The Sole Reason Why I MAY Vote for Donald Trump


I know this is completely necessary. But I read a question that said: "Who are you going to vote for and why?" and I simply could not put all my reasons into a short and simple answer, so I decided to write this JUST IN CASE anyone is ever interested in why some people prefer Trump as president of the United States.

The Sole Reason Why I MAY Vote for Donald Trump

Moving forward...

Though first, and admittedly, I was hesitant on my pick, when it comes to thousands of Muslims coming over her, I have to say that as a gay man that worries me.

Let's not mince words. Muslims are not at all in favor of gay rights, or gay people in general. Sure, some are I guess, but they're a small minority and they tend to be people who grew up in 1st world nations.

The Sole Reason Why I MAY Vote for Donald Trump

Now you may be thinking "why not just vote for Hilary or Bernie? They're way more pro-gay than Trump." True, but there's a little problem. Hilary only cared about gay rights when it became politically inconvenient for her not to and I have a whole host of problems with Bernie, namely:

-Tax policies

-Gun Rights



-Foreign Policy (Climate change caused ISIS apparently. Not our foreign intervention, but climate change.)

-Affirmative Action

-The fact that he won't be able to pass a single bill because neither party really supports him. Do we need more Gridlock?

-He'll most likely die in office.

Then there's also the fact that even as a gay dude I don't give a fuck about gay marriage. Sure I think it should be legal for those who want to get married, but in my personal (selfish) view it doesn't affect me one way or another. I will never get married in my life, so you can make it as illegal as you want, won't affect my life at all.

But you know what will affect me? Countless people coming into the country thinking that my sexuality is immoral, should be outlawed, or even punishable by death.

The Sole Reason Why I MAY Vote for Donald Trump

I find it so funny how liberals will on one hand sing the praises of the LGBT community but then turn around and welcome the most homophobic and bigoted people on the planet. Seriously. Go look at this document (page 14 for the lazy). 71% of millenial aged Muslims think that homosexuality should be outlawed. If Liberals heard that 71% of American white men thought that I guarantee that they'd parrot it from the highest mountain. We would never hear the end of it.

Yet when Muslims think the same thing we get the NOT ALL MUSLIMS speech. Ok, fine. I will concede that not all Muslims; just a sizable majority of them. And apparently I'm supposed to feel comforted by that, as if to say "Sure some Muslims may want to kill you for the way you were born, but since it's not 100% shut up or we'll compare you to Hitler." (Apparently Hitler was a 21 year old blonde-haired, bearded gay dude-TIL).

The Sole Reason Why I MAY Vote for Donald Trump

I ask you, dear GaGer (who may be typing furiously about how wrong I am and how I'm a fascist) please consider for a moment how you would feel if you were in my shoes. How would you feel if your president was allowing God knows how many people into your country who want you dead? I figure you'd probably be pretty scared, and any rebuttal of "shut up or you're Hitler" wouldn't soothe your fears.

The Sole Reason Why I MAY Vote for Donald Trump

I concede that Trump is a blowhard who says whatever crosses his mind, but how many of you have spent years complaining that politicians are too scripted, that they don't say what they believe, or they're too beholden to moneyed interests? Well Trump is the answer to what a politician would look like without all of those things; crude and unrefined, but honest. He says what he really thinks, even if it isn't good politics. He isn't right about a lot of things but he does appeal to me simply because he isn't a politician.

Like I said, I doubted about Trump, but he is the only one who is speaking sense on this one particular issue. My vote isn't yet guaranteed to any candidate, but I am closer to voting for him than the average person who doesn't want Hilary to become president most probably.

The Sole Reason Why I MAY Vote for Donald Trump

If you don't consider the study I shared before satisfactory. Here is another one that shows Muslim's views on social issues from around the world, homosexuality included. You'll see that upwards of 80%+ of people in Muslim countries think that homosexuality is immoral.

I'd also like to address a common thing I'm seeing, which is that people are saying we already have homophobes in the USA. True, we do, but does our government execute people for being gay? Do we have Christians burning people who come out to them? Nope. Nor do we stone women to death for adultery or any other number of barbaric things that go on in the Muslim world. To those who say "there's homophobia here already so what does it matter?"

I say that you create a false equivalency. Their homophobia is more rampant and far more extreme. But that's a moot point anyway because I DON'T WANT ANY HOMOPHOBIC VIOLENCE ACT OF ANY KIND IN THIS COUNTRY!

The Sole Reason Why I MAY Vote for Donald Trump

No religion is incapable of atrocities, and no religion is inherently good, evil, violent or non-violent. It's how the religion is interpreted that will determine that. But let's be real: in 2015 Christianity isn't the force for violence, death, and human rights violations like it was in centuries past. Islam has taken that role on. So those who are bringing up the crusades here on gag are wasting your breath.

Yes, Christianity has a violent past too, but there was a thing called the Enlightenment where the violent factions of Christianity were (metaphorically) beaten into submission by scientific and skeptical thinkers. Without it, things like women's rights, gay rights, black rights, or any natural rights at all (see: Constitution, Bill of rights, Declaration of Independence) wouldn't exist in the West. Islam needs it's own Enlightenment period, and badly, but no enlightenment period will come if we aren't allowed to criticize Islam.

The Sole Reason Why I MAY Vote for Donald Trump
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  • lumos
    He's a fucking reality tv host with 0 political experience. Do you really expect him to successfully NOT fuck up the country even more?
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    • TripleAce

      Change can be good

    • lumos

      @TripleAce YEAH... not so sure Trump is the right kind of change considering that he's crazy ignorant.

    • Joshua2332

      No one who enters into politics has political experience. Clinton has zero just look at her horrendous record.

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  • Waffles731
    The take title is clearly false, you mention multiple reasons that you are planning on voting for trump
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  • Paris13
    Vote for the Man who is a Real American and Wants to Make this Country... Great again.
    You see how Corrupt this Government is Now Somehow. We can't Endure another 4 years of Obama.
    Good luck and Watch the debate tonite. xx
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    • Paris13

      Thank you for the Like and the DEBATE WAS GREAT!! xxoo

    • Eerily calm as a cucumber. He could have just whispered "f*** you" in here ear all night to the same effect. But that video...

    • Paris13

      lol!! @mostwomanshouldstfu by your username, I think you don't care much for "Most woman," but regardless of this, he is way to much of agentleman to say it so "You'd be in jail," was good enough for me.
      Screw the video, I am past it and any other garbage they drum up on Trump now as the Election grows closer. This last deal as of even yesterday with accusations made by these Gosts from the past, is a paid deal by Clinton. I don't BELIEVE none of it. xx

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  • This_is_my_username


    HE'S a Misogynist, he INSULTS POW's, People with disabilities, He talks about sexual fucking assault like it's nothing. Brushing it off as locker ROOM talk. He loves to praise Russia, He insults LATINOS, Minority. He wants to "TEMPORARILY BAN" A whole race. He insulted countless other people as well. HE FUCKING Avoided DRAFTING. He told a blacklivesmatter activist to "GET THE HELL OUT" his WIFE PLAGIARIZED A SPEECH. HE's DONE nothing for your country. And you think he's gonna start doing shit now? that he's going to support the LGBT? HE made flippant comments to a FAMILY (who lost their son in combat) BECAUSE THEY WERE MUSLIM!! god have fucking mercy on my soul. He's a orangutan. Who's filed for bankruptcy more than once. Who borrowed a " small loan of 14 million dollars" from daddy. He's selfish. He leaves when times get tough. And he wants to make AMERICA GREAT? tell me when America wasn't great? huh tell me. Yes y'all need improving but come on taking a brush and painting your own country in tar is low.

    He's a stupid hooligan with ZERO political experience. He says things he shouldn't say. He can't back them up when he DOES says them. He WAS and still IS a entertainment puppet. And trust me no one will take MURICA seriously if he gets elected. And no i'm not saying Hilary is great. But right now she's the lesser of two evils.
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    • Anonymous

      didn't read... your comment seems wildly sentimental...

      im curious tho you look indian... are you? well... are you familiar robin raphel's experience with hillary killton... or are you familiar with narendra modi and the visa denial issue... well, once you investiate a bit you'll realize killton is not really a friend of india...

    • I only read like a quarter of the opinion, and almost if not all of what I read was incorrect.

  • FemaleAssassin
    u do your country, but one more step into mine will get your feet ripped to shreds, u can choose whoever u want, however, if he or she tries to put their noses up everyone's business then this time, us muslims will have had enough already and will screw u for real, no honestly, u have like the most misguided point of view on us, even though i couldn't careless but know that whoever throws the first stone is the one to get droned :)
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    • "Get your feet ripped to shreds" I wonder why didn't you help Iraqi women who got raped by the US armies 😂

      Fucking lol @ feminist wannabe.

    • @ilovecurvychick get oppressed in my own country? Why? Cuz i'm not allowed to wear like a slut aka most of your western women? If that is what your definition of oppression is then wooohoo it's kinda cool to be oppressed, i mean u still get to have your reputation left right? But in all seriousness, I have no idea how am i oppressed please enlighten me.
      Well if your stupid ass government didn't fund and train ISIS for it's own advantages then there wouldn't be any slaves would it?

      I can speak, i can also fight (will join YPJ someday) and i will also spread my legs for my only lover, my husband, unlike your western women spreading their legs for whoever passes by lol.

      If your soldiers didn't invade their country why would they travel abroad just to be treated in a shitty way?

      as for the issue between palestinians and the jews, it is not a war between islam and judaism anymore than it's a war between arabs and Israelis which is obviously nationalistic.

    • @ilovecurvychick so u admit your so called heroic US soldiers aren't any better than ISIS militants? Bet they got their techinques from them while training them in their camps 😂😂😂😂

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  • JohnDoe3000
    I don't get it. Even if Hillary Clinton would transplant the entire Syrian population to the US within her 4 or 8 years, including the ones that are already living in Europe, this would still have less of an impact on gay rights in the US than giving the presidency and cabinet to the underbelly of the republican party (Trump and Pence). And anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows Clinton is far from an unapologetic Muslim lover (she just doesn't shit on an entire religion the way Trump does, but in that she's no more liberal than Ronald Reagan who also defended the religious freedom of Muslims). And of course one must wonder how much Trump would do to stop anti-gay Hindus or Christian Africans from coming to the US.

    "Yes, Christianity has a violent past too, but there was a thing called the Enlightenment where the violent factions of Christianity were (metaphorically) beaten into submission by scientific and skeptical thinkers."

    Yes, in Europe (sans Russia), in the US this process still isn't complete and Trump's inner circle (Trump himself probably couldn't care less on a personal level) is basically a convention of the last holdouts from the unenlightened American Christian right.
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  • DiamondRuby
    Just because they may think that way doesn't mean they'd act on it. Most people don't want to go to prison in their new country for murder. If they're coming to the US, it's with the understanding they have to adhere to our ways at least a little.
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    • Anonymous

      Do you have awareness whatsoever of what muslims are doing in Germany, or in the UK?

    • Do you have awareness whatsoever of what whites are doing in American schools?

    • TheSpartan

      Nothing. They're doing noting.

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  • John_Doesnt
    Being mentally retarded is a good reason to vote for Trump. I'm proud that you managed to type this all by yourself in special ed. You have earned your nap time.
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  • stellarvore
    It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it. A lot of people are going to have to do some soul-searching to support him. I'm mostly doing it because I hate Hillary and most everything she stands for.
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  • gotc147
    Great points sir, very good take.

    This has been a source of confusion for me, Democrats embrace Muslims but also homosexuals, these two groups are largely incompatible with each other and I'm curious to see how this balance plays out over time.
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  • KnightinDarkArmor
    sorry this is an extrememly ignorant post. The Qu'ran actually never labels homosexuality as a sin and prescribes no punishment for it.

    You want to shut muslims out because of your irrational belief that most muslims dont like your orientation? Well first off people have a right to think what they want. 2nd just bc one does not approve doesn't mean they want to kill you.
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    • Countless polls have shown the hostility Muslims have towards homosexuality.
      This isn't just some make belief, gays die in Islamic countries.

      Why should we import people with values that are incongruent to our own?

    • Pearl85

      @QuestionMan polls?' lol get a grip!!

    • @Pearl85 Islamic anti-gay sentiment as well as other hostile views are very common.

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  • Rissyanne
    It sounds like you have a lot of sense. Hillary in a video actually said she was against gay marriage.
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  • jacquesvol
    the Man who Wants to Make this Country... Grab again.

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    • Versus the woman who lets her husband grab any woman he wants and laughs about her child-rapist client passing a lie detector test. Our country is doomed either way. RIP.

  • Pearl85
    I'm just surprised that as a gay man your opinions are so narrow minded. But what makes the world go around...

    God bless America and I wish the outcome is whatever is best for its people.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    It looks like you put a lot of thought into this - I respect everyone has the right to express themselves politely - I would hope that Donald Trump does not win so lets agree to disagree
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    • How would you feel if the head of whatever equivalent of the FBI you have in Ireland did an investigation into a major presidential candidate and agreed to only look at a small portion of the evidence before DESTROYING ALL of it. How would you feel? Because that's what Comey did for Hillary. Everyone in America should be storming the FBI office with pitchforks, but most of us are too lazy and distracted by the latest gossip about Kim Kardashian to do anything about it.

  • godfatherfan
    Anyone that votes for any candidate for any position based on 1 or 2 issues deserves the piece of garbage they are electing. The fact remains that politicians will vote along party lines 99% of the time. It is better to find a candidate that most aligns with your view on life and vote that way always.
    Of course when your talking about someone who has 90 % of his own party turning their back on him, degrades women daily, is racist, incites hate, claimes to be a good businessman but he just refuses to pay people and lets his lawyers just block them in court, on, and on, and on, and on...
    unless your uneducated white trash, you have absolutely no basis to vote for trump.
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    • He's a Manchurian candidate who duped the Republican voters who are sick of establishment corruption.

      So convenient that they "found" this footage of Trump being Trump after 11 years right before the election, and now the mainstream media is going out of their minds about THIS instead of the fact that the FBI destroyed evidence after agreeing to only look at SOME of it. What kind of shitty investigation is that? The Republicans in office should be at the FBI's door with pitchforks and torches, but they aren't, because they are just as corrupt as the Democrats in power.

    • Not to mention that Trump was a registered Democrat in 2005. We are all being played as fools by both parties.

    • @TheWaterBear so another complete idiot. so do you not actually look at what is going on? Don't bother to read any of the articles? maybe you only understand pictures?
      On top of the mountains of issues with Trump, you have the republicans that caused the great recession, every time one gets into office, the country goes deeper and deeper into debt, etc... etc...
      Politics is not a typical job. George Bush (the intelligent one, not the coke addict child) was head of the CIA. Don't you think he has a mountain of skeletons in his closet? They all do. Tel me what possible thing in any email would have any impact on you or your life?
      She has has several republican led witch hunts that waisted millions and millions of tax dollars. They could not find 1 illegal thing in any of it.
      Get educated or stop voting moron.

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  • Omar5881
    I am muslim and I would vote for Trump but for different reasons

    And that's a very ignorant view on Muslims OP
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  • AleksanderSlovenija
    I will share my thought as a Slovenian who is interested in politics. Here in Slovenia, Donald Trump has massive support but not because of his wife. His wife is a laughing stock around here (She is Slovenian). It is because of the fact Slovenians tend to buy into stupid conspiracy theories like 9/11 inside job etc. Also Slovenia (we are a member of NATO/EU) was very pro-American but after the war in Iraq and the 2008 economic crisis who turned more pro-Russian.

    Most people think Hillary is evil and call her "Killary". And people here think Trump would stabilize relations with Russia
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  • tyber1
    If you're voting for him because he can beat Clinton, he's down by more than 10% so you might as well give up on that idea. You'd have a better chance making a change by voting 3rd party.
  • Amanda2
    Okay so you choose trump because you are gay. No need for the lengthy explanation. It's your right to vote whoever candidate you wish to.
  • StiffLeg
    The Sole Reason Why I Don't Smack Donald Trump Supporters with a Closed Fist is because a trip to jail would mean I miss the Football game on TV.
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    • Rissyanne

      Typical angry liberal

    • Djaaaaaay

      Opinion owner. They watch Football in jail too. Although those in jail wouldn't be hooting for hilliary either. So maybe keeping your closed fist to your self is a good idea after all.

  • Dred1614returns
    Great take. If only there were more people like you around.
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  • DizzyAster
    Trump will make America a laughing stock if elected.
    Other countries that don't really respect us on social issues, will completely stop respecting us for our political ones too.
  • ToruMatsuda
    "Make America great again" everyone keeps saying that, when was it great? When blacks were considered property? When women had no rights? When crime rates and wars were rampant?
  • Nothanks700
    I'm not going to criticize every point you made. Except for the one essentially saying Trump is a politician with no filter. True. But there are a variety of problems here. One, simply because he has no filter does not make him honest. He lies consistently, it's basically a way of speech for him. second, I don't think Trump is what anybody means by a politician Un afraid to speak their mind. I personally do not want this guy conversing with foreign leaders on behalf of the American people. I don't especially like Clinton. She probably is fake. But as long as she does what she says, and the only other option is Trump, I really have to lean heavily in favor of Clinton. She may have changed her views over years, but Trump changes them in the same sentence. Do you know what that kind of shit is going to do to the stock market?
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  • Geekyguy23
    As a black man. Fuck Trump, Fuck Hillary, and fuck this country. May it go to hell, with all of you
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    • Ava0218

      Dude... just pick one.

    • Rissyanne

      Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • PT1911
    Finally someone sees the hypocrisy of the left
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  • BirdsRights
    Finding the candidate that has majority of what your views are is the way to go.
  • Adigelunar
    +Good post+
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  • Anonymous
    Funny liberals attacking you, this is why I am not friends with liberals and many of them on facebook have Even stated that if you are republican to unfriend them so I did just that 😂👍👍👍, what's funny is when they message me saying why did you unfriend me, liberals have a right and conservatives have a right too to the rights that we are given, thankfully I don't have to be friends with any either.
  • Anonymous
    Get a grip. Islam is on the rise. Worlds fastest growing religion. Face the reality. They are gonna spread to all nations. Trump or not.
    And yes, dont be phobic., they are not waging a war against gays. They can't and will not kill you.
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    • Tell that to the families of the Orlando shooting...

  • Anonymous
    If trump is elected Muslims will be your last worry. You will be targeted for being gay.
    A little religious reprogramming and you too can feel the hate flow through you.
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  • Anonymous
    No matter how we cut it. Yes there is great muslims. But the reality is there is also many bad ones and good ones change to bad ones everyday. The no muslim rule is a good one
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  • Anonymous
    I only agree with TRUMP about that Mexican border. It's kind of disgusting how my city is overpopulated with illegal Mexican immigrants that have a bunch of kids here and consider themselves a safe immigrant after they have American-mexican children. It's honestly out of control. There are now more mexicans at my school then whites, it never use to be that way... You could even combine the whites, blacks, and Asians at my school and they're still more Mexicans.
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  • Anonymous
    What about moving to Canada instead or some other country altogether? Have you considered that already? Or would it be pretty much impossible because of costs and expenses?
    • Anonymous

      It's impossible for me at this point. All I know Obama's agenda on being pro muslim WILL be an ongoing thing with Hillary. I'm really, really worried and I do see this as a threat.

  • Anonymous
    I'm not American but it seems awkward to me that people would need to defend their political views. Its meant to be a guaranteed freedom. I know people who might give the man a vote because they like his toupée, err I mean his real hair.

    You have a more or less legitimate concern. It stands to argue that the type of muslim who thinks gay people should be killed won't be seeking entrance to a pro-gay community to begin with if that is an important question to them. making the whole argument obsolete. But well, there is some legitimacy to it.
  • Anonymous
    Christianity's hatred is not just a thing of the past. There are currently Christians in the US who want to do harm to gays. Mike Pence thinks gays should be electrocuted until they become straight - but that's the guy you want to be Vice President? The Westboro Baptist Church parades around soldiers' funerals and say that soldiers are dying because "God Hates Gays" and because America lets gays walk around apparently that's the reason soldiers die.

    Look, I don't expect I'll be able to change your opinion about Muslims, but it's incredibly naive to think that Christians in 2016 are harmless (Obviously like you said, there's good and bad people in every religion, not all Christians are bigots, but when the VP candidate is so incredibly homophobic that it's harmful to gays, it's a bit silly for you to say that Christianity's hatred is in the past).

    [Also, this has nothing to do with religion / who to vote for, but the reason Marriage Equality is an important issue is because of the AIDS crisis. Sure, now it seems like no big deal whether you can get married or not since so many people have no intention of marrying. But during the AIDS crisis, people were dying, and their life partners of 30+ years were not given spousal rights. It was a huge issue because these men were basically husbands but weren't allowed to make health decisions or spend time with their life partner in the hospital. So marriage equality doesn't seem like such a grand thing today, but historically its an extremely important movement.]
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    • Anonymous

      As a former gay Christian and being surrounded by Christians throughout all my life, I can only assure this bigotry thing against gay people by Christians is a farce, and probably a liberal construct. I've never been harmed either physically or verbally by a Christian. On a more global note, there simply aren't any incidence where Christian set fire on gay people. where I can share many incidences of those with Muslims, as many other death penalties. I addressed this point on mytake.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, just because you never met a bigoted Christian, it doesn't mean they don't exist. That's a very stupid thing to say. I'm also Christian, and I have met bigoted Christians. But my anecdotal evidence is irrelevant, because you can clearly see Christian bigotry in the news. Look up the Westboro Baptist Church - they're not just made up by liberals. Actually, the Westboro Baptist Church would be pissed if they knew someone was calling them a liberal construct lol. Look up some of Mike Pence's positions on homosexuality and then tell me that Christian bigotry doesn't exist. If you're voting for Mike Pence, you should know that he believes in conversion therapy. If you don't know how Pence is against gays, then you're an extremely uniformed voter and you should probably do some research on political candidates before deciding who to vote for.

  • Anonymous
    Get over it Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is AMERICANS 45TH PRESIDENT
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    • It's not that big a deal she's carrying those 40 states I would too if George Soros put a billion dollars into my campaign and Buffet put a billion dollars against my opponent.

    • I don't like Trump either, but can you seriously tell me with a straight face that you're okay with the head of the FBI agreeing to only look at a select portion of the evidence regarding Hillary's emails and then destroying the rest so that no one will ever know the truth?

    • Rissyanne

      You were never a republican...

  • Anonymous
    I hate to tell you but republicans represent a greater threat to gay rights than a handful of muslims in this country who have ZERO political clout.

    Wacko christian republicans also think you should be put to death. It's not just muslims.

    leviticus 20:13
    "'If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

    Who made gay marriage illegal? republicans
    who wants a constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman? republicans

    You're worried about a minor threat and voting for the clear imminent threat. your reasoning is absurd.
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    • Anonymous

      Should've known this was a troll by the absurd reasoning. You got me.

    • Anonymous

      Minor threat? Geez I haven't realized there were so many brainwashed liberals here.

      Anyways, I used belong to a Christian church and even though some Christians are still "awkward" about gay people I never in my life had any physical or verbal aggression because of it. The Bible condemns the homosexual act as sin, but Christians don't have any laws or punishments to kill and mistreat gay people, as I showed you Muslims do. I explained that thoroughly in mytake as well.

    • Anonymous

      You're in america, not iran.
      How are they going to pass laws without political power?
      do you really think they're going to publicly behead gays?

      omg conservatives fall for the dumbest fear mongering and are stupid as shit.

      below is from the bible genius.
      leviticus 20:13
      "'If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

  • Anonymous
    -_- ... hahahaha :D good joke
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  • Anonymous
    I'm not an American but if I was I'd vote for Trump. I don't like the man, I think his policy of building a wall on the Mexican border is crazy and I don't like his attitude towards women (which may or may not have changed) but I like the fact he's not a member of the political establishment.

    American people for decades now have been let down by their governments, Republicans or Democrats, it doesn't matter it's always the same old story, the vast majority of Americans are ignored while the rich elite prosper and the poor continue to be poor. Nothing changed under Obama's watch, eight years of just more of the same. Fancy slogans, campaigns and nice pledges, but no substance. Will Hillary deliver? I don't think so. Will Trump deliver? I doubt it, but what a Trump victory will do is send a crystal clear message to Washington and the American political elite that the average American has had enough and I don't blame you Americans for being angry. People like Hillary Clinton and her Wall street buddies get to rejoice in success while the average American is fighting for minimum wage and the poor are just left on the bread line.

    The American public have an opportunity next month to do what Britain did in June and that's send a crystal clear message to the establishment that they will no longer accept being ignored by the very people they elect to represent them.

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    • Anonymous

      Thanks, it was nice to read an intelligent and empathetic comment.

  • Anonymous
    Gays and women should vote Trump or brace for decades of Muslim pressure and violence.

    Lots of Obama voters died in the Orlando gay nightclub due to his policies and Clinton will continue it.
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  • Anonymous
    LikeDisagree 9 People