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Why I Am Not An Equalitarian


1.Guys complaints about feminism:

In a movememt called equalitarism I would expect men wanting their rights and women rights too and the same way around. But most guys don't like/support feminism because it is about womens rights, in equalitarism they would be fighting for womens rights either way, so how can they hate feminism so much? because it is not about them.

Why would I be part of a movement where men only think about themselves but expect me to think about their rights too?

Why I am not an equalitarian

people that hate feminism say this things but say they are equalitarians haha

2.There are issues that wouldn't be able to be discussed:

One example is the morning after pills, there is people against it and in Brazil they are trying to make it ilegal. Only women takes it so it wouldn't be equal even though it can be good to both genders but since both can't have it, it doesn't go with the movement.

3.The word comes from equality-equal:

Women works, have kids, take care of the house, go to war- so we can do a lot of things men can(thanks to feminism). But do men want to do things girls do? take care of the house, take care of the kids, even wear makeup if they want to?- if we want equal rights there is no girls things and guys things. But no, most men don't want those things, in most parts because it will hurt their masculinity, but it is okay to hurt our femininity? I can't find the equality here

Why I Am Not An Equalitarian

Why I Am Not An Equalitarian

just cause I am not an equalitarian doesn't mean I want the first pic to happen but would equalitarism really make the second one happen?

this take inpired me to do mine:https://www.girlsaskguys.com/social-relationships/a29327-feminism-isn-t-about-equality-equalitarianism-is

but different from him I am not going to tell people what to be but if you are an equalitarian be there for everyone: girls, guys, trans, gays, bi because equality isn't only between genders

Why I Am Not An Equalitarian
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  • Jehovahkiin
    You’re operating your argument on the false notion that people oppose feminism because it involves women rights. But you’re wrong, that’s not why people oppose feminism. People oppose feminism because the movement is contingent upon blatant lies, misrepresentation of facts (ironically, like what you are doing) and placing female rights in precedence of male rights. It annoys me how feminists treat men. They started working for a necessary change, but now the movement has been morphed into making guys feel like they’re wrong and evil for not being like girls.

    Maybe you’re deliberately super-strawmanning the initial general argument proposed by anti-feminism proponents, or maybe you’re just utilising what you see over N. American media/the internet by feminists and trying to incorporate it in your own country. Dunno about the situation in your country, but if that is the case, then you should've specified in your Take that it can only be applied to your country. Otherwise the presumed state would mean the most common form of feminism.

    For your second point. Who’s to say that those who oppose illegalizing emergency contraception are the same people who advocate egalitarianism? If they aren’t, then your argument has literally no grounds against egalitarianism.

    Third point. You’re conflating social and gender norms for the restriction of gender’s rights. Men’s refusal to wear makeup or become a house-husband (lol) due to masculinity issues does not in any way have any bearing on infringing upon someone’s rights. Lol. Go learn.
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    • lost_alice

      none of my points are why it doesn't work or it is bullshit it is about why I don't want to be part of it can't you read the title

    • None of my points ARE addressing whether it works or doesn’t work. I was simply responding to the logical holes in your arguments.

    • lost_alice

      cool I still think the same lol you won't change my opinion everyone have theirs

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Most Helpful Guy

  • madhatters4
    great take.
    i agree with #1 so much and am baffled at the way people sort of dissect the two feminism and egalitarianism. as if supporting equality for women (feminism) is somehow goign hand in hand with oppressing men... of course it's not

    it's similar to those who say they can't support black lives matters because they think all lives matter... as if saying black lives matter somehow means other lives don't
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    • lost_alice

      at least someove understands me

    • I think it's because feminazi's give a bed rep to feminism. I support equality for all (I'm a humanitarian) and that would imply support for feminism, but I have yet to meet a genuine feminist IN REAL LIFE that didn't have this distorted reality of men and inexplicable hatred for them. Honestly it's just some politically correct nonsense about which word is the right word. It shouldn't matter as long as you support the same ideals.

    • lost_alice

      @thetalentedphantom you Know that humanism doesn't have anything to do with equal rights it is like the humans are more important than gods

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  • the_rake
    Strawman fallacy:

    "The Straw Man fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person's actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position. This sort of "reasoning" has the following pattern: Person A has position X."
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    • lost_alice

      honey I don't need a class

    • the_rake

      evidently you do, because your thinking is absolutely ridden with logical fallacies. forget about the disagreement we are having, it's actually really good for you and clears your way of thinking to try and understand the basic fallacies and how they perpetuate in human thinking. check this out:


      everybody thinks they think logically until they learn what logic actually is. have a hard time understanding teachers? logic will help. have a hard time relating with and empathising with others? if you already have emotional intelligence then you can combine logic with what you already know about people. logic is great, this is not even me trying to be a smart ass. it helped me a tremendous amount.

    • lost_alice

      I had two years of logic at school and I finished it whit the highest grade

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  • vishna
    My qualm is that often the anti-feminist men are so hateful and stubborn, who cares about movements they like. I say this because they don't respect my opinion enough for me to respect theirs. I'm sick of guys saying "all feminists do this-they hate men-they don't care about men's issues" Anyone that puts words in my mouth and tries to silence my voice won't be heard by me because they aren't giving me that pleasure.
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    • lost_alice

      see the comments here they are all from men whining about that

    • vishna

      It's sickening, and it's disrespectful. I'm beyond happy there are open minded guys out there who aren't so bull headed and argumentative.

    • lost_alice

      yes me too, I like you

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  • HorrorFan
    1. Egalitarianism is not a movement. Egalitarianism is merely a belief that everyone should be treated equally.

    Feminism is a movement. Like any movement, it harbors extremists and loud mouth pieces that distort any sort of positive message the movement is attempting to convey. It is filled with feminazis, man haters, professional victims and other various subsets of women that purely care about women and women alone. They are eternally fighting for what they believe is some magical form of equality in the west that hasn't been obtained after the first two waves of feminism and attempt to censor, ban or simply hide from any rational person calling them out on their bullshit.

    Feminists like to create a false dichotomy. They think you can only be one of two things. A feminist or a misogynist. This is both false and absurd, but sadly it is effective enough to essentially scare a bunch of women and ignorant men into supporting their cause.

    No rational man will agree with that supposed Pat Robertson quote.

    2. This makes no sense. I'm not sure what morning after pills have to do with egalitarianism vs feminism. All issues can be discussed. It sounds like you are creating your own, bizarre definitions of things.

    3. Equal rights have NOTHING to do with individual or even typical gender preferences. Plenty of men take care of their homes and children. Some men, such as rockstars and actors, do wear makeup. This all boils down to an individual.

    The reason most men don't wear makeup is because there is no rational reason for us to put shit on our face. We all collectively are essentially saying "this is what we look like. Take it or leave it." Most women simply choose not to follow suit.

    How are men hurting your femininity?

    You seem to be confused. Equality isn't about just doling out everything in equal measure. It's about one group not legally being allowed to do certain things or being severely shunned by their peers and society in general.

    Women in the west are equal to men. You have the right to do all the things we can do. Feminism is attempting to fight a battle it has already won during it's first two waves.

    It's time they hang up their pitch forks and lives their lives.
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    • lost_alice

      the whole world doesn't live on the west

    • HorrorFan

      No shit. Nothing you were arguing about applies to the parts of the world where women are ACTUALLY oppressed.

    • lost_alice

      it applies to where I live

  • KRIEL55
    words of wisdom right here. the only reason being "equalitarian" became a thing is because men started feeling threatened by women finally getting some equality so they made up a whole new thing to act as though they're oppressed (by women finally almost having the same rights) and also need help. its ridiculous.
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    • lost_alice

      how many up votes can I give this? lol

    • KRIEL55

      aha thats what i was thinking about this take. im like how can anyone disagree with this. but then i looked down, and of course there are a bunch of bitter men trying to fight for something. like really now. they're too insecure to accept women as equals and love to talk shit about feminists, but then act completely hypocritical by wanting to over power women. they're basically asking for peoples help to control women because they feel oppressed by equality. pathetic.

    • datgirl

      Omg MHO right here. Took the thoughts right out of my head

  • AleDeEurope
    Egalitarianism is: we fight for the rights of both genders.
    Feminism is: we fight for women's rights and screw men.

    Who the heck told you men don't want to take care of the kids and the house? That's a stupid assumption and shows your sexism, which is not surprised given that you're a feminist.
    I'm a man and I take care of the house, and will keep taking care of it once I get married. When I have kids, I will stay at home if necessary.

    You're assuming bad things about men, but you always argue that feminism has nothing to do with hating men... well your actions say otherwise.

    If you REALLY want equality, you would be an egalitarian (or equalitarian), not a feminist. It's that simple.
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    • lost_alice

      that is your opinion, don't tell me I hate men

    • That's what I see.

    • lost_alice

      I don't hate men it is just that most part of the people I hate are men

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  • Relentless_Hippie
    I completely agree with this photo

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  • LogicBomber
    Both men and women complain about feminism because of it's actions. It has proven it is a hate group. It has nothing to do with not supporting "women's rights" very few people don't support women's rights/ Feminism on the other hand is constantly suppressing and fighting to take away the rights of men.

    I can show you an endless number of video proof of feminist acting like pschyopaths towards men and men's groups, I ask you to find me one of men's groups doing the same to suppress women's groups.

    You refuse to be a part of a group where you think men only think of themselves, but are happy to be a part of a group that is only for women and actually fights against men openly and agressivly?

    I find it hilarious that you use one quote from a nut job right wing politician as an example of what everyone who hates feminism says and avoid all the actual facts and logic people use against feminism for EVERY argument they spew.

    *NONE of the things you think you are capable of doing "because of feminism" were actually because of feminism. Your echo chamber is known for taking credit for things they actually had little to no part in. But just an FYI men actually do take care of the house, take care of the kids, and some even wear make up when they want to. Men fight daily for the rights to have or see their kids because a sexist bias court system and horrible female parents alienate the fathers from their children. SO your skewed view of men and "masculinity" is not only completely wrong it's down right ignorant.

    It isn't completely your fault you are so beyond brainwashed by feminism to believe these nonsense things without questioning any of it... feminism is notorious for creating a false victim complex, fear mongering, and indoctrinating young naive females into feminism as soon as they can. You need to look outside your echo chamber and actually research the bull crap feminism tells you.
    - Wage gap is a myth
    - Rape stats are falseifies
    - Women could vote, own land, and work long before feminism.
    - Etc ETC ETC

    *Yes I expect you will likely just ignore this, throw in a petty shaming tactic, then block me. This is the common response to truth against feminism. But It would be better if you proved me wrong and showed you weren't completely compartmentalized.
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    • lost_alice

      stop stereotyping feminism

    • It isn't a stereotype... do you think calling the KKK a hate group is a stereotype because there might be some "good ones"?
      The actions of feminism speak for themselves.

    • lost_alice

      think whatever you want you are just a useless person

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  • kakarotto
    Educated and sane men do not hate equality or feminism.
    What they hate is the selectivity in those notions.
    They hate how many women scream for equality when it suits/benefits them and at the same time they avert their eyes from equality when it does not benefit/suit them.
    No need to discuss the stance of sexist men because these people will not listen to logic nor reason (if logic and reasoning holds any value or effect on them then they would not be sexist in the first place)
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  • Jager66
    All you have to do is look at the track record of Feminism to know it's a sexist movement at best and a hate movement at worst. We have many decades of evidence to draw on so any diatribe lauding the infinite merits of Feminism isn't much use because the "cat is out of the bag" on Feminism.
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  • Chief16
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    • sp33d

      That's not entirely accurate, but man is that hilarious :D

      - In every joke, there's something exaggerated, something waaay out of proportion - G. Carlin

  • NotTheFBI
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  • msfuntastic
    Egalitarians want to look at every issue from a neutral perspective. They don't prescribe to a dogma about oppression and privilege, and the goal of egalitarians is not to create equal outcomes for the genders, because that is artificial. It's about -promoting- equal opportunities for both. They realize that gender disparities are not all created by discrimination and sexism, and that gender disparities existing is ultimately OK. If most women prefer to stay at home and cook and clean and raise kids, that's fine. For those who do want a career, that's also fine. But we shouldn't be trying to convince women to work more just so that we can say men and women are "equal".

    What you feminists fail to realize is that it doesn't matter who does the cleaning around the house, as long as both are happy with their end of the relationship bargain.

    Egalitarians care about women's issues but are not going to take sides on anything, rather they would like to find a middle ground. What is the most fair thing for all involved? How do we solve a problem without blaming an entire group of people?

    Feminism is the opposite. Women are victims of society, men do all of this bad stuff, women need to be given special opportunity. All of this patriarchy and oppression, where whites and capitalism is evil. It is lunacy and it's obviously a failing radical ideology.
  • Alyssa1111
    I didn't even read all of this, but I just want to highlight: Why are there so many misogynists on this website?
    Feminism isn't believing that women are above men. It's not that deep.
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    • Jeeevan

      People are misogynists for not agreeing with you, feminist logic.

    • Alyssa1111

      @Jeeevan no I mean they literally verbally attack women and associate them with patriarchal values.

    • Jeeevan

      No, we don't, most of us don't. Just like with females, most of you don't verbally attack us but some of you do. Most males don't agree with feminism because it isn't about equality if it's only targeting females problems who are already equal to us in the west. Being an egalitarian means you want problems which targer BOTH men and women to be solved but feminism only helps females.

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  • akadatank44
    Nothing wrong with being a feminist but people hate femininazis ones who say they don't need men cuz they can't get a date. Thats not what the movement is about.
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    • lost_alice

      I can get dates, at least I like to think I can lol

    • Hahah are you those femininazis type who think there is no use for men and hate them?

    • lost_alice

      no I am not lesbian dude

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  • ShaeNielson
    Most people who are against feminism aren't against female rights but female supremacy.
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  • SinisterS
    First of I dont see problem with doing cleaning or house work hell i probably can do it better than 80% of women maybe even more. But if you expect equality will same women help me lift things that wight 100-200kg {220-440lbs} (am not exagerating i can lift things in that range). There is no equality in way some imbeciles try to paint it. Girl will be way better at some things than me and am better at other. Equality about job, laws and things like that is what talk should be about. But lets be honest laws heavily are in favor of women now days.
    Talking about gender equality in way some do its like wanting to play basketball like Jordan will you can't even walk straight, or soccer like Maradona, Box like Mohamed Ali, tennis like Novak Djokovic... That is not what equality is about and selling that for equality is retarded. There will be people that are better than you but all should have same rights.
    O and by the way man that love his wife especially if wife is good person and not spoiled manipulative (must use it) bitch that abuse feministic crap to get better deal will always get help from her men. We at last know how to love and when you do you always help person you love, hell sometimes even do things instead of them even if they do it 1000 times better than you. Feminism will not make you want to help them or do things instead of them it will just make you act like jackass on purpose. Cos if she can be be bitch you can be asshole... And where that leads? Nowhere good...
    • mistixs

      "But if you expect equality will same women help me lift things that wight 100-200kg {220-440lbs} (am not exagerating i can lift things in that range). There is no equality in way some imbeciles try to paint it."

      See, that's the problem. For instance, I'm 80 pounds. I can barely lift my cat who is 10 pounds. But if people hear "equality" they immediately assume "SAME" like you just did. How about I *not* have to lift 250 pound things, just like a man of my stature shouldn't have to lift 250 pound things?

      "Equality" should be allowing everyone to do what's in their abilities, not forcing them if they're not capable.

    • SinisterS

      @mistixs So if girl is heavier than me she should help me lift that or more than me? I you actually look at what i have said it should be clear that am mocking usual way of looking at things and how everyone is selling equality. Normal person treated women with respect and not really equally but privileged before any movement for female rights or twisted nonsense about equality. Its normal to treat women kind of more privileged and do more than her but its wrong to force that out from man its wrong cos then you want to put him in same place as slave. Equality in rights and opportunities is what things should be about not way they sell it right now cos way they sell it right now we should expect women to help us with heavy physical work and i personally would never do that even if female is actually stronger than me.
      Equality should be about rights and in some countries women actually have way more right than man but still cry about not being equal.

  • brain5000
    You said "most men don't want these things" with regard to cleaning the house, taking care of kids, etc. and you might be right, but I am not convinced. How do you know "most" men don't want to do them? Do you have any good scientific survey results to show? I would consider doing those things.

    Even if only some men, but not most, want to do them, that doesn't mean the idea is a total fail. Everyone will agree on absolutely nothing. At least *some* men would be willing. Focus on them?
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    • brain5000

      There are plenty of women who aren't feminists, and some who call themselves "feminist" without believing it demands anything of them.

  • Anpu23
    The biggest problem with feminism is not the fact that it helps women, it's that it blocks programs that help men. Such as the fact that suicide is the number one killer of young men in the US, boys are dropping out of school at an alarming rate and so the White house creates a program to address those issues, they called it "Boys To Men" this programs funding was blocked by feminists as it didn't also help girls, yet there are already MANY MANY programs that help young women that do not help boys.

    Young men are killing themselves at an alarming rate, and it keeps getting worse, yet here was a program designed to address it, and it was killed.
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    • lost_alice

      I agree with you but how can a movement to equality for both genders problems only focus on men

  • YourFutureEx
    Statement 1: "so how can they hate feminism so much? because it is not about them."

    Statement 2: "Why would I be part of a movement where men only think about themselves but expect me to think about their rights too?"

    LOLOLOL Oxymoron!

    And we don't need your equality

    And considering your third point, you don't even know what feminism is. Kid trying to act cool by posting on internet and doing nothing in real life except hating men.
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  • Partywithtom
    I'm all for equal rights, and for the most part think we are there. However, I feel some societally expected norms aren't taking into consideration that effect laws/behaviours of all. Genders/sex of a person inherently has pros and cons which should just be accepted.

    You want true equality you (women) can't expect a man to always pay on dates, ask you out, all the things we've taught "men do that" etc... Women WILL ALWAYS have an advantage here. Women are sexually selective from evolution where men have to "spread their seed" to survive. If a woman goes and punches a guy she damn well has every right to get knocked out by said man. Because the "you don't hit women" rule gets tossed out the window thanks to total equality. Men and women sport's well I'm sorry but men will just be better. We are by designed stronger than Women. You'd have to make a coed team and with current sports would really bring down the competition and just not happen. Women will always have seduction tactics as an inherent plus which is, in my opinion, with out a doubt the best trait of male/female. Also theirs the "once you get married standard" you have the yes honey you're always right rule which would have to go. 90℅ of the time you're just 100℅ flat out wrong bit because we love you we prioritize that over the truth so we just nod and agree. Woman run the house in MAJORITY of the case men have little or no say. That's gotta go in a truly equal world... Women ALWAYS have the advantage in child rights cases which is WELL BEYOND UNFAIR for men whom love their children and want to provide for them. You get divorced and more than likely women get custody. There are all sorts of things that are basically the shapers of our laws. There is SOOOOOOOOOO much more behind it than people really appreciate it even consider. List goes on an on

    So do you really want TRUE equality? Is it even achievable? I don't know but I do know that in a truly equal society nothing has value. If everyone is happy no one can experience sadnesses which in itself makes being "happy" . We keep making laws to protect everyone but ultimately we can't and should accept some small portion of negative crimes. We have to accept some level of negative. If there are no negatives we have only neutral and can't then truly appreciate what we have. It sucks for those whom lose but I think it's necessary.
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  • sp33d
    As pointed out by @the_rake: strawman fallacies are bad..
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  • Anotherdumbblonde
    God I wish GaG had an option to just block the word feminism and equalitarian. In the end it really doesn't matter what anyone calls themselves, it matters what you believe and every person is different. Being one or the other really doesn't change anything or make a bit of freaking difference. If you want to know what someone thinks, here's a crazy though- ASK THEM. I swear y'all spend more time arguing over what you want to call yourselves and others, than you do about the actual issue of equality.
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    • lost_alice

      I wasn't telling anyone what to be I am saying why I am not an equalitarian

    • I understand what you were saying and even see your point some- what but you're also labeling and explaining yourself and it just doesn't matter what it's called in the end.

  • This take is ridden with generalisations, hypocrisy and strawman fallacies. Great job.
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  • SnatchFinderGeneral
    You make very little sense. You truly exemplify the scattered mind of the feminist.
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    • lost_alice

      hahaha you know I am a person not a movement stop judging me because of that

    • KingRoach

      Way to remind a woman that she's just a woman.

    • the_rake


      In response to mistixs

      "My solo upvote."

      "I don't think you know what objective means brah. She's objectively absolutely correct. You are the one having problems with objectivity."

      So what are you? For or against feminism?

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  • LifeChoices
    This has nothing to do with equal rights lol. If u wanted to work and not clean and cook then that's just ur preference don't except every man to accept you like that. I prefer my woman to take care of me by making sure there is good meals cooked and a nice home to go too. But that doesn't mean I'm treating her as unequal? Your take is flawed
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  • ayylamo
    Who the fuck dusts the underside of a cabinet anyway?
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  • slimstiffy
    feminism encourages women to:
    leave their husbands- yup, achieved!
    and kill their children- abortions, yup that too.
    looks like ole pat wasn't too far off.
    but thats not why men hate feminism. we hate feminism because its anti-male.
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  • iAMNirvana
    Stop that nonsense radical ideologies and think about how to make this world a better place for EVERY one , hatred and compensation and taking sides are not going to get us any further. I'm telling this to anyone not women or men or...
  • Unit1
    So basically you say you are not an Equalitarian simply because it has incompatibility issues? That's part of being one and I am sure, that true Equalitarians find ways to make it work because after all it's about equality with good intentions.
  • Jeeevan
    This pisses me off. Egalitarian's careally about both genders unlike feminism which only caters to females which is wrong. You can say you want equality all you want but you are part of a movement which only targets females rights when women in the west aren't the most oppressed anymore
    • lost_alice

      I am not in the fucking west stop talking like everyone is in the fucking western world

    • Jeeevan

      So what? I can say what I want. I didn't know you weren't in the west. You haven't even denied what I said which further proves my point.

    • lost_alice

      I didn't deny it cause I don't give a fuck

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  • vnmc1231231111
    Such a stupid thing to discuss on a site full of retards. They interpret feminism exactly like the first meme
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  • modeve
    I teach Women's Studies in a college, so have read a lot about Equalitarian (Egalitarian) and Feminists movements. Men are right because THEY HAVE VERY VERY LITTLE KNOWLEDGE, PERCEPTION AND UNDERSTANDING about these movements. Centuries ole male dominant culture does not think of seeing any woman, be wife, girlfriend, mom or sister, to have their due rights.
    Yes there is a group (Wave of Feminism) which preaches for lesbianism, no connection with men, hatred towards them, absolute freedom and liberty. It's one group only, not supported by all feminists.
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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Because in certain countries it is relevant, in certain places it is relevant but it comes a time when not just one group needs to be cared for but those groups neglected.
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  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    Stop calling feminism "egualitarism". Its not. "Equalitarism" is just the term feminists adopted to falsely associate their own ideals with 'equality' (and the subsequent association with 'freedom' as well, something feminists in practice hate).
  • carolusMAGNUS
    ok. Your poor English notwithstanding, I think you misunderstand eqalitarianism.
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    • goodmood

      I think she meant equestrianism.

  • VictoriousSausage
    to be honest, the best way to create equality is to do the thing you want to do and ignore society's judgement, and those options have really opened up now, thanks femenists and equalitists, you both fight for an amazing cause and you've made some really good strides, so i'm happy to work along a female colleague, women have different mental characteristics to men, they're typically more calm and less aggressive, which makes them ideal in medical, tactical and engineering situations (i'm joining the Royal navy just saying), so really thank you women, if we didn't have you, our lives would be a lot different, and definitely not as good as they are now. (i think it also important to allow people to do what they want, you can be a doctor a nurse or a stay at home mum or dad if you choose, it doesn't matter as long as it makes you happy)
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I see where you are going but I feel some men have corrupted Equalitarism to bash feminism. It is like the Soviet Union corrupted the true mean of communism and socialism. I am a equalitarian and I take it in its purest form equal rights for all like say in the issues you mentioned - I will look at things case by case, if it applies only to women fair enough but they deserve to have the equal rights and privileges in these cases. In speaking about work and the home, yes work, duties, privileges and duties should be shared equally.
    I do resent somewhat the highjacking of my beliefs and them being twisted to serve their agenda. I would like to see positive feminism and positive men's rights activism being able to proceed within the equalitarian umbrella.
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  • Nelson_MP
    Equalitarianism is supposed to be basically the fight for equality without the batshit crazy feminists. But it's up to your conscience, you know that feminism is being thrown in a big trash can because of several supporters.

    Although I am brazilian, I didn't know much about the morning pill thing, but from what I just read, it basically says that someone in a drugstore can decide to not sell it if he/she considers it abortive. It's not like you can't find it in another drugstore or that a place based in profit will stop selling something because "morals". It's like the gay wedding cake thing, you can choose between bitching or just seaching in another place.

    Enfim, é tudo muito subjetivo. Mas respeito a sua visão e entendi o que você quis dizer.
    • lost_alice

      eles ainda tão vendo de mudar essa regra e fazer totalmente ilegal a venda

  • SatyricLord
    I don't know.

    Feminism has pretty much eradicated me from the dating world.

    None of these movements support me.

    Not even equalitarianism.

    I'll support any movement that will help me get laid which so far is none of them.
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  • Reinhertz
    The only thing you made me think of is that some women truly are utter scum.
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  • goodmood
    Do you really expect me to take your article seriously when you can't even spell Egalitarianism correctly?
  • Maxemeister
    Feminism caters to women because way back when we actually needed it. I have no idea what it's like in Brazil but it's gotten to the point where it's better educationally, legally and in more ways than that to be a woman. Colleges are sometimes just expected to let u in to fill a quota. Women barely go to jail for the same crime men commit, and when it does happen the punishments are less harsh.

    Why cater to men's needs, too? Because it's gotten so bad that men need their justice, too. That's how bad it is, that in public this talk is taboo and cannot be discussed. Take your feminism to Afghanistan, to Pakistan, to places such as that.
    • lost_alice

      no thanks

    • Then kindly advertise your "equal rights" to a mostly non-American audience, because we've widely expressed, even the women, that we don't need it. The women are selfless enough to say that we don't need feminism anymore, even selfless enough to admit that men have more problems.

      And I've taken a look at your equality aspect of feminism. Men do each and every one of those things, that's not a rights issue, that's a problem that those women created if they ended up in that position.

    • lost_alice

      I didn't do this about feminism because I don't want to fucking hear about it

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  • hotstuffSRD
    I don't like labelling things
    It's a good take though
  • GogetaThaGod
    Make sense
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  • jacquesvol
    Good take. :)
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  • itsallover
    'Egalitarians', AKA The Armchair activists. 😂
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  • anonman32
    im really getting tired of this gender shit.
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  • Prettyapathetic
    Equity? Who?
  • fartsniffer2016
    My middle name is ham
  • PhoenixItalian
    what do you think equality is among men and women?
    • lost_alice

      being able to do the same things, act the same

    • Be able or allowed? That's different

    • lost_alice


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