A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble

A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble

A whole lot of stuff happened this year. As in, more than normal. I thought I'd go over what I thought are some things that will be talked about in the history books someday.


A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble

The UK decides to leave the EU. Financially it's not looking like a good decision and it's looking like its going to be the political equivalent of a bad divorce.

The Republican party catches fire and the Democratic party starts to crack

A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble

The Republican Party has fractured and it's not looking like it can be fixed. Now there are idiots out there who believe this means the Democrats win. HOWEVER, the cracks in the Democratic party are showing. Then add in the fact that rhetoric of each party is so heavily built around making sure that the other party doesn't win. How are they going to fare against what comes next? Which leads to...

Rise of a Third Party

A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble

More Americans are now considering third party candidates. The largest rising political affiliation being Independent. There is little doubt in my mind that in 40 years, a third party will have risen.

Americans show that they are now willing to consider a Democratic Socialist

A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble

Ten years ago this wouldn't have been the case but times are changing and in forty years chances are we will have more politicians like that, however at the same time.

Rise of the Right Wing in Europe

A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble

Europe is turning right and what should be very concerning is that a lot of these groups tend to have a lot in common with the Alt-Right. Which brings me to.

Rise of the Global Alt-Right

A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble

Donald Trump and Marine La Pen are just the beginning; this is going to continue. God have mercy.

U.S. and China Ratify the Paris accords

A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble

About damn fucking time, isn't it? Hurrah for the planet!

The Middle East is getting worse

A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble

Shit has hit the fan.

I'd like to leave you with this music video,


A Review of 2016 So Far: From Brexit to More Middle East Trouble
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  • RainbowFanGirl
    2016 has been shit and I predict 2017 is going to be even shittier.
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  • AleDeEurope
    But the UK's economy grew after Brexit :/

    The rise of the right wing in Europe is a result of the fuck ups of the left, so it's good that people are waking up and standing up against the politicians who don't care about their own people.

    People are saying it's been a shitty year, and sure it hasn't been the best (let's see if it improves or worsens after the US elections), but it hasn't been as bad as many say... I just think those who complain are the ones seeing their "side" is losing.
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    • Waffles731

      The pound is still lower and it doesn't look like its going to be strong

    • I couldn't care less, I voted for Brexit to make a statement against the establishment.

    • A currency being weak is not in itself a bad thing. When japanese yen gets stronger the country suffers. This is used by people who don't understand the economy because very little else has happened yet.

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  • Klara-Hitler
    lol. Third Party with 'Jill Stein'. She would sever American-Israeli relationship and move towards friendship with the Islamofascists in Iran, literally messing America up, giving full power to Tehran-based OIC in the UN. I haven't seen an old fart less educated and informed about Middle East affairs. Good that your independents are out.
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    • Waffles731

      " sever American-Israeli relationship"
      I'm completely fine with that,

    • You will be also fine with this:

      And you will be happy with your new friends, Islamofascists of Muslim Brotherhood. Don't think Jews need you to financially help them, you need the Jews for your economy. And we won't be with anyone without Israel. Say bye bye to the people who gave birth to the banker of the American revolution and go get funded by Saudis.

    • Waffles731

      Yeah, actually they do, the amount of weapons we give them.
      Without outside support Israel would be gone.
      As for Andrew Cuomo
      He can't actually do that, oh dear god, Israel is a miniscule market, and there would be massive parts of the world that would be happy, like Western Europe who don't like us fucking around in the middle east

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  • VictoriousSausage
    As a brit living through Brexit, i'll tell you it isn't great, the process hasn't even started yet and we've lost.3 on the pound vs the dollar, public services like police and the NHS have been cut in funding, and grammar schools are being re-introduced, it's also concerning that the rise of nationalism has occurred again, in our country we now have people who believe that we're the best, because apparaently we just are, but there's still a lot of sentiment for the EU, and infact, that's rising again, ever since our government has made a sharp turn to the right of politics with increased racism and discrimination against EU migrants (you know, the Calais wall, the order for businesses to reveal the proportion of workers of different minorities in their business, and the Prime minister switching from supporting staying in the EU to hard Brexit without a second though (most believe a political move to gather more support from the extreme right wing, like UKIP) oh, and the increased racism attacks, and an event of the "Blood and honour group (200 odd Nazi's in a tent doing Nazi salutes to death metal and defacing our flag by whacking a swastika in the centre), i can say, it's going to be difficult for the UK, and something which is going to bring about a huge political change in a lot of the western world.
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    • I think we're living in a different UK. The "high rise" in terms of percentage was because it jumped from single figures to double. Still a small amount. As for right wing politics look at Europe. They have it worse.

      The pound getting weaker isn't a bad thing. economies aren't as easy as "weak currency weak economy" if they were the dollar would be stronger.

  • lightbulb27
    Good overview.

    Two people smiled at me today for no good reason when I wasn't "feeling it" today and it made my day. Just a little sunshine changes things for the better!

    Russia and US are not in good standing now and polarization of people in the USA on politics and in the media isbad, I've never seen it this bad. But when I talk to people, we all get along fine, I've seen people give $ to those in the checkout line, let people in front of them who have less groceries, give up seats for others... people are being nice, its the media spin that is bad! I am though seeing more people take up the "alarmingness" the media pumps. So... turn off the f'd up media as much as you can!

    Realize, the media is creating a lot of this spin. Make a difference in your world for the better, that's what you can do. Remember people have sufferred, so cut them some slack... people may be more stressed now. Unfortunately those in power define events bigger than any of us, and that sucks!

    Bad attitude from opinions below. Reverse that... these are the GOOD DAYS! That means if there are bad times, so be it, but unless you were abused, shot, fired, sick, couldn't get a job, etc... then these are some pretty good times! Better than being in Poland during WWII, better than being in the trenches in WWI, better than being a starving African in 1980's, better than... etc.. and there is no Zombie appocolypse... yet!

    P. S. watch the Nostradamus movie from Orson Wells in 1970's, very interesting...
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  • RandomBritishGuy94
    Nothing had come of brexit yet. It's looking fine. If it will stay that way is still open to debate but even the imf said their view was too pessimistic and that for this year the UK will still be the fastest growing of the G7.

    Most of the scare stories are coming from a small part of the remain side who are still hoping to overturn the vote.
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  • QuestionMan
    It's the end of the world as we know and I feel fine
    Oh wait I have a crappy PM that will fuck up the economy with his stupid carbon tax.
    When you guys are done with Trump can you send him here?
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    • Waffles731

      yeah, we'll be done with him on election day

    • I actually think Trump will win.
      My guess is 55% of the votes will be towards him, it will be very close.
      I was hoping you guys would send him here after he gets elected so he could call my PM a pussy.

    • Waffles731

      Have you seen his numbers,
      Plus that whole likes to sexaully assault women thing just came up.
      Yeah,, He's done

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  • Jan1ssary_
    Ya.. true points, Middle East was always worse tho, everyone has eyes on these lands, cause they want to exploit their goods and oils and there won't be peace in Middle East ever cause of that reason. Unless if countries who have interests on these lands leave it one day which won't ever happen lmao.
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  • maskguy
    Who will make the US dollar stronger in next year, Trump or Hillary?
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    • Waffles731

      It'll stay the same with hillary, trump it will fall

  • anonman32
    Donald trump is NOT in the alt-right. He has done nothing for the alt-right. Some in the alt-right like him for his anti PC approach but thats it.

    Besides this i dont agree with some view points but thats it.
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  • Rainie_
    Honestly Im quite worried about next year, I just know that 2017 just isn't going to be a good year. I mean 2016 has basically been a big whole shit show, but I feel like its only the beginning of the show.
    I have never felt so shit about a year like this tbh...
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  • ginny_weasley
    It's such a shit year. Can't wait until 2017 starts.
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  • John_Doesnt
    When Europe goes far right they go right through Poland and Belgium. I hope we don't see another Austrian with a bad mustache and a hatred of Jews.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Very enjoyable take and this could be yet a defining weekend
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  • progboy
    Let's not forget all the people who've died like Lemmy, David Bowie and Prince for starters.
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  • smahala1991
    2016 has sucked ass. Plus about everyone we loved to hear sing and watch on tv has died.
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  • Dred1614returns
    It's been a decent year, but sadly Trump is starting to tank.
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  • john52461
    The Brits stood up for their independence, it will go down in history as a pivotal moment and one they will celebrate every year like 4th of July!
  • MissMillionDollarMan
    I don't even know where to begin explaining Brexit to you...
  • Blonde401
    What a shit year
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  • openthedoors
    2016 wasn't that bad
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  • YourFutureEx
    Sounds like every typical year.
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  • Library
    This is a great review. Good job.
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  • helloitsmethere
    Can we leave 2016 already?
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  • Adigelunar
    Good post (
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  • Kelfuma
    Cannot wait for 2017!!! WOOHOO!!!
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  • BirdsRights
    This year has been such a shit show.
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  • Derpdeder
    Also jews did wtc
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  • Anonymous
    Brexit is great. I voted for Brexit.

    Take that you remain voting imbeciles, big businesses, government institutions and pretentious millennials.

    Brexit makes my heart sing.
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