How to Keep Your Automobile Running For a Long Time

How to Keep Your Automobile Running For a Long Time

Our automobiles get us where we need to go. They can be collectors items, or they can be used to haul the kids and errands into town. Anyway you put it your car has to be maintained regularly. If not properly maintained or checked regularly it can lead to serious problems down the road that can cost you thousands of dollars. Here are a few simple ways to keep your car maintained.

Keep the air and treads checked on your tires

Your tires keep your car on the road and able to maneuver over most land fixtures. But always check your treads. Take a standard US penny. If the treads cover Lincoln's head the treads are good, but if the treads do not cover Lincoln's head it's time to invest in some new tires. Using worn out tires can be extremely dangerous especially in inclement weather such as hard rains. Check your tire pressure often by using a tire gauge. Add air when needed or if it's under a certain PSI.

How to Keep Your Automobile Running For a Long Time

Check your fluids often

Many fluids go into running an automobile. Such as: Transmission fluid, Antifreeze,Motor Oil, Power steering fluid, and gasoline. For the transmission fluid you should always add it while the car is running. The Transmission fluid should full no matter what. If it gets low or you see a leak, there is more than likely a problem with the transmission.

Motor oil should be checked once a week at least. If the oil is getting black then it's time for a new oil change. Oil should be added as the dipstick shows low. The oil and oil filter should be changed every 3000 miles. Antifreeze should also be watched constantly and added as needed. Because antifreeze is really the car's lifeblood. As it can keep a car from freezing in extreme cold or boiling in extreme heat.

Add gasoline in the late evening or early morning

The reason for this is that heat evaporates the gasoline more in the summer months. Experts recommend that you pump your gas in the cool of the evening or early morning hours to make sure your car gets the maximum gasoline it needs. Also for the blend of gas to use always check your cars owner's manual.

How to Keep Your Automobile Running For a Long Time

Take your car for it's inspection yearly

In some states such as North Carolina,Virginia,Texas, California etc... Yearly vehicle inspection is mandatory in order to obtain new license plates for that year. Inspection checks the major workings of the car to see if everything is in shape. Most states will not let a car pass inspection unless everything is in good condition. That means windshield has no cracks, lights work perfectly, blinkers operate,wipers work etc.. So make sure you get your yearly inspection where mandatory so that minor problems can be fixed before they turn major.

Keep your car washed and detailed on a regular basis

This is especially true in the winter months or in sandy climates. The salt on the roads in winter can cause corrosion and rust if not washed off often. Sand can do the same to a car. Keep it washed everytime it looks dirty. Keep the inside detailed too by using Armor All, Turtle Wax etc.. Keep the car vacuumed,the leather and interior polished, the tires and hubcaps cleaned, the wipers checked, and the air in the car smelling fresh.

Just a few car care tips to keep your baby running like new!

How to Keep Your Automobile Running For a Long Time
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  • EmpatheticLady
    I didn't think about the timing of when to fill up my tank, but it makes sense. :)

    Thanks for sharing!
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  • Gommers
    You forgot blinker fluid and mixing sugar into the gas for octane boost.
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    • There is no blinker fluid, and adding sugar to the gas tank ruins motor

    • Gommers

      Yeah, don't know what cars you're driving but that's clearly not even remotely correct for modern cars.

    • Im pretty sure not much has changed in the maintenance and care of an automobile other than the modern designs and technology.

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  • ginny_weasley
    Great my take and very informative!
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    • Thanks! I've planned on doing this take for a long time.