My Take on Chivalry: No, It's Not Dead

My Take on Chivalry: No, It's Not Dead

Chivalry is not dead, but instead it is suppressed. In today's world most men don't see the point in acting like a gentleman. It even goes as far as basic manners being thrown out the window.

I'd like to address why chivalry is no longer practiced by the majority. The other day I saw a post on this site that had me thinking. In summary the post stated that the man offered to lend a hand to a woman who was carrying a heavy box, to which the woman said that she didn't need any help because she wasn't helpless and little. Before I continue I'd like to state that I agree with the feminist movement but only to a certain degree. This scenario was affected by the movement (I apologize in advance if I offend anyone) and the man will probably be less inclined to help the next woman he meets along his way.

When someone offers a hand it's a sign of respect, not a sign that you're helpless. We take time to offer to help because we sincerely want to help.

My Take on Chivalry: No, It's Not Dead

My next point is something that happens to a lot of us chivalrous men which causes us to be more inclined to suppress our good acts. In this day and age chivalry is rarely seen to the point that some woman see it as flirting rather than just a good deed.

I'd like to say that if a man sincerely offers help, or does a basic action such as holding the door, just thank them and let them help. Hopefully with this we will see more gentleman out in the world.

My Take on Chivalry: No, It's Not Dead
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  • FashionQueen86
    I really think it depends on what the woman has gone through in her life or what she's been taught or raised around. I've always held the door open for men and they do the same for me. I WILL admit, that if a man doesn't hold the door open, it feels a bit strange, becuase I was just always used to the kind gesture. But nobody is obligated to do a thing for anybody, especially when it comes to gender.

    I do think the woman was rude and was unable to recognize a kind gesture given to her. It's also like the argument that today, people can't even take or handle a compliment anymore without freaking out.
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  • Major_Vybz
    I'm chivalrous af.
  • Anonymous
    It's very much alive