Believe It Or Not, History Has Affected Both Men AND Women

Believe It Or Not, History Has Affected Both Men AND Women

We often hear the narrative that women in history played the role of men's subjects, and had no rights of their own.

While this is true on some levels, there is a lot that is also taken out of context. We apply our modern standards of living to those living in a much less tame society.

Men may have had more rights...but they also had more responsibilities. Historically, this was a fairly even trade.

The fact we can't ignore is that men and women are different, physically speaking. In an era where we can insulate ourselves from the harsher truths of nature, our forefathers were not afforded that luxury.

So in the forging of civilization, it was necessary to make use of each sex's physical assets to allow both genders to flourish.

Lets be clear: life was not easier for men than it was for women. In many ways, it was much, much harder.

Because men are larger and stronger, a mans role was naturally to protect and provide for his wife and children.

This meant that from an early age, in most social classes, boys began to learn the trade of hard labor. So they would grow to be men who would toil in the fields, under the sun, while their wives remained indoors making use of what was provided to them.

Believe It Or Not, History Has Affected Both Men AND Women

Men were also expected to go to war, as needed. And through much of human history, this was needed often. Men were required to see the most horrific, bloody scenes. To kill and often times be killed.

Believe It Or Not, History Has Affected Both Men AND Women

While women remained home. Albeit, without the right to vote or (often times) own property.

Women are smaller and softer. Our role is clearly that of a nurturer. Our bodies were best made use of in the home. Bringing children into the world and rearing them. Cooking and cleaning and creating a pleasant place of rest for hardworking husbands.

Believe It Or Not, History Has Affected Both Men AND Women

It was no less a necessary position than that of men. It was simply different.

Because of the simple fact that exposure to the bleak world of years gone by would be unsafe for women, we were often times less aware of the world around us.

Because of this unfortunate naivety, we were not able to vote or hold political positions (in most cases). Not because women were seen as inferior. Simply because we were different.

With the industrial revolution, men and women's roles and responsibilities in society began to change.

The world was becoming much safer. There were more opportunities for women to work and to contribute to society in more ways than we had previously been able.

Yet as the years passed and our share of the work grew, our rights did not.

This necessitated the suffragette movement. One of the few women's rights movements in recent history with valid concerns. They fought for equal rights. And they won!

Believe It Or Not, History Has Affected Both Men AND Women

Now we live in an era where women are equal to men in every. We have voting, property, reproductive, etc rights. We've even won ourselves the "privilege" of facing the atrocities of the battlefield.

But we're still complaining. We're making up micro aggressions. Mansplaining and man spreading. Rape culture. None of which are real.

Believe It Or Not, History Has Affected Both Men AND Women

We're perpetuating the idea of ourselves as victims. We're telling men and boys that they are villains and that they have been throughout history.

We're ripping traditional masculinity and femininity apart as oppressive, forgetting that it creates the perfect balance between the sexes.

We're deconstructing the harmony that took years to create.

We are privileged to live in a society where women can work in an office next to men. And most men don't need to go to war.

Yet we choose not to appreciate that and instead look to the past and judge our ancestors despite being totally unable to understand the world they lived in. And we blame them for problems in today's society, that simply don't exist..

There are two sides to every pancake. To think that men, once upon a time, conspired to oppress women is completely unrealistic. Our history together is of making use of what we each had to offer in an environment we couldn't control.

Today's brand of feminism is divisive and unnecessary.

We are still different. But we ARE equal.

Believe It Or Not, History Has Affected Both Men AND Women
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  • hellionthesage
    Actually men couldn't vote either. Universal male suffrage did not exist in the UK until after WWI and universal male suffrage came about in 1852 in the US only 67 years before women solely based upon the fact that they could be conscripted (this did not just apply to military conscription but also into police posses as well as helping in searches, restraining of criminals and during the time of slavery being forced to hunt down escaped slaves once a month, as well as in bucket brigades where they put out fires and rescued people from burning buildings all of which was mandatory under penalty of arrest and imprisonment) meanwhile women gained the right to vote having to sacrifice nothing at all. Women where the ones preventing women from voting because they did not wish to give up their special priviledges which consisted of not being forced into civil services as men where among other things (in fact one survey done in England showed that 70% of women did not wish to have the right to vote specificly because they did not wish to be conscripted). The suffragettes where not legitament, the suffragist where. Soujerner Truth's famous speech "ain't I a woman?" was actually directed at the suffragettes, since the suffragettes wanted middle class white women to have the right to vote while suffragest wanted everybody to have the right to vote. Also as previously stated the suffragettes who are the ideological ancestors of the feminist actually did not wish for equality since as stated they did not wish to be conscripted into civil service as men where they just wanted the right to vote i. e. the priviledge but not the responsibility that came with it. Also coveture only applied to married women so unmarried women could own property run businesses etc etc. It was due to the idea that the man was responsible for his wife and his family so all responsibilities fell to him so since he had to pay the taxes on her land it was ceded over to him as it was deemed unfair to expect him to provide for her even as he had no say in how she functioned or what she did (kind of like expecting a manager to run a business but giving him absolutely no authority over his employees). However with the beginning of the industrial revolution most of those rules became more lax because as you said things became easier and as such strict rules of survival could be eased up on. I would also point out that technicly (at least in the west) women have more rights then men.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Other then that good take, very true. We tend to distort history with our own biases and ideologies (it doesn't help that one ideology has taken such a strong hold). So again very good take.

    • Jager66

      They also bombed government buildings to get women the right to vote...

    • @Jager66 They also commited arson on more then one occasion as well yes. They where pretty terrible people.

Most Helpful Girl

  • mistixs
    “In developing countries, some of the hardest physical labor is reserved for women.”
    “About 5,600 factories in Bangladesh employ more than 4 million people; 90% of the workers are female…
    Bangladesh’s garment industry has earned a reputation for harsh and sometimes lethal working conditions. An eight-story factory collapsed last April, crushing more than 1,100 workers. Six months earlier, a factory fire killed 112 people who could not flee because their bosses had locked the doors to keep them working…
    [There are] horrific industrial accidents and accusations of labor abuses — such as forced workweeks of 80 hours.”
    “Women frequently do some of the hardest physical labor…
    Women must take more responsibility for domestic chores as well as demanding physical labor….
    Most of this labor is performed without recognition or compensation. UN statistics show that although women produce half the world’s food, they own only 1 % of its farmland. (4) In many developing countries, the work that women do is not considered a “real job”. For example, should a woman wish to take a factory job, she is expected to keep up all her duties at home in addition to her new ones.”
    Women make up more than half of construction workers in India.
    “It is common here for women to do backbreaking work in the fields.” All the way throughout pregnancy & resuming right after the birth.
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    • Unit1

      Poor women :(

    • Curmudgeon

      All of which are in the lesser developed world. Which makes the complaints of Western leftist "Womyn" truly shallow and pathetic indeed!

    • Jager66

      So whats your point? That women, only, have hardships in poor countries? Without accompanying this with the hardships men face and/or some context, it's nothing but pointless whining or virtue signaling...

      For example you could include some info about the hardships men face in India as well. Like the men who work in asbestos plants in India, who have a life expectancy of about 5 years once they start the job. Then you could make the point that people in developing and/or poor countries face extra hardships, or something like that.

      Unless you only care about challenges women face, not challenges humans face?

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  • Kko123
    Any person that truly believes in equality among sexes would acknowledge that there were issues on both sides, but that is NOT to say there aren't still problems on BOTH sides.

    Examples for Men: There is a horrid stereotype that men shouldn't be sensitive or express their emotions, they also have very unfair treatment in courts when it comes to custody issues REGARDLESS of how rotten the mother could be, they are still unfairly expected to pay on dates, men are still sadly expected to approach women when it comes to dating, abuse towards men in relationships is completely ignored, unfortunately, even though it is not really possible with the costs of things these days, some women still expect men to be breadwinners, Men are still expected to be tough all of the time (I had a boyfriend who didn't tell me he was scared of rides until we got to a theme park because he was afraid of looking weak -- this is sad to me), men, very unfairly I might add, don't get pregnancy leave because they are the father (why should both parents not spend time bonding together?) etc.

    Examples for women: Women often still aren't paid fairly and I have proof of that from a personal experience, They are expected to look perfect and have a perfect body, they are also judged widely for choosing to sleep around (men are not judged nearly as much for this, but are more often PRAISED for it), Women are still expected to be passive or they are considered a "bitch", from the words of a therapist I saw "women will always do more work because that's how it was" -- as in they will always clean, cook, do laundry, etc. AND work full time because of how our society is. Obviously, this isn't every relationship (its certainly not how mine works), but it's a general expectation because of sex stereotypes, some people still don't have respect for women in certain professions, and again I can say that from personal experience being a funeral director, etc.

    My point being that you can say everything is "equal" and women (and men) have nothing to complain about, but there are STILL lots of issues that need to be worked out for both sexes in this society! If you think those things are equal and fair then your mind must be thoroughly close off.
    • Unit1

      We can conclude, that society is simply retarded. Nothing more and nothing less. Retarded.
      We are not to impress retards. We are to live our life as we see fit.
      But this gender wars will never cease.

      I support equality. Being emotionless and tough at all times/being in a perfect look and refrain from sleeping around at all times takes it's toll on us and it's not pleasant. And for what? For the retards in this retarded society. What a sad waste >.<

  • Jager66
    "Men may have had more rights... but they also had more responsibilities. Historically, this was a fairly even trade."

    EXACTLY this!!! Context matters soooo much. Something Feminism is violently allergic too.
  • MaiNameIsSunshine
    Both sides have their merits and issues, to act like that isn't so is ridiculous however it is also ridiculous to say that everything that is wrong with both sides is okay because they cancel each other out... We no longer need to develop society in the same way thus traditional gender roles are not necessary any more as they can be oppressive to both parties.

    Just my two cents.
  • FatherJack
    " We're telling men and boys that they are villains and that they have been throughout history." Thank you !! Coming from a single dad that has had hostility from mothers that automatically assume I'm a sexual predator... for the " crime " of being male !! Excellent take , I'm also an ex British Army soldier , you are right , the key here is different , but complimentary as we are supposed to be !! Cue feminist downvotes , feminism is simply an anti male hate movement nowadays.
  • anonman32
    you know it is not that we choose these traditional positions. we were forced into them by circumstances like war, famine. these things we did not choose but we had to survive so we did. these traditional roles we thus created, now we dont need them anymore and we can take other roles to our liking.
  • Unit1
    It's sad, that people blame our current generation too for something, that we were not responsible for in the past :(
    People died to bring us where we are now. I can't say the worth of sacrifice because that would be ignorant from me but the point I'm trying to make is, that we don't take advantage of our possibilities today to better ourselves as a whole instead.
  • Fathoms77
    Very well done. We forget about history FAR too often when debating current events. :)
  • AriadneSky
    women toiled in fields and factories and for much less pay than men. in addition having to deal with being raped- legally- by employers.

    men were HEAD of homes meaning women had no control of themselves or their children or the money they earned. they could be raped beaten tossed out or killed. this does not mean women did not work outside the home. poor people can not afford women being at home. you're talking a about lifestyle of minority of upper class people. a lifestyle in which women had no rights. you can't compare one labor to another when one is not even recessed as a human being.

    historically poor people have it the worst. poor women worse than poor men.
    there is been real documentation on this stuff. thousands of articles from people who did actual research.., your post is making a joke out of history.
  • Gonetowardthewind
    Congrats that you passed 9th grade history, do you want a gold star?
  • Djaaaaaay
    This is true. Although from the beggening of civilization , females were the head of house hold. Thier views were a type feminism. Men took that privilage away. All societies sine then , have allowed women to almost be equal. At this very point , as women keep pressing for more and more... Society will make her go right back to sqaure A all over again. So just when women think there just about to get everything to thier advantage... It starts all over with strict disadvantages. Check your history all the way back and you will see that...
  • 1whetam1
    I enjoyed reading this mytake! I agree with everything
  • Relentless_Hippie
    Thank you!!!
  • Spermdumster666
    good take all true
  • PT1911
    This MyTake,

    Omg This Mytake
  • Maxemeister
    wow didn't know this was how it was
  • Anonymous
    If you were running for president, i would vote for you. Thank you for all that you wrote, i wish modern femninists would understand what you write.

    Thank you Miss, great mytake

    my favorite line...

    "We're ripping traditional masculinity and femininity apart as oppressive, forgetting that it creates the perfect balance between the sexes."

    i actually cried :'( Men and women can create such beauty together, instead all we want to do is to show who is better, i'm no better than a women, i need and want a women in my life... :) <3