How I view Christian Culture as a Religious Person

How I view Christian Culture as a Religious Person

I made the decision to leave my church in 2019 and now I believe it was a good choice because I view myself as a God worshiper and not as a Christian God worshiper, I believe the stories about Jesus and the Pauline epistles but I think the fighting between Christianity and Islam or other faiths is unnecessary because we all have the same goal of going to heaven and protecting the world and worshiping the creator of heaven and earth.

I also do not believe the bible makes a single negative remark against abortion and the idea that abortion is anti Christian is a lie believed by those who do not study the bible themselves and rely on pastors to read the bible for them, I believe welfare is a sacred duty and the law should condemn violent criminals and rehabilitate non violent ones, and I think being racist is a bigger crime than having non traditional ideas on pronouns and I believe that protecting racial equality is more important than excluding non traditional views on these rainbow issues.

I do not hate those who are different from me and I do not deny I have areas in my life where I fail God like all people on earth.

But I want to leave the church forever because I view it as a tradition that is blinded by its own culture at the expensive of real bible obedience.

How I view Christian Culture as a Religious Person
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  • Shadow_Monarch

    Mx grandmother once said something that changed the views of the church for everyone in the family.
    She said: " You don't need a church to believe in God, especially if you're a true believer."

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  • Kelly6

    Totally agree and understand

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  • Tiffany_VG

    100% agree with everything you said, especially on the bs conflict between christianity and islam, anti-racism and welfare which is moral.

  • Fernwehr

    Faith is an extension of your believe in yourself. Trust your actions are always for the best. Interestingly that will bring you closer to your god.

  • Skyros

    I could say a lot, but I don’t think it would change you in the least. Best wishes

  • Whatever2929292


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