Justice For All: Thank you, Obama, for Freeing our Non-Violent Self-Harming Criminals


Justice For All:  Thank you Barack for freeing our non-violent self harming criminals

Barack thank you for being an exceptionally great president. Thank you for catching Bin Laden. Thank you for your restraint in the Middle East.

But thank you most of all for freeing our black men that were profiled then jailed on drug charges alone. No dealing, just addiction. Thank you for finally bringing them justice. Most of these men weren't even allowed their constitutional right to Due Process. They were forced to take a deal or face life with no representation in court. This is such an important issue.

I don't care how conservative you are, it isn't right mainly because it is a tax burden. I don't want that large sum of my taxes going to disenfranchise black people that are nonviolent offenders who are a danger only to themselves.

Justice For All: Thank you, Obama, for Freeing our Non-Violent Self-Harming Criminals
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  • Waffles731
    Good take but you are going to pis off a lot of ifiots
    Is this still revelant?

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  • GoldMeddle
    TL;DR. Too liberal, didn't read

    This issue has nothing to do with race
  • Saoirse_Nua
    I thought he was a great president too and Obamacare was a move in the right direction, healthcare is a right for all not just those who can afford it.
    "Restraint" in the Middle East? The man who singlehandedly launched Syria into a Civil War and attempted to usurp its rightfully elected government, in the process effectively starting a second Cold War with Russia?
    • sjoes006

      You're extremely naive. The US in past protocol likes boot on the ground. FAIL

      This president did not engage is in a new war more or less. But mostly less.

      The Arab Spring is not the responsibility of Obama. It's a beautiful thing that happened and we hope it makes lives better.

    • The Arab Spring was the worst thing to ever happen in the Middle East since the establishment of Israel. Do you have any knowledge of the region? Because of the Arab Spring, fundamentalist governments who want to institute Sharia have come to power, and minorities like Christians, Shias, and Yazidis are being driven to extinction because of it. At least the dictators like Saddam, Gadaffi, and even Assad were/are secular, and maintained law and order. They were not killing people in the name of religion. They were killing people for the sake of stability and running a nation, which is at least *somewhat* more understandable.

      Democrats have been behind every single war in the United States since the Spanish-American War of the 1800s. Even major Democratic candidates like Hillary Clinton supported Iraq, and Afghanistan had bipartisan support stemming from a bill which authorized the war.

  • mrsingle
    If only we could end homelessness.
  • anonman32
  • YourName123
    is this sarcastic?
    • sjoes006

      Nope 100%. I don't want to pay for someone to sit in prison because he had a ounce of pot or even because he was dealing a couple of ounces of pot because Nixon wanted a war on drugs.

      Nonviolent offender. Even worse was jailing crack addicts who weren't even dealing in the 89's for walking while black.

      My focus during schooling was humanitarian law and criminal law volunteering to free specific individuals locked up for these types of things.

    • sjoes006

      20 years for a crack pipe...

    • so they should be out offering your kids drugs, returned to the ghetto where they will spruce it up? How much does it cost to keep them on the govt dole on the outside?