The Illusion of MALE Privilege Revealed


We currently live in a society where simply being a man is openly considered a bad thing...

While at the same time we are told that this hate is warranted because we are "privileged" and therefore somehow deserve it.

The Illusion of MALE Privilege Revealed

Here is a quick break down of "Privilege" for those who are unaware of it...

Privilege is invisible to those who have it.

SHELTER: MEN are the majority of the homeless (Due to lack of shelters & support for men in need)

LIFE: Men are the majority of combat deaths (Male lives are see as disposable)

Men are the majority of suicides (Due to lack of support for male issues)

Men are the majority of homicides victims

Men generally die sooner overall (Due in part by a biased health care system)

SAFETY: Men are more likely to be physically assaulted in the streets.

Male victims of physical abuse by women are generally ignored, ridiculed, or blamed.

(Even though it happens EQUALLY and 70% of non-reciprocated violence is female to male.)

Male victims of sexual assault by a female are generally ignored, ridiculed, or blamed.

Men are expected to put their lives last in a catastrophe. ("Women and children first")

(We are taught from childhood to always put women's lives before our own.)

The Illusion of MALE Privilege Revealed

EDUCATION: Males are most of school drop outs. (Due to massive bias against males in school)

There are NOT hundreds of scholarships, grants, etc. for males only (unlike women)

Males are generally marked harder

School system is mostly female and teach a female minded curriculum.

"Quota's" prevent males from fair and equal options

There are no male only classes, groups, or study

The schools run shaming campaigns aimed directly at males only ("don't be that guy")

Schools have a bias of believing false accusers without investigation

FREEDOM: The majority of prison inmates are males (and not because "men commit more crime")

Males are given harsher sentences for the same crimes as women

Males are often incarcerated for false purposes due to a bias legal system

Males have little legal/societal help when falsely accused of a crime by a female

The Illusion of MALE Privilege Revealed

FREEDOM of SPEECH (& Responsibility):

Male are held accountable for every word/action they make, even when black out drunk.

(Unlike women who are given carte blanche generally, especially when alcohol is

present or "hormones/chemical imbalance/depression/stress/a male" etc can be


The Illusion of MALE Privilege Revealed


If is not acceptable for a male to wear certain clothes in the workplace.

(Women generally can wear what they want... even if it exposes their genitals.)

It's ok for a female to openly hate men as a gender.

The Illusion of MALE Privilege Revealed

SEXUALITY: Male sexuality is shamed simply for existing

Male masturbation & orgasm is generally considered gross.(not used to sell shampoo)

Male sexual fantasy is generally shamed (not glorified and celebrated like 50 shades)

Males are expected to be ready when their partner is, or be physically or emotionally

punished. (Sleep on the couch or get silent treatment for saying no)

Male rape victims are simply ignored all together.

The Illusion of MALE Privilege Revealed

Being a PARENT: A male has ZERO parental rights.

If a girl gets pregnant and he wants to keep it but she doesn't... IT DIES.

If a girl gets pregnant and he doesn't want to keep it but she does... IT'S happening.

- If she keeps it against his will, she can still make him pay for it.

- She can also choose if he is in it's life or not.

In a divorce... (80% initiated by women)

- He has a 6-8% chance of custody. (She has a 80% and 13.4% Shared.)

When it comes to "Privilege"... making an apex fallacy about all males having privilege because a majority of the 1% happen to be male, is not only wrong... it's pathetic.

* The most privileged group of humans to ever exist on our planet are white western women.

Quotas, scholarships, groups, government funding, medical funding, protective agencies, shelters, support, legal system biased in their favor, school system biased in their favor, etc.etc.etc.etc...

So if you hear a women claim a male has "Male Privilege"... chances are she is spewing hate against a male based on her ignorance and is using her actual "Privilege" to say what she wants without fear or punishment, knowing that he does not have the "privilege" of being allowed to criticize her back, stick up for himself, or generally do anything but take it.

The Illusion of MALE Privilege Revealed
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  • ThatJarHead
    Nobody is saying women don't have issues of their own. He's only saying that men don't have this magical privellege women claim we do. He's also saying that men's issues are grossly ignored and underrepresented in society. Equal opportunity already exists. We shouldn't be placing blanket judgement. We shouldn't be demonizing men for being men. We shouldn't be throwing around labels and name calling like children and accept that everyone has it rough. You shouldn't be held accountable for the sins of your forefathers. If we started doing that we would need to kill most men because something like 80% of all living males can have their lineage traced back to Genghis Kahn the leader of the Mongolian Empire and one of the deadliest warmongers in history. Think about that the next time you tell someone to "check their privellege"
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  • Accipiter
    Good take. WHat we can all learn from this is stay the hell away from liberal arts college campuses that perpetuate this leftist shite.
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  • madhatters4
    stopped reading after the fallacious first sentence.
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    • What ever helps you sleep at night bud.

    • what helps me sleep at night doesn't depend on the knowledge that you or i are privileged or not

    • You have provided ZERO proof of that. You are simply stating that based on a personal view build on years of being told you are privileged. If you read past the 1st line, you would have seen the endless FACTS of why we are NOT privileged. But instead of taking in information which would show your view is ignorant and false, you simply kept your compartmentalized view like a feminist would and refuse to see anything which might go against what you have been told to believe without proof.

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  • Arcano
    Most of the issues men are facing are perpetuated in large by other men. Male mental health? That is a huge concern of mine; women are the only ones I know who are trying to make it not taboo. Because of the "toxic masculinity" half of masculinity, it is STILL going on. MEN need to talk about it before it gets better.

    Combat? Agreed. However, those positions have been strictly regulated to keep women out, which has NOT been the argument from women. I believe that the best person for the job should be the best person for the job. I don't care what's in your pants. It's MEN who do not want women in those positions.

    School? Well, this can be debated both ways. More focus is put into boys to study math and science. Teachers will subconsciously cater more toward them. When girls begin falling through the cracks, no one cares.

    Groups for male study? Things like that are typically held for people who have faced great difficulties throughout history. Men have not, by simply being their gender, been oppressed. Different races have. Different backgrounds have. Many of those include men, but not because they are men. Women's study groups focus on a lot of underlying issues that still exist today because of their gender and what went on in the past.

    Your Freedom, Expression, and Sexuality slots are all perpetuated by men. The "privilege" you allude to for women having there aren't really privileges. Saying a woman's body and orgasm is accepted and therefore good to sell shampoo? That does not help any of us. That is the culture we live in, and its message is harmful.

    Male rape victims. YES. Big issue. One that I am passionate about. But do you know something I THE WOMAN am the only one ever in a group who will speak out strongly for it. THE MEN in my groups side-eye me, laugh, and say they "wish it would happen to them." THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED TO BE COMBATTING; not complaining about women because it is "apparently" our fault.

    If a girl gets pregnant, you cannot force someone to go through the agony and mental strain that it can cause her. I do not like late-term abortions. I do not generally like abortions at all. I am for people, BOTH, being sexually safe. But a man cannot take control of her body afterward.

    Custody after divorce? Yup. Favors mothers who sometimes aren't the "right parent" out of the two to have the children. Full agreement from me there. But again, there are far more men involved in these rulings.
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    • Arcano

      Men do have privilege by simply being men. That does not mean that they cannot have painful struggles and experiences, but it means that they will never be looked down upon or thought of as unfit for a certain job simply for having a penis.

    • rjroy3

      I can think of maybe a handful that are actually upheld by men. What examples do you have past police officers and corporate leadership? Because while they are mostly men, they still adhere to policies for the purposes of protecting women, not offending female employees or customers, avoiding getting sued for disputes brought up by HR. Most places that offer extra backing to cater to women is either political in some way or to avoid backlash.

    • rjroy3

      Also, the basis of his post wasn't about who enforces privilege. It's just what it is currently. And currently women certainly do have more privileges. Even on your last point. More men are involved in the court rulings? That decision is on the basis of law and standard procedures. Not based on how many dicks are in the room. To make that change would require change of law, because what it is setup as currently favors women for one reason or another.

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  • nycgirl2222
    I will now rebut all of your points
    1) it's not our fault that there are more homeless men than women
    2) maybe the reason why more men have died in combat is that until recently, women weren't even allowed to fight on the front lines
    3) men are more likely to kill women than vice versa. The reason why men die more is because they attack each other more than women do. The same goes for physical assault.
    4) I agree about male victims. It's terrible that society excludes men from the physical/sexual assault narrative.
    5) When has there EVER been an educational bias against men? Every classroom I've been in, the boys are called on about twice as often as the girls. If a guy participates frequently, he's dedicated. If a girl does, she's talkative and should let others (namely guys) participate more. Also my experience is that guys in my class are not marked harder--they just tend to make more callous mistakes than girls.
    6) you also have your "false accuser" point wrong. The reason why there is never an investigation is because the guy is a "good guy" and they "don't want to ruin his life." (Case in point: Brock Turner).
    7) please explain to me how the legal system is biased. I have heard many more stories about rapists going free than innocent guys put away for no reason.
    8) I have never seen a guy not get off the hook for saying something while intoxicated. Example please?
    9) have you not seen the news stories about girls being sent home from school for wearing totally appropriate clothes that were "against dress code?" I have never seen a guy get sent home for violating dress code, even when the football team walked around shirtless on the third day of school.
    10) judging by how well Trump is doing in the election, it is ok for a man to hate an entire gender.
    11) I'm sorry, Male Sexuality is CELEBRATED. Think Barney Stinson. James Bond. Wolf of Wall Street. when a guy hooks up with lots of girls, he's a "slayer." When a girl hooks up with lots of guys, she's a "slut." Guys talk about "beating their meat" all the time. If a girl did that, she would be considered gross. I agree about male rape victims. That's terrible.
    12) Our body, our decisions. You're not the one who has to grow the baby. Also in many countries abortion is illegal, and it was here until the 1960s.
    13) I agree about child support, but you have to take into account that men are more likely to commit domestic violence.
    Also rape. Domestic violence. War crimes. All more likely to target us.
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    • yeah, his post was about 5 million times more thought out than your reply.

    • 1. no one said it was women's fault, but now that you mentioned it.
      Men are often left destitute when women use the boas courts to take everything he has worked for in a divorce.
      Many fathers are expected to pay more than they can live on, for child payments.
      Many male victims of female abuse have no where else to go since there are no shelters.

      2. EXACTLY... women have always had that PRIVILEGE.

      3. Men are NOT more likely to kill women, but when females kill and it is excused because of some false victim hood... it's easy to get stats showing
      it's mostly men.

      Women abuse men EQUALLY, and 71% of non-reciprocated violence is female to male. Because society generally tells us that women hitting men is no big deal.
      Here's 500 studies you will never look at:

    • 5. Education bias:

      pitlanemagazine. com/ethnicity-and-gender/gender-bias-against-boys-in-the-american-educational-system. html

      Teachers give boys lower marks...
      independent. co. uk/news/education/education-news/female-teachers-accused-of-giving-boys-lower-marks-6943928. html

      toysoldier. wordpress. com/2012/10/20/new-study-shows-grading-bias/

      cee. lse. ac. uk/ceedps/ceedp133. pdf

      pjmedia. com/drhelen/2012/11/26/female-teachers-give-boys-lower-marks/

      DO you need more?

      Not to mention the endless female only scholarships and grants
      Female only classes, women's only dorms, Admitance quotas, etc.

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  • AssJacket
    I don't find the educational system to be biased towards women at all - at least not in STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) fields. I'm a professional engineer, and I mentor young women in high school on how to set themselves up for careers in STEM fields. The vast majority of them have been discouraged from studying science or math related fields from a very early age, making them unprepared for higher education in the sciences by the time they enter high school. I don't see the same thing among young men.

    Additionally, in my particular field (computer engineering), less than 7% of college graduates are female. Now, I can tell you from experience that women are just as capable in engineering as men are, so I think the lack of support and encouragement in primary school for girls to study STEM is a primary cause of the lack of practicing female engineers. That *and* the fact that culture in all engineering and science fields (except biology) is dominated by men and sometimes hostile towards women.

    Now, there are many, many other points to be made against your embarrassingly poorly thought out post, but there is no doubt in my mind you have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to the educational aspect.
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    • STEM fields are not against women, A lot of times women simply do not choose to be in them. And now there are quotas and bonus' to try and entice women to go into them. The scapegoat of "They were discouraged" is bullshit.

      "At the Ph. D. level, women have clearly achieved equity in the biosciences and social sciences, are nearly there (40 percent) in mathematics and the physical sciences, and are “over-represented” in psychology (78 percent). Again, the only fields in which men greatly outnumber women are computer science and engineering."

    • "Newborn girls prefer to look at faces while newborn boys prefer to look at mechanical stimuli (such as mobiles). When it comes to toys, a consistent finding is that boys strongly prefer to play with mechanical toys over plush toys or dolls, while girls show equivalent interest in the two."

      Women often op for jobs that give them more flexibility and balance between work and life.
      My take was definitely more thought out than your comment.

    • AssJacket

      Right now, in the physical sciences, computer science, and all of engineering, the *best* metric is at about 32% of parity. That's up from 20% 25 years ago at a fairly steady rate of growth. If the same growth curve persists, there won't be gender parity in these fields until 2036.

      Additionally, this article says girls lack interest in going into STEM, but it doesn't say why. There's nothing in this article that suggests girls aren't discouraged from studying STEM in primary school. Calling it a scapegoat is ignorant.

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  • sdistotallyme
    this is the reason I'm a big fan of Milo Yiannopoulus. He's calling out all this bullshit and gets more leeway than the average hetereo male because he's gay.

    This is the best time in history to be a woman (especially in the west) and ironically many of these women are less happy... hmmm.
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  • bente2
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    • You can leave it here all you want. It's mostly nonsense.
      1. Odd of a female being hired for a job (even if less qualified) are higher because of nonsense quotas. You simply assume men are picked over women "because they are women" and not because there are no other possible options. Paranoia!

      "my co-workers won’t think that I was hired/promoted because of my sex" - That isn't male privilege, that's female paranoia.

      Being promoted isn't assumed to be because of her sex... PARANOIA once again.

      If you fail it won't be seen as happening because you being a girl... Paranoia.

      Males are NOT less likely to suffer sexual harassment, MALE victims are simply ignored or accepted to accept it because a girl is "flirting with him".

      I could do every single one of these the same way, but the pattern is the same.
      They are all simply paranoid delusions of females on "how they will be perceived" and have ZERO backable data.

      Come back when you have something valid.

    • bente2

      .. sure bb, if you'd rather stay ignorant i'll just watch here. And by the way, this was written by a GUY. Someone with an actual brain, unlike you.

    • Bullshit... This was just another nonsense tumblr post written by a feminist pretending to be a guy to push their stupid agenda without having someone write it off as a typical stupid feminist.

      Every point in this thing is nonsense and can easily be shown as bullshit. But you are 15 and the feminist social justice idiots prey on you being young and naive so they can indoctrinated you into the fake "victim hood".

      Please go through the list and find 1 item you feel is the most truthful... I will quickly show you how a little fact easily poked holes in the feminist agenda.

      If you only choose to come back with nonsense childish shaming tactics then we are done, I will block you and you can go on your way believing what you want.

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  • PiuBravoRagazzo
    Great take, but wasted breath
    People don't care about the facts

    They care about the narratives they have been fed for decades. If something challenges their narrative, they won't look at it rationally
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  • pnl86
    Tone down the anger and rage. All the good and legitimate points leave themselves open to attack as hyperbole and come close to amounting to a straw man.

    Anyway, on a tangent but related note, have you watched the latest Law & Order SVU episode? The one where moms have sex with a man they think has the power to get their child admitted to an elite and prestigious school, but it turns out the guy is just a security guard lying about his real identity? If you haven't seen it yet, I think you should watch it.

    What is essentially a woman being a prostitute and cheating on her husband by having sex with who she thinks is the head of admissions in exchange for her child getting into an elite and prestigious college, is spun so as to cast these poor moms as the "victim" in a "rape" case!

    Rape? Yes. I was LOLing at the writers for having the sense of humor to troll feminists watching the show. I mean, just think about the balls and hutzpah you need to genuinely in your gut honestly believe that:

    1. You consented to having sex with the man standing in front of us today in the courtroom;

    2. You clearly saw what he looked like, you didn't mistaken him to be your husband; he didn't waltz into your bedroom in the middle of the night and you mistakenly assumed it was your boyfriend, etc. You knew "this" was the man you were consenting to have sex with;

    3. BUT, he lied about X. He wasn't really a billionaire, or movie producer, or music producer, or Harvard grad, etc. Had you known the "truth," you would "not have consented" to having sex with him.

    Okay, let's play that out. You discover 2 years into your relationship that your now husband is actually gay, or a womanizer, or an asshole and not such a nice guy. Had you known this, you wouldn't have had sex with him, ever! How many counts of "rape" is that then?

    Let's apply this the other way too. Had I known that wasn't her real face, hair, boobs, height, nails, lips, etc., I wouldn't have had sex with her either.

    Do you hear that? It's Judge Oprah, and she's handing out rape convictions. You get a rape conviction, and you get a rape conviction, everyone gets a rape conviction!
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  • NJ_Casanova
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    • Everyone wants to say they have it worse "than men, especially white men"... but it couldn't be farther from the true.

      You are correct about domestic violence. A guy grabs a girl and leaves a mark he's going to jail. She can hit him with objects and not get charged... but he would be force to find somewhere to go and not her.

      1. The whole equal pay thing is BS... as most jobs have standard rates $$/hr for a given job.. regardless of the sex/race.
      2. Sports/celebrities... Men sports are more watched and have a bigger fan base. Women actresses "that are good" make more than a lot of male actors. If girls are undermining other women.. it's not the mans fault. How much is Adele making?
      3. There is a lot of sexual bias in favor of women..2 that it can think of right off the bat are:
      - Insurance health/car
      - going out (women get into and get drinks for free "at times" vs. men)

      4. The one that pisses me off the most is pregnancy..
      If she gets pregnant, he has NO say at all as what happens.

    • The social Privileges girls have over boys starts right from birth...
      Little girls are cherished given more (everything vs. a little her brother) They get told all the time they can be anything/given more encouragement than do like boys.
      GIrls get special treatment with dances, communion, sweet sixteens etc. Hell every girl in my family got her first car bought for her. None of the males were ever given that. Also the boys of the family were always the ones to do the physical labor (shoveling snow, lawn work, carrying bags from the food store, taking out the garbage.. goes on and on).

  • Noxifer626
    Do you say ridiculous shit 24/7 or do you take lunch breaks?
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    • awwwwww a baby mangina... how adorable

    • Noxifer626

      @JustWorthlessMe Says the frustrated 40 year old man who has a middle life crisis because he never achieved anything in life.

    • wow... talk out of your ass much? even sadder, all the kissing up you do will not do you a single bit of good

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  • AlwaysAround
    I think there are some good points made here and there are some points that are debatable. But I think it's always good to be open to insights, perspectives, and reminders from social, racial and gender groups we do not belong to.
    I am a white American woman and I adore men. I enjoyed interacting with them here and in my daily life. I do witness and experience gender thrashing especially toward men by women and its unfortunate because it is destructive and does nothing to foster improved relationships.
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    • AnonRom

      I think both genders need to focus more on how amazing life is for most people in 21st century America and ways to improve it for everyone and stop focusing on issue that affect one gender more. No one wins those debates because neither side is totally wrong both genders have their negatives and positives and the world really isn't that sexist (though counter-"sexism" movements generally are run by sexists)

    • @AnonRom Well said

    • flypaper

      @AnonRom agreed!

  • Relentless_Hippie
    This is why certain gender roles need to be in place. Men don't know how to be men, and women don't know how to be women anymore. Not all gender roles are bad, and when you rage a complete war on the duties pertaining to your sex, there is huge gender confusion and causes strife between the two sexes.

    I say the same thing all the time. Just stop dating white American women. It's obvious the culture they're in is the problem. Stop dating them, and maybe they'll get their act together. I'm Puerto Rican and Jamaican and I was taught to love and value the men in my life. Women should be for men, and men should be for women. In my group of friends (Caribbean girls) they don't do the things men on this website complain about.

    Get yourself a girl who loves men. Whether she be from the islands, Europe, Asia, Africa, wherever. Get a girl whose culture isn't based on the hatred toward the very group she should be concerned about.
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    • mistixs

      Can you tell me more about gender roles in your culture?

    • @mistixs Well a lot of people from the islands grow up with Christianity so a lot of it stems from that. It's mostly about respect though. The man as the provider, the head of household, the leader. Of course women are seen as equal and not inferior, but there is a great appreciation for men. Especially in Hispanic culture. I guess to American culture it might be seen as subservient but it's not. It's a little hard to explain, but the whole mindset is different.

    • Gommers

      Men DO know how to be men but women won't allow it to be. It's not an issue with men here, it's an issue with women.

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  • objectivetruth
    The sheer amount of female butthurt already in this discussion (and the more to come) makes my nose bleed. Unfortunately, to them, you're still wrong, no matter how many indisputable facts you throw at them. Women just can't and won't handle the truth, especially this Smackdown that you just laid on the floor.
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  • 19magic
    Yh I know, it took dad a year to gain custody of me and he had to leave my city and go to London, to get a solicitor to fight his case because he's a guy. As the ones in my city said only females can gain custody of children.
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  • jacquesvol
    Some think their dick is the scepter which allows them to rule the world

    't IS NOT.
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  • ChickenJo
    I'm gonna take a wild guess and say your Conservative? Not an insult or anything just I find that people with different political ideologies write and speak differently.
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    • he is and he's also 26 years old. He's been through high school (and likely college) and at some point come to realize how bias the education system is.

      You may not realize it now but the lesson plan you are getting at school (if it's a public school) is very likely bias.

    • ChickenJo

      @sdistotallyme it's biased Conservatively because I live in a conservative area. Most educators because of the simple fact that they're human too at least ever so slightly speak through a tint of their own views.

    • I grew up in conservative area myself (big mormon community) and I recall my public education being very biased. I remember opening of a textbook about the revolutionary war that introduced George Washington as a slaveowner (first sentence of the chapter).

      It's not just the teachers but the ADMINISTRATION is often liberal. You will probably recognize this more down the road.

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  • Library
    Each gender has different social privileges. Double standards exist unfortunately.
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  • Phoenix98
    O yeah male privilege is just awesome !

    White male privilege is even better.
  • Vivaldi
    İt is no good to have a penis. I wish I'd had a vagina. Who has the vagina is the valuable gender while who the has the penis is the worthless gender. Don't have the penis, have the vagina and be the valuable gender istead of being the worthless gender.
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  • Djaaaaaay
    I've mastered all eight (8) of these easly , not boasting just its not that hard to achieve above it status. And why do men listen to rubbish about themselfs so often. Why do they bow down to things they know is Bs. I mean really guys. Male bonding is low right now and this is part of the problem too. Every guy wants to not bond with other men.. vrs. Coming together in numbers. Oh well I'm not throwing in my hat.
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  • YourName123
    Liberals gonna HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE on you.

    Seriously, best post ever!

    If it's any solace, being held to a higher standard makes white makes more capable, creative and tougher than anyone else.
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  • Kiran04
    Male privilege isn't an illusion, it's a lie. A lie made up by feminists and SJWs in order to play the victim and get free hand outs, just like every other social justice cause. It's a load of crap.
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  • VictoriousSausage
    Okay. right, this is a sensitive subject, and i think tact an delicacy should be used whenever possible, you make some good points, but you need to also keep in mind a woman's perspective sometimes too, understand from both sides will allow you to understand fully the reason why things are like they are. restrictions are a pain in the ass, and if i saw a woman reading 50 shades of grey, i'd have tonnes of thoughts running through my mind, but the same for a man reading playboy, you should be allowed to do both of these, and in fact you are, it just shows backbone to go against society and do what you please, no-one's forcing you to do anything, if you don't like something in society, don't conform to that part of society, simple as that.
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  • bloodmountain1990
    Both genders have advantages and disadvantages, it's called double standards.
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  • SleepingSnorlax
    I kind of agree with this but ill also be the first to say women have problems too
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  • Unit1
    Why hasn't a single women upvoted this take yet? We have 11 males upvoted for this so far.

    Because this take speaks the truth!

    We men are simply of no importance to society and it's obvious. In order to avoid these kinds of "privileges" we can only do so much as ghosting and not participate in a gynocentric society.

    Although the clothing part was overdone and I don't think it's true.

    Because having a penis is a reason to be the scapegoat but what can I do about it? Nothing.

    This is why I sometimes wish I was born a woman.
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  • Anpu23
    From my latest manifesto:
    We must address this idea that men are privileged, and women are oppressed. To let each gender recognize that both genders have problems and to address these as societal problems, and not have this dialog of "who has it worse." If people are suffering then we should stop the suffering and not argue that group A is suffering so we can ignore that group B is also suffering. And this comes from awareness. Letting people know that this isn't a zero sum game.

    This is a great my take, and I am sure that the feminists are going to be all over you.

    Well done.
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  • Jager66
    Yeah pretty much... Feminism gets most things wrong at a fundamental level.

    2 important things people, especially Feminists, like to pretend don't exist.

    1. Female group preference, Women have female group preference and men have female group preference. The only group that likely has male group preference would be gay men.

    2. Male disposability, it's biological! The evolutionary burden is primarily on the Y chomosome and this has a HUGE behavioral effect on how women vs. men are treated.

    I was reading an interesting study a while ago about how they found when you treat a woman and a man exactly the same it's viewed as being sexist towards women. When you treated women better than men it was viewed as equal treatment. When you treated them equal but specifically stated it was because of equality for women, it was viewed as less sexist towards women but tolerated even though it was still viewed as sexist.
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  • Dipsy
    Despite some of this I still like being a guy though
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  • Primemutton
    25% correct e. g. Male masturbation rape clothing parenting there is also a lot of misogynistic guff here as well. Yes we have gone from to a unequal heavily male biased society to a slightly female biased society. But look at some off the comments on this site. Women being pressured for FFM bisexual threesomes when you know the man would NEVER do the opposite, girls being asked for blowjobs in exchange of kissed warmth and friendship. I've never heard of a girl asking a man to perform cunnilingus in exchange for female
    Companionship holding hands or a trip to the theatre. So it's not quite the one way street you are suggesting. I am
    Also a tad suspicious that this is written by a girl to see what response it provokes! Very well presented though with the graphics but with a dubious message. A long and successful career in politics awaits you!
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  • GreatnessBack
    Anyone who thinks there's a male privilege is correct (just like how women have their own).
    Anyone who thinks it a major social issue is an idiot.
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  • Words_and_Wisdom
    Wish I could have a list of favorite myTakes. I'd totally would add this to it.
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  • Benk111
    I can't wait to see the angry comments by women
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    • Vivaldi

      Women are angry. They want to beat me. They dislike me.

  • BirdsRights
    Each has their own issues. Men should not be ashamed to seek help if needed. That "be a man" crap and bottle shit up doesn't help.
  • relaxrelax
    i believe you
    now what are you gonna do about it?
    • Toad-1

      What about you?

    • relaxrelax


      one person at a time cause i can only help those who listen
      plus i don't follow the government laws anyway there corrupt

    • Arcano

      "What are you gonna do about it"

      Exactly. I, a woman, can only argue for the recognition in some of these areas for men so much. Bigger strides will come when men take the reins, instead of shaming other men before they even offer the discussion. Women have been paving their path with little help from others. It is great when men share their voices for women's causes, just as it is great for the opposite. But the people who are facing the problems need to be the ones leading.

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  • Rissyanne
    I really feel for you guys... I have a son.
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  • Adigelunar
    eGood post
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  • stonerboner
    This is an interesting take on things.