by using insults? Just saying. This is a crazy take and I think it's wrong and sends a bad message.
    • Anonymous

      In response to the few complaints, the Content Manager has decided to keep it, but changed the title. I agree with the decision. The former title was misleading and offensive.

    • Anonymous

      There is nothing wrong with questioning something honestly. As a matter of fact, Christians question other Christians. :P

  • takumii
    "You swear to God you'll tell yeh truth?"

    Yaaaa... I'll tell you as much truth as the people who wrote that Bible , how do you like that?
    Protestantism killed Christianity by conceding too much ground to the atheists. Metaphysically speaking they share the same premises, and thus atheism is just the inevitable next step. It would never survive a Scholastic worldview however. The teleological vision of Aristotle and Aquinas reigns supreme. This is evident in the way that virtually no atheist thinker has ever truly addressed Thomas Aquinas' proofs for God, but merely addresses a straw man based upon William Paley whose view of God was radically different. This would be understandable if it were only the laymen making the mistake--even Hitchens who is just a glorified journalist--but when qualified academics like Daniel Dennet are making the same mistake, that is when you know there is a problem. This ignorance is precisely why Anthony Flew was led to theism, not because of a 'new' argument or anything that the Protestant narrative could produce, but by a rediscovery of Aristotle and Aquinas.
    • Peskyn3gr0

      Lol, yeah forget about all our scientific discoveries. Let's go back to ancient philosophy based on anecdotal evidence and brainstorming with no merit. "Uhhhhh, there has to be a first mover! It's God! It has to my God you dumb atheists! It's the one in the Bible, not the Quran or in Greek mythology but mine!" LOL! Groundbreaking stuff... like a thousand years ago. Who moved God again?

    • @Peskyn3gr0 Just what I said: a straw man based upon William Paley. Thomas Aquinas never said that everything which exists has a cause nor did his arguments rest upon the premise that the universe had a cause (even though it does). They merely rested upon the fact that causal relationships can and do exist at least to some extent within the world, even if the world itself did not have a cause. That was all he needed to get the ball rolling via metaphysical demonstration. Furthermore there was nothing about science that could not fit into a teleological worldview, though admittedly there would be less of an emphasis on it.

    • Peskyn3gr0

      Hey, why don't you give me the objective, teleogical purpose of human beings... oh yeah! We can't! Because that was just nonsense put forth by greek philosophers at the height of scientific ignorance LOL Where are you reading this by the way? "Look atheists, there is a logical and rational explanation for the existence of God, except for the explanation of what created God because he's special and can escape all rationale and logic" LMAO

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  • anonman32
    why dont we just question institutionalized religion?
    • Because the cure is worse than the disease as the some 100 million dead in the name of atheistic communism bear witness to. Even if false, religion is useful and that is good enough for me.

    • anonman32

      @JRICHARDS1996 i disagree, if religious people want to pray they can do so in their own house, they dont need super power institutions for that. just look at the vatican.

    • Peskyn3gr0

      @JRICHARDS1996, Lol, atheistic communism... this guy. How many times has this stupid argument been used by Christian apologists? Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and virtually every other communist dictator in history, the best modern example being in North Korea, have banned religion completely for the sake of creating a cult of personality around those leaders. It's a religion in itself, that you can't question the leaders or speak out against them otherwise you'll be killed. Kinda like a lot of Islamic countries? Or the Inquisition? Atheists want a society guided by logic, does killing someone by defying their leadership sound logical?

  • 4465loveyou5577
    Insults are childish. Period.
  • LorryC
    How rude!!
  • WhaChaChaKing
    Why not just let people be?
  • Anonymous
    Please do a take on how to question Islam
  • Anonymous
    Why do I need to insult them in an educated manner? Like shooting fish in a barral.
  • Anonymous
    Hmm, it seems that timeline forgets about dualistic christians (Catharism, Paulicianism, Marcionism, Albigensians, Gnostic Christianity, Bogomilism etc).
  • Anonymous
    When a person Insults Christianity in any manner, you insult God.
    • Who cares? This take is a nice idea, but religion will never be without war. Not until it ceases to be opinion, and becomes concrete fact.

      That's the entire problem. Religion, all religions, every single one, are nothing more than OPINIONS. Any thought or belief that cannot be confirmed with physical evidence is nothing more than an opinion. And that is a fact.

    • This was not meant to be a reply comment. It was meant as a reply to the OP, but stupid smart phones... Damn screen is messed up...

    • Anonymous

      @dragonfly6516 There are different kinds of evidence. Holding physical evidence as more believable than other types of evidence is empiricism. Anecdotal evidence is a narrative that is presumptively true based on a person's personal history. Adages about life are full of wisdom based on a collection of anecdotal evidence.

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  • Anonymous
    Can I use this for Muslims and Jews too or is that racism/nazism?
    • Anonymous

      Yes. The main goal is to be a smart critic.

  • Anonymous
    I don't insult Christians or people of any religion but I don't agree with Christianity. I've been in two Christian schools in my life for over 10 years. I also took a look at evidence against Christianity. I know so much about Christianity to prove them wrong but I won't burst their bubble.
    • TheSpartan

      Really? Try me. In my experience, atheists tend to be fools whom think they're smart.

    • Anonymous

      @TheSpartan Personally, I find that naturalistic atheists and Christians just interpret the world differently. No amount of evidence will win over the other; it's based on faith/trust.

    • Kenbootsie

      I believe you have been looking at what appears to be Christian but what you describe is not what the Bible calls a Christian. There is a difference in what the world calls a Christian and what the Bible defines as a Christian. There are things to look for in a Christian. Once you see the behavior, identifying one becomes easy.

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