What Sense is There in Being "Lady-Like" These Days?


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of yourself or another woman as being a ‘strong’, ‘independent’ woman? What traits do women generally revered by most females in society as role models, someone to look up to in their own journey of following a path of their own as a woman?

Generally speaking, these traits will include being aggressive. Being dominant, a bit of a trail-blazer versus simply doing as told. Being confident, fully competent of completing the task at hand with little to no assistance being needed, and possessing a powerful demeanor that would convey a bit of ‘I do whatever the fuck I want because I know it’s the best way’-type attitude.

In other words, strong, independent women have become women who are brave enough to display traits typically seen as exclusively masculine.

What Sense is There in Being "Lady-Like" These Days?

...is it just me, or are both of these maps of how men vs. women are wired both kind of demeaning? With the main focus of the female brain stressing how dependent on men we are (need for commitment, jealousy, sense of direction neuron, etc.) , and the male brain seeming like it belongs to someone belonging more in the hunter-gatherer days than one who's able to juggle multiple professional issues in addition to a relationship?

Anytime a guy or a girl displays traits commonly seen as or associated with femininity (ie. Submissiveness, asking for help, showing any indication of possessing emotions, etc..), they’ll be seen as inferior. A ‘beta male’, a ‘damsel in distress’.

I can’t remember a single time when a woman was called ‘strong’ or ‘independent’ because she was displaying classic traits of femininity such as cooking meals for the family, looking after someone who wasn’t feeling too well, someone who was hurt, or the likes. Heck, there are advertisements on the regular that feature men trying to typically female-chores like vacuuming, folding laundry, etc.. Men making complete buffoons out of themselves at being incompetent at household chores is all ‘fine and dandy’. If they even complete, them that is. Whereas a woman ever featured as incompetent in the workplace (even if it’s done in a comedic light) is a ‘typical woman’. One who probably only got where she is by sucking off her boss or male colleagues, anyway.

What Sense is There in Being "Lady-Like" These Days?

“It’s almost scary to realize how deeply many women — especially those who are pushing the boundaries of what’s traditionally been considered feminine — have internalized the message that toughness and feelings don’t go together…There’s pressure to prove that you’re just as capable as men are, which can turn into pressure to ignore your emotional responses and downplay the tendencies you have that are traditionally considered ‘feminine.’”

-Ann Friedman

Men are presented as hard, tough, independent, sexually aggressive, unafraid, totally in control of all emotions. Above all-in no way feminine.

Women? Well, women are generally presented as characters that embody females’ dependent on the male population for their own identity. Hell, a perfect example of that can be witnessed by children as young as 5 in The Little Mermaid. A movie where a mermaid falls in love with a man, and chooses to give up her identity with little to no hesitation in order to be fully accepted by her human lover.

What Sense is There in Being "Lady-Like" These Days?


In any case, the gist of what I’m trying to get at is why can’t men continue being respected for their own masculine traits (be they dominance, assertiveness, or otherwise), and women begin to be respected for traits that may differ from ones traditionally possessed by males, but ones through which they can continue to stay true to their biological gender?

Why can't we be celebrated for our gender differences, versus society always thinking that one reigns over the other...

When will women stop being taught to leave behind their femininity in pursuit of power? When will women stop feeling pressured to stick to the developmental course of embracing their ‘more masculine’ side, with it conveniently being framed as a sort of liberation?

I hope that soon, women will stop feeling the need to separate themselves from the essence of who they are. Stop themselves from desiring to be something which they, plain and simple, are not. To stop them from associating their innate desires of nurturing loved ones, bearing children, or supporting those in need as weak. That we’ll be equally as celebrated as men for being open about how we, too, have a libido of our own, and that it doesn’t make us any ‘less of a woman’ if we want to take charge once in a while.

What Sense is There in Being "Lady-Like" These Days?
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  • MrOracle
    Those charts exaggerate for the sake of humor. Of course they're degrading - that's what makes them funny. Humor comes from someone else's pain, even when that "someone" is theoretical, or a stereotype.

    I understand where you are coming from, and this really goes back to "what kind of person do you want to be?" The truth is, you CAN'T be everything at once - you have to make choices, and those choices have consequences that you can't escape from.

    Women have clearly proven that they CAN do most of the things that men do/have done - run companies, invent products, manage departments of people or big projects, get advanced degrees, etc. But there IS a cost to doing those things - they're going to require her to be aggressive, assertive, spend long hours, miss out on time with friends and family, and perhaps most of all, she's going to have to control her emotions. In other words, a great deal of a woman's normal feminine traits will be sacrificed.

    Is that okay? Sure, if doing those things are her priority, then, that's fine. But she's got to be okay with the fact that SOME (not all, but some) men - the ones looking for a more feminine, "ladylike" partner (usually the alpha-male, masculine-types that many women find so attractive), aren't going to be interested.

    Many women knowingly make that trade with their eyes wide open, preferring career and independence over more traditional roles. Other women make relationships (and sometimes specifically relationships with the alpha-male-types) their priority, and are happy to be more "traditional" - "ladylike" and submissive - many actually prefer it that way. But they also knowingly make their decisions and understand the consequences.

    The tension comes from those who either want it both ways, or who refuse to accept that whatever choice they make will have consequences and sacrifices.

    Men aren't immune to this either. Alpha men take charge and run things - but they sacrifice a lot along the way. Lots of working weekends, work-related hassles late at night, broken relationships due to other commitments on their time, etc. And the guys with no confidence, who are happy being worker bees who can forget work at 5pm, have plenty of free time, but can't attract women because they just can't or won't take charge, and many women find them unattractive.

    We all have struggles with our identities in this way...
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    • kaylaS91

      Very true, including that we all (not just women) have struggles with identities in this way. However, it's hard to argue that the amount of bias working against women across the globe (specifically in the workplace but also in terms of day to day dealings with others) is equal to the amount faced by men.

      I do try and always be the kind of person that is self-sufficient, minimally dependent on anyone but myself. ie. opposite of most people's idea of 'femininity'... which many make clear to me by saying that I'm so 'ballsy', and 'one of the guys'. Often tempting me to take the easy way out by resorting to 'damsel in distress' tactics, before I remember how much respect I'll have to sacrifice in order to have things as I wish with such convenience.

    • MrOracle

      I agree that women have a greater struggle right now, because the amount of change for women has been much greater in recent history (the last 50 years or so) compared to men, whose roles haven't changed as much.

      Having said that, men have struggled with women's changing as well. Many of us were taught to expect women to be one way (more traditional) and were told how to be ourselves in order to be successful - but we found that much of what we were taught was completely wrong, because things had changed and the lessons hadn't kept up. Yet, some women WERE more traditional, while others were militantly "progressive", and still others somewhere in between (and different on different days). That has left a lot of men very confused and frustrated and bewildered.

      So, I get it. Change is always hard. What helps is open and honest communication - not just talking, but COMMUNICATING. We both have to work on that.

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  • SirenDep
    Each one of us makes her decisions. Some prioritize their family and others their career, some want a steady life and others want adventure. Some like to dress in a feminine way and others in a masculine way. It's all fine, as long as it's our choice and we don't feel pressured to do it. I say each of us should develop her personality and shape her life the way it brings her happiness
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  • Mayamoon02
    Good work on this take!

    As someone that truly embraces my femininity - I feel the female brain in the pic is due to consequences of women trying to chase masculine traits but not coping well. Only some women identify as masculine!
    The need for chocolate, regular shoe shopping and need for commitment (from anyone) are a sign of suffering rather than feminine traits.
    I would say listening is still there cause we needed that to survive in a Monotheistic society where the father figure is worshipped and obeyed.

    You might find it interesting to watch/read about the Devine Feminine and cultures that firstly believe God to be a female creator. Simply because women give birth and create life in the womb.
    The Ancient Egyptians believed this and during their golden age females and feminine men had huge respect.
    (Cleopatra was not an example of this - she was a masculine leader as most powerful cultures shifted into a patriarch during the Roman era.)

    Its good to know what ancient cultures (even Native American) used to believe to be feminine so we can identify it within ourselves and feel a sense of peace.
    I no longer apologize for not being competitive or masculine as it made me miserable. I prefer helping people, counselling and being around children. Discussing politics without pride or ego. Creating art. Etc etc.
    That's what gives me joy.

    Its important to know matriarchal societies appreciated both male and female traits. Believing that men and women could posses either and should do so with confidence. Many men in matriachs wore female wigs so that masculine men could confide in them for spiritual guidance.

    [url=https://postimg. org/image/ffd7bw3lt/][img]https://s32. postimg. org/79v5dqfd1/6285611. jpg[/img][/url][url=https://postimage. org/index. php? lang=italian]upload immagini gratis[/url]

    • kaylaS91

      thankyou. :)
      However, I disagree with how women choose 'more masculine traits' is a sign that they aren't coping with sexist societal standards too well. It's not like I chose to never like chocolate or to opt out of playing into how much certain girls gossip and talk smack about each other around the clock because of any external pressures. I choose to stay out of things like that because it sounds crazy, to me. Why would I want to be friends with someone who will almost always talk behind my back, and not fully respect what I have to say?

    • Mayamoon02

      On no that isn't what I meant. Women omen can be born Masculine. But society expects feminine people to have masculine traits which often leads to suffering.
      Thats why so many women struggld to be truly happy which leads to bad habits such as excessive shopping and food indulgence.

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  • AriadneSky
    its an interesting topic. i do think femininity is portrayed in an extremely meaning way. and NOT bc felinity itself is demeaning. i think there may not be a thorough understanding of what it is. i do not think there is a way human beings are that is inherently weak as we would not evolve if half the population as truly decedent.

    i dont think emotion is weak. thats a poor translation. emotion is very powerful. a person can make poor decisions but the emotion itself is a driving force. courage determination persistence assertiveness. these are all emotions and they dont have to be dished to aggressively to be 'strong'. wisdom insight intelligence empathy (understanding your enemy is the diff between death & life) cunning.. these are strengths. i think there is a very polarized view of 'strength'. obviously not everyone was the main person to hunt the mammoth. there were a lot of people just dong other things bc thats what they were goods at. and a wounded hunter is no good to anyone, without medicine and skill they'd be gone. there's no such thing mop as one type being superior/ thats a modern conception based on desire for world domination. the idea that a guy should control a woman bc women are weak, is modern. in the pats women and men worked together. men still controlled land but women were doing the same work. men have historically been able to control a lot of womens actions as far as what we now from history but thats a small silver, a lot of it is blanks filled in by people who happen to be on top n the moment. the fact things are changing indicates to me things were never steadily one way but circular and fluid.

    anyhow id really like to see appreciation of the power of femininity whether it be in women or men.
    • AriadneSky

      there s an over abundance of celebrating 'masculine 'traits in the world and feminine traits in as far as it belongs to a woman attache to a guy. looking online if yo look up feminine power it alway comes up with 'how to be feminine and attract a guy' 5 things w omen doe that push men away7'. '; how to increase your felinity and get the kind of guy yo want.

      there's really nothing about felinity on its own. its always as something meant for men. even though there is a whole world that feminine traits are responsible for. environmental & social stability require feminine traits of woofs peace seeking empty organization unity... bulldozing around destining things will not solve roles in fact politicians require more feminine traitors than masculine.

      except and this is what im getting at. what is considered to be feminine seems to be wghaever is considered not imrtant in the greater sphere and only important n the domestic sphere.

    • AriadneSky

      Wha is considered feminine changes every few years. it correlates with whatever men are not doing so much. what becomes masculine is whatever men are doing.

      women are taking over fields of medicine and psychiatry. women are conferred to be good in these professions bc they supposedly are naturally nurturing empathetic and life preserving. men WERE considered good in these fields bc they are supposedly scientific and logical and detached.

      pink used to be a masculine color bc it was considered fiery and passionate. now its feminine bc its passionate.

      because of mass communication , as the word is moving towards socially based companies & infrastructure, women are more & more heading business, and now business is considered to require social skills and cooperative the leadership as apposed to dictatorial. and gradually there are traits that were perceived as feminine that are sliding over masculine to make appear continuously more 'competent' than women.


    • AriadneSky

      none of this dresses the fact that simply being a woman or man does not automatically tell us how feminine or how masculine we are.

      i think if felinity and masculinity were better understood it would not be so crucial to beg people as ne or the other. i think signing felinity or masculinity to a person is at this time less as a desire to understand them and more as a desire to place yourself in a pecking order. depending upon what yore intent is.

      'im high masculine im superior to women and low masculine men'

      'im high feminine i have a better once of catching a guy than other women'

      i wonder too since women -regardless of personality- are oriented as feminine, implication being they can be superior to women but not men- this contributes to them being seen as more interested in relationships then men. this may be true or untrue but its a current stereotype.

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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Good take - I personally think a strong independent woman can be "Lady like" and a man who can express himself sensitively could be as masculine as any man maybe the 80% of extra time he has in his life that he has when he is not worried about the size of his penis can be put to more productive use.
    • kaylaS91

      lol touche on the point about worry about penis size. :P

  • Djaaaaaay
    Generally speaking : I'm with you on that !! I believe that women / girls are equal as men / boys. The only thing that sets us apart is anatomy. Women are just as precious as men are in my book. When I hire a girl/ woman , I pay them equal as men/ boys. Job discription the same to. I can be Alfa , alittle feminine , submissive , or role play with females... But ultimately , I stand as a man... That is ; with out that male macho crap... etc. I really believe in my heart that women/ girls have so much to offer. Personally , I have great respect for females in my life , and thier usually very pleasant to be around. 5 years ago , a younger girl 23 yr old really wanted me experience sensual pegging with her , so I did it for the first time ever... Most intense feeling iv'e ever experienced. Now I can imagine how women / girls feel. I now believe that there's a lot benefits for women/ girls in this paticular practice. And that really created much more respect for women. I'm not even afraid to admit that I now enjoy this a lot. The moral to my story is; that women / girls will always be equally deserving of all the best there is!!! Thanks for listening... 😊
    • kaylaS91

      no problem. :P
      I agree with most of what you said. I'm not saying that men and women are completely the same and should be treated so, by saying that we're equal. It frustrates me to no end when people say that if we want equality, men and women should be given the exact same treatment and conditions, right down to the nitty gritty. We of course ARE different beings. Equality does not mean the same. In my eyes, equality means no one gender/race, whatever, being treated better than the other because one variable helps them trump the other in some cases, while they'll be the underdog in others.
      (ie. Sure, men are undeniably more physically strong. On the flipside, women have a much easier time with their emotions, at least in expressing them.)

    • Djaaaaaay

      I do agree 100% I'm saying the exact thing , just that your way better at explaining than I am !!! Well said , and about the equality thing... I agree again !! I can't seem to explain as good as you... Sorry , but just believe me , I'm totally with you on this... 👍

    • Mayamoon02

      Interesting you can relate to women through pegging haha but I wouldn't say anal sex is the same as vaginal ;) hah I guess that will always be a mystery to the male sex!
      What you probably felt (im assuming) was the submissive side to allowing penetration which is a thrill!

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    To be honest? Because of feminism.

    It was such a strong reaction against the abuses of the patriarchy that they threw traditional femininity itself out the window because it reminded them of tradition. Hence feminism destroys not only masculinity by framing men as the enemy, but also femininity itself by teaching women that they are somehow wrong, unenlightened, or inferior for abiding by their nature which is traditional.

    This is why apart from college campuses and LGBT people, feminism really has no traction among the vast majority of women. That is, because its entire platform is vehemently opposed to traditional femininity which characterizes the vast majority of women.

    Instead they try to advocate a foolishly egalitarian worldview where the differences between the sexes are purely arbitrary and/or societal, completely ignoring the role that nature and evolutionary biology plays in who we are. In the process, they destroy and shame both masculinity and femininity by demonizing them as something outdated, archaic, and to be replaced.

    The only solution to this insanity is to embrace both masculinity and femininity without positing the superiority of one over the other, but recognizing them as two parts of a whole each equal in their nobility and honor, even if they are different.
    • Jager66

      "It was such a strong reaction against the abuses of the patriarchy that they threw traditional femininity itself out the window because it reminded them of tradition."

      Everything else you said is good but this quote is bad.

      This is far more complex, the Feminist movement has had significant influence of political movements that had nothing to do with equality. Nazism for example from Simone de Beauvoir, she was also in support of pedophilia, she was a MAJOR contributer to Feminism. Also the WKKK had significant influence in Feminism a number of the Feminist narratives come from the WKKK when they shifted from targeting black men to targeting all men in their pursuit of power. There is also plenty of other evidence supporting Communist influence where a major portion of that ideology was to break down the family. Then there are the radical hate monger Feminists who have had a majority of the influence on the movements Ideology, people like Andrea Dwarkin for example.

    • meonline

      I completely agree. The problem with the concept of feminism and equality is that those who talk about it can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that men and women are biologically different. It has been a combination of both nature and nurture which has formed modern society.

      The reason why many industries in the world today are dominated by males is simply because they inhibit most of the things that come naturally to men. For example, the stock market is virtually an all mens club because it is such a competitive and aggressive industry and due to testosterone, men are naturally more aggressive and competitive.

      This is also why they enjoy sports more than women, so it's really very simple. If you were to ask all men and women what they simply enjoy doing. You would find that most men would enjoy doing more competitive, aggressive and action orientated things, and most women would enjoy doing more nurturing and passive things. Of course I generalise, there are exceptions.

  • Bandit74
    Who is it that is teaching women to leave behind their femininity in pursuit of power?

    From what I can tell it is a decision they are making on their own.

    Also part of it is necessity since most people don't earn enough to raise a family on one income.
    • kaylaS91

      Now it's a decision being made by many on their own. Let's not forget the conditions that once existed which many are forgetting to no longer be applicable. (Not that long ago, like in the mid-1900's, it was illegal for a woman to have an income of her own, for example. So the way a 'stay at home wife' has a not-so-glamourous origin. We had literally no other choice.)

  • PhoenixItalian
    The sense in being lady like is that it will attract a man who is gentleman like. Expecting traditional obligations of men whilst exhibiting self benefiting behavior is becoming more and more common and is ruining the beauty of natural interactions between men and women which make for happy marriages, and it doesn't matter if you don't want to get married, that doesn't undo the way we've evolved over thousands of years to interact successfully.
    • kaylaS91

      women have not 'evolved' to become experts at washing dishes or doing laundry for the whole family, though? You do realize that evolution occurs to adapt to conditions that will benefit our survival, not for the convenience of those around us, yeah?

    • You're not getting my point if you think being ladylike involves living to please others or do chores

  • ChocoLada
    I have very developed chocolate center, but shoe and handbag coordination is not my thing... neiter are telephone skills nor shopping. However, my sex region of the brain is much bigger ;)
    • kaylaS91

      lol sounds a lot like myself, though probably replace the chocolate centre with more sex. :P
      Honestly, though it's obviously just a joke (the brain diagram), it seems like it was made by a guy who thought that women have behaved like 'Stepford housewives' for centuries now as a result of actual neurological structures more than anything else. -_-

    • ChocoLada

      Yeah, haha, sex & chocolate rule ;)

  • Mesonfielde
    It's because even with claims of "why don't people choose to be more feminine", you yourself said that you'd prefer a male partner who primarily exhibits masculine behavior.

    "Masculine" behavior is seen as what makes you successful. Of course people will go for it, because "masculinity" is portrayed as what is "desirable".

    And taking charge is "the man's job", that's why they're "the head of the family". Of course leading will then make women be "less of a woman", because they're acting more masculine, therefore less feminine.

    Then again, I've always said masculinity and femininity is bullshit, and so is gender-attributed behavior patterns.
    • kaylaS91

      This take is about how ridiculous the situation is where only those who exhibit masculine behaviours are seen as successful and respectable. Many men complain about how 'femininity' is a thing of the past, when in reality, what they probably mean is that they miss the days when they didn't have to compete with women in the workplace, and could come home to a clean house and dinner that's fresh out of the oven.

      The whole irony of how it's difficult to adhere to social norms without being almost completely dependent on our male partner.

    • That's why it's great that social norms aren't actually enforced law, eh?

    • kaylaS91

      very true. Still makes it tough after I hear a guy say that he's sorry for being a douche and that he'll get me some chocolate to compensate for his behaviour.
      (when in reality, I cannot stand chocolate.) :P

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  • MapleFairy
    I agree. Society has placed dumb, strict roles on men and women. Female, male, married, single, we all feel emotions, have sex, do chores, and go to work on a daily basis. So let's work on becoming competent, capable, and at peace each day in each of those capacities just as we are, without any of the shame or bs society had taught us to believe in.
  • justbanANNAz
    While i agree with the overall gist of this take, i personally view it through a different lens. I feel like more and more women are trying to embrace their femininity while still pursuing the power they deserve. I don't think that all women who are strong and independent are necessarily brushing off their emotions and subtly entering a masculine frame of mind in all aspects. maybe that is the case for some.

    As for a woman's success in the workplace...

    "One who probably only got where she is by sucking off her boss or male colleagues, anyway."

    ^^ i find it interesting that you seem to believe a woman can't up her status in the workplace without getting some. correct me if i understood that wrong, because I'm hoping i did. that's a really bold statement, and i know plenty of women who disprove that.
    • kaylaS91

      I'm replying on my phone so will keep it short but regarding that comment about how some women got ahead in their jobs, or got hired in the first place by sucking off their boss- that's definitely not what I think! I included that as something that I've heard many people saying in reference to women I know in rl. That's in no way my own opinion... Seeing as how that would contradict one of the main points of this take in the first place. 😟

    • i see, thank u for clarifying, i got confused.

  • PT1911
    I was a little confused at first on where exactly you were going with this, but the last paragraph really does a great job of tying everything together.

    Take my mother for instance. Working IT professional, and won't even let my dad attempt any of the household chores because well-he sucks at them haha. At the same time, she helps my dad reign in the cash s well as maintaining our home, doing all those little things that sometimes we (my dad and I) take for granted here and there.

    To put it bluntly, my mom enjoyed doing the stay at home thing for a while, BUT because my dad is a type II diabetic, she stepped up a little bit more, taking some oif the pressure of being the breadwinner off of him.

    That doesn't make him emasculated though, because he's done his job as a man: provide. My mom has a career because she WANTED
    • PT1911

      damn keyboard...

      Anyway, she has a career because she wanted one, not because she needed one. My dad REFUSES

    • PT1911

      to let her be the only person working, in his mind that's not right.

      The point is, you can be a little more "liberal" for lack of a better term while still holding the core values of being "traditional" at the same time

    • kaylaS91

      I agree on your last point. It annoys me to no end when I occasionally feel 'bad', in a way, for opting out of things most people would expect me to do primarily because I'm a girl. I cannot wait till society hopefully one day reaches a point where women can enjoy sex and embrace their sexuality, while still being viewed as 'feminine', for example, y'know?

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  • slimstiffy
    i dunno where y'all get these "pressures" from.. i like feminine women better. if i had to hire someone id much rather hire a more feminine girl, than a loud, rude, arrognant and obnoxious woman ( who is basically just being a spoilt brat, all in the name of being a strong woman)
    • kaylaS91

      ... you don't know where we get the pressure from, yet bemoan the idea of having to 'hire' a woman who wasn't the equivalent of a mute, overly submissive mouse? ... really?

    • slimstiffy

      English pls.. im just a normal dude who doesn't like big words.. talk to me like u talk to ur friends.. not like you are writing an article, no offence...
      i think you meant i was contradicting myself. actually i wasn't. i was just saying that i dont understand why women would be pressured onto thinking thea all have to be very assertive and dominant. most people dislike that attitude. id much rather be around or work with a more agreeable person. that foeasnt mean she's a mute... smh

    • kaylaS91

      lol you obviously failed to get the point of this article.

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  • DiegoO
    Is all a social construct. For example most African families are matriarchal, the women is seen as the leader of the family, the one with the last word, not so in the patriarchal societies where the man is perceived as the chief or head of the family. It doesn't has to do completely with gender is something more socio cultural than anything.
  • candyaurora
    Good Take. in my opinion the world would be a much better place if both the genders realize they are not identical but compatible and work in harmony by playing to their strengths and lifting each other up.
  • hero-hero
    if that is for fun , it is ok we can take it lightly and laugh. but i really dont like when girls start complaining about how guys are insensitive and that they dont listen bla bla bla... this is sooo annoying coz this actually how you like guys , and iam sure a sensitive caring guy would be sooo moist and lots of girls won't like him !! please girls stop fucking complaining about guys , if you dont like guys , dont be with them , no one is forcing you to !!! but please shut the fuck up !!
  • DaddyRollingStone
    Feminism liberated women from the natural dignity of their sex and turned them into inferior men. - Francis Parker Yockey
  • bluenose1872
    I get the point your trying to make and i agree. The feminist movement is a contradiction in terms. Instead of women embracing who they are theyre being told that their female characteristics are weaknesses and they should aspire to be more like men. If nature meant us to be all men then nature would have made us all men. It just looks as if the whole movement was borne of spite and bitterness. If you strip away all of mans bullshit standards and impositions the money, career, social status all of that is just crap. The most important thing in life is family, making your family, providing for them, loving them and protecting them. So women excel in tbe most important aspects of life. Why the jealousy? Why is it a bad thing to take care of you kids and make your partner happy? I thought that was all there was. The rest is just background noise despite how the modern world tries to convince you otherwise
  • Dim_121
    I also wish that women will stop being so independant but dependant enough to not get to carry something heavy. Example there are two guys and three women. In the truck there are four heavy things and two light things. The women will make the two guys take two trips for the heavy things but only one trip with the two light things. When the women could have just taken two of the heavy things between the three of them with the two light things stacked evenly on top of the four heavy things. The men always have to do the heavy lifting especially when the women is completely able to do it herself.
  • DeadBattery
    I wonder where the need of a girl for a boyfriend actually comes from. From that "sex" land or "need for commitment" part.
  • GreatnessBack
    As far as I see it, if the man's the head, then the woman's the neck.
    If the neck doesn't work, the head and body dies.

  • JustinX9
    I'm intimidated by a woman who practically better most of the things I do. I feel worthless and less manly.
    • kaylaS91

      why? what does the fact that someone, be they a woman or a man, can do something better than you have to do with your masculinity?

    • JustinX9

      I don't know. I think it's my ego... but I'm if only a few talents but if she is better than me in all the things I'm good at, then I feel bad for myself. Not an alpha male so to speak

    • kaylaS91

      ... you'll never meet someone, whether it's another guy or a girl, who's better than you in ALL of the things you're good at. It honestly sound like your fear of this possibly happening is more of a hindrance to you than the situation in reality.

  • John_Doesnt
    I'm assuming this is satirical because of all the gender stereotypes?
  • mistixs
    I agree sooooooooo much
  • Alex88F
    hat's off to you. thank you for this
  • larosie
    Ha, sounds about right hehe
  • Redstang88
    I'd say that chart is pretty accurate overall.
  • phoenix2000
    Wow nice take
  • Thisperson98
    That brain diagram was funny.
  • orphan
    i ask for directions...

    i ask myself that is...
  • lazermazer
  • Pilulu
    Who cares?
    • kaylaS91

      apparently quite a lot of people- thanks for asking. :)

  • Anonymous
    Fuck, that's it, i'm leaving this world.

    You women are so screwed up. Never once have i ever felt femininity to be week. I think its one of the most powerful forces ever... and you... argh!! never mind its going to fall on deaf ears.

    I should have been born in the 60's

    I hate women of the modern age... i'm done with this world. FUCK YOU WOMEN FOR RUINING EVERY FUCKING THING BITCHES
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    i think your missing the point in the male brain vs female brain image and just dont understand so called gender traits, and make them up as you go, because girls always assume things that are totally ridiculous. on what being lady-like or man-like is.
    so good luck with them ideas.
    • kaylaS91

      I don't think I'm the one guilty of failing to understand 'so called gender traits'. You seem to be doing just fine making them up as you go so I'll just leave you be. :)

  • Anonymous
    "... is it just me, or are both of these maps of how men vs. women are wired both kind of demeaning?"
    Oh, they totally are!! >:(
  • Anonymous
    What a load of feminist crap! Especially quoting a radical like friedman who thinks that cooking is slavery (but only for women). Since when is having a family and social support group "dependence"? Since when is it a bad thing? What feminists want is to be able to be assholes, and be drooled over for it, the same way women get wet over "bad boys." Since when is seeking power to abuse others considered a "good" thing?
    • kaylaS91

      Awe. So cute when men get mad about something they disagree with and rather than valid counter arguments, all that comes out is an assortment of insults.

  • Anonymous
    The "sense of direction" female brain body is funny amd realistic ;)
  • Anonymous
    It's about accepting and dealing with it whether you like it or not
    • kaylaS91

      not quite. How you feel will not change that a large portion of society/religion's think of you, if you're a woman, as not much better than vermin simply because you lack a dick between your legs.

    • Anonymous

      Well I meant to type more but there are times I hate the cards I was dealt with for being born a guy

    • kaylaS91

      ah yes well both genders were dealt some bad cards, as well as some good cards. It's mostly a matter of working towards society accepting that though we're all different (including males vs. females), that does not necessarily mean that one is better than the other. We all have our strengths.