8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With


Superstitions: They're present in almost every part of the world. I'm gonna list a few I am VERY familiar with below. :p


8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

1. Give a pregnant woman everything she wants

8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

I often hear that if when a woman is pregnant NEVER refuse to give her things she wants (it can be anything; a pet/candies/etc....) or the baby will get a noticeable birthmark with a close shape to what she wanted (but didn't get)once he/she will be born.

2. Removing evil eye

8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

By burning onion peeling with dry red chili wrapped in old newspaper.

3. Protection

8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

Take a pinch of salt and turn it 7 times around a person before that person leaves the house.

4. The black cat

8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

If someone is walking someone or even if that person is driving and sees a black cat crossing the street...the person will have to spit because the black cat is a sign of bad luck.

5. Hair falling out

8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

When you're brushing your hair don't throw away the lost hair; instead tie them together and put it in the stem of a banana tree (its said to reduce hair loss).

6. "Knock on Wood"

8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

I am sure A LOT of you are familiar with this one lol..in order something bad from happening

*touch wood*

7. When cutting hair...either:

8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

cut/trim it during full moon for healthier hair growth


8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

make a pregnant woman cut/trim your hair (but it has to be at the beginning/middle phase of her pregnancy not at the end)...it is said to promote healthier hair

8. Dreaming of fish

8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

If someone dreams of fish...it means either the person (if a woman) will get pregnant in a near future OR someone in the family IS pregnant.

The ones I've listed above are a very few i know (there's way too much LOL).

8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With

GAGers what are the ones you're familiar with? or you often hear about?

8 Superstitions I Am VERY Familiar With
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  • Cccgala
    Some of the superstitions I personally know:

    (1) "Conjoined" bananas.
    If a woman eats them both, she would be more likely to conceive twins. (Uhhhh... what?)

    (2) Menarche "3rd-step-from-stair-jump".
    A girl shall jump from the third step of a stair all the way down to the ground for her to have a 3-day menstruation per month. I don't even believe this but I did it anyway when I had menarche.

    (3) No sweeping of floors on nights
    Households should not have their floors swept on nights for them to not miss the next morning's "rewards."

    (4) Not sewing any defective clothing while wearing it
    If you do, your future children would have no butt holes. (I am serious, mind you.)

    (5) A shooting star/comet denotes an upcoming catastrophe
    Here, a shooting star is seen as a bad omen :(
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Righttobeararms83
    Never use a ouiji board or let one into your home. Cover all mirrors in the home when a family member dies. Never move a holy picture or bible you may find in the attic of an old house. When you hear tge wail of the banshee someone close to you or yourself will die.
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    • zombiebabe

      i know the one about the mirror.. my relatives did this when i lost my grandma earlier this year

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  • sailorjupiter
    malay superstition:

    if someone wants to pee or take a dump in a remote area or jungle or near grave, one should first "asking for permission" to the "land owner/ancestor" of that place, if not, they will haunt you.

    i think this applied to chinese superstitions too
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  • hellionthesage
    The first one sounds very Asian to me, I personally never heard that one. In china the black cat superstition is actually a white cat (or so I hear since white is the color of death in china). Interesting though I haven't heard some of those before.
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    • zombiebabe

      good to hear you've discovered new things

    • well I'm always on the look out for new information and beliefs (I love studying mythology, folk lore and such, superstitions are an extention of that) so thank you.(P. S. if you have any information on any of these then I would love to read a take of them)

    • zombiebabe

      oh i am glad i helped!

  • Relentless_Hippie
    My period was late one time and my grandma had a dream about fish. She swore up and down I was pregnant and made everyone worry about me. Like lol yeah, the only virgin in the house was pregnant.
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  • BlondyBabe
    Lol I hadn't heard of some of these but yes to the salt but I'm my family if you spill salt you have to throw some over your left shoulder , fish dreams rings a bell, touch wood, yep definitely. Lol soooo many in my family!!
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Definitely a wow there - A few I never heard of in there especially the pregnant ones - I half knew the black cat one - The only one I really knew was the knock on wood one - Very interesting take
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  • Xfitchick
    Well, if I have bad luck, I will know where to find you my little, cute zombie.
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    I'm just freaked out that I had a dream this morning about my dad waking me up, saying that the office needed my help. And when I head over to visit later the same day, I find out that the office could use my help. And he'd pay me - enough to fix my phone. I was quite disturbed by that.
  • lazermazer
    There's way too much stupid things then these superstitions
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  • helloitsmethere
    You forgot:
    9. The number thirteen
    10. Opening an umbrella inside a house
    11. Breaking mirrors
    12. 'Navel String Tree' (you might not have heard of it, but it's popular where I am from)
    13. Stay away from cotton trees at night
    14. Walking under a ladder
    15. A boy who looks like their mother has good luck and a girl who looks like her father also has good luck (people tell me that all the time lol)
    16. You shouldn't look at a corpse at a funeral while pregnant or else both the baby and the mother will die (or something similar to that)
    17. A flock of crows over a house means someone in that house might die in the next few hours or days
    18. A dog constantly howling over a week at night means someone is about to die
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  • Maxemeister
    The number 13? 4?

    Umbrellas inside, walk under a ladder, break a mirror
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  • PT1911
    What if you had a dream where you not only witnessed two nuclear bombings, but survivid them?
  • Maazin
    None I can relate to lol
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  • Prettyapathetic
    Im going to have nightmares now
  • Anonymous
    Out of your list, I only heard of knock on wood
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