9-11-16: 15 Years Later

9-11-16:  15 Years Later

What is a day.. 5479 Days....

What is a year.. 5 Years..10 Years..

15 Years of Tears...

15 Years of Pain...

15 Years of Sorrow...

A birth.. A Renewal.. A Hope..
An Anniversary.. A Remembrance..
An Engagement.. A Start of something...
A Special Occasion... A Memory...

What is a day about
To celebrate a birth...
To celebrate a life...
to celebrate a new beginning..
to remember..
to reflect....

To Pray..

Pray for the lost.

Pray for those who have lost..

Pray for those who grieve.

Pray for those who are grieving..

Pray for Hope....

9-11-16: 15 Years Later

What is a number... What does the number Mean...
2753 - Lives Lost....
343 - NYFD
23 - NYPD
37 - PAPD

What is time...
8:46 AM
9:03 AM
9:37 AM
9:58 AM
10:28 AM

Why is time important...

Why did time stand still.....

What is Time...5 years.. 10 years.. 15 Years....
Time to smile..
time to laugh..
time to cry...
time to remember..
time to pause and reflect...


What is missing on this day... This day of 15 years....
A Mother..
A Father..
A Step Mother..
A Step Father..
A Sister..
A Brother..
An Aunt..
An Uncle
A Godmother..
A Godfather..
A Wife..
A Husband..
A Child..
A Friend..

What is special about the person who is missing.. 15 years...
a laugh.. which hasn't been heard...
a cry... Which hasn't been seen...
a hug.... Which hasn't been felt...
a smile.. Which hasn't lit up a room....

What do we do in time...What have we done and seen.. in 5 years... 10 years... 15 Years...

9-11-16: 15 Years Later

We remember.. 5 years... 10 years.. 15 years.....
we heal..

On this day.. We Remember.. 15 Years Later...
A Mother.....
A Father
A Step Mother..
A Step Father..
A Sister..
A Brother..
An Aunt..
An Uncle
A Godmother..
A Godfather..
A Wife..
A Husband..
A Child..
A Friend..

We Never Forget...
Their laugh..
Their cry..
Their hug..
Their smile..

And most Importantly.. WE NEVER WILL EVER FORGET September 11TH, 2001.

9-11-16: 15 Years Later
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  • SammyGurl
    Thank You, that was beautifully written it touched my heart to its core brings tears to my eyes thinking about the individual tragedy and sacrifice in the face of evil.

    Where was I, four years old and sleeping it's three hours later on the west coast. After waking, I knew there was something very wrong. I sort of remember bits and pieces of that morning, it wasn't just any morning. I remember my Mom's tears, wondering why when my own come I finally understand. As I was getting ready for pre-school I understood something bad was happening. I remember a sad feeling all day.
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  • renogaza
    *cough* jetfuel can't melt steel beams *cough*

    we should honor and remember those who died but we should also remember how full of sh*t this tragedy was and how it was a trigger created by the US government to incite war in the hearts of the American people.

    THIS is what I'll NEVER Forget.
    • renogaza

      i wanted to post this yesterday, but i decided to only today to give people time to mourn, so don't think i'm cold or heartless, i'm just not as gullible as the people who believe the government so easily.

    • renogaza

      2 people are butthurt about the truth, too bad so sad.. i can't be bothered to be patriotic and much rather enjoy being treasonous because i get to see the world for what it really is, not to be blinded by the bullsh*t propaganda that every country in the world gleefully shoves in everyones throats

    • renogaza

      i believe i am treasonous not because i'm some kind of terrorist or anything but because i do not blindly follow my country like everyone else does with theirs and see the true nature and intentions of the governments of the world, for example my country loved our president rodrigo duterte, but even before the elections i knew he was very bad news, nobody listened to me and now we are beginning to face the consequences of his arrogance, people blindly follow propaganda like its a heaven sent message from the messiah or some bs, but i refuse to be influenced by the bullshit of the world, this is why i pursue the truth of history with such passion, and why i always know who the bad candidates are before the elections even begin, open your eyes and see the world for what it really is.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    Not to be the ass here, but how many died from the US invasions in the middle East since then?
  • Callieeee
    Yeah we'll forget it eventually, just like countless other tragedies no one even knows about unless they reread a history book. Who looks back on Pearl Harbor and says "man, that really hits home."? Nobody. We are generations removed from that awful happening. Give it another 50 years and I'm sure people will give a similar amount of fucks about 9/11 as they do about Pearl Harbor today.

    How and why? Because of the two great anesthetics, death and time. And through them all is forgotten.
    • Umm yeah.. What's your point? You go ask your grandparents about Pearl Harbor, and they will very likely talk about it like we talk about 9/11 (or at least how I do). You're 19, so that would make you around 4 at the time it happened. I was 11 when it happened, and I remember it carry vividly. It is important to those of us that were there, regardless of its importance to future generations.

    • Callieeee

      @Nothanks700 I guess the point is that we don't have to act like this is a forever open wound, one that we can conveniently throw salt in when we want to feel bad for murica or justify our wars. The Pragmatism of the phrase, "let's move on" is the alkaline that balances the acidity of this mytake that wants you to dwell on the darkest of times. That doesn't help anyone.

      And it's just a fact, like history becomes legend becomes myth, no one far into the future will ever know or care about what happened on 9/11. I'm not saying we have to forget the lesson, because whatever you can take away from that tragedy is knowledge that existed long before 2001. I propose we push aside all the rhetoric and tears and tell ourselves to move on.

    • That is beyond ridiculous. There is a chasm of difference between history that we read, and history that we live. It's incredibly insensitive to say that America, and especially the people that lost loved ones, should just move on. Does it justify wars? No, and it didn't back then. You are just not going to understand it until something like this happens when you aren't 4 and have no idea what's happening anyways. Even for an 11 year old, it was terrifying. The country thought war had finnaly been brought to us; it sounds dramatic, but at the time people didn't know if an attack like that would completely destroy us. were more attacks coming? I just don't think you get it right now.

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  • Terry_Himmler
    didn't Make me sad or feel anything because
    1. Nagasaki Hirosima Bombed by americans
    2. Viethnam War Americans had the objective search and destroy, killing and raping
    3. France from Jihads 2015
    4. World War 1 Killed or wounded 38 Million
    so many more sad events
    even pearl harbor is more sadder then 9/11 just 2700 deaths and two towers jesus christ chill
  • Jayded1
    August 6 and 9, 1945 are days we seem to have forgotten. The US gets attacked and 2000 people die, it is remembered as the like the worst thing is the history of the world. The US bombed Japan and killed around 120,000 innocence, that is quietly forgotten.
    • also US troops murdered many people in Afghanistan and Iraq, and no one gives a single shit

    • Rawrzz

      Everyone here seems to enjoy using the atomic bombs as a testament to US evil. If you're going to use something, use declassified CIA documents or the middle east. Not something that happened damn near 100 years ago, and something that happened in the midst of a war. It's like if you kill my mother, so I kill all your extended family. Well. You shouldn't have killed my mother. E. g., Japan got what it bargined for. Not only did Japan bomb pearl harbor, it did so without a declaration of war. Even by Japanese standards, that was a highly dishonorable thing. More, pamphlets were dropped before the bombs dropped, telling everyoke their shit was going to get fucked up if they didn't bail. If you got a pamphlet like that, would you just stay? More, who knows how badly the war wouod habe dragged on had the bombs not been used. More, the use of atomic weapons prevented other wars out of fear.

      I love Japan. It's probably my favorite country. I am a huge anime nerd. However.

    • Rawrzz

      However, Japan was a militaristic warmonger, then.

      More. If you want to hate on the U. S., use them stealing resources from 3rd world nations. I ain't defending the US. But I dont like it when people pretend like a country is saintly just because they got their asses kicked.

  • John_Doesnt
    Downvote me all you want, call me unpatriotic or a terrorist but: I don't care anymore. I just don't care and am bored with hearing about it.
    15 years a long time. Unless I know somebody who was a victim or had a friend/family that died I just don't give a damn anymore.

    BTW: I'm not the %25 of Americans who are retarded enough to believe it was an inside job by the government or some magical scheme. I know it was terrorists, it was tragic etc. But I still don't care anymore.

  • Ahmed_Sy15x
    Thank you for writing this but how many people did US troops kill in the middle east? how many did they kill in Iraq and Afghanistan? what about the bomb in Japan? why don't people remember that? some people are just blind :(

    this world is a fucked up world man
  • Shiiz
    Meanwhile US troops murdered millions of brown people in Iraq and Afghanistan and none gives a single fuck.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take - Keeping it personal - Lots of people directly touched
  • aWes0MeNeSs
    I love this, and I remember this happening when I was 6 years old. Thanks for writing!
  • Rawrzz
    Yeah, I really don't give a fuck about 9/11. I was in middle school. Particularly since we don't *really* know if it was terrorists or our own government or some other government or whatever. 3,000 deaths. That's really insubstantial, particularly considering how many people die from drug overdoses or homicide in the U. S. I dare say we, as a culture, mourn the buildings more than the lives lost. Or just the notion of "We can kill our own people, but no one else can."

    With a vague approximation, 241,815 people have been murdered in the United States since 9/11. What makes those 3,000 so special?
  • Ghassan
    It's a sad incident for a lot of people and I respect that, but never tell me it wasn't an inside job.
  • positivepill
    most of the people working in those towers were prolly incels anyway and its survival of the fittest. So there was nothing to mourn about
  • redeyemindtricks
    Thank you for this.
  • Noxifer626
    Indeed, today, the eleventh day of September, something terrible happened.
    In 1973. The democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile, which had nationalized the copper industry, improved the rights of the working class and redistributed wealth, was taken down in a violent coup that was orchestrated and supported by the United States of America and several private companies of that country.
  • BCRanger10
    Thank you for writing this.
  • 3336PS
    Thank you for putting it together. Tears...
  • Fathoms77
    Thank you for this!
  • helloitsmethere
    Thank you very much for writing this.
  • colourz
    YAWN, don't care. Bunch of band-wagoners
  • doctorwhofan23
    Great take