Why Men Should Not Have the Right to Vote (Satire)


I stumbled across a satirical checklist crafted by suffragettes in the year 1915, arguing that men should not be allowed to vote, by reversing common arguments opposing votes for women.

Why Men Should Not Have the Right to Vote (Satire)

Inspired by their genius, especially after having discovered that a surprising number of people in 2016 oppose women's right to vote[1], I figured I'd do the same, updated with the knowledge we have in the 21st century.

[1] https://www.debate.org/opinions/should-women-be-allowed-to-vote

* * *

1. Most men are too irrational and hormonal. Evidence shows that men’s hormones are often to blame for irrational behavior, and possibly even the banking crisis[1].

Even simply thinking about women decreases men’s cognitive functioning[2], but vice versa isn’t true. Even if it was true, the impact would be more influential upon men, because evidence shows that men think about sex about twice as often as women do - 20 times daily in comparison to 10 times daily [3]. Due to their hormonal nature, men are cognitively impaired at least 20 times a day. Add that to the fact that there is so much sexualized imagery of women all over the place! How, then, can men be trusted to make political decisions? They might see a sexualized advertisement of a woman while they travel to the voting booth, and then be pulled into a whirlpool of cognitive impairment!

Furthermore, roughly 70% of men watch porn, in comparison to 30% of women[4], & those men who watch porn watch it at a much higher frequency (often daily) than do the women who watch porn[5]. & “After watching mainstream porn, people are more likely toexpress adversarial beliefs about sex and gender, hold more negative beliefs about sexual harassment, have higher rates of acceptance for interpersonal violence, and are measurably less likely to support policies and programs designed to meet women’s needs.”[6] If men’s views are so easily swayed by hormones rather than logic, how could they be trusted to determine the future of this country?

2. Politicians make decisions regarding the fates of women’s bodies. Politicians have the power to outlaw abortion even in the case of rape or potential death of the mother. Childbirth has a 9% PTSD rate[7], which is comparable to the PTSD rate men obtain from war[8]. Why should men be allowed to vote for politicians who will endanger women’s bodies, but not men’s?

3. Men don’t give birth. Why should men have the right to govern a nation that they didn’t give birth to?

[1] https://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/11715789/Does-too-much-testosterone-make-men-behave-irresponsibly.html [2]https://www.mindthesciencegap.org/2012/09/28/just-thinking-about-a-woman-can-make-men-temporarily-stupid-2/ [3]https://www.snopes.com/science/stats/thinksex.asp [4] https://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/percent-women-70-percent-men-confess-online-porn-study-article-1.173109 [5]https://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/videos/a20835/how-you-watch-porn-survey/ [6]https://www.theestablishment.co/2016/03/29/the-shocking-sexualization-of-female-politicians-in-porn/ [7] https://www.postpartum.net/learn-more/postpartum-post-traumatic-stress-disorder/ [8]https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2891773/

In case anyone is oblivious, point #1 was a satirical reversal of the idea that women are too hormonal, irrational, and emotional to vote; point #2 was a reversal of "why should women have the right to vote for politicians who may draft men, but not women, into war?"; and point #3 was a reversal of "why should women have the right to govern a country that they don't fight for?"

Note to mods: GAG insists on putting this under "sexual behavior". If someone could change it to a proper category, that'd be great!

Why Men Should Not Have the Right to Vote (Satire)
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  • Waffles731
    They won't when you mention porn a couple of times it automatically gets put there
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  • RainbowFanGirl
    Why is the font so weird?
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  • Darkone1
    Can you even provide a single scientific evidence to it?
    Women extremely emotional and usually ruled by their feelings and Hell yeah,
    One testosterone vs 100s of stupid menstrual cycle hormones stop fooling anyone,1/100 is 50% more powerful and have capability to influence emotions.

    2) Men always use brain over heart and women always listen to their heart first, which is major weakness. Hi, you are even listening to your heart by giving us word to man that died 100 years ago without scientific knowledge about body and he is not saint either so that, he have divine knowledge.

    3) God knows his creation very well, if he thinks women are that capable like you are defining now,
    a) at least one Prophet will be woman (but he knows, they were ruled by emotions)
    B) HE SHOULD even mention giving extra rights to woman in any holy test in any religion.
    c) our ancestors were not stupid, they know what you are capable of.

    3) This Shit was written by a man without scientific or divine knowledge cuz he is no saint.
    4) Majority of brilliant minds in cosmos from origin of time were males, don't fool us Genetically superiority always shine out from others.
    5) Woman were physically and emotionally weak there is no question about it.
    6) EX
    The normal RBC range in males is 4.32 to 5.72 trillion cells per liter.
    The normal RBC range in females is 3.90 to 5.03 trillion cells per liter
    it alone accounts for physical and mental weakness cuz Brain tissue need O2 to work.
    7) https://www. psychologytoday. com/blog/hope-relationships/201402/brain-differences-between-genders
    Mans can bear stress and control emotions and excel at doing single tasks far better than females. While you are created to think about sex.
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    • Anonymous

      Yes, I came up with many different sources of scientific evidence.

      "One testosterone"? Men have 10x as much T as women.

      And women may think with their hearts but by that logic men think with their dicks.

      "God knows his creation very well, if he thinks women are that capable like you are defining now,
      a) at least one Prophet will be woman"

      Or, if God was real, God knew that men were more likely to be taken seriously by other people?

      You're showing your own gullibility by using "God" as evidence. There's no evidence for God. If there was, people wouldn't BELIEVE in God, they'd KNOW God.

      "Majority of brilliant minds in cosmos from origin of time were males, don't fool us Genetically superiority always shine out from others."

      Men were taken more seriously, and allowed educations.

      By the way, even if most geniuses were men, MOST men weren't geniuses. In fact there's evidence that most people with low IQs are also men. Men are simply more variable.

    • Darkone1

      Testosterone actually hormone of males origin and it has nothing to do with Thinking, intelligence and overall IQ.
      2) Still weak minded lady is not man enough to provide scientific evidence.
      3) by GOD thing, I mean you are weak in religion and Science.
      4) about 8% minority in IQ results can't count for 92% good results. Now you have rights in 21st century still no brilliant minds expect for fighting for rights and social stuff, wait there were man too.

      5) Testosterone have nothing with thinking but according to science which medical students read,50 hormones in females counter their thinking. That's why during your periods (end stage) girls are generally more horny and there is reddish impact on face (not easy to notice)

      6) If you believe in evolution, Female gender is weak from very origin of life on planet earth.
      7) Female brain is like 2 Pentium 1 processors stocked together. While man are Quad core optimized chips.

      I am not against rights but woman should accept their position.

    • Darkone1

      and Hi even on GAG, stupid question by ladies
      If he is interested in me?
      Why he is giving mixed signals?
      My husband colleague is trying to catch his attention?

      I mean, if he fucking like you he will make his fucking move.
      See stuck in these little things,

      as I mentioned I am not against woman rights but ladies should accept their position. I always help poor ladies that accept what they are,

      like I tried to bail prostitute out of jail. YOu need to accept how it is.

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  • Heeelel
    "1. Most men are too irrational and hormonal. Evidence shows that men’s hormones are often to blame for irrational behavior, and possibly even the banking crisis[1]."

    False, women are more hormonal and go easily astray by their silly emotions and estrogen. Not men. Do some reality check. That's why we men have to keep you women in control. Women are te ones immature and irrational creatures. We men have more sense of justice, not you women.

    "Even simply thinking about women decreases men’s cognitive functioning[2], but vice versa isn’t true. Even if it was true, the impact would be more influential upon men, because evidence shows that men think about sex about twice as often as women do - 20 times daily in comparison to 10 times daily [3]. Due to their hormonal nature, men are cognitively impaired at least 20 times a day. Add that to the fact that there is so much sexualized imagery of women all over the place! How, then, can men be trusted to make political decisions? They might see a sexualized advertisement of a woman while they travel to the voting booth, and then be pulled into a whirlpool of cognitive impairment!"

    The reason why we men only think about sex when seeing a woman is because women are nothing good at except sex. If men would see other men, then we would be cautious and be more careful, because it's either a rivalry or trustfull friend. A man won't think about sex when talking or hanging out with other man. And like I've said it before, it's women who get easily swayed by their silly emotions. Crying alll the time and nagging about how stronger and more capable men are than women, etc. Why do you think the government and evil people with suits target you women with feminism and other so called female movement things? Because you women are emotional retards. No wonder the KGB leader spy said 'Women are useful idiots'

    And no, men do not think all day about sex. Get your ovaries out of your brain loser.

    "3. Men don’t give birth. Why should men have the right to govern a nation that they "

    And what has popping a child to do with anything? The nation is governed, protected, created, maintained by men. Not women. The nation, the women, the children exist and survive thanks to men, not women. You women are nothing but our sperm. You exist thanks to men, not the other way round. So women should just stay back and keep their mouth shut and do whatever men says to.

    Ooh, and you women go through nothing compared what we men go through.
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    • Pilulu

      No shit.

    • Anonymous

      "We men have more sense of justice, not you women"
      That's why men make up over 90% of murderers right?

      & All the men who protect society were given birth by women.

      And a person isn't just sperm, an egg is necessary too.

      "you women go through nothing compared what we men go through."


    • HyperNova

      ""We men have more sense of justice, not you women"
      That's why men make up over 90% of murderers right?"

      If you include abortion... then women absolutely fucking BLOW MEN AWAY.

      But leave it to a man to have the sense of justice to define killing another as murder, and for a woman to define killing another as 'women's rights'.

      You're sick. You have no sense of justice.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    This is why the constitution originally required land ownership as a condition for voting: you had to prove a personal investment in the outcome of law and policy to vote for changing it. Then, the definition of "investment" became more fluid.

    Women's suffrage only proved necessary due to a mere two dangerous false assumptions within the culture:

    1. Since it was rare for women to own land or be listed on a deed, they usually didn't vote anyway.

    2. 2 Timothy forbids women being voting parties within the church, and forbids women being ministers. Before the Anglican (Satanic) church decided that its whacky weed lesbian pastor nonsense superseded Timothy, solely because they wanted it to, that was just the accepted norm for the Heavenly Governance: women stayed out of voting directly. They could sway husbands or appoint a male representative if unmarried. It was assumed that the Earthy governance worked the same way. But the silence of suffrage Timothy referred to said nothing about women voting in state elections. He only spoke out against direct suffrage in the church.

    Had these errors in judgment never occurred, women voting would never have been seen as an issue.
    • Anonymous

      There's evidence that that part of the Bible wasn't actually written by the one who claimed to have written it.

      Even if it was, where's your evidence that every aspect of the Bible is true?

    • Where is this evidence? By the w, more archeological evidence of biblical historicity is being discovered every year. But none of that is relevant to my case. The fact is, Americans in previous centuries misused 2 Timothy to prevent women's suffrage. Land ownership requirements were also used to restrict voting, which was misused by politicians appropriating land to defeat their enemies' voting rights. Proof of ability to read and pass basic quizzes of information about issues also used to restrict votes, until it was ruled to discriminate against blacks. So DNC adopted a new con: using ignorance as an excuse to tell the illiterate whom to vote for, subverting the fairness of elections to consolidate power.

      Any time any category is restricted from voting, someone always gets the shaft. Yet, some restrictions are necessary to prevent total hijacking of the republic.

  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I see it for what this is, satire - It is a shame that people still believe some shouldn't have the vote - If you are affected by the legislation you should have vote on who makes it therefore my qualification would be all those who live in jurisdiction with a min age of 14 (I reckon that is mature enough age to vote).
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  • AriadneSky
    its funny ridiculous the same way the other abut women was ridiculous. when people take them seriously bc they really think negatively about each sex. the guys getting pissed off here are taking it seriously bc they legit think the satire about women is true. its nuts.
  • YourFutureEx
    1. Says someone who gets PMS.
    2. What are you up to? This problem could be solved by having more female representatives, not female voters coz ultimately, there will be a man who'll lead.
    3. Don't forget that you are nothing but our sperm.
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    • lumos

      Men have hormone fluctuations too.
      "Don't forget that you are nothing but our sperm."
      Ehm, an egg is required from the woman in order to create a baby. So we are more than your sperm, yes :D

    • @lumos see? We men are underprivileged and deprived. We need exclusive rights and facilities to match you women ;(

    • Anonymous

      PMS is a few days a month. Men's cognitive dysfunction due to having strong tstosterine hormone levels happens 20+ times a day.

      Anyway do men risk their lives inseminating women? Is it a painful experience for most?

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  • evenlift
    The sad thing is that men were indeed sent to their deaths without having the right to vote!
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    • Anonymous

      And women were sent to their deaths (forced to give birth even in life threatening situations, even in the case of rape) without having the right to vote

    • evenlift

      What's your point?

      My point is that what you call a satire is in fact partly true.

  • Mustachekitteh
    Each time I hear about the female rights to vote that went on around 1915. I keep picture how Mrs. Banks from Marry Poppins would talk and that one song she did. XD

    I kind of feel bad for poor horny men. :P XD
  • Miezko
    Awesome m take, and you even sited your sources so bonus points for you.

    I would like to note that men very much so gave birth to this nation (the U. S.). It sprung from John Locke's philosophy on government and other enlightened thinkers all of whom were men.
    • Anonymous

      Who were given birth by women tho

    • Miezko

      But the thoughts weren't.

    • Anonymous

      Women gestated their brains into existence

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  • HyperNova
    Take away men's right to vote, what happens?

    You get war.

    Take away womens right to vote, what happens?

    You get peace... lots of bitching, but peace.
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    • Anonymous

      Why would you get war? Men would start being piss babies and murdering people for being treated like women used to be treated?

    • HyperNova

      Oh look, a precocious feminist who thinks she's knows something about something, but got all of her understanding about the world second hand via a feminist's rectum.

      Ok, men would be piss babies and murder people blah blah, I'm offended. I really am.

      Now, please enlighten me about how women used to be treated, and how not men not having the votes relates to that. Please include the country you live in/perceive women to have been treated in this way.

    • HyperNova

      Get to it woman, I ain't got all night.

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  • Pacificblue62
    I'm happy With both genders having the right to vote. The people I don't want voting though are those who vote and don't really know what they are voting for. Can't think critically or think for themselves. Those voters would be better off just staying home.
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  • Splintercell
    Interesting well thanks to the Republican Party back in the day they defended and push for the fourteenth amendment to be rarified. Not to burts your bobble as of Jan. 1, 2017 all women 18 years old are required by law to register for the draft thanks to Senator McCain.
    Me personally I stand against women being required to sign up for the draft.
  • hellionthesage
    Funny you would choose that picture since it was a satirical response towards anti-suffragest women, not men.
  • FingerDancer
    Which is worse?
    Denying men the right to vote or denying women the right to speak in the presence of a man?

    In my world both choices suck
  • Loveherbut
    If u think about it logically men are the cause of wars and bad laws
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  • RedVulcan
    Heh, these were always fun to read in our history textbooks.
  • MisterSii
    This isn't serious. Everything OP wrote are lies and don't make sense. But the original one with title 'why women should vote' makes much more sense and speak the truth.
  • Careless_Whisper
    well, since women have been given more power, the western world has gone to the dogs, especially the family unit. Go figure.
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  • Unit1
    This is funny indeed xD haha :>

    On a side note, I don't go to vote at all :D.
  • ice_vampire
    Remember just one thing...
    All those surveys are based on the person's admittance to the surveyors questions and they dont take the impact of society under consideration.

    Plus, women are sexualized a trillion times more than men are, because its a male dominated society, so it has a effect.

    Apart from that I see a pattern in your questions and mytakes, That is that you think men are sexually soo loose to women they become dysfunctional when they see women, or get turned on by any girl etc etc... All your post seems to portray how much of men are perverted and women are morally high.
    Your attitude is very wrong.
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  • Papier
    Well, I won't take this serious if it's a satire. Ehh, yeah.

    Nice take, though.
  • dudeman
    lol women contribute far less to society.
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    • Anonymous

      Yeah its not like they contributed by giving birth to the entire human race... oh wait.
      Also women are the ones who enable men t do things for society by doing the majority of unappreciated and unpaid but essential housework and childcare
      And women make up 4 of 5 jobs in healthcare, preventing people from dying & enabling them to live so that they can make contributions

    • dudeman

      everybody cleans their room. dont pat yourself on the back

    • Anonymous

      Men don't

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  • anonman32
    this gender thing is starting to piss me off.
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    • Hannah591

      This site is practically based on genders.

    • anonman32

      @Hannah591 il refine my previous statement. this rhetoric about gender is starting to piss me off. its childish really. its like, girls this, guys that, girls this, guys that. wheres the love? were is the appreciation? its all passive aggressiveness and cold hearted bitchery. i dont like this gender battle, i dont want to fight. i just want to get along thats all.

    • I feel you dude so sick of this shit

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  • Valkyrie1
    This is awesome. Lol.
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  • bradlazer
    This is funny.
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    • Anonymous


    • bradlazer

      My only problem is I think more women watch porn. lol

  • KRIEL55
    Disagree 2 People
  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    Hahaha, yeah, it's true, very funny mytake :)
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  • Bandit74
    I didn't want to vote anyways.
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  • ZellRocx666
    So refreshing to read your take
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  • Anonymous
    The fact that so many women will vote for corrupt Hillary just because she is a woman... because GRRL POWER... proves that women shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  • Anonymous
    In the uk all men over 21 got the vote in 1918. All women over 21 got the vote in 1928. So there was a 10 year difference. 1918 was also the year many men got back from fighting in a war in which millions died. The men fought for and earnt their vote. What did women do?
    • Anonymous

      More American women died in childbirth (i. e. bringing the next generation of people/soldiers into the world so that the human race can keep existing) during WWI than American men.


      In case you doubt it, I give a run-down here on how it's true.

    • Anonymous


      117,000 US deaths. The US also only entered the war in 1917 meaning they were in it for a year or two.

      In the uk ~1,000,000 died and since the uk was my example thats the only relevant statistic. I dont know much at all about universal suffrage in the us. In my home nation however, women were given the vote 10 years after men, so I dont know what this whole, 'women didn't even have the vote' thing is.

  • Anonymous
    Women voted to stay dependent on the British. Nuff said.
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  • Anonymous
    So many butt hurt men taking this seriously XD
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    • In all honesty, its not the MyTake I'm taking seriously, it's just the common stupid debate that one gender is better than the other. Both genders are equal, and both genders have strengths and weaknesses. But sadly, there are some males and females who can't see this :(

    • Hannah591

      @MrMysteriousofEarth Tbh, men started the greater sex issue by constantly oppressing women.

    • MisterSii

      This isn't serious. Everything OP wrote are lies and don't make sense. But the original one with title 'why women should vote' makes much more sense and speak the truth.

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  • Anonymous
    Regardless of it's "satire"... If women don't like people saying they are to hormonal and emotional they need to stop using it as a scapegoat when they are held responsible for their actions. Stop acting like a bitch then saying "Sorry PMS'ing" etc.

    And Women are emotional that isn't a stereotype but psychological science.

    2: Comparing childbirth to war is insensitive and ignorant. Postpartum depression is not PTSD! Regardless of what your feminist biased "women's Health" page tells you. Postpartum is a chemical imbalance, PTSD is mental shock of watching your friend get blown up in front of you, or seeing children murdered by militants. It's shock from insanely traumatic events. Feminist need to stop trying to claim they got it from reading twitter comments, or from having a natural event occur.
    When it comes to politicians making judgement for abortion... if you think it should be your choice then the father who is HALF of the DNA of that child should also get HALF the choice. Just because you incubate it shouldn't give you 100% power. Women don't seem to care that men generally put their lives in danger all the time for them and without question. You can handle one instance where your physical well-being takes a hit.

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    • Anonymous

      And if men don't want people saying men are too hormonal, then they should stop using their hormones as an excuse to sexual harass, cheat, and watch porn.

      Anyway, according to several psychological definitions, sex drive can be considered an emotion, so whether women are more emotional depends on how you define it.

      Regardless, what's wrong with being more emotional? It allows you to empathize with people in need, and people who suffer. We need more of that. What benefits does thinking with your dick have?

      & The various studies show that the symptoms for childbirth ptsd are akin to those from war. By the way just because it's a natural event doesn't mean it's not traumatic. War is technically a natural event; chimps do it. Seeing loved ones die is a natural event.

      Anyway, the reason abortion is justified has nothing to do with DNA. In fact, if there was a fetus in a woman's body that didn't contain her DNA at all, for whatever reason, she'd be even MORE justified aborting it.

    • Anonymous

      Abortion is not a matter of DNA but autonomy ones own body and whether you'd like to allow a fetus in your body or not. An organism having your own DNA, doesn't allow you to override someone else's bodily autonomy.

      Otherwise men would be allowed to rape women as long as their fathers said so. "He's half my DNA!"

    • Anonymous

      BAH hahaha you are confusing "hormones" with natural animal instinct. If you don't want people looking at you sexually... don't put your body on display for sexual attention.
      Women cheat just as often as men. And porn is a visual version of female mental fantasy... if you think porn is an issue then you need to stop all your mental fantasy. (Rape fantasy being the most common among women.)

      *"Sex drive is an emotion" - but you just tried shaming male sex drive because it was "hormones"? Stick to your script FFS.

      No one said there was anything wrong with being emotional... but if you don't like people using it to define you then stop using it as an excuse when you are acting insane.
      If you look up "man saves" and then "woman saves" in google... you will see that males empathize with creatures in need without a second thought. Men put their lives in danger to save even ducks stuck under ice. So yes "we need more of that" but we need it from women, men already do it naturally.

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  • Anonymous
    The scary thing about that list is that I was psyched about everything until #5.
  • Anonymous
    First off, your first point of men being too irrational and emotional to vote can be applied to both genders depending on the subject. And also, perhaps if women these days dressed more appropriately out in public by not wearing revealing clothes, it might stop men thinking about sex and keep our hormones in check. As for your second point, laws that prevent abortion aren't there to deliberately control women, its about whats morally right. The idea of abortions of any kind is horrifying to me. The way I see it, the moment the sperm cell fertilizes the egg cell to create the embryo, that embryo has the chance to develop into a fetus and then into a baby who has been given the gift of life. To have an abortion is to steal the chance of life from the fetus before the baby is even born. To me, that's worse and crueler than murder. That potential life didn't even have a say in the matter and couldn't even defend it's self. Even worse, to have an abortion is to take the potential gift of life away from your own child, your own flesh and blood. Abortions in my opinion is far worse than murder. The only time I believe abortions should be an option, is if the woman's pregnancy was threatening her life. If a rape victim became pregnant, but didn't want to keep the baby, then I think the woman should give birth to her child then give the child to an adoption center so he/she can have a chance at life. No one should have the power to end an innocent life. Abortion is the power to end an innocent life and should be outlawed with the one exception previously given, even if it is unfair on some women. If this angers women, take your anger out on the rapist bastard who has earned it. And for your third point, how would women give birth to future generations without sperm which men provide? Both genders are needed to create a new generation. Both genders have faults, especially when it comes to making decisions, so saying one gender is better at governing a country is childish and biased. Both men and women should govern together to create an even balance, as women maybe better at somethings which men are terrible at, while women maybe terrible at something else which men maybe better at. Equality is key when governing a country.
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    • TakeMaker

      Are you a fucking Arab or something? We should dress less revealing so you don't think about sex?

      I'll go fetch my burqa.

    • Anonymous

      @TakeMaker I was more or less thinking mini skirts and shorts which reveals a lot wouldn't you say. A lot a female clothes also reveals cleavage these days too. Is that all needed to make women look attractive these days? It appears to me that some women these days want to look sexy in public to perhaps show off their body to the world, yet these women blame men for getting distracted by there presence when they wear such revealing outfits. Although men are already attracted to women without women having to wear revealing clothes, women still wear revealing clothes which only encourages men to think about sex. You blame men for being aroused, yet women promote sexualized imagery considering women buy the revealing clothes. Something suggests to me some women don't know what they want. I'm not saying women should stop wearing these type of clothes, just stop blaming men for being distracted when some women promote this fashion. And is being an Arab a problem for you?

    • In that case, can you men cover your arms and legs? I find them sexually appealing and can't control myself.

      And by the way, idiot, has it ever occurred to you that lesbians and bisexual chicks manage to keep ourselves in check around miniskirt wearing women. Hell, we can keep ourselves in check around NAKED women

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  • Anonymous
    Ha ha. XD