Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women


Hey Gagers,

So I had a talk with my fiance and his family; my fiance is mixed half black. His mom is white and his dad is black, so we somehow came up with different kind of stereotypes. Then unfortunately we started talking about African American women stereotypes. It was very uncomfortable hearing what his mom and family had to say, and he was embarrassed. It started some conflict and I kind of felt they were being racist...but they where just expressing their opinions.

Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women

I asked for their honest opinions so I couldn't get too mad. It just bothers me that people think this about black women. Not all black women are the same, of course. Some people just generally think this of most black women. The majority of black women are just like any other women in America and I hate when people stereotype us black women...but this is the kind of world we live in. Here's a list of things that are often said:

1. Welfare Queens

Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women

People say we;re lazy, jobless and count on welfare benefits. First of all, this has nothing to do with race. People in general are just lazy and jobless and live in poverty. I see a lot of black women with careers and working there asses off, and iI'm one of them. Society thinks otherwise.

2. Overweight and out of shape
Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women

Most black women are thick, not out of shape. Being overweight has nothing to do with being a black women. All women come in all shapes and sizes.

3. Can't grow natural long hair.
Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women

Black women can grow their hair as long as they want, as you can see; if you don't take care of your hair and damage your hair then it won't grow at all. It will fall out. Most black women with short hair either cut their hair or its just really damaged to the point that it won't grow. All hair can grow long if you let it.

4. Darker vaginas...some say "purple"

Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women

I hear this one a lot. My Mexican friend a few years back asked me if this stereotype was true and I told her hell no. Not all black women's va jay jays are purple. They're pink too just like they are on any other woman. Some black women may appear darker but purple...?

5. Loud, Ghetto/Bad attitude.
Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women

Yes, some black women are ghetto and have no common sense and this is me when i see this behavior:

Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women

While most black women do have some sense, this also has nothing to do with race. Some people are raised in the ghetto and are just loud, period. I can catch an attitude at times and most women do; women can get really moody especially when that time of the month comes around lol.

6. Other races dating black women is a fetish.

Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women

They call this jungle fever...but no this is love. No fetish.

7. Have ghetto names.

Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women

Hahaha. Yeah, but not true and it's cause their ghetto mamma named them. I have a normal basic name " Erica" and most black women do have non-ghetto names.

8. Smell funny.

Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women

Yes some black women keep products in their hair like grease, which is really good for hair. so it might give out a smell that other races are not used to. My friend back in high school, she is white and she thought I smelled funny because of the grease i was using in my hair. I used grease because it made my hair very soft. She thought I smelled weird lol but I explained to to her that it was the grease in my hair, and why I had it in my hair. Then she totally understood. She later married a black men they had a daughter together and now she's also using the same grease I used in my hair for her daughter. Now she tells me she loves the smell lol.

So lets just say I looooove being a black women, and just being a woman overall. I hate these lame stereotypes. Any thoughts on this please comment.

Thanks for reading.

Top 8 Negative Stereotypes About African-American Women
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  • RainbowFanGirl
    Cool take. 😍💗

    These stereotypes are one of the reasons why we are considered the "least attractive race of women" and other negative connotations. The stuff that I hear about black women over the Internet is disgusting, and they make me feel bad about myself because I do not fit into the stereotype, and people assume that we are all like this when that is simply not the case. I was thinking about writing my own version. Let me go through each point:

    1. I'm at the top of my class in my school and I plan on getting a higher education.

    2. I eat healthy and workout 4 days a week.

    3. Look at my profile picture. That is my REAL hair.

    4. Um, mine is pink lmao. Makes me mad that people say we have beef vaginas. Not true at all for most.

    5. I'm quiet and well-mannered according to my teachers.

    6. Nope. This is just dumb and I hate people assume this. Maybe they actually love the woman for who they are? Why does it have to be a fetish?

    7. My name is Mikayla. Far from ghetto.

    8. I smell very good actually lol.
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    • Guy83

      Considered least attractive by one racist Japanese researcher.

Most Helpful Guy

  • madhatters4
    stereotypes (whether positive or negative) are not good. it only perpetuates the notion that we can label people (individuals) by groups rather than understanding people as individuals.
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  • menina
    Great Take!

    I'm not American, but I'm black and I get pissed off when I read comments about black women (in the US) on the Internet.
    Not everyone is the same. And people shouldn't base their opinions on stereotypes.
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    • Yeah, just take a look at some of the comments on this myTake

    • menina

      @RainbowFanGirl I looked at them. It makes me sad and angry.
      Unfortunately, some people use the Internet to say things they can't say in real life.
      Sometimes I wonder if these comments represent the opinions of Americans, or if it's just the people on GAG.

    • Fgyyggg

      Is it any different from where you're from?

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  • amarahorrorstory
    Thank you, very sad how many people are actually trying to say they're true. We aren't all the same. Then you have people being like "well I'm white and I've got stereotypes"... lol no one said you didn't, not everything has to be about you. We are talking about black women, write your own MyTake.
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  • RedThread
    My suggestion for anyone who has these thoughts and opinions is to actually go out and meet people. Make more friends and acquaintances and you'll realize that people are individuals. You can't paint everyone with the same brush. We forget that people are individuals.

    I also don't see how 3 is a negative thing. There are plenty of beautiful hairstyles that don't require someone to grow their hair long.
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    • I like the "you can't paint everyone with a brush" part.
      If anyone thinks this should be a quote, say "AYE"

    • Jazmanja

      "You can't paint everyone with the same brush" "AYE, Aye, aye"

  • EvilPimp
    #9 black women giving a f about these lame ass stereotypes that others think about them. F those stupid lame pieces of dog shit Its like black people don't have any self pride anymore and always looking for acceptance from others f these fools that stereotype us. I have the dignity not to go out my way to prove to anyone that i'm not a stereotype, because if any of these Sandusky copycats are dumb enough to generalize blacks, why should I give a F about their lame ass opinion?
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  • helloitsmethere
    1. My family has NEVER been on welfare... also, I grew up with my father.
    2. I'm literally 100 pounds on a good day (lel). Skinniness runs like WILDFIRE in my family, and we're mostly full black. My mom was 99 pounds in college, my sister weighs 115 pounds, I have three aunts who pushed out about five kids each and their bodies still look the same (they are more than likely under 150 pounds). I also have a cousin who works as a fashion model.
    3. Tell that to my great grandmother who had waist length hair (okay, she was half Indian, but you get the point). A lot of my family members have 4c natural hair past their shoulders. Mine is currently getting there (armpit length natural hair). I have a friend whose hair reaches the middle of her rib cage and I had a former classmate whose hair reached into her lower back and guess what, they are all natural hair. 4C natural hair to be exact. Also, not every black woman wears weave.
    4. Purple? Who came up with this? Last time i checked... forget it. O_O
    5. Because of this stereotype, I am often labelled as an 'oreo'. -_-
    6. I doubt the white man who married one of my cousins was fetishizing her... also, my cousin doesn't 'hate' herself.
    7. Most people in my family have some basic ass names...
    8. I get a lot of compliments saying I 'smell nice'.

    This was a good, well written take. A lot of these stereotypes I really don't fit and some people are surprised about my interests when they get to know me better... :/
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    • I dunno why people think we're all ok welfare and why that's such a bad thing.

    • @RainbowFanGirl Probably because of the negative stigma around it...

    • Guy83

      You'll learn that you have nothing to prove to these people. It's unfortunate, but you just have to give 'Em the finger and keep it pushin'.

  • legs_n_sheets
    The thing you need to know about stereotypes is that, even if not all applies to everyone, they exisy for a reason. Lots of this seem to be true with a lot of black women, in my experience.
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    • What black women have you been around? None of these apply to me or a lot of black girls at my school. Many of them are kind, well-mannered, and intelligent.

    • Guy83

      There is no way to post that comment and not look like an a$$hole, but you must not give a damn. Believe me, I could say a lot of things about black because a lot of them do not seem to like me... but I don't because there is no need step on a group that's already oppressed.

    • Guy83

      @RainbowFanGirl You're 17? Take this as an early life lesson: only care about the opinions of the people who care about you. Everyone else is just background noise.

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  • TokyoGhoulLover
    I am totally following you. Finally somebody said it. I fit non of these stereotypes.
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  • Mrscurious005
    The struggles of a blck women and honestly black people in general are always getting stereotyped. Thats why the police are killing us dead in the street. Its hard being black in america i dont even feel safe anymore.
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    • Twix005

      Stay strong sista β™‘

  • Library
    None of these are true. African American women are hot 😍
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  • Coffinspire
    I'm sure every area is different but around where I live I know many very strong and proud African American ladies that I admire a great deal. They take care of themselves (more so than I see most white women) and they don't take shit from anyone. Though it did take me a while to get used to how they talk, I always thought they were yelling at me, but they were just loud lol
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  • FakeName123


    Statistics are mean and racist though. Reality is, many stereotypes don't come from nothing. If you aren't one of those stereotypes, blame your fellow blacks who created them.
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    • I agree with this statement

    • @AIAthefirst

      Self-responsibility seems to go past the head of all the downvoters. So you are one of the few agreeing though. Seems like when it comes to blacks people throw any common sense out of the window.

    • I'm a black female from Africa πŸ˜‘, i just understand stereotypes, every race has them and as you said there is a reason why, stereotypes are basically what the majority are inclined to do. But they do not give any account for the exempt minority thus they are not reliable.

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  • IsraelJordan

    Some of these comments though, lmao
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  • RationalMale
    I have to agree with number 5 based on black female coworkers at a lot of jobs.
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    • rsstanford

      Just like there are a few drugged up white trash looking people based of a lot of jobs.

    • Chico_brah


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  • davisgirl89
    Hello, my name is Jennifer, I am a black American Female, and I am proud! Most black females I know do not live by these sterotypes. The only ones I really see are on TV ( God forbid the news. 😭) if you would like to meet an educated black female I am more than happy to be your friend. I offer my friendship to those who are ignorant and have socialized little with the African American Women in their community and believe these stereotypes to be true.
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  • Sinister
    Validating what I've known for years, THANK YOU! Some people just don't want to understand and believe everything the media tells them. No higher thinking.
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  • pr3ttybr0wn
    i really dont care about what lessers think about me. we have stereotypes for them too
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  • JoyGirl
    Girl, tell them!
    I am none of those things.
    Well done on your take! 👏
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  • Guy83
    Why did you post this? I may have only dated a handful of black women, but I am very protective of them. I feel like you're gonna get some mean and racist responses.
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  • LoloWaye
    Dealing with these stereotypes is rough. It sucks when people tell me I must not really be black because I don't fit their misguided perception of me. Smh.
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  • YourName123
    No stereotype happens randomly, about any race, gender, etc.

    Black women have 100% of the control over this.

    Asians are stereotyped for being smart because an above average number of them are smarter than average.

    Only black women are to blame for this and only they can fix it.

    People are more scared of sharks than dolphins for a reason.
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  • YummyLady
    You are verrry beautiful. And I am glad you love yourself. 💋
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  • TheDevilInside
    I've heard people saying that blacks smell... weird. Kind of like how indians smell weird too. It's like a very typical smell. And people think it comes from the food that you eat. I'm not being racist here, but in my opinion it is so.
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    • by the way, I'm not white. I'm Asian. And tbh, I don't know what it is in the food that causes body odors, since you know, us Asians we love our garlics and stinky durians. But everytime I eat Indian food, my poop smells different lol

    • reixun

      It's called spices πŸ˜‚

    • @reixun yeah I know. But what kinds? Us Asians also use tons of spices but somehow other races never seem to complain about our body odors

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  • ibodi
    Is it racist if I say African is better than African american?
    No matter body shape and idea..
    I think African american's body shape is huge
    and I feel African idea closing to me
    tho it seem to be conservative
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    • Nope that's your opinion and you're entitled

    • xXiTacoXx

      Dude, where are you from? I swear I need google translate, and a lost in translation to English dictionary.

  • This_is_my_username
    This is a great take. Srsly people make stereotypes about the color of Vaginas? wtf is wrong with people these days.
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  • Rissyanne
    I've never heard the one that black women smell. I work with a lot of black women... and they all smell very good.
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  • Kiran04
    The other 7 might be crap, but I've met very few black women who don't have a huge attitude problem. They think being at the top of the "oppression" ladder makes them special. It does not. I don't care if you think you're oppressed. Strength comes from dealing with adversity, not bitching about it.
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  • lostgirl_searching
    Another one: not everyone but some people didn't believe that I was born and raised in area that was majority more white Americans than black Americans.
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  • vishna
    Yes! Great MyTake. A group of people is exactly that, a group of people, not a group of clones, every single person is different having different likes, dislikes, quirks, and personalities.
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  • phil2
    I have to say though that I have met a lot of black women down south that have really unique names... but not to say that I haven't met the same in other races (Asian, Caucasian...)
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  • Gewicht
    Is it true all you have junk in the trunk?
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  • JensonStatement
    At First: I'm black either.
    I think number 7, 2 and 1 are real US problems. Most of the times i see 5 coming to reality.
    For 3 isn't true. But stop cutting your real hair and use weave. Then they will stop saying this.
    4: I do not care. Even if it's purple. I say purple Reign to it. Prince also did.
    6: These people who saying this are aslo racist but they're mostly strong tied up to the old US-fashioning way.
    8: is cause of the hairproducts some of these women use.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    That gal in the wedding dress is cute. I met a gal that was black in the elevator on day. She was cute... Too bad I had a bad day that day and didn't talk to her. She seemed young anyway

    I don't have any of these probably because I don't want any stereotypes placed on me because I'm SE Asian.
  • chc0009
    Well, I know several African American women who are rather well-educated and well-spoken.

    I don't think it's a race issue to me. It's more of a lower socioeconomic issue, because white women do similar things, as in the redneck and trailer trash ones. And there's Latina women who act like that, as in the cholo types.

    Again, any race can act like that, but the ones who are in poverty are more likely to be angry an violent.
  • Zorax
    Great Take, I also have several stereotypes to deal with (left-handed, atheist, vegetarian) :P
    Anyway, I've never met any of the African-American women in person, but I'd like to, they look cool on tv :D
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Interesting take - Stereotypes tend to be negative in general - I try to think of most peoples attributes rather than their stereotypes
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  • EmoKate97
    Don't know much but i do know that black men apparently avoid black women and try to go outside their race more then any other.
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  • Ahmed_Sy15x
    I think it's true that African people (male and females) grow less hair, even Neanderthals (white and short and hairy humans who lived before us in Europe) were way hairier than homosapiens (our predecessors).

    but lemme say something guys, my best friend Sam is a black African guy and guess what? he's the most loyal friend I've ever had, he doesn't forget me and he even texts me to ask my mood and he's a true friend, many of my white friends don't even give a damn about me, so don't judge all of them because you had some bad experiences with some black people.
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  • NajemEddine
    great yet the media keeps promoting this images sadly
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  • BigJake
    Ah, black women aren't the only people who face stereotypes. Black people stereotype white people all the time.
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    • But this isn't about the reverse so why bring it up

    • BigJake

      @SmandyCandy I bring it up because black people like to pretend like they're the only people who face stereotypes. It's false. I played football my whole life up through the varsity level in college, and I constantly faced the stereotype that white guys are terrible athletes. So I'm personally sick of hearing about stereotypes from the very people who were the worst about stereotyping me.

    • vishna

      Why don't you create a MyTake on your experience vs complaining that hers isn't valid/correct (lmao) because you've felt pain too...

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  • AlwaysPositive
    I love black women, I think they're fantastic and I have long since wished that they would stand up collectively and make their voices heard because I dislike the amount of negativity that is thrust upon them. Sure if you search and reach hard enough you'll find some black women that fit these stereotypes but in the main I have found black women to be pleasant and I found numerous black women to be very attractive and I love their natural hair, the frizzy hair, I think it's awesome. I just love black women (but I too get the whole "you have jungle fever shit) because none of my friends including my black friends like black women, they all prefer white women.
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  • Patmedley26
    Sad part is most of these are true for most black women I've seen... Its disgustingly become a natural trend...
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    i love this im personaly black and i understand all of it
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  • FrankReynolds
    The same negative things that are seen with Black women are the very same thing you see with any race of women.
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    • vishna

      White women are stereotyped to have no lips, flat asses, be submissive, etc. Each has their own particular set of stereotypes silly people like to spread.

    • One more thing A world with Black women in it is a whole lot better than a world without them. It would of be even better if there was more Black women in it.

    • Guy83

      @vishna Submissive? White women are the most demanding women I've been with lol. Maybe at first, until they have their hooks in you.

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  • Trifulnoop
    All of those (except the purple puss, of which I have no knowledge) are true in my experience.
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    • watch some black porn, the purope is true too

  • StickStickity13
    Some of these stereotypes are true, but I know a lot of blacks girls who don't fit them at all.
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  • Nolt01
    If a white woman doesn't like you she gives you the let's just be friends speech.

    A black woman be like "Nuh uh!".
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  • GreatnessBack
    Women usually believe dumb shit, so don't worry about your finance's mom.
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  • zagor
    Wow, that girl in #6 has freakishly long skinny arms.
  • Curlybeauty17
    Awesome take. 100% real talk.
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  • babeeeone
    I hate stereotypes
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