America Bashing - A Popular Sport Among European Socialists!

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America Bashing - a popular sport among European socialists!

At the moment, I am a bit pissed off at a certain user from Europe. This is not a picture of him, but this is what I think of every time I see his user name:

America Bashing - A Popular Sport Among European Socialists!

Before I begin ranting about this guy, let me clarify that this is not directed at all Europeans. I understand that it is a politically and culturally diverse area and it would be a mistake to over-generalize and say "all Europeans" think the same way about anything. Many of you folks out there are very reasonable, intelligent, good people. What I am about to say is not directed at you.

I don't think that this particular user has ever been to the US. If so, it was probably for a very brief visit. I suspect that he, like many Europeans, base their opinions about the US on what they have learned in school and particularly on what they read in the media. This particular "enlightened" user told me that the media in Europe is not at all biased as is the media in the US and, therefore, he is entitled to believe whatever he hears on television or reads in print or on the European internet news outlets!

He began explaining that my country is filled with hate and it is especially engendered by Donald Trump. He said that I am arrogant for thinking that the US serves as the policeman for the world to try to preserve peace. He added that the only contribution the US made to the Allied success in World War II was the number of soldiers that we could supply, because the vast majority of the intelligence and strategy for winning the war came from the European forces. I didn't call him names, but after telling me all of these things, he blocked me from responding! What childish behavior!

America Bashing - A Popular Sport Among European Socialists!

So . . . here's a partial response:

The most vile example of hatred in the history of this planet occurred in Europe, not the US, and it killed millions of Jews. In the last century, Europe was also the home of the Ukrainian Holomodor, the Armenian, Greek, and Assyrian genocides in the Ottoman Empire, and the Bosnian genocide. Those examples don't mean that Europe is consumed with hate today . . . but don't lecture me about my "hate filled" country with a holier-than-thou attitude!

Try to seriously insist that there is no bias in your media and I will piss my pants from laughing!

America Bashing - A Popular Sport Among European Socialists!

I won't even bother to recite all of the peacekeeping missions that US forces have spearheaded over the past 70 years. Although the US does not currently provide many armed forces to UN peacekeeping missions, from 1948 to present, the US has contributed $108.8 BILLION dollars to the UN's peacekeeping fund! For 2016, the top 10 contributors to UN peacekeeping operations are:

United States (28.57%)
China (10.29%)
Japan (9.68%)
Germany (6.39%)
France (6.31%)
United Kingdom (5.80%)
Russian Federation (4.01%)
Italy (3.75%)
Canada (2.92%)
Spain (2.44%)

As for World War II, I love Winston Churchill, but . . . he wanted the D-Day invasion to occur in the Mediterranean and he was overruled by American strategists.

Don't tell me my country hasn't done great things for the world!

I understand that liberals like to bash America. It is one of their favorite games. But what does it accomplish? Does it make me think that I come from a bad country, that I should be ashamed of my heritage? Does it make me want to be a liberal?

Hell no! I am proud to be an American. I think that America bashers are jealous of the traditions of our country. They chastise us for our patriotism but they are like the fox who can't reach the grapes and dismisses his loss by claiming that the grapes are all sour.

America Bashing - A Popular Sport Among European Socialists!

I am not a xenophobe. I had several college friends who were Syrian Americans. I have dated a girl from the Ukraine, I married a girl from Germany, and I have dated girls from Colombia and the Philippines. I am not a xenophobe and I am not afraid of Muslims but I think we should be careful about letting Syrian Muslims in to this country; according to ORB International, 21% of all Syrian Muslims support ISIS!

I am not here to bash Europe. I don't have any strong negative feelings about Europe or its nations and I would love to visit many portions of the continent and the UK. Why should I tell Europeans that they should be ashamed of their countries when I don't know any more than just what I read about them? Similarly, why do Europeans think they are entitled to criticize the US when all that they know is what they have read in sources that primarily are biased?

If you disagree with me, I don't care and I don't want to argue with anyone. I love my country and you will never take that away from me!

America Bashing - A Popular Sport Among European Socialists!

America Bashing - A Popular Sport Among European Socialists!
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  • Anonymous
    Pretty sure you'll find American socialists mostly hate America, and that Socialists in European countries hate their own countries in addition to the US.

    Here's an excerpt from an article discussing exactly this phenomena as displayed by Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the (socialist) Labour Party in the UK...

    "Jeremy Corbyn is happy to talk to Irish Republican Army men, avowed anti-Semites and Hezbollah militants; but he refuses "out of principle" to talk to the Sun newspaper, a right-wing tabloid.

    He campaigns for the national rights of Venezuelans and Palestinians; but he opposes self-determination in Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands.

    He'd like to admit as many Syrian refugees as possible, but is curiously ambivalent about why they became refugees in the first place, telling RT that Assad's chemical attacks may have been a Western hoax.

    He is relaxed about Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon, but he can't stand the idea of Britain having one.

    He says taxpayers should be able to opt out of funding the military, but not out of funding trade unions.

    He wants to re-open coal mines that have been uneconomical since the 1960s; yet, oddly, he wants to wean us off fossil fuels.

    He can't even unequivocally condemn the Islamic State without adding a "but…" to the effect that America shouldn't have been in Iraq.

    He is, in short, happy to ally with any cause, however vile, provided it is sufficiently anti-British and anti-American."

    And a nice cartoon of the phenomena..

    I can only assume this comes from the view of the US as the shining example of free market capitalism (which isn't even particularly accurate anymore). Whereas American socialists generally view Europe as somewhat closer to their post revolution fantasies (which depending on the country is also likely inaccurate) and therefore don't have the same hatred.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I enjoyed reading your reply and especially enjoyed the cartoon/meme.

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  • Blonde401
    I might have taken this more seriously if you hadn't thrown 'socialists' in there. It's the constant spouting about 'liberals this' and 'socialists that' that makes America sometimes seem like it's full of right wing, gun toting, relgious zealot nut jobs. I don't personally think my country is great, I don't sit and say my country is any better than anyone else's but America certainly isn't as wonderful as some of you have been indoctrinated to believe. Yes I've been to America and I have family from the States too, so you can't say I'm not entitled to form an opinion. I've actually travelled all over the world. But then I don't come from a country where cops shoot a man to death simply because his car broke down, so maybe I'm missing why America is so great and so much more wonderful than the rest of the world.
    • Waffles731

      Its like he forgot that America has socialists too, what am chopped liver,
      Cause liver is fucking nasty I'd rather be like steak

    • @Waffles731 Waffles, how could I forget about you and your cohorts? I never said anything to suggest that there are not liberals and socialists in America. My girlfriend is a liberal!

    • Waffles731

      I have no cohorts, I have a Gang,
      Cohorts like implies that I'm twelve

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  • hellionthesage
    I concur. Every country has its issues that's unavoidable but that should not be what they are judged on, at least not in its entirety. I don't get why so many accuse us of such extreme narcissism, most americans can go through a very long list of issues we have and still be proud of being an American and of our culture. I particularly find it frustrating that they claim where the hate filled nation despite the fact that we donate more money to Africa and to most everything else, we let in pretty much anybody into our country and don't hold on to grudges (Polish immigrants for instance will still show a lot of animosity towards Russia and even Germany for what happened in WWII and after. Pakistanis will show animosity towards Indians and vice versa because of their conflict between their nations yet here we are as americans who have had a cold war with russia for 46 years, you won't find one native born American who has any animosity towards Russians, because we don't care we don't hold onto grudges). We literally have people of other nations flying their own countries flags while living here, nobody cares nobody stops them and if some one did lets be perfectly honest we would never allow it as it would be a violation of freedom of speech. We have parades for polish and Puerto Ricans and for irish all for supporting the patriotism of their countries, we literally allow and are more then happy to celebrate the patriotism others have for different countries yet some how where the ones who are narcissistic self obsessed overly patriotic? It makes no sense. Its probably why most Europeans that I know of who live here or have come here for extended periods of time have stated they have loved being here because we really don't care where your from we have a very open and welcoming attitude towards others. I don't get it I think its a ploy to help distract people from their own countries problems. Good take.
  • HikerDude
    Europe is a seething pit of racial animosity and ethnic intolerance, so they have no moral high ground whatsoever from which to look down upon anyone, let alone the US. In fact, the current wave of ultra-liberalism that's killing Europe was spawned by the hate movements and genocides that began with the Protestant Reformation. Europe has much history for which they feel guilt, and their lurch to the left is a means for which to compensate for that guilt.
    • I think that is a wonderful insight for someone as young as you!

    • goaded

      Wonderful insight, apart from it being completely wrong.

      Europe is lurching right, not left, and the racial animosity and ethnic intolerance is completely on that side.

      The right-wing CDU in Germany (Christian Democratic Union), were upset that their chancellor, Frau Merkel, allowed so many refugees into the country. In fact, it is written into the constitution of the country that we have to take in genuine refugees.

    • HikerDude

      @goaded Europe has been leaning hard left since the World Wars when the monarchs and then far-right dictators were deposed. Call it a backlash, a pendulum swing, whatever, but it is the ground truth. Nice try, though.

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  • Belgie
    As a European our news sources are absolutely biased just not in the obvious in your face way that American TV is.

    For example, in Ireland, most of the media is owned by the one billionaire, Dennis OBrien,. In Italy, you have Silvio Berlusconi. Same thing. They rarely if ever get mentioned in their own media.

    It's hard to see examples of bias when the invisible hand is so effective. Maybe your European pal will cop on eventually. I know I did.
    • Thanks for offering your support. I think that particular guy is so entrenched in his beliefs that showing him facts would not change his opinion.

  • RedThread
    You know I was hoping that this take wouldn't reject ideas and then end up with American arrogance but it did..

    Americans do the same shit and I think we actually do it more in my experience.
    • If America is so bad.. why dont you just leave?

    • RedThread

      @Sweetgirl1108 where did I say America is bad? It's that welcoming attitude of yours that makes everyone feel so warm and fuzzy about the US.

    • You are the one with the attitude.

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  • Robbey
    Our country (more accurately our government) isn't above criticism. If you think they're wrong, argue back (though you'd have to learn about their country) or investigate their claims and see what sort of merit they may have (or not). See what they say about their own countries. Regardless of what you do, if you love your country, don't be a cry baby.
    • If you think you see tears, it is an optical illusion!

    • Robbey

      Good. Then argue back

  • legs_n_sheets
    I think you make some solid points. As a half American/half European I've seen this many times.

    Things Europeans criticize about Americans like the investment (for lack of a better word) of the military force, and the fact that (mainly white Americans) defend so rightfully The Constitution, is something that pisses me off. Things like that, among others, are things that are very valuable and important to the country.

    The only thing I am heavily critical of is how the leftist media in United States has demoralized the country, and weakened it from the inside. The decadence from this country comes from within, and all the social problems going on now, and lots of its political agenda is what I criticize.

    Aside from the social crap going on in the country today, ie, political correctness/LGBT transgenderism/BLM/feminism/trigger warning and all that has been propagated by the leftist media. It's the Obama administration that is really carrying this country to its doom, and given the current elections things simply will not get any better. Some Europeans are actually waiting for Americans to get to the point of full decadence of course.

    A good piece of what I believe in (a bit older video in terms of the Syrian refugees):
  • Tenseven
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Yeah!

    The US isn't completely perfect as we have our problems like every other country has theirs.

    One thing I won't tolerate are those who bash us without ever having been here! Really? They base ALL their opinions on the media. Duh.

    What's even worse are those that say they hate America and actually LIVE here. If you don't like it---don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. 🖕🏻

    Personally, I love folks from EVERYWHERE as long as they're respectful. Peeps from different countries and cultures are fascinating to me. Plus the food choices I get exposed to are amaaaaazing. It's awesome living here.

    And PS--

    Anyone who hates America can fuck right the hell off. Don't knock it till you try it. 🇺🇸👍🏻
  • PT1911
  • Waffles731
    Honestly, I love the fact that you get Europeans who criticize the U. S for their Actions in the middle east while they sweep their own shady dealings in Africa COMPLETELY under the rug.
    Hell, how often do the French 'intervene' in Algeria.
    As for the places the governments have moved out of, European Corporations move in to exploit the shit out of them.
    • Waffles731

      Or the U. K citizens who don't realize that they are the ones who fucked up the situation in the U. K then when they overthrew the government and wanted to nationalize the oil trade, MI6 said to the CIA, "hey, want to help us install a dictator."
      And the CIA being the CIA said, "Sure, why not."
      Which now leads to the current situation in Iran

    • Waffles731

      " they overthrew the government and wanted to nationalize the oil trade, "
      Iran overthrew the British backed government and wanted to Nationalize the oil trade

    • goaded

      I know about that, and you're right, our government makes shitty choices, too.

      The UK's behaviour in India was also disgusting before independence.

      Starting a war in Iraq was a huge one, and against millions of anti-war demonstrators. We weren't supposed to be the type of country that starts wars, we were supposed to be the type that stops them. (And, apart from anything else, starting a war is the ultimate war crime.)

  • anonman32
    come speak to us again when US citizens adopt the metric system. NASA the US military and all US based scientists have adopted the metric system but its citizens? NO. lol at your backwards country using ancient units of measurement.
    • I won't respond by bashing your country. Which of us is a better citizen of the world?

    • anonman32

      the one that knows the distance of 1 meters.

    • That would be me. I know both systems. I also know how to be a good representative of my country by not berating people from other countries.

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  • dipta
    I know that this is an old post and I wasn't even going to add anything, but then thought of just pointing out that, even though you don't mean to generalize, you're already doing so right in your title. Hopefully you realize that most if not the whole Europe is socialist; more to the left or more to the right, inside that spectrum all of the governments follows a social model.

    Personally, I don't make it a sport to bash the US nor do most of the people I know. Safe to say we've better things to do even in our own country. The things most people know from the US are based on the news and entertainment, same as for any other country.

    As you pointed out, the US was/is involved in many conflicts worldwide and that alone is bound to create some reactions. I don't need to be a US citizen to be able to disagree with some politics or things the nation does that affect other nations and people, including disagreeing with some of the things you posted. Not everything are roses.

    Anyway, just wanted to add that I know a couple of people like your "buddy" in real life. They're basically communists, as someone already said. It's not about the US as a country at all, these people just believe the middle class or someone who has some money should provide for the poor and whatnot, and we should all be the same. They criticize you as they would and do criticize the person sitting next to them at the cafe - nationality aside. They're a minority, not a majority. Feel free to ignore them as most of us try to.
  • MaybeNot1
    Donald Trump is a mess, and the fact that some people are even thinking of voting for that clown... says a lot.
    • That problem is driven by the lack of options.

    • MaybeNot1

      Not really, we had some decent option prior to just leading to the ones we have now. And unfortunately people flocked towards what we have now.

    • While I disagreed with the politics of Bernie Sanders, I do truly respect him as a man who I believe is sincere in his beliefs and who is not corrupt.

  • front2back
    Europeans especially love to criticize the size and span of the United States military (which I agree has more might than it needs), until the Russians threaten to nuke them (Denmark).
    Then all of the sudden it's, "Hey America, want to have some joint military operations? Please?"
    • Not just Europeans. Middle Easterners, pretty much everyone. "America wants to kill everyone with its military" Terrorists are trying to overthrow their government... "Help us America!"

  • lumos
    Wellp... just looking at the current election is enough honestly.
    • Yep, unless you bother to look any where else in the world and then you realize its the same thing as every other place in the world, a bunch of self absorbed corrupt idiots destroying their countries. Also we don't have much control over who runs for president, we are a republic with a two party system we don't get to choose which candidates run.

    • jjesica346

      @hellionthesage sad but true

    • @jjesica346 Unfortunatley. The irony is that we where never suppose to have a party system and the two men who mentioned how it would create a system where the parties did things to put themselves first instead of the people (I believe it was Hamilton and Madison). If we could limit the powers of the party by preventing gerrymandering and the huge amount of money spent for campaigns (and of course making our country a true democracy) we might be able to break up the party system but until then we are stuck with this.

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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Yeah - Good points I have been watching many of the social and political discussions on GaG - While I disagree with many but most are polite and well mannered, there is a truce of "Agree to Disagree" - Unfortunately though there are some on both sides who take it too far.
  • Fathoms77
    Sometimes I think too many Europeans are simply well behind the times, and are still seeing a 1980s U. S.
    • nalaa

      Oh no no, the problem is we DON'T see a 80s america, we see Donald Trump being a serious contender for president. Your whole election is basically an unmoderated comment section with campaign staff. It wasn't always like that I'm sure.
      That's what's giving you a bad reputation, not whatever you think happened in the 80s

    • goaded

      We can also read statistics about levels of crime (down), gun related death rates (high, there are only a few European countries in the infographic of deaths per 100k people, below), bankruptcies due to insufficient health care (unbelievable to most of us) and numbers of people without any heath care (getting better, but still high).

      I'm more amazed that such a privileged country with all its resources and positive attitude (which I, at least, admire) doesn't manage to take better care of its citizens. Lead was known to be bad for health in the 1930s, but children in the US are drinking contaminated tap water in 2016? Why, with arguably the best democratic system in the world, do the people put up with it?

  • AssJacket
    WTF do you care what some European douche thinks? Also, Donald Trump is a national disgrace and we deserve the ire of the rest of the world for that one. Other things... not so much.
    • Trump is not MORE of a disgrace than Clinton! Both parties have failed us.

    • AssJacket

      Yeah, people say that. Thing is, Clinton is a lot of things, but a imbecile isn't one of them. I mean, that guy doesn't have more than two brain cells to rub together.

    • I agree that he frequently acts like a buffoon, but he is not stupid in the sense of low IQ. Clinton's intelligence does not overcome her lack of character.

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  • Aqualung
    And Liberals too. Fuck the socialist Euro trash (they all think they're intellectuals) And they've done nothing productive on the world stage, since we saved their asses in WW1&2
    • Aqualung

      by the way, bro, outstanding piece

    • Thank you, sir! I would add you to my follow list but you are already on it.

  • TadCurious
    It's long been considered fashionable and chic to bash America among parts of European society. But until European members of NATO start spending their fair share on the collective defense (at least 2% of GDP), I think the people over there who look down on America and Americans should at least be thankful that the American taxpayer bears the burden for their defense.
  • ThatBritishLad
    Europe hates nationalism because it caused two world wars. America loves nationalism. What do you expect?
  • TheSpartan
    Us Americans don't tend to care what commie Eurofags think, anyway. It's hilarious how they'll make fun of us for Donald Trump (whom I actually like), but will import millions of third-world Islamists and Jihadis (though obviously Jihadis are the minority).
  • Darkfairie17
    I think it's really easy to judge and make fun of Americans when people are exposed to the wrong things. Certain news organizations are very good at showing America in a bad light around the world.

    I know from talking on here that most Americans are just regular people like anyone else. Every country has people in it which are a bit off. But we shouldn't judge the country by the few individuals like that.

    And it can be incredibly difficult to sit idly by when you hear someone bash your country. So I definitely understand how you would be upset by this.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Good points in this take. I think it's time to hide your goat better (as in, "don't let him get your goat.").
    • I wish Trump had heeded that advice last night!

      This was maybe the seventh encounter I have had with European socialists bashing America and I was overdue to contribute a myTake, so here it is. Usually, I do ignore them.

    • Didn't watch it. All media / journalism / reporters are just trained circus folk in my opinion.

    • You got that right!

  • SvetlanaSavachenko
    I know exactly who you're talking about! I'm about fed up with some of the crap he says too. Tries to pressure his communist values upon Americans.
  • meatballs21
    As a Canadian who lived in Europe I was seen as "almost" American and ended up being accused of and asked to defend Americans. If nothing else this made me fonder of my neighbours to the south.
  • BigJake
    My grandfather, a WWII intelligence officer, explained the odd post-war disdain for America thusly: the nations of Europe felt a great sense of shame at being overtaken by the Nazis and needing us to come to their aid. As he said, they felt a little 'short-dicked' after the war, and so they did what they could to knock America down in their minds as a way of making themselves feel better. After all, if you can poke fun at fat, lazy, stupid Americans, you can feel a sense of superiority even that may assuage the feeling of helplessness and impotence they felt in 1942.
  • Thisperson98
    I actually think I know who you are talking about. And yes I agree a lot of people bash America even though they know nothing about America.
  • bergkampanderton
    eh? your country deserves it. sorry, but you should be old enough to know people have opinions.
    • Still bitter about that little thing that happened 1776-1781?

    • no, i don't remember historical events before I was born... like centuries. just looking at your country as it is now, in being racist, and having two dummies run for president.

    • What is the source of your knowledge about racism in my country?

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  • Tarvold
    I'm a little offended that someone on this site is complaining of a specific user roasting America, and that user isn't me.

    Must double my efforts.
  • John_Doesnt
    You're making Americans look worse now. It would have been better if you just ignored that European guy instead of saying all this and just making the situation worse.
  • Zombie_Killer_Redux
    It's popular amongst their American counterparts aswell.
    • The only person who I have heard routinely bashing anything in Europe is my brother-in-law; he is from the UK.

    • Not Europe, They blindly hate their own country.

  • Izzex3
    Blocking someone is not childish behavior.
    Interesting take though.
  • RandomBritishGuy94
    Europe views America differently depending where you're talking about but in truth most of continental Europe is worried about trump because he mirrors what's happening here. The far right being elected in countries within the EU and they would rather imagine their own side is above it all. They are burring their heads pretending everyone is happy with how things are. Other issues like brexit and the raising of other movements in France and Italy (among others), a banking crisis with deutsche bank in Germany and Italy's massive banking crises and of course Greece is still a big issue.

    As for America you only have to look at left leaning papers like the new York times coverage of the "racist brexit vote" or the daily show (who called 52% of us racist bigots) to show this goes both ways. It's mostly fear. They can see the problems exist both sides of the pond and are worried about change. We are far more similar then those shouting about each other problems wish to admit.
    • My apologies; I think that most Americans do not embrace The Daily Show and the views which it expresses.

    • I know. It's a crappy left show. Even our own papers are full of people commenting their hopes for the UK to be split up and people to be massively poorer. It's not even funny to read. They would rather see poverty and people struggle then accept leaving the EU could work out. They call themselves "progressives".

    • There is a road paved with such intentions, and we know where that road goes!

  • Dred1614returns
    USA! USA!
    Great take
  • jacquesvol
    @OlderAndWiser It's a statement you'd get away with in about any democracy.
  • Derpdeder
    The holocaust wasn't even real and the native American genocide obviously happened
  • Phoenix98
    Oo shots fired !

    Good take.
  • chico800
    Some people just have too much time their hands.
  • Adigelunar
    yGood post
  • Anonymous
    And among American liberals, and the Greens, and many others.
  • Anonymous
    European socilaist like america it's European from right wings who hate america... Before make a poll be sure to know all the subject.
    • Anonymous always knows more than anyone else. by the way, the fact that you are convinced that you are right doesn't mean that you are actually right.

    • Anonymous

      Not because you're old you're right either. I'm from Belgium so I know the true more than a little American.

    • Excuse me! I didn't realize you are from Belgium!

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  • Anonymous
    I don't dislike Americans by any stretch, I see them as a grand continuation of Anglo-Saxony, though I have a strong disdain towards the American government.

    You can dislike a country's modern government without disliking its people, its tradition or its history, which I think a lot of people tend to get mixed up.

    Just be thankful you weren't born in England (though you might have English heritage, who knows), otherwise Europeans WOULD legitimately hate you for odd reasons.
  • Anonymous
    Americans were placed on this earth for the rest of the world to make fun of. America bashing is a great sport we shall play while the funny little americans play their own sports like American football and play with their guns.
    I used to think people exaggerated when they talked about the americans, but this site is full of americans so I've seen they're right.
    • Anonymous

      There are always exeptions though, I'm sure there are some nice and even smart americans

  • Anonymous
    I know the guy you are talking about, he usually goes anon, but its obvious its him. Don't let him get to you, just remind him that he is spouting the same ethnocentric bullshit he is accusing the US of.

    "USA! USA! USA!"

    • It gave a good clue if you have any knowledge of historical men's fashion.

  • Anonymous
    He is right about most of it but the way he told you was just rude. The main point is that we hate patriotism. Being born within imaginary borders gives you nothing to be proud of. A lot of Americans (not all) literally say and believe "AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD" but have little to back it up other than an excessive army and large amounts of money. It just pisses people off. That is why we end up being so opinionated about it.
    • Europeans hate patriotism? Is that why nearly every European country talks about their country like its the greatest in the world?(Greeks the French, from my understanding it also occurs in the UK and I have even interacted with german patriots who are fond of insulting America, some accusing it of being lesser then them because it has "no culture" and such). I think that's incredibly biased I have never seen any one from any other country not show patriotism, but maybe that only happens on the interent, and all the immigrants that come to the US waving the flags of their home countries and having parades on their national holidays?

    • Anonymous

      @hellionthesage Haha I wouldn't really agree to that. I live in the UK right now and am from The Netherlands. The UK is not like that at all. People in England might have a bit of a stick up their ass but I wouldn't say theyre patriotic at all. The French are just a bunch of rude ass people, don't ever go there. They hate everyone rather than love themselves. Germany in general is too embarrassed about their past to say anything. Greece is a beautiful place but they're in a shit position and they're not afraid to admit it. As far as I know, no one is as proud of their country as Americans. Don't take this whole thing as an insult but we simply think you brag too much. Of course there's decent and normal people in every country, in America too. But the rest of the world does not seem to appreciate the pride you take in your country.

      Good joke to finish this off:
      What's the difference between America and yoghurt?
      If you leave yoghurt alone for 200 years it'll develop a culture

    • Yeah you really don't know anything about America do you? We can give a long list of things that are wrong with our country and we accept everybody which is why most people who emigrate here will tell you they enjoy being here because we don't judge others (like claiming they have sticks up their asses or hate everyone or anything like that) we just kind of accept people, I guess that's due to our lack of culture though. Maybe your right though, maybe its not that European nations are patriotic (which is odd since they come to America and then have parades, wave their nations flags and celebrate their nations holidays when they get here) maybe its just they are to busy hating everyone else (as you have just alluded (whethe intentional or not) and America really doesn't, maybe that's the difference.

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  • Anonymous
    He is actually right about many things.